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Sandy Bay
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I can teach mandarin in writing, speaking, reading and listening for groups or individually.

For little girl, you have to be patient, and interesting, sometimes, teaching song or guideing them watching some chinese cartoon would be a good way to teach. For an adualt, practicing, practicing and practicing is the most effective way to learn language.

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University of Sydney Engineering Chinese student give Chinese lessons, a native speaker

My teaching method is improving your Chinese skills in both handwriting and speaking. Since Chinese characters are hard to remember, I am going to divided the characters by radical. If you are a newcomer, I could start with the most basic grammar and pronunciation of Chinese characters. If you are not a newcomer, I could restructure the class with your degree.

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Registered secondary teacher give science, senior biology, and Chemistry lesson to high school.

I assessed different curricula in Science (Chemistry and Biology) including WACE (Australian) and Cambridge curricula (British) in my past four years of teaching. I believe that effective science lessons should include three key strategies those of inquiry-based lesson plans, real-world connections, and discrepant events/provocations.

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Chinese teacher with teaching experience in London, Nice, Venice, Boston, Bangkok and Gold coast

I am good at organizing activities with students and motivating them to get involved in learning. I enjoy being with my students, who always bring me creative perspectives. I try my best to challenge myself to stay hungry and share authentic points of view with them. We always enjoy each other.

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Major in Teaching Chinese as second language, being teaching assistant in cairns.

My teaching method is to let the student speaking and listening. If there is more than 10 students in the class, I would to teach them Chinese in game, for example: I would like to let student be in the group, and study the Chinese while in games.

Cairns City
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Terracotta Warriors' Hometown Chinese Classroom music and free through the learning area

my teaching methodology is using Chinese music and drama and Chinese foods with Chinese Network buzzwords bring to students. i approach topic by Chinese Network buzzwords, and the things easy to get people's interest.

Shang ru
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University of Queensland master give a proper Chinese for everyone in Brisbane

My teaching method depends on the age of student, if you are above 20 or 25, I will use current news from social media as a reference.

(1 review)
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Adelaide Accounting student gives Mandarin lessons to all-aged students in Adelaide city

I will make study plans for every student as different student have diverse requirements. I would like to make my lessons full of fun and avoid students feeling bored. Not only language is taught to students, but they can also obtain the Chinese history, culture and modern content.

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UWA International student give mandarin lessons to kids to uni students in Perth

Learning from playing games and movies. Easy but impressive way to help students remember words and grammar. I usually divide my lesson into 2 parts. One is teaching, which is teaching students the knowledge. The other one is asking, which is for students asking me any questions and giving them feedbacks.

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Native Chinese speaker and Fluent English speaker can bring the most local Madarin class for you

My teaching method is inspire students interest to Madarin , including show them the culture background of China. Then start from pronunciation to each letters, then improve themselves creative ability to use single words to make sentences. Introduce general gramma skills and the most important part is practise.

1st lesson free !

Advanced level Mandarin teacher from China. nearly 30 years high school teaching experience

I have many interests and hobbies,like Yoga,hiking and jogging etc. I am cheerful and optimistic.My lessons are suitable for both adults and children . My teaching methods are varied and will adapt to any difficulties faced by different students, e.g. using games, interactions, images and drama. My classroom is usually interesting,happy and relaxing .

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English to Chinese language teacher with 7 years experience, working as language translator and interpretor for local governments and international education organisations.

personal tailored lessons-- helping people who want to learn and speak Chinese --helping students who are preparing language test practice --courses can be designed by students to meet their own special needs --fun and easy to learn -- love to share language

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Monash education student gives professional and authentic Chinese lessons to international students

My teaching method is to help students to learn Chinese naturally. I will try my best to speak Chinese in my Class, but I will use actions, products, and expressions to make students understand. Guessing would be the best way to learn a language since babies learn their mother tongue in that way.

1st lesson free !

10 years highly experienced Mandarin teacher in Sydney Region,study with fun,with me

Hi there! I'm Erika, your patient and passionate Mandarin Teacher! I use a student-centred approach to bring the best out of my students and their learning. The HSK textbook and workbooks are my primary source, to prepare students for HSK tests (all levels). I use real life, practical examples to bring the topics to life.

East Launceston
1st lesson free !

The University of Tasmania students give Chinese lessons to pupils in Launceston

I have my own way of teaching Chinese and math. For example, I will play a message game ( back to back) with my classmates. It could be a new word or a new ancient poem. Or I tell a classmate a word, ask him to act it out and let other classmates guess.

Burwood East
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Chinese native speaker gives Chinese lessons to various level students in Mel

All levels students are welcome. I give customized classes which are conduced in a simple way. I will talk with every students about their Mandarin status and the level they want to achieve. Some tests are necessary depending on the students’ desirable level.

1st lesson free !

UQ Chinese Translation student gives Chinese lesson to all age group in UQ and around city

You can call me River or Chinese name "大河(dahe)". I am a sooooo easy-going person (maybe "familiarity" sounds better?). Ok...anyway, I will give some flexible and appropriate methods to you. I have no fixed teaching method, because I have not taught adults to learn Chinese. For beginner, know and remember Pinyin. using graphically song or game for children, normative tables for adults.

Sandy Bay
1st lesson free !

UTAS student teaches standard Mandarin without an accent and Chinese cultures in Tasmania

the methods are based on online with the material that I will provide for learning. the material contains the basic principle of Mandarin. If you have any school/college/Uni requirement, I can also help with that within 1 to 1 lesson. For advance teaching, I will provide several beautiful articles by the famous author in China to help with the charity of Chinese.

1st lesson free !

First Class Mandarins experienced tutor aim to comprehensive improvement in Chinese Language

My teaching method it to encourage student to speak out and focus on what real Chinese is. language is a communication tool, the accurate expression should be the fort priority. using the language in conversation and illustration is more important than just know it.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Taiwanese teacher give Chinese lessons in Perth. Effective and quick to learn.

I will use different materials to teach the student depends on his/her level of Chinese and age, the way can be different and flexible. It is will not be limited as one path to upgrade in Chinese.

Upper Mount Gravatt
1st lesson free !

Chinese native speaker in UQ gives Chinese tutorial at an affordable price.

I teaching method is chatting, the course is based on your goal or interest. I tend to give you after-class exercice to help anyone who wants to learn Chinese effectively. Your feedback is valuable.

1st lesson free !

University of Adelaide Chinese international student giving Chinese language lesson in Adelaide

For the student, about reading and writing, I will mostly follow with the textbook, and for oral, we can use the topic within the textbook and also can be the area that you be interested in. For people at the workplace, I am a commerce student, so we will mostly talk about how to talk and deal with Chinese customer and some common language used in the workplace.

1st lesson free !

Cantonese Chinese is my native language. I love teaching my native language!

My teaching method is flexible and results orientated. I normally like to assess the student levels in the first lesson and then negotiate and design a mutual agreed and suitable learning progress with the student. Student are welcome to explain their desire what and how to learn.

1st lesson free !

Taiwan girl teaches you daily Chinese and tell you how interesting Taiwan is.

If you are interesting in Taiwan or Taiwanese culture, my lesson will suitable for you. Taiwan is a beautiful country with many kinds of delicious food. My lesson will provide you travel information in Taiwan and interesting traditional culture. It is very different from "Chinese culture".

1st lesson free !

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade & Defence & University Mandarin Programs (Canberra)

My two Teaching and Education Master’s degrees guide me to be creative and innovative in class and to design high quality language lessons for my students, and years of teaching experiences help me to handle and teach students of diversity on different language levels.

1st lesson free !

Super approachable Chinese tutor with a wealth of tutoring experience and proven techniques to boost your language learning efficiency

I always believe the best or the fastest way to master a new language is through learning from a real conversation. You learn first by emulating how native speakers think and talk in real life and then you pick up useful bits and pieces each time and over time it just becomes the second nature of yours to articulate whatever you want to say.

Canning Vale
Shin lin
1st lesson free !

Murdoch Law student giving Chinese lessons to all type of students in Perth area

My teaching method is fun. I structure my lessons by teaching Chinese from basic levels and will move up slowly from there. I hope my students are able to communicate using basic Chinese speaking skills.

1st lesson free !

Macquarie University Early Childhood Education Student gives Chinese lessons(Mandarin and Cantonese)to kindergarten and primary school students in sydney.

In my teaching practice, besides delivering the knowledge and skills to use Mandarin, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. I believe the most efficient language learning happens through students’ own engagement and self-effort. I will utilise interactive teaching methods and activities to motivate students to learn and communicate in Mandarin Chinese.

Tsz yan
1st lesson free !

La Trobe Occupational Therapy student gives Cantonese class to junior, high school students

Games are usually interesting and easier ways to learn a language without stress. According to students' levels, I will teach them different expressions that can be used in real life situations. After each lesson, I will ask them to conclude what they have learnt and write a little passage as writing exercise.

Bull Creek
1st lesson free !

Murdoch Criminology and Psychology graduate teaches Mandarin to both children and adults

My teaching method is to understand vocabulary and sentence structure, then practice with speaking, listening and pronunciation. It's always important to build the confident to speak first as Mandarin is difficult to pronounce. Methods would change regularly depends on students' understanding and learning process.

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Perfect! Whether you're preparing for the HSK or learning for your next trip to Asia, Simorio has you covered! She is amazing at adapting to my needs and always makes sure to provide me ample study materials(HSK practice test corrections, vocab lists,...

Vivian, Student
1 day ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Well structured lessons, patient and great at instructing throughout.

Mathew , Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Jennie is a great teacher, I absolutely enjoyed our lessons. She has a deep knowledge not only of Chinese language, but cultural aspects and historical facts, that made studying more interesting. She is a kind and patient tutor. I was a complete...

Alena, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! We have been using Larita for Term 1, 2019 for my twin b/g 12 year olds. They are at different schools so whilst the curriculum is similar, it isn’t the same. Larita is great with both my son and daughter. They value their weekly tutoring with...

Kirrily , Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kai is very warm and kind, but also a very excellent teacher. She ensures that the lesson includes everything that i have requested (pronunciation, vocabulary, character writing, grammar, conversation). I really appreciate her approach to...

Sandra, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I have had 6 hours of lessons now with Channing and found her to be very helpful and thorough in her teaching methods. I have practised what I have learnt on my Chinese friends and they can understand me which is very encouraging and pleasing I...

Peter, Student
5 months ago
(3 reviews)

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