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Chinese Language and Culture Expert for all kinds of Chinese using

I am fluent in Mandarin and different kinds of dialects. I could make the contents easy to comprehend and interesting by using flexible approaches. I acknowledge in many Chinese literature and culture, therefore you could expect fully explained each time whether you want to learn about a poem or an academic article etc.

West Midlands
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Chinese Mandarin Primary, Secondary and GCSE Level online tutoring in England. I am a university student at Worcester, part time Mandarin lessons are available.

Chinese Mandarin is my native language. I am a 20 year old university student studying Business at University of Worcester. I am willing to teach you with any everyday language and terminology. To have a good learning/teaching time together, I will prepare lessons and homework before having our session.

West Midlands
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Native Mandarin Speaker, have been in UK for 8 years for study

Daily Usage, Learning based on the scene (not only the words from the textbook but also from the real life). I don't have any teaching certificate in mandarin but I have got my Bachelor, Master and PhD (going to) degree from UK. I have received the education from both culture background (UK and China) and know the difference between them.

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Native Hong Kong Cantonese Tutor in UK gives Chinese Summer lessons to school pupils

I am an undergraduate Language student at University of Glasgow. I teach oral Cantonese and Chinese writing as it is my native language. I will first get to know the level of my students and provide corresponding exercise for training. I will adjust my training plan in accordance with the learning progress of the student. I am friendly, patient and reliable.

Newcastle upon Tyne
Xue qi
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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons to anyone interested in learning Chinese

For anyone who loves to learn a new language, Chinese, I am here to teach you about the basic level of this language. My lessons mainly would be based on conversations.

East Riding of Yorkshire
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Attorney/Project Manager offering business Chinese, and advanced Chinese/Mandarin lessons in Houston, Texas

I practiced Law in China and currently work as a project manager. I offer business Chinese language training to professionals and basic Chinese lessons to 12-14 years old teenagers. Basing on the Business Chinese text book, I always update and customize scenarios practice for students, and cover related cultural and political context for their better understanding.

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University student in Architecture interested in Japanese gives relaxed Chinese lessons to you in Cardiff

I am an architecture student of Cardiff University from China. Interested in animation and Japanese. I like children and enjoy making friends. I would like to give lessions to anyone who interested in Chinese and Chinese culture in Cardiff with patience.

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Give Chinese lessons to anyone who want to know anything relevant online

I am an international student from China to study in the United Kingdom for at least five years. During my staying here, I found that a lot of people interested in Chinese Cultures (food, language, traveling and so on.) I can teach you everything relevant to Chinese online.

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Help you to learn Chinese with high efficiency. know many Chinese history

1.frequently used Chinese word 2.slangs and their origin. it will be very interesting to know about it 3.history story and customs. 4.gramma,which will help you to have a better understand of Chinese. 5.some beautiful place of interest.

Greater London
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A master student gives Chinese, maths and Economic lessons in London

MPA in Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) University College of London Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Mathematics Royal Holloway University of London I am a native speaker of Mandarin Accept face to face lessons in London, online(facetime) lessons for other areas.

West Midlands
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Master student gives Chinese Mandarin lessons in Birmingham all levels culture

If you are mandarin beginners, let's start from the words you are most interested in rather than alphabet. And then we try to make them a sentence. Finishing a sentence could boost your confidence in learning Chinese and inspire more interest. As for the content of learning, I would like it to be more customized and will be mainly based on your goals.

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Professional Chinese teacher with 8 years of experience gives Mandarin lessons for all levels in VA.

as an adjunct professor, I teach Chinese to graduate students at college. I provide a 12-week training program in Chinese to students to help them to prepare for their Language Proficiency Test requirements. For the past five years, I have taught Chinese language to US diplomats and other agency representatives.

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Business Undergraduate Student with experience studying in the UK gives Chinese/Mandarin lessons Online

"People who are able to speak more than 2 languages are proven to be smarter." That's right, you are on the right track to stand out.

Greater London
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Bilingual Master Graduate gives oral and written Chinese lessons to all levels in London

I am an Imperial College Business School and LSE Graduate who has lived in London for 6 years. I have an A* in GCSE for Chinese as First Language. The lessons will be fun and interactive and range from all levels, from travelling essentials to professional Chinese. Students can also learn Chinese/Asian culture through the classes.

Greater London
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Master student in archaeology gives Chinese lessons to Chinese learners in London

Native speaker from China with perfect Mandarin accent. Give lessons to those who are interested in Chinese learning in all levels. Offer basic knowledge about Chinese and Chinese culture and advanced knowledge of Chinese. Use online resources and standard Chinese teaching textbooks.

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Friendly patient and strict and very responsible about what should be done

usually I care about people's emotion and I have the disability in working but I am quite positive I am willing to support anyone towards success.

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University student in engineering gives maths and Chinese lessons to A-level students or below in Manchester

Relaxing studies by forming interest in studying maths and Chinese for kids. For elder students (preparing for exams), form idea of things need to be aware for examing maths, go through pastpapers and be familiar with exam questions and gaining tips to avoid mistakes can be made during exams.

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Start from now, step by step, then you can see the difference.

I will teach you the useful Chinese expression, and also lead you to understand the aesthetics of the Chinese ancient poem, this is a big difference that makes you different than the other Chinese learners. It's not difficult as you think. 1 lesson each week, 30 mins/lesson, 6 months in total.

Greater Manchester
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A college student from Malaysia that proficiency in Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese.

Three years experience in one-to-one teaching and one-to-many tutoring. I have over 30 students when I start tutoring in the first month. I taught not only Malaysian students but also the foreigners. Teaching formal famous essence from China to classical; from basic to proficiency, from daily to business words.

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Native Mandarin speaker from China teaches standard Mandarin to Chinese learners in London

Talking various subjects from daily life to school/workplace conversations with intermediat or advanced Chinese learners to help them correct their pronunciation, especially tones. A large scale of topics will be provided and the most fashionable expression in China nowadays will be provided and explained.

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Native Chinese speaker teaches madarin Chinese(ovral & written ) in VEVEY/LA TOUR/MONTREUX

I teach both spoken Chinese and written Chinese face to face or via webcam. I have special books(APP&DVD) for juniors and advanced learners. Teaching time is adaptable to you (VEVEY,LA TOUR, MONTREAUX) at your place or my home as you want.

Greater London
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Undergraduate giving classes in Mandarin Chinese, speaking and writing, located in London (Camden)

I am amble to teach anyone upto A level difficulty. Either online or in London. Is only teach through games and fun, unique teaching methods. Due to my age I am a fun, dynamic teacher that can connect with children and adults.

City of Bristol
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Do you want to learn Chinese? Do you want to write and speak Chinese fluently?

I am an A-level student, know how to speak and write mandarin and Cantonese fluently. I can share my knowledge with people that are interested. I can teach you how to pronounce each vocabulary properly and understanding written texts. I'm a flexible tutor, you can ask me about anything.

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Professional french trainer with experience abroad offers individual FRENCH sessions or small group

Individual or group tutoring, homework help, French, English, Chinese initiation, and methodology (learning techniques). These sessions are open to anyone (child, adolescent or adult) who wants to learn new skills or who needs support. Listening skills, taking into account individual characteristics, educational resources, regular checkups.

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The University of Sheffield student in information gives Mandarin lessons in Sheffield

I am currently a student from the University of Sheffield. If you are interested in Mandarin or need some tips of studying Mandarin, I can help. Daily expression, grammar, vocabulary, accent reduction will be included in my lessons. Hope your Chinese can be improved asap.

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Chinese native speaker gives Chinese lessons to people who need to learn or practice in Nottingham

One-to-One Make an appointment to study at home or live online instruction Native, professionally trained and experienced Chinese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Customized instruction at your own level, pace and style Live audio and video using instant messaging tools such as Skype

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Cantonese is one of the hardest languages to learn? Let's make it easier for you!

Don't worry, Cantonese and English are both my native tongue. I have been speaking English for 15+ years, and Cantonese and Mandarin for 19 years. Lessons are taught in English. Simple daily sayings, slangs and interesting facts about Cantonese and Mandarin is going to be taught. Teaching as a hobby and out of interest.

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Trained in China, language coach, positives pronunciation results from the first sessions

The courses are designed for both beginners who want to master the language to those who want to improve their knowledge in Mandarin. Training is particularly interesting for those who want quickly an excellent pronunciation.

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Chinese College student in financial accounting gives mandarin lessons in Swansea

Hello, I am a Chinese college student in Swansea and mandarin is my native language, my lessons face to every level learner. I will decide what and how to teach based on the learners’ needs. If you just learn it because of interest or traveling, I will teach some practical communication skills including some popular words among young people,not just theory.

Paris 19e
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Fun Mandarin a French teacher graduated. beginner or anvancé

Spoken and written Mandarin Chinese at all levels, adult or child you are planning a travel or expatriation, you dream of discovering the Chinese being accompanied, the world of Chinese characters fascinates you ... and you want to dive into the world of Chinese fun way! I will develop the educational project based on your purpose and your availability.

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