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Fully experienced and Funny Mandarin Teacher, for teaching both writing and oral speaking.

Basically, pronounce, and words will be first to teach. For student who can simply understand Chinese, they will study the words directly.

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Chinese Journalism tutor in Brisbane, Australia, providing diverse help among all kind of genre and condition, from absolutely beginner to advanced Chinese.

My teaching method is tailored strategies for each students based on their goals. I’ve helped some upper intermediate students to improve their Chinese literature, focused on understanding and comparison of ancient and contemporary Chinese. I also taught students working in hospitality industry focus on their listening and speaking solely.

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Melbourne Uni postgraduate student give Chinese lessons, I can talk about films, art and history

My teaching method is developing students' interests by talking about art (or artworks) and films or pop culture, using some audio-visual materials to illustrate. Also, I prefer to use stories (myth or folks) to inspire students.

Henley Beach
(1 review)
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Chinmericastralian (Born in China, educated in US and now residing in Australia) teaches anyone interested in Mandarin Chinese in creative ways

My classes involve the teaching of both written and spoken Mandarin, in various forms such as creative role play, stories and songs, comparing modern pop culture with historical uses of the language, and engaging students by incorporating their individual interests into the class.

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A Chinese student studying at the Univerisity who is looking for an opportunity to share Chinese culture with you.

My teaching method is designing scenarios and context, teach students to recognize words and use sentences. The class would be 1 hour long, and in the first 15 min, we'll learn several new words. In the following 30 min, I'll design and set out some scenarios to practice presenting sentences and words, and in the last 15 min, we will revise all the information we learnt previously.

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Pre-service secondary ESL teacher gives Chinese and English lessons to students in Sydney

The key of learning a language is to use it with purpose (learning through content), and I would like to help my students to be able to use a foreign language in real life rather than only be good at tests.

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UNSW master student with excellent English competencies teach Chinese here in Sydney

First in first, I need to know what level are you willing to achieve and adjust my teaching methodology accordingly. Basically, language learning is a repetitive process and you have to keep practice to gain the confidence and gradually have an insight into the language itself.

Bedford Park
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Would like to teach Chinese reading and writing. I was a Chinese teacher a few years ago. Now I am retired. however, I still feel energetic and want to work. I can also teach English as a secodn langu

I was teaching Chinese to students of various year levels. To Year 6-9 students, I used various methods such as doing arogami, learning Chinese songs, playing Chinese games and trips to the Chiense community to strenthen the learning of reading and writing.

Ka man
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Hong Kong teacher gives Chinese / Mathematics / Business lessons to students in devonport

Student-centered approach will be used ! Based on individual goal, lessons will be tailor made ! Lesson Structure: Introduction - Quick preview of the lesson Cascading learning and teaching activities - Interactive to gain new knowledge Consolidation - Practice makes perfect ! Conclusion - Review learning outcome(s)

South Hurstville
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A learned chinese teacher very talented in communicating and writing various essays even screenscrips

Language shouldn't be boring. I met every kind of students. They get attractive to my lessons quickly. Find fun point, more practice. Let students know about Chinese old traditions and new things. Listening and speaking is more important. You should learn communication first.

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ANU undergraduate providing Chinese lessons to primary, middle, high school or university students.

I am pretty flexible with classes according to the students’ needs. Having been through Chinese classes and exams, I understand how it’s like to struggle and learn a new language, and also how to study it in order to score well. Lessons preferably held at ANU but we can also meet in the middle where ever you’re staying.

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Studied in Child Care at Uni. Have experience in teaching people from 3 to 20 years old.

I discuss with students or their parents about our learning goals. We could always analysis our learning situations. Whole language learning is a good way for learning Chinese. For example the pictures, words, pronunciations, and the activities. We will do it, say it, see it, try it, and learn it.

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Native HongKongese teaching you Cantonese and Chinese in a fun and effective way

My method and aim is to increase the student's interests and make them enjoying learning. The teaching style is personalized for each student according to their study pace and academic suituations. The lessons will not be boring as there will be interactions between teacher and the students (eg.

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Monash third-year secondary education student who has been worked as Mandarin teacher for more than one year in two language schools

My teaching method is Mandarin. I taught primary school Chinese for more than one year. I also had the general Chinese teaching in VCE and got a high score in my Chinese as first language in VCE as well.

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A Taiwanese girl living in Brisbane. Able to teach Chinese (Traditional or Simplify).

I like to share the interesting culture and history stories with my student. Students are able to choose a topic that we can talk about. By sharing the culture and stories students can learn more vocabularies and grammars. I wish students can be confident to talk with me.

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Qualified English teacher from China gives Chinese / Cantonese private lessons in Canberra

My teaching method is that I will try to let my students to speak and practice Mandarin / Cantonese as much as possible when we're having lessons. I will introduce Chinese cultures as well to my students if they're interested in.

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Graduated ANU Students, Master of Statistics with NAATI translator certificate. CHOOSE ME!

I like to use examples to illustrate what I want to talk about instead of using concepts. I think it is a better way for teaching.

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4-year teaching experienced Master teaching Mandarin with accent reduction in Brisbane and Gold Coast area

Teaching methods include basic interaction and interest raising program besides normal class activities. I base my class normally on the Gold Coast. Topics are precisely according to students' different needs -- academic, business or just daily use. Textbooks for kids are available. Adults lessons are customised based on your requirement.

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I'm a Chinese student majoring in master of Finance in ANU. I am a native in Beijing and very outgoing. Glad to make a friend with you~!

My teaching method will be depend on your conditions. And you can share your preferences or interests in Chinese with me, for example, we can talk about Chinese movies, TV series or books depend on your interests. Hope we can learn Chinese with joy.

1st lesson free !

Master of Teaching Completed in Monash University major in Primary School Teaching

My teaching philosophy centers around students' interest, motivation and individual learning style. I believe it is wholly dependent on teacher to create individualized learning path for every one student in order for them to progress on their own pathway.

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Native language on Cantonese as well as Mandarin deeply understanding Chinese culture

My teaching method is more practical from real life, with my IT background and referring to my knowledge plus experience in certain industries, i.e. I used to work at Intel, Huawei, Panasonic and LG. Sure it helps in more ways than study book.

South Melbourne
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Native Chinese speaker give Chinese lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

In my teaching practice, besides delivering the knowledge and skills to use Mandarin, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. I believe the most efficient language learning happens through students’ own engagement and self-effort.

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Interactive, Effective, and Interesting Mandarin Teaching in Perth with the latest methodology

Interactive and personalised language teaching environment facilitate students achieving self-efficacy and enable them to apply the language into their daily life and study. Each learner has different needs, which requires tailor-made lesson plans to retain their interests and motivation.

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Chinese lessons from a Chinese for high school students (Expert in IB)

My teaching method is... - to help students with their current school work and to improve their grades - unique methods for each student for different needs - local Chinese school textbooks are also available for teaching - online by skype is also available - Learning for fun? Chinese TV series, movies and etc.

Sandy Bay
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Free chinese lesson(consider it as making friends) the lesson can be teach while having a walk or a coffe:)

Just having some casual talks, after I taught every basic stuff, you can learn any you ask. the lessons will be pretty casual, you can consider it as a meeting with a friend( yes, friends making). SO relax, and lets have some fun.

1st lesson free !

Mandarin Tutor With The Most Native Standard Speaking Accent In Sydney Area

The most basic and important strategy for teaching a language has four sections, which have speaking, listening, reading and writing. The very first important part is speaking, so my teaching focuses on speaking. If you can speak, you have to understand other people's saying. That is listening.

Queens Park
Chung yiu
1st lesson free !

Hong Kong Girl with bachelors 's degree teach cantonese in Perth, Australia

This is my first time to do this kind of job. My mother language is cantonese, so I can teach you how to speak. Maybe we can have a interesting and fun talk. I am so exciting about that.

1st lesson free !

Motivated multi-cultured experienced language teacher giving lesson to different aged people in Hobart Tas

For me, learning any language starts from listening and speaking first. Building up the confidence and opening the mouth are the basic steps and can make learning smooth and last longer. To learn a language is the beginning to learn the country's culture, history and people, so to enrich the language learning is very important.

1st lesson free !

ANU Student give Mandarin language lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

My teaching method is to teach you the most basic pronunciation of Chinese vocabularies in the beginning stage. After that, I will help you practice writing the words and understand every cultural meaning behind them. A picture-based teaching material will make you learn language in a more relaxing way.

1st lesson free !

Exchange student from China gives Chinese lessons to students in different levels

I am responsible and patient. I like teaching and want to become a teacher in the future, as I find teaching others is enjoyable. As for the lesson, I can design the schedule based on different requirements. My teaching phlilosophy is every student can master the thing that othere have.

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Perfect! Natalie is a patient teacher and helps ensure that the content is properly understood and remembered. She was happy to tailor the lessons towards any areas of interest that I had and dedicated time outside of the lesson to reinforce points of the...

Thang, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Simorio is the best teacher I ever had. She really point out my weakness and offer a efficient and fun way to learn Mandarin. I feel lots of progress after few weeks.Thanks simi!!

Puchimo, Student
2 weeks ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! The way Simorio teach makes learning full of surprise and helpful. She pointed out my weakest part, which is my tone and accent, at the first time. Not until then do I understand that this is the main reason that limits me from communicating with...

Simi, Student
3 weeks ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Wang is a friendly and very cultured mandarin teacher.

Evans, Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

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