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Registered teacher offering English/Maths/Mandarin/homework help tutoring to cater for individual needs at Brisbane southside

A recent graduate from GradDipEd in Brisbane and has been offering tutoring service for more than 5 years. I work one-on-one with primary school students in subjects including English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and the Arts. I monitor, assess, and remediate student performance with effective feedback.

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Leam chinese language and culture, Try chinses food and handcraft,Lets do it

hey everyone,my dream is be a teacher, a mandarin teacher in different countries.i love my motherland-china,i traveled most of cities in four years. Food,language,building,whether,handcraf,landscape,cultrue... all different and special.i would like to share them with you in my interesting lessons.

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Chinese native speaker with teaching experience gives private Mandarin lessons in Sydney.

Lessons are 1 on 1 or 1 on 2, which gives you very-focused attention. Learning materials are supplied and based on practical needs. My Lessons are relaxing and with strong focus on conversational Chinese, you’ll be able to speak Chinese from the first class. Moreover, you’ll get to know about the real Chinese Culture and Lifestyle without (or before) going to China.

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Motivated multi-cultured experienced language teacher giving lesson to different aged people in Hobart Tas

For me, learning any language starts from listening and speaking first. Building up the confidence and opening the mouth are the basic steps and can make learning smooth and last longer. To learn a language is the beginning to learn the country's culture, history and people, so to enrich the language learning is very important.

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ANU Student give Mandarin language lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

My teaching method is to teach you the most basic pronunciation of Chinese vocabularies in the beginning stage. After that, I will help you practice writing the words and understand every cultural meaning behind them. A picture-based teaching material will make you learn language in a more relaxing way.

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Exchange student from China gives Chinese lessons to students in different levels

I am responsible and patient. I like teaching and want to become a teacher in the future, as I find teaching others is enjoyable. As for the lesson, I can design the schedule based on different requirements. My teaching phlilosophy is every student can master the thing that othere have.

Battery Point
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Sandy Bay
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Monash Graduates gives Mandarin lesson to whom are interested in Mandarin learning, better within hobart.

I had 3 students who learn mandarin from. They all achieve amazing progress. I am not good at introducing myself. I can do a free trial at the beginning. if you think it is worth. Then we get to start it seriously.

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Want to learn Chinese and know about our culture. Taiwanese teacher is here for you!!

I teach students from daily conversation, vocabulary since basic conversation is the most important thing. I will choose different situations to start our lesson like ordering food in restaurant, useful words for travel, and shopping, etc. Also, I will correct pronunciation.

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Native Chinese Speaker graduated high school in Melbourne and now studying Psychology.

My teaching method is to design lessons that match the needs of each individual students. I will make sure all the content I teach is close to life as possible. And I will give a lots of examples for students to remember the content better.

Burleigh Waters
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Bond student (Finance and Accounting) will give class to Maths and Chinese

I am patient, helpful. I am always trying to help people with good attitude. I think good attitude help students not to be stressful and it will help them speak out the problem. Communication is also very important to me.

Lut ying
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Native Mandarin and Cantonese Speaker Gives Private or Group Speaking Lessons in Hobart

I believe that only a well-adjusted teaching method that is suited to a student's need will benefit the student the most. Therefore, my teaching method is quite flexible. I love working towards a clear goal with my students. Otherwise, I would love to help them to set a goal by analysing strengths and weaknesses.

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Hi, I'm Chris from Hong Kong. Currently in my final year at Macquarie University. I have 2 years of experience in teaching Cantonese, English, Mandarin and other subjects(Economics, HR). If you want t

I like to conduct formal (Printed papers, workbooks and exercises) and informal (videos, activities and E-learning, Simulation) learning as I believe students can learn in both ways and to get the best results and outcomes.

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Resourceful Chinese Bringing You both Traditional and Modern Chinese Knowledge in Perth

I have always believe that people learn fast in fun learning environment and combine learning with daily life. I focus on how to put the language into use. Language is a communication tool. The most efficient way of learning a language is using it .

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UWA Chinese speaking undergrad student giving Chinese lessons to anyone interested in Perth

I am born in a Chinese family, thus making me a near-native speaker. I also did formal Chinese studies in schools for nearly 11 years. I have experience in tutoring peers in schools, colleges and universities in all types of different subjects, including Chinese. I love the language and I'm willing to share all that I know about it with anyone interested in learning.

South Morang
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University of Melbourne graduate, completed masters of education secondary qualification Chinese teacher who can speak both English and Chinese to teach Chinese language to background and non backgrou

I base my Chinese classes on what students need to know for the basics. Starting with greetings and family and moving into harder topics. Most topics are based on what students learn in school and I follow the Victorian curriculum to ensure students are being taught what they should know both in school and during tutoring.

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An experienced teacher gives customized and creative Chinese Language lesson in Perth.

My lessons is varied by employing different methods for effective learning to take place. These include lecturing, demonstrating, role-playing, games, story-telling, collaboration, classroom activities, classroom research and many more. Students will be motivated and guided until they are mastering the language well.

Mount Waverley
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Monash Student with prior teaching experience and a minor in Chinese Translation

I base my classes on one to one interactions, I would prefer a more lively tutoring session. Possibly through the reading of interesting news articles or books and picking out passages for discussions instead of purely doing practical work or assessments.

Malvern East
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A commerce graduate (Melbourne University with Honours) looking to help out students who have interests in learning Mandarin

I normally have a one-hour session/lesson with my students every week via Skype to help improve their oral speaking abilities in Mandarin. The focuses of the sessions are entirely up to you.

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PhD student tutors for both oral and written Mandarin at different levels with flexible schedule

I am an international PhD student majoring in Sociology. Mandarin is my mother tongue. I am good at accent correction. I can help you to practise daily conversation with the proper expressions in given contexts. I am fond of and familiar with classic Chinese, poem and lyrics and good at written Chinese for multiple purposes.

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UC education students give Chinese lessons to hign school and uni studnets n Canberra

I am a UQ Graduate awared with Bachelor of Arts degree and now commence Master of Teaching degree at University of Canberra.

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I am a year 3 student at UWA with some tutoring experience, looking to tutor students of all age in Mandarin Chinese.

I attended Chinese high school in my home country, received an "A" grade in both Chinese and Chinese literature. In addition, I am a native Mandarin speaker therefore I will be able to help you with accurate pronunciation, vocabulary, conversation, listening and so on.

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UNSW Arts and education student teach Mandarin/Cantonese with 2-year experiences in Sydney

My name is Renee, Xu. I am studying B of Arts/Education, majoring in Japanese and minoring in Chinese at UNSW, I was born in Guangzhou,China. So I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese fluently. If you have any questions or would like some more information, please do not hesitate to message me.

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Unimelb student gives Chinese learning (focus on Mandarin) to scholars in Melbourne

I am a undergraduate student in the university of Melbourne. I am a Chinese and prefer to writing the essay and communicating with others. These lesson can help you to study the Chinese from foundation step and help you to speak the Mandarin fluently.

Cairns North
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Experienced and Fun Chinese tutor here in Cairns, PICK ME!!!!---You won't regret it.

I think it's important to have fun during the class, so I always set some interesting games based on what students are learning, such as hang-man and elephant-nose. Meanwhile, I teach them not only to speak Chinese but also to read and write.

Shang ru
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University of Queensland master give a proper Chinese for everyone in Brisbane

My teaching method depends on the age of student, if you are above 20 or 25, I will use current news from social media as a reference.

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UNSW Business Student gives Chinese lessons to primary, high school, uni students and adults in Sydney.

My teaching method is design thinking and gamification. I base my classes on the level of student. I approach topic by the interest of student.

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Experienced teacher with a demonstrated history working in the education management industry.

My teaching method is learning while playing. Make the students feel the subject that they’re learning is not as hard as they think. It’s important to make students like the subject first before learning deeper. So I usually try to find a lots of kind method to teach the students.

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Master student gives Chinese lessons to school students or adults in Melbourne

First I would have a chat with you about you, I will ask about your preferences. Whats your purpose of learning Chinese, so that I can help you better with that and achieve your goal and try to make the class more fun. (don't be afraid if you are just a beginner with no knowledge at all, we all start from somewhere). Then I will teach you from the basic, the Pinyin.

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Adelaide Accounting student gives Mandarin lessons to all-aged students in Adelaide city

I will make study plans for every student as different student have diverse requirements. I would like to make my lessons full of fun and avoid students feeling bored. Not only language is taught to students, but they can also obtain the Chinese history, culture and modern content.

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