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Box Hill
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Experienced Mandarin/dialect teacher in QLD relocate to MEL with VIT registration! 你好

My teaching method is interactive in general and I pay a lot of attention to students' needs while teaching. I want to build a rapport with students so that we can interact with each other and achieve better learning results.

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Former Chinese lecturer of the Confucius Institute at CDU gives Chinese lessons to students in Darwin

I am an enthusiastic and devoted Foreign Language Teacher with excellent communication skills. High degree of fluency in Chinese and English; specializes in managing students and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings. A rich experience of teaching Chinese as a second language and is skilled in summarizing as well as integrating Chinese and western teaching ideas.

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Enjoy well-structured Chinese Mandarin lessons with a talented teacher who knows how to help people learn!

I prefer to teach students who aim to have high-level Mandarin skills, but I am also happy to teach students who just want to learn enough to get by on a trip to China. I believe that language lessons should be structured and focused, interesting and engaging, and with a focus on real-context input (we need to get a strong 'feeling' for the language.

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ANU Medical Student available to give Chinese lessons for high school and university students

I like to begin by introducing the student to the overarching concept and building a solid foundation before moving onto the specific ideas and concepts. I like to use a variety of techniques such as mind-maps, checklists and flow charts alongside discussion and key note summaries for the student to take home at the end of each session.

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Engaging and interactive Bilingual (Eng/Chi) Singaporean giving Chinese lessons in/near City centre

Lessons are based on imparting listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to students of any level. Beginner or intermediate learners are welcomed. Lessons are interactive and engaging. Periodically quizzes are also conducted to check on the learning progress and to modify learning objectives if needed.

Allan hua heng
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PhD gives Math, Physics, Chemistry, Languages & many more lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

I have good listening skills, and I believe to understand the emotions and problems the children face. Benefiting from this ability, I was able to connect with the student other people could not connect with. Students are rarely bored with me in the classroom, because I always make the lessons engaging, and interesting for them.

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UNI OF ADELAIDE STUDENT Major in computing finding chances for widespread some awesome experiences in my life.

The basic technique for playing Guzheng, methods of memorising music scores in addition to recognising them. I can design a study model that may fit your unique characteristics.

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Chinese law student gives lessons to anyone who is interested in Chinese and show the beauty of the language.

I am a law student and a native of Mandarin. I love to show the beauty of my mother tongue and spread it to anyone interested in. Even with Chinese children, I emphasise the unique character of the language. Learning a language is more about practising, and learning Chinese is more about feeling.

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Native Chinese speaker, 1 year's teaching experience (two American students), very patient and fun

I will make plans for my students base on their language levels and also their age. I will use different materials for different levels' students. I will encourage my students to practice and use the language more. I will give students homework after the lessons.

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Native Chinese speakers and have experience in teaching high school students with their lessons

I believe that the interest should be the best teacher for students so I will focus on how to generate students' interests in learning instead of pushing them to study. I will try my best to make the knowledge more interesting and practical.

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Mandarin native speaker help you improve Mandarin Speaking and Listening in Darwin.

MY teaching method is giving you different topic in Mandarin everyday,and let you know how to use correct vocabulary to built sentences in Mandarin.I also let you speak sentences. Listening to Mandarin news ,stories,songs to let you know different culture and explain the meaning.

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UWA biochemistry student in Crawley giving private Mandarin tutoring lessons at UWA

I will construct the lesson based on your experience: If you are a complete beginner, I will start with getting the basics down first including pronounciations (which is the most important!). For those who have some experience, I like to start by reading a passage with you which we will translate and new vocabulary will be introduced.

Rapid Creek
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Native Chinese speaker,speaking fluent English, looking forward to giving Chinese lessons to anyone who wants to learn it

Language learning should be fun. It’s because language itself is very natural. It’s not only about language itself, but about culture, about people, about values. There are so much behind a language which makes learning a language both challenging and interesting.

Canning Vale
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Curtin University visiting scholar intend to teach Chinese to any people who want to learn Chinese

According to the levels of the student. I will prepare various lessons such as pronuncistion, vocabulary, sentences and phases and interedting Chinese stories. I will show you the intersting facetes of Chinese lanuage and tradition. I am sure I will help you in learning Chinese.

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USYD Undergraduate Chinese Tutor give Mandarin Chinese lessons to kids and adults online or in Sydney

-I have been a part-time language(English/Chinese) tutor since 2016. As a Chinese native speaker, it would be my great pleasure to share my Chinese writing, reading and speaking skills with you. No matter what Chinese language level you are in, the process of helping and correcting your Chinese skills and language learning habits would be one of the most precious memories in my life.

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Registered teacher offering English/Maths/Mandarin/homework help tutoring to cater for individual needs at Brisbane southside

A recent graduate from GradDipEd in Brisbane and has been offering tutoring service for more than 5 years. I work one-on-one with primary school students in subjects including English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and the Arts. I monitor, assess, and remediate student performance with effective feedback.

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Leam chinese language and culture, Try chinses food and handcraft,Lets do it

hey everyone,my dream is be a teacher, a mandarin teacher in different countries.i love my motherland-china,i traveled most of cities in four years. Food,language,building,whether,handcraf,landscape,cultrue... all different and special.i would like to share them with you in my interesting lessons.

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ANU undergraduate providing Chinese lessons to primary, middle, high school or university students.

I am pretty flexible with classes according to the students’ needs. Having been through Chinese classes and exams, I understand how it’s like to struggle and learn a new language, and also how to study it in order to score well. Lessons preferably held at ANU but we can also meet in the middle where ever you’re staying.

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Studied in Child Care at Uni. Have experience in teaching people from 3 to 20 years old.

I discuss with students or their parents about our learning goals. We could always analysis our learning situations. Whole language learning is a good way for learning Chinese. For example the pictures, words, pronunciations, and the activities. We will do it, say it, see it, try it, and learn it.

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Native HongKongese teaching you Cantonese and Chinese in a fun and effective way

My method and aim is to increase the student's interests and make them enjoying learning. The teaching style is personalized for each student according to their study pace and academic suituations. The lessons will not be boring as there will be interactions between teacher and the students (eg.

Rose Bay
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IT Postgraduate Student at the University of Sydney and Qualified Translator From English to Chinese.

My teaching method would be fun with lots of interaction. I would have a pre-test for testing the level of language proficiency if you are not sure which level are you in. Or feel free to let me know what you want to learn and what you want to improve.

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Monash third-year secondary education student who has been worked as Mandarin teacher for more than one year in two language schools

My teaching method is Mandarin. I taught primary school Chinese for more than one year. I also had the general Chinese teaching in VCE and got a high score in my Chinese as first language in VCE as well.

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A Taiwanese girl living in Brisbane. Able to teach Chinese (Traditional or Simplify).

I like to share the interesting culture and history stories with my student. Students are able to choose a topic that we can talk about. By sharing the culture and stories students can learn more vocabularies and grammars. I wish students can be confident to talk with me.

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Qualified English teacher from China gives Chinese / Cantonese private lessons in Canberra

My teaching method is that I will try to let my students to speak and practice Mandarin / Cantonese as much as possible when we're having lessons. I will introduce Chinese cultures as well to my students if they're interested in.

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Graduated ANU Students, Master of Statistics with NAATI translator certificate. CHOOSE ME!

I like to use examples to illustrate what I want to talk about instead of using concepts. I think it is a better way for teaching.

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4-year teaching experienced Master teaching Mandarin with accent reduction in Brisbane and Gold Coast area

Teaching methods include basic interaction and interest raising program besides normal class activities. I base my class normally on the Gold Coast. Topics are precisely according to students' different needs -- academic, business or just daily use. Textbooks for kids are available. Adults lessons are customised based on your requirement.

Varsity Lakes
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With a relaxing atmosphere, let us learn about the interesting of speaking Chinese.

My teaching methodology is to base on the Chinese culture. First, I will find a festival , a short article or a picture about Chinese culture. Later on, I will try to explain in the very simple Chinese and teach some of the difficult words. Finally, we can try to discuss this topic in Chinese using the words we learn.

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I'm a Chinese student majoring in master of Finance in ANU. I am a native in Beijing and very outgoing. Glad to make a friend with you~!

My teaching method will be depend on your conditions. And you can share your preferences or interests in Chinese with me, for example, we can talk about Chinese movies, TV series or books depend on your interests. Hope we can learn Chinese with joy.

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Master of Teaching Completed in Monash University major in Primary School Teaching

My teaching philosophy centers around students' interest, motivation and individual learning style. I believe it is wholly dependent on teacher to create individualized learning path for every one student in order for them to progress on their own pathway.

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Native language on Cantonese as well as Mandarin deeply understanding Chinese culture

My teaching method is more practical from real life, with my IT background and referring to my knowledge plus experience in certain industries, i.e. I used to work at Intel, Huawei, Panasonic and LG. Sure it helps in more ways than study book.

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