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Collingwood Park
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Up your Mandarin game with native Mandarin speaker and innovative learning techniques

I don't have a fixed teaching method because different people learn differently—this is one very important thing to know when learning. I will cater my lessons to however I feel you will learn best, or however you know you will learn best. If you prefer just conversing in Mandarin to help you practice, then I'll do that. If you prefer me to read to you in Mandarin, I can do that.

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Sydney IT Student gives chinese lessons to everyone who wants to learn chinese in Sydney.

My teaching method is to teach by means of diagnosis. By understanding the strengths, weaknesses and points of interest of different students, different teaching methods are used to ensure that each student can master the most practical knowledge in the shortest time.

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UWA graduate (with a Master’s degree of Translation Studies) gives Chinese (Mandarin) lessons.

Basically my teaching method is to help student learn the most accurate and current use of words through chosen articles, topics of conversation as well as some multimedia techniques occasionally.

Ascot Vale
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The best way to speak Chinese is to learn from a Chinese friend (Me). I would like to make friend with kids, teenagers and also adults!

I like to teach people from 0% to 100%. My syllabus is flexible and customized based on your needs and interest. My teaching style is casual yet efficient. You will learn Chinese Speaking from a friend (ME) instead of tutor =D. At the end of your Chinese study, you will be able to survive in China.

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Monash Social-Work student with mandarin offers private Chinese lessons in Melbourne city

My teaching methods are different from person to person, because students' characters and aims of learning are different, which means I would choose different way to attract their attention and made them interested in learning Chinese. If the student wants to attend the exam,I would use the content of exam to repeat practice.

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An experienced international student gives Chinese lessons to all the friends in Adelaide

I'm a friendly and funny guy, I'm always willing to help people. In my course we are going to communicate like friends(of course we will need to respect each other), I will teach you things through our communication and interaction and I will be easier to do teaching face to face. What's more I am very willing to keep in touch with my students.

Kurralta Park
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International relations and politics student who is Native Chinese speaker in Adelaide University

The languages study is not about memorizing the vocabularies and pronunciation, but the alternative way of thinking. when you studying secondary languages, it will help you to adopt another process of linguistic thinking, it can show you a different information process system. Absolutely important for your study.

Sandy Bay
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Chinese tutor with 6+ years experience help you learn Chinese fast and fun

Learning language can be like learn a computer game, I will show the student what tools they can use and how they use it, and with tons of practice then can master it and use it help themself open a whole new world.

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Monash Engineering Student(Native Chinese) gives Chinese Lessons to students in Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Since I am a university student right now, I can use a more friendly way to teach my students. My lesson structure is always based on my students. I will try to make my students to remember words in an easier way.

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Aviation Honours student gives Chinese lesson to high school and uni students

My teaching method is based on your asked questions and may relate to a situation which is easy to be understood. I am strict, during the lesson I love giving examples and I do sometimes like to create some quizzes for your better understanding.

Yih lim
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Malaysian Chinese gives Mandarin lessons to all levels of students at home

My method of teaching will be more fun activities involved and daily speaking, so the students can use the languages as part of their daily lives. Learning language under free and casual environment is definitely an important and the key to obtain the language as your own.

Bayswater North
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Private tutoring in providing entertaining and custom design classes in Chinese writing and speaking

I custom design my teaching program based on individual's different interests and needs. The program will involve various topics while emphasizing on a list of key points in each class. Each class will start with a short revision of the previous class key points to fresh memory. Then follows with new knowledge in the class.

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Improve your Chinese and Cantonese into an upper level in Perth WA

In my class, I will encourage my student to speak Chinese or Cantonese. I will teach my student vocabulary depends on their level to improve their reading/ writing/ oral skill. I will read some stories to make their interest in Chinese.

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Learning Chinese is so fun that I can make you love it

I have prepared several sets of notes that I have compiled by myself which I believe are what these children need to begin with or improve on. I teach mandarin for beginners but focus more on speaking,basic readings and writing.

South Hobart
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Experienced and patient teacher from Taiwan. I can also speak English fluently! I have TESOL certification and would like to teach in Hobart!

I can make lesson plan depend on what you need, using resources and tools online. We can learn face to face or via computer. The most important is that I can communicate with you in English, you don't need to afraid of misunderstanding.

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Sydney University graduate give Mandarin lessons to any people who is willing to learn in Sydney

For Mandarin Beginners Students who are interested in Pinyin System. For learners who have Mandarin background and can understand the language a little bit but cannot speak or do not know how to build up a sentence in Mandarin For learners who used to live in China and know about the language but have forgotten the most part of it or simply want to review the language.

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UWA Engineering Student give Math and Chinese lessons to primary or high school students

My goal is to make students learn the way happier, easier and smarter. After the lessons, not only my students are able to understand the questions and gain knowledge, but also be able to think independently. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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Master of professional accounting student at Utas give mandarin lessons to anyone in hobart who are interested in Chinese culture.

A highly motivated and hardworking individual, who has recently completed Master of Finance degree at University of Melbourne, and began the second master degree at UTAS. The lesson structure will be flexible and specifically designed for you.

Car men
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Laboratory Medicine student gives Chinese lessons to primary school students in Perth

I came from Malaysia who speaks multiple languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and English. I have learned Mandarin since I was seven years old. Learning Chinese character is really tough at the beginning. I find that some of the children struggle to write Chinese characters because of strokes. After a while, with practices and revision, I believe it will become easier soon.

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College lecturer gives Chinese lessons to all level students in Hobart TAS

Chinese daily conversation, introduction of Chinese business language and culture such as how people do business in China, how to build business relationship in China, Chinese market research. Chinese vocabulary building, Chinese characters writing, Chinese pronounce correction. Introduction of Chinese reading and writing.

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Adelaide Accounting Student give mandarin lessons to high school and uni students in Adeladie( With Bachelor degree Major in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language )

As a native speaker, undertaken Bachelor degree majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language for four years, holding a professional class will be provide upon your interest of learning. Can help you with oral, listening, writing, and reading skills.

Sandy Bay
(2 reviews)
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Melbourne University commerce student teaching Chinese to students who is learning or interested in learning Chinese.

My teaching methods are based on the requirements of the students and provide the corespondent ways for students to learn Chinese with also some self expression way to make them understand it better in a more impressive way.

Mount Clarence
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Chinese Lessons Anytime Anywhere Learn At Your Own Pace Pay As You Go

- Tutoring at time and place of your convenience - Each lesson is fully tailored to your needs and goals - Fast, Easy and Fun - Business coach, translation, marketing, sales, cross culture - Also happy to help Chinese students to improve their English

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UQ students as a native speaker give Chinese Lessons to any level

My teaching methodology is based on my own teaching templates tailored for students which vary based on their desired outcome and current knowledge level. Each class consists of review session and homework checking session. Every teaching modulus completes with a test to track learning progress and the teaching outline shall be adjusted accordingly to best suit learning status to date.

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Bilingual Architecture Graduate gives fun Chinese face to face lesson in Melbourne City

My teaching is very much based on real life interaction, let's skip the dry part and make it fun. I will teach you how it actually is to for locals to use Mandarin in their daily lives, and you would learn so much more than just the textbook.

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Manager with 16 years' international business experience give Chinese lessons in Perth

I provide opportunities for students to learn attentively to build discipline-specific knowledge in the content area. I know how to determine the effectiveness of my teaching instruction, and make changes to ensure students are making adequate progress on skills and concepts.

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Mandarin native speaker give language lessons to all learners who want to speak mandarin fluently.

Chinese pinyin method,helping students find links between English and mandarin. Using the vivid and interesting examples and stories to help memorizing.A large amount of reading and following helps students correct their pronunciation.Closely related to scenes in the real life for teaching.

Box Hill
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Deakin student will use stories or pictures to make you learn Chinese easily.

I want to try to use story plots, pictures or games to teach Mandarin, because the system of Chinese is totally different from English. I will focus on the current hot topic and use the flow charts to describe in simple Chinese words, and then give the further explanation for every word.

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An English graduated / International trader teaches Chinese oral or written courses online

I have to adjust it according to the different students' requirements. I have enough time to teach you one by one word and to correct you from the beginning. I promise you will love Chinese and learn it very easily.

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Monash Education students from China provide private native Chinese speaking and understanding lessons

the lesson I usually take would be in three main parts: introduction (where is the warmer or the ice cooler, to refer back to the prior knowledge and previous lessons and to build better relationship with students); main activity where is most the tutor (me) talking and presenting the main knowledge and objectives to the students, and a main activity done to practice and reinforce their learning;...

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