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Tailor your mandarin lessons with me while you are having a nice coffee in Bristol

Each learner are different, and my speciality is to tailor each lesson based on your needs with my knowledge and experience, no matter which aspect or part you would like to focus on. I usually would like to have lessons in a nice cosy coffee shop, because a nice hot drink can help you relax easier, and you won't be shy to say word loud in some back ground music.

Glen Carbon
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College Student from China, can tutor Mandarin to any level students near Glen carbon

My name is Alice, I come from China. I speak English well. I'm teaching Mandarin Chinese. I usually discuss with my student about what they wish to learn, and I'll be well prepared before the lesson starts. I also would like to build a good relationship with my student, and share my learning experience with them.

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Congratulations - You have discovered a Genius-Super-Tutor! Teaching UNSEEN breakthrough Chinese learning! of 100's of words per day! EASY!

Welcome, - Never Waste A Day Again Using Antique Learning Methods Never! Under time pressure to speak Chinese? Yes. Respond today. No pictures, or difficult words to learn, just learn up to 500 Chinese words a day! Please contact me. Use my time, and don't waste YOUR ...

San Diego
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Yoshi's Joy Chinese Class--Please Come and Try!! You can Chinese From Now

In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

Kings County
Min xiu
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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons in all levels during the summer in NYC. Can teach online or at home.

I was born in China and I am currently a student study in Skidmore College. I have many years of experiences in Chinese and I have learned Chinese since I was in kindergarten. I often speak Chinese with my friends and my family members.

Torre Annunziata
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The Chinese really easy! Chinese language and culture lessons for students

Chinese Language and Culture lessons for students . Each foreign language has its difficulties, but through activities, interactive lessons , the Chinese language becomes easier. The lessons are aimed at overcoming the language certification HSK, exsams at university or class tests at high school .

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UCL current master student brings basic&interesting Mandarin lessons to you in London

Hi, I am Chang, a full-time master student in UCL and plan to continue my PHD research in education. I'd like to give you some interesting lessons on basic Chinese and Chinese culture during weekends. I prefer teaching primary or secondary pupils in London. I love work with children. I 'm always patient and friendly. Tuition fees is not important.

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Cantonese by Native Speaker from Hong Kong - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced All ages welcome

Local Chinese school in Hong Kong for 15 years Diploma in Legal Studies Associates in Business Studies BSc in Business Management and Marketing Pre-evaluation of your language goal Understanding your level What you want to achieve before we start our class. Class will be causal or I can tailor to your special needs.

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College student in economics gives math and chinese lessons in michigan area

I just graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and I minored in psychology and statistical methods. I enjoy helping others learn and know more so it can also help me improve my understanding. I'm pretty easy-going and energetic. I used to be a teaching assistant of Chinese in a summer camp and all my students loved to communicate with me about their questions.

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Native Chinese Speaker gives Chinese lesson to all level learner in London

Hi, I’m Miao. I’m from China, I am volunteering in London now. I’m a native Chinese speaker and speak English fluently. I major in Business Administration in Fujian normal university , After graduating,I'd worked as a HR for 2 years in Shanghai. I focus on teaching business Chinese,travel Chinese, basic Chinese ,and daily Chinese.

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Chinese course leader with 7 years experience offers language courses, written courses and intercultural training for all levels in Kassel or via Skype

I offer private Chinese course, as the course is only designed for you. With the Chinese private course, you can extend or deepen your language skills privately with me according to your own learning needs. Course content you can vote along with me in the test lessons. You can choose whether you want to learn everyday languages ​​or characters or just want to have an intercultural training.

Greater London
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Dr Wang (Betty), PhD and BEng in Civil Engineering, native Mandarin speaker

- Native Chinese speaker - able to teach Mandarin, Chinese to A-Level students - Completed PhD and BEng in Civil Engineering - able to teach Maths and Physics to A-Levels - Passionate in helping people to learn more about their subjects - Tips for answering exam style questions

Greater London
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Native chinese speaker teaches Madarin and Cantonese for all ages in London

I am a native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker and recently graduated with a doctorate degree in maths. I am friendly and patient. I can help any Chinese learners who want to improve their pronunciation, vocabularies, grammar, or handling your daily conversations. I also love to share Chinese culture, history, life and stories with you.

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Chinese mandarin lessons to anyone who is interested in Salem OR area!

I am attending my last year of high school, and will be graduating soon. I am willing to teach Chinese mandarin to anyone who is interested! Mandarin is my first language, and English is my second, I speak both every day and I can say that I’m fluent. My characteristics as a teacher are willing to help at any time, patient, make the lessons entertaining, etc.

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I am a Chinese girl I speak Chinese and English. I am willing to teach my language and my culture. I am a flexible person with a lot of patience :)

I know that it's difficult to learn Chinese in a western country, but I have the confidence to teach it well and make sure the students like it. Chinese is a very interesting language, and since I am a native Chinese who is in love with her culture, I always teach things more than just the language.

Ka man
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Native Mandarin speaker with over 3 years of teaching different grade students .

I believe that everyone is a good student and we are waiting for a good teacher to teach use. As a second language leaner, I know what difficulty that you are facing, and I have ways to teach you to achieve your goals. There are three levels in my lesson which are beginning, intermediate, and advance. Also, practicing speaking is the most important thing to learn a new language.

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8 years teaching chinese experience to english background student, please contact me

i am undergraduaed student and now study my master in uk. i can teach primary, secondary and diploma chinese level. I always follow textbook and my extra tuition materials. Depends on the studens ability to decide different methods. i am very kind and have passion with my students.

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Native speaker gives Chinese lessons to people who are beginner or mediate learners

A master degree student majored in finance. In addition to studying the language, you may also be able to know more about the culture of China. I have tutoring experience in China and will adjust the teaching method based on different expectation of studying.

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A Chinese postgraduate student living in 2 Upperton Road, Leicester LE3 0BG

I am a postgraduate student from China and now studying in De montfort University. I am a native speaker(I was born in Beijing) . I believe I can teach both Oral and Written Chinese.

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University Student in Business Administration gives Chinese Lesson to students in london

Mandarin is my second language, so I am very familiar with the difficulties of learning Mandarin; I believe this experience of mine can bring a different dynamic to my teaching method and to the organisation itself. I will let the students try out varies learning method and find out what is the method that suits them the best.

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Private English Tutor with 10 Years of Experience, Currently in Leon, Guanajuato

I use a modified method of TPRS, with the focus on language acquisition without meta-linguistic lessons or lecture. This means that my students spend more time talking than listening, to create original narrations rather than following a rigid set of patterns. I also offer direct help with homework.

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3-year teaching in China, Original Chinese lessons for all levels in London

Hello, I'm Yiling, a Master student from China, now in Institute of Education, UCL. I teach oral and written Mandarin to students of all levels and ages.

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Fun ways of learning Chinese with me, well-educated & professional teacher

I am a well-educated professional Chinese and English teacher from Beijing, China. I've been teaching over a decade to different ages and groups. I'm holding a Masters degree in Education which helps me to have enough knowledge to both teaching and understand the need of students. I speak perfect Chinese with standard and clear accent. I know how to motive a learner and inspire him or her.

San Diego
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Chinese Students Learning to speak English like A Native Person in San Diego

I'm a film major currently studying at San Diego Mesa College, being someone who was in ESL and now completely at ease with English, I understand the struggles that many foreign students face, having to deal with a different language, environment, and culture can be overwhelming, stressful, even depressing at times.

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I'm a native Chinese speaker and i'm looking forward to be a mandarine teacher

This is Nancy, my Chinese name is Nan Xia, I graduated from my undergraduate at Tianjin Foreign Studies University at 2013, after one year working in China, I came to Philadelphia to continue my study, i was at Drexel University and now i'm transferring to Villanova University. Back to 2011 I was giving Mandarine lessons to a high school student and college student which are all friends all mine.

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Language teacher (English, French, Valencian, Chinese and Spanish). Language center "Discuss". Almoradi (Alicante)

My methodology is based on active participation in class. Classes will be dynamic and develop students learning the language through total foray into the same, ie, through constant listening in the language is being taught and oral practice. Kind regards. Javier.

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My mother tongue is Chinese and I am Good at classical poetry, philosophy and history

I teach for who will go to China or want to learn Chinese. 1 Understanding classical Chinese poetry. 2 Methodology to create classic poem. 3 Chinese philosophy system. Methodology depends on students. I speak Chinese very standard and can also provide basic Chinese courses.

Paris 10e
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Professional Chinese teacher gives Chinese lessons by Skype for everyone living anywhere

Learn Chinese with me by skype! Are you interested in learning Chinese? I am a Chinese teacher with 6 years of experience. Learn the language with me on skype and improve your Chinese language abilities in all aspects: this online learning method is alive, very informative and you will learn the Chinese really spoken today in China! If you are interested, please contact me.

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PhD student studying language acquisition & native Chinese speaker with 1 year of teaching experience

Generally speaking, I prefer to use an interactive approach and a task-based approach; However, I also believe there's no one approach that is better and more suitable for everybody, as our brains are all different from each other. Therefore, the tutoring approaches I selected for each student are also based on each individual's age, personality, preference, and learning goals, etc.

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Effective, patient, and flexible Chinese tutor for students in Gwinnett and Forsyth County

I am a recent graduate of Emory University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Quantitative Science (a.k.a Statistics) and a minor in Sociology. I was born in China and moved to the U.S. when I was eight years old. Not knowing a word of English, I received a lot of assistance and guidance from ESL tutors and mentors.

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