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Ana isabel
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Language Classes in Alcala de Henares (Madrid or depending on the area): Chinese, Spanish, ingleés and support with homework and primary and secondary materials

The aim is to arouse students' curiosity about languages. Levels designed for students of all kinds, both for those who have no notion of the language, and for those who want to continue learning or to focus on what the student demands.

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BA in Chinese Studies + HSK 5, written and spoken Mandarin, Leeds

My experience in tutoring has usually been to assist students with whatever materials or assignments they're having issues with. That said, my favorite way of helping them connect with the language on a personal level is to expose them to popular culture, i.e. music, films and literature they might enjoy, and use it as a basis for study.

Charter Township of Clinton
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Certified Mandarin Teacher with Master's Degree in Teaching and 3 years experiences in Michigan

Dedicated Chinese language teacher with nearly 3 years’ experience developing creative lesson plans and implementing instructional best practices. Full-time teaching in elementary school (K-1) and middle school (grade 6,7 and 8).

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Private lessons of Chinese language with native Chinese teacher via Skype 1

I majored in Chinese language and literature in Cina.ero a Chinese teacher in China. In Italian, I was doing Chinese lessons in British school.ora do lessons via Skype. In my lecture, I usually try to do more practical as possible with my students, then after the lesson, prepare the exercises for different students. Use books and HSK series of books "Chinese to Italians".

Lyon 2e
Diego leandro
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Colombian teacher offers tutoring in Spanish and English for children and adults, from beginners to advanced level

I am a Colombian citizen currently living in Lyon, France. I recently obtained my Master’s Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Science and Technology Beijing. I speak four languages – Spanish, English (fluent), Chinese (operational) and French (beginner).

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MA student from China gives mandarin lessons to all levels of learners in Winchester or Southampton. I would make a specific learning plan for you based on your hobbies and interests. I believe the r

My name is Yilu Zhou, and you can call me Sara. Now I am a postgraduate student in the university of Southampton. I am very happy to be a friend rather than a tutor. I would like to give lessons in a relaxed atmosphere which would help you learn better.

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Chinese MA student in Museum Studies gives unique Mandarin classes to teenagers in Leicester

I'm a Chinese MA student in Museum Studies in the University of Leicester who are willing to share typical Chinese cultures to people all over the world at all ages. My Mandarin lessons will not be the boring language lessons but learn basic oral and written Chinese through experiencing typical Chinese cultures, like festivals, special crafts, calligraphy and traditions.

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Chinese teacher, Give qualified Chinese classes in Nantes, Chateaubriant, Issé or webcam

Hello, my name is Marion Yang, a Chinese in Chateaubriant (between Nantes and Rennes). Patient and kind, Master in Linguistics at the Chinese education (Nanjing Normal University), I am able to give courses of all levels. The courses already given: 1.Cours of Chinese pronunciation of Chinese 2.Cours everyday conversation 3.Cours Chinese for children Chinese 4.Cours 5.

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Professor of Spanish and English with experience in Academy provides classes for children and adults

I'm Eva, a Spanish girl who will do an internship in Brussels from February to July. I studied English and Chinese at the University of Granada and I did my Erasmus in Germany. I can teach Spanish at all levels and practice all areas: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

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Trained in China, language coach, positives pronunciation results from the first sessions

The courses are designed for both beginners who want to master the language to those who want to improve their knowledge in Mandarin. Training is particularly interesting for those who want quickly an excellent pronunciation.

Miss linda
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Glasgow 120 TEFL Teacher 3 years exp abroad and Primary Trainee Teacher

I have worked for EF (Education First) abroad and taught English as a second language for almost 3 years; working with age groups ranging between 3 - 18. I have also worked as a trainee primary school teacher for a year and a half before I went abroad to teach English.

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Native Turkish Professor with 25 years of experience teaches Turkish and Chinese

I am Professor of Economics with 25 years of experience. I studied and taught in Turkish, English, and Chinese. Turkish is my native language. From elementary to middle and high school and undergraduate degree, I studied all my classes in Turkish. I taught Turkish for 10 years at all education levels. I made my PhD in Chinese in Beijing, China. I stayed 4 years in China.

Paris 15e
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Chinese come from northern China with a license holder gives the teacher during Chinese

Good morning, everyone, I am Chinese, come from northern China where people speak very good Chinese. Licensed professor of language also have a Master degree in Business, which enrich my courses in Chinese. I know well the Chinese culture and the cuture of business in China, because I worked in the field of trade for several years .

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Sino-French journalist and translator in Lille offers Chinese or translation of tuition

Student in last year of the ESJ Lille, I have a TV reporter imaging. Original Chinese, I speak fluent French and English (French DALF C2 English TOEFL 108), and has been a freelance translator in China, then fixeuse journalist for foreign media. I also freelance web for French media outside the curriculum.

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An English assistant at Lycée Louis Barthou and I'm from New York!

Chinese was my first language. I am fluent in the language. However, I learned English when I was 5 years old. I always speak more English than Chinese. I think English is my real mother tongue. I'm from New York. I went to high school in New York City. I won many speech and debate tournaments. I am also an actress in New York. I can help you write and also speak. I can help all levels.

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Learn Chinese with an environment of high efficiency and lots of fun

Chinese courses These courses are designed for people who want to start with regular classes, covering the four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) and grammar and sequenced according to each level. - From Basic to Advanced levels - Individual classes with flexible schedules. - Sending literature, audio, live explanations, correcting homework.

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Chinese student in biologie gives chinnese lessons for all level and other subject for primary school level in lyon

I am a chinnese student in lyon.I've already taught Chinese students for math and French students for chinnese. For chinnese lessons, i teach from the textbook.For primary school or middle school,i help with the homework. I can teach one by one and one for several.

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Chinese Student in Literature Master gives English lessons and Chinese in Paris

Chinese student, currently Master Lettres Modernes in Paris 3. I propose courses of Chinese and English. Very familiar with English pop culture. I can thus provide alternative way to build interest in the language for starters or those who find themselves lacking of confidence in the language.

Paris 7e
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French trilingual student, teaches Engish and Chinese languages. Available in Paris Intra-Muros.

After studying a dual Franco-Chinese bachelor over 2 years in Asia, I currently study this year in Master of international business in the Paris campus of Grenoble Management School. I am flexible in terms of teaching methods and always try to adapt them according to the student's needs.

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Easy to learn Mandarin Chinese with professor April in the center of Alicante

I offer to teach Chinese initial level for all ages. Study Chinese as a second language in college. Please if you are interested contact me by e-mail or WhatsApp. Guide price: - Individual: 1 hour - 15 euros - Groups: One day a week 1 hour and a half - 25 Euros per person / month - Special rates for groups. Contact for further inquiries.

Paris 16e
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Experienced teacher of chinese and english, I give courses to the particular home.

I am a Chinese and I am passionate about giving Chinese courses at all levels to the individuals. The progress of the course begins with simple usual conversation at the first, later explaining characters with the image to strengthen the memory. Light homework is required and each course begins with a review of previous lessons and correcting the homework.

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Chinese fun - learn Chinese (Mandarin) and Chinese culture

With the spirit of teaching / learning of foreign language, I do not limit myself to one methodology. Instead, I focus on how to help learners overcome obstacles during their apprenticeship / s language / s.

Paris 19e
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Individual classes during Chinese Culture Chinese General Methodology Marketing Economics in Paris (75019)

Hello! I am a student who comes from Shanghai. I pursue my graduate studies in Paris for 3 years. Chinese (Mandarin) is my native language. I give Chinese language courses, I've graduated from HSK level 6 (HSK examination is a test level of Chinese.

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Learn mandarin the right way from a native speaker, Located in Essex

I am an international business student currently at university. Being a native speaker who was born in the UK but grew up in China, I will be able to provide a range of extended knowledge to all aspects of Mandarin. Specializing in pronunciations to ensure that you sound as native as possible.

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Experienced and pacient teacher gives to students of chinese classed all levels in Madrid.

Hi All, I am native Chinese speaker. I live in Madrid and now teach Chinese. I am good at explaining and communicating. I will help you learn Chinese Quickly and my class will be fun. Do not hesitate to book my classes ...

La Mesa
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An exchange student here who would like to help people learn Chinese!

I'm just an exchange student here, according to that I have a lot of free times, and since I speak fluent Chinese I would like to use my free time to help people who want to learn Chinese! Because I'm not professional so I may not be able to do high level English but I'm good for basic Chinese teaching:) I'll also not charge too much so we can always talk about it!

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Study languages, not to know more, but to have an insight into the rest of the world.

I am an enthusiastic teacher of languages, who has been learning, teaching and explore languages and cultures for many years. It’s important to understand the culture of the country in which the language you are willing to learn is spoken, there for I have a real sense of culture throughout my lesson plans.

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Professional translator & interpreter and Chinese Mandarin language teacher, all levels are welcome

Chinese lessons for all levels, with an original and fun methodology that brings together a set of teaching strategies that go beyond mere grammar rules. Even in the simplest words, I try to deepen the explanations, showing examples to enrich the vocabulary of the students and to stimulate the passion for the Italian language.

Greater London
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Mandarin Native speaker with MA Conference Interpreting in between Chinese and English

I was born in China and lived most life there. This means my Mandarin is authentic and up-to-date. Though I am living in London, I still keep up with news and buzz words in China. Also, I have accomplished my MA Conference Interpreting, so I have a professional command of both languages. I used to teach IELTS (Internal English Language Test System) in China and as such have my own teaching style.

Greater London
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Native Mandarin and Cantonese Uni student gives lessons in both traditional and simplify Chinese for all learners who interested in Chinese Culture.

I am a native speaker of both Mandarin and Cantonese and able to teach both Traditional and Simplify. I have teaching experience from home tutoring and teaching in tutorial centre in Hong Kong. Chinese is a difficult language, but not so difficult to learn when you have someone can bring you dig inside and explore the culture.

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