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UWA Student who is Chinese native speaker give Chinese lessons to everyone

I am willing to teach everyone who wants to learn Chinese. I will teach in real Chinese. This will enable everyone to learn Chinese more purely and understand Chinese. The course will focus on the daily communication in Chinese and gradually improve. At the same time, special arrangements and learning steps can be made for the needs of Chinese level examinations or business Chinese.

Jacky Bulbin Flat
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Online Chinese tutor with 2 years of experience gives private lessons at home

Hello, I am located in China. I give lesson online and I will provide you with outline each lesson and you can see my screen while teaching. My teaching plan: Learning a spoken language is vocabulary+ grammar+ practice. 1) Vocabulary: Many feel difficult in learning vocabulary. If you know some method, it will be easier! I will share with you some tips while teaching.

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Beijing language and culture university stu teaching chinese in melbourne primary school

I base my classes in practical situation. Most of my students love my classes and become more and more interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture. I let them use what they learned as much as they can, which is proved really useful for improving their Chinese.

New Town
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Native Chinese Speaker with effective coaching skills trained to achieve the result you want.

I am working with students to discover for themselves what gets in the way for them to achieve the result they want, at the same time teaching techniques that are highly effective to assist a student to understand, memorize and apply what they have learnt in the class. Producing lasting results.

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All Saint Anglican School high school Student who can give Chinese Tutor.

My teaching method is more like let my students student with happiness but I will not let them slack. I base my classes on the needs of my students. I will solve their question first and then start my lesson.

East Perth
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Singapore Student providing excellent help in mandarin (written/oral) 25 Years of dual language life. (English/Mandarin)

My teaching method revolves around practice primarily, and utilising familiarity as a key tool to help you gain mastery of the language. There are no short cuts to learning language, only a system of simple fixed rules can generate the results you wish for. Keep it simple, and that is the crux.

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Curtin Industrial Optimisation student gives Chinese lessons to primary and middle school students

I will teach them some basic words and expressions and then give them a short oral test to see their learning abilities. To those who do well in the test I will teach a little faster and vice versa. The structure may vary, depending on the needs and abilities of the students that I teach.

Sunshine West
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Native Mandarin speaker with five experience teaching skills can do webcam tutor

1.Basic pronunciation and pronunciation letter(tongue exercise and pronounce correctly) 2.Characters rules and symbol of characters(writing practice and how to guess) 3.Create sentences and conversation(focus on vocabulary use and grammar) 4.

New Town
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Nationally Acclaimed Chinese (Mandarin) Student give lessons to primary and high school students in Hobart.

I base my lessons on learning through natural, fun context - no boring vocab lists or endless grammar drills! I believe the most effective way to learn and remember is through use and play, and use roleplaying, videos and television, music and laughter to get everything from the simplest words to the most complex grammar structures to make sense and stick in the active memory - and stay stuck.

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UOM student teach mandarin to all ages in Melbourne (I am a native speaker)

I will start with the basics according to your situation and there will be teaching materials. My class will be interactive. So if you have any question, you can ask me. I am patient and I will hold your hand to learn Mandarin.

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Chinese, Japanese, language, Computer skills, Music, Singing, Art, Math, Graphic or Digital Design teacher

My teaching methodology is different students need give them different teaching, according to the student interest or suit for which kind teacher way, inspire student learning enthusiasm and power. In my way, doesn't mat which subject should teacher basic skill firstly.

Wattle Grove
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Curtin school of Education student teaches Chinese to all age levels in Perth

I use different teaching methods to teach writing, speaking, listening and reading. I group the vocabularies into many categories, so that when students are learning one word they will also get chance to learn the related words. While teaching language skills, I also teach Chinese history by telling stories.

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Creative individual seeking opportunities for any professional career pass, willing to help others to learn Chinese language or creative drawing techniques.

My teaching methodology is to understand my clients, a better understanding of the person helps me to find what they’re interested in, no matter it’s a music lyric, a book or a piece of art. If they’re fascinated about something, they will learn more efficiently.

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Native Chinese Speaker with Master Degree who has Accounting/Finance/Child Care Background

My teaching method is ask students interest questions and based on mutual interaction. My class will be full of fun but you will still need to practice to achieve the result you want.

Port Kennedy
Jingwen (lucy)
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Early Childhood Teacher wants to teacher Chinese to preschoolers and students in Primary school

I used play-based learning and student centred approach for teaching.

Highgate Hill
Yan yee
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Mandarin native speaker teaching mandarin lessons to anyone interested in Brisbane city

I prefer an interactive teaching method where students responds and obtain immediate feedback. I also prefer teaching not only the language but also the culture so you grasp a better learning experience.

(6 reviews)
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UNSW Engineering graduate likes to improve your Mandarin as a part-time job

As a new teacher, I follow the most notable and suitable textbook I can find, which is "Great Wall Chinese" and its workbooks. It's not too academic so it won't bore you out, it's not too easy, so it won't give you a weak knowledge foundation.

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Qualified Chinese teacher with patiences and passionate teaches not only language but also the history, custom etc.

Will do a previous short survey about what’s your language level and learning purpose,then based on your own pace to design the course. Would like using pictures or other tools to assist with learners in different level and needs to achieve the learning outcomes.

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A professional Chinese student gives private Chinese learning lesson in launceston area

My teaching method is face to face lessons and start from the very basic knowledge, then reading listening speaking and writing.

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UWA accounting master degree student gives Mandarin lessons to students in hobart

During the Mandarin class, speaking and vocabulary is the most important thing. I improve the communication skills through games, roles play and assessment. The written part is quite difficult so may consider later. also, watching Chinese movie should be a quite easier way to enjoy learning Mandarin.

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A Chinese experienced lecturer with over 7 years of teaching both at an individual and group level

Lessons vary from basic Chinese to a more specialized class according to the need or career the student is in. I also teach the international Chinese exam HSK so everything is covered in the lessons agreed on. Chinese characters are also taught.

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I worked in a Chinese Mandarin school four years. I also can teach calligraphy and HSK.

My teaching method is to combine education with entertainment. I base my class on my student’s level and their request. And I almost don’t speak English in my class except the beginners. Because I think language environment is the most important thing in a language class.

South Hobart
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Chinese native speaker who loves to teach Chinese and Chinese culture very much and can speak proficient English.

Teaching Chinese Mandarin from beginning with vivid pictures or videos and make sure the student understand well. Or we can discuss your own demand or resources on learning Chinese.I can speak proficient English so don't worry about the communication. Come to join with me and you will love it.

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Mother tongue Chinese students provides chat and relaxed Mandarin teaching online! !!

According to the specific needs of students If not, mainly chat style relaxed teaching.

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NAATI translator/ ANU graduate/ Chinese native speaker who can help you with Chinese learning

1. Vocabulary and reading : I will teach some commonly used Chinese words in some Chinese articles I provide. Instead of cramming, I will teach the students how to use those words in a certain context by providing some examples. 2. Speaking : there will be a 30 mins’ talking time. I will provide a certain topic and help students to improve their pronunciation.

South Brisbane
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Native chinese give chinese language lessons to all level, currently live in Australia, fluent english and had language teaching experience before. Help u achieve ur goals!

Depends on the student's needs and level, I'll set up special topic to bring new vocabulary or enhance grammar. I'll also introduce a range of suitable material to broad students' knowledge after class. I'll try to introduce more chinese native culture through my teaching. let my students really enjoy the learning while they learn is the best thing for me.

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I am an ANU college student who would like to teach Chinese and share Chinese culture with people who is interested in

My teaching method is teaching Chinese through communicating with students, and I will help students find out mistakes in their talking. Additionally, teaching some new vocabularies and Chinese grammar once two days in order to ensure enough new knowledge student could get.

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UNSW Biomedical Engineering student willing to give Chinese classes or biology or physics classes to students in Sydney.

My teaching method is totally focus on students. I would love to teach them whatever they want to learn, and before each class I will do a lot of research to make sure the thing I share with them is true and objective. I am enthusiastic, passionate, friendly and polite.

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Never get bored. Real life Legal Assist experiences are all share in Mandarin.

-Before every lecture or tutorial, I will share some fun facts or real life legal assist experiences in the language I will be teaching that day as a refreshment. -My students are allowed to interrupt me in the middle of the class if they have any questions. -Always keep in mind that students seek for tutor for a reason. Patient and being helpful is key.

Greg haoran
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Adelaide Uni physics student gives physics and maths lessons to high school student. Also native speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese and would be able to provide language lessons.

For physics, I tend to explain questions more in a mathematical way. For languages... umm it really depends on the students.

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Perfect! Well structured lessons, patient and great at instructing throughout.

Mathew , Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Jennie is a great teacher, I absolutely enjoyed our lessons. She has a deep knowledge not only of Chinese language, but cultural aspects and historical facts, that made studying more interesting. She is a kind and patient tutor. I was a complete...

Alena, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! We have been using Larita for Term 1, 2019 for my twin b/g 12 year olds. They are at different schools so whilst the curriculum is similar, it isn’t the same. Larita is great with both my son and daughter. They value their weekly tutoring with...

Kirrily , Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kai is very warm and kind, but also a very excellent teacher. She ensures that the lesson includes everything that i have requested (pronunciation, vocabulary, character writing, grammar, conversation). I really appreciate her approach to...

Sandra, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I have had 6 hours of lessons now with Channing and found her to be very helpful and thorough in her teaching methods. I have practised what I have learnt on my Chinese friends and they can understand me which is very encouraging and pleasing I...

Peter, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Natalie is a patient teacher and helps ensure that the content is properly understood and remembered. She was happy to tailor the lessons towards any areas of interest that I had and dedicated time outside of the lesson to reinforce points of the...

Thang, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

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