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Private Chinese tutor with 5 years experience, tutored students from multi age group and countries.

Language learning does not only contain fun in the process, but it could also get boring and frustrating often, especially when the student is in a hurry to learn and master the language or pass a test.

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Native Chinese speaker with more than 5 years teaching and tutoring experience gives Chinese/Mandarin lessons to 1 or groups of students from early childhood to adult in Perth metro area

Provide Chinese lessons of exceptional quality. You may be a complete beginner, holidaymaker, going to live in China, a student or a business person. 1.5 hrs per lesson for student over 14. 1 hr per lesson for student under 14. If you are an absolute beginner, you will learn the basic greetings, conversations, Chinese cultural background, travel phrases, numbers, how to type Chinese, etc.

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Melbourne Mathematical Physics Student (native Chinese) gives Chinese lessons to secondary school/uni students in Melbourne

I am a second-year Melbourne University student majoring in Mathematical Physics. As a native Chinese, I am able to teach foreigners both oral and written Chinese efficiently and intriguingly. My teaching philosophy is 'multidimensionality' ------ for instance, in every lesson, I will first play a short youtube video about one topic to catch the students eyes.

Belconnen - Belconnen Town Centre - Emu Ridge
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Student enrolled in master of public health in ANU teaching Madarin in Canberra.

My name is Chao.I am from China.I was a registered nurse before and now keep learning more about health in ANU.I hope to introduce you the beauty of Madarin and the attractive culture of China to help you master this language more easily and quickly.

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I’ m a Chinese student majoring in master’s accounting at ANU. I can also speak Russian as I used to major in Russian and Diplomacy and Foreign affairs management at Beijing Foreign Studies University

My teaching method will be depend on your conditions. And you can also share your ideas about the teaching method and materials with me, like you want to learn from watching Chinese movie or TV series, or maybe start from the basic daily talk, all depends on your interest. Chinese landscape painting is available for free if u attend my class. Hope to improve my oral English and make friends.

Mont Albert
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Monash postgraduate Chinese English speaker gives mandarin lessons to all in Melbourne.

I am a Chinese native speaker. I studied English Language and Culture at Dalian University of Foreign Languages. I have completed my postgraduate study at Monash University. The lesson will be based on oral and writing in the primary and secondary level.

West End
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QUT IT student currently. Offer mandarin lesson to all ages from Brisbane.

• Mandarin is not difficult any more in my lessons. I created a new method for my students to learn oral Chinese. • I am a native Chinese speaker. • I used to offer English speaking lesson to high school students in China to help them get 7.0 in IELTS speaking, so I have a thing about teaching. • I accept students of all ages and I have different methods to teach.

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Monash Marketing Student with Bachelor of Chinese Linguistics & Literature degree, giving Chinese Lessons to students in Melbourne,

According to your Chinese level, i will design the course. Also, i want to ask your opinion about the course. this is because that different people have a different style. I want to make sure that you can accept my style. I can provide oral Chinese practice, or test related. I also can check your Chinese writing and correct it.

Carina Heights
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Native Mandarin Construction student with teaching experiences gives Chinese lessons at home

As a learner of English and Japanese which are both my second-language, I exactly understand how hard to start to learn a new language. Tutor's role is necessary and the most important thing is how to find your own way. Also, a system of teaching/learning will make more effective and efficient. My teaching methodology is step by step.

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Adelaide Accounting student gives Mandarin lessons to all-aged students in Adelaide city

I will make study plans for every student as different student have diverse requirements. I would like to make my lessons full of fun and avoid students feeling bored. Not only language is taught to students, but they can also obtain the Chinese history, culture and modern content.

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Want speak Chinese fluently? Learn with Sarah right now in a joyful and relaxing way

Sarah Yan, 27 year-old Chinese girl, working holiday visa holder. Bachelor degree, major business English, with tutoring & English phonics teaching experience in training center.

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Mandarin tutoring Native BEIJING born Australian-Chinese, worked for multinational companies in China for 20 years, provides manderin tutoring for beginners. Tutoring location: State Lib or Fitzroy Li

I can teach based on the training book provided by prospect tudent, or, training material prepared by myself, or, discuss with the prospect student as needed. Tutoring pace is adjusted to meet individual circumstances. Please let me know your needs.

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UNSW Chemical Engineering Student give Chinese lesson to people who want to learn Chinese

I personally think that the most effective way of learning a new language is through listening and speaking. Just like how babies learn to speak.

Notting Hill
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Chinese Monash Education student teaches Mandarin to all Mandarin learners in Melbourne

For language teaching, my main method is to link to the topics students love and encourage them to express themselves freely and bravely, for building confidence is vital for language learning. These methods are suitable for students at all levels and from all backgrounds.

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Native Mandarin speaker gives Mandarin lessons to Chinese language beginner/Chinese heritage student

My lessons are geared towards 1) people who want to learn Mandarin as a language 2) high school or university students who study Chinese in all levels 3) people who want to practice Mandarin with a native speaker. I am competent to deliver the lessons both in English and Mandarin. I believe interactive and student-focued teaching style is the best way to facilitate learning outcomes.

Lane Cove West
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Native Mandarin tutor from Beijing now living in Sydney, tailor your needs

Originally from Beijing where the most standard mandarin is spoken (like midwest area in US). I speak relatively slow so it will be good for your listening and practice speaking. I can tutor according to your needs and have first session as a trial.

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UWA Chinese speaking undergrad student giving Chinese lessons to anyone interested in Perth

I am born in a Chinese family, thus making me a near-native speaker. I also did formal Chinese studies in schools for nearly 11 years. I have experience in tutoring peers in schools, colleges and universities in all types of different subjects, including Chinese. I love the language and I'm willing to share all that I know about it with anyone interested in learning.

Croydon Park
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A Sydney university student give the Chinese lesson to all learner student.

firstly, my teaching method is have a good relationship with my students and parents so that I could understand what is the weakness and the strength for my student. And then I would make the plan for my student about themselves. last but the least, I am very patient to listen the question from student and solve their question.

Yee yun
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Asian studies master student give mandarin lessons to student at any age

It depends on which area you want to focus on particularly. We can also start with the basics or looking to strengthen your reading, writing, or speaking (daily conversation or business language). Audio lessons and text materials will be provided.

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Hi, my name is Vicky. I am a working professional who is passionate for teaching mandarin and Chinese culture. I was an editor at media and magazine industry in China. I have 2-year experience in tuto

I usually collect news topic / some interesting topics / topics you provide I've found online. Based on how well my students can manage, I will provide a good essay for reading, followed by accent correction. encourage my students to discuss their finding and thinkings for this topics, to help them use new words and structure sentences in different patterns to develop a conversion.

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Chinese native speaker gives Chinese lessons to children or adults in Wollongong or Sydney.

No matter you are parents looking for the first Chinese language tutor for your kids, or you want to do business with Chinese people, I'm the one you are looking for. I'm flexible in the structure of lesson. For kids, may be more instructional at first but to motivate kids to learn is one of my priority. For adults, creating a relaxing, effective learning atmosphere is of my concerns.

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I am from mainland China, I can teach Mandarin and English in SA.

I try to make the class fun and easy for students to understand. I make sure the students can grasp and practice until they can master the study points. I believe that anyone who wants to study, and studies with the right method can speak good Chinese/English.

Darwin City
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Native Chinese Speaker in Darwin teaching Chinese. The best way to learn a language is by talking, come and have conversation with me. Online lessons available.

Hi, this would be a fairly easy-going and relaxing class. I prefer talking with you in Chinese in a more fun way so that you can remember the vocabularies easily. I can go into the specific topics if you prefer any. ex. business, supermarket.

Broadbeach Waters
Moong li
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Ph.D. in Psychology student at Griffith University and tutor giving Chinese Lessons

My teaching method is to allow them to understand the content and bring into practice. To me, to clearly understand and learn something, you need to apply into the context by discussing and having fun practicing.

Blair Athol
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Masters in Teaching English as A Second Language. Have experiences of tutoring both English and Chinese.

Throughout the course I did with my Masters degree, we were taught teachers need to tailor the class/lesson depending on the students' needs, such as the purpose of learning, etc. So as there are various methodology I can list on here, I'd say I will see what are my students' goals and their level of the language and then go from there.

Kidman Park
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Second year Law student at Adelaide University with heaps of tutoring experience

I have a unique way of teaching. I not only proofread my students' work I also teach them the correct way of doing things. The formula I invented for essay writing has not disappointed any students or their teachers yet, in fact, they never get a score less than an A-. I have a laugh and good time with my students by giving them relevant examples and etc.

North Perth
Hui joo
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Bilingual Singaporean fluent in both language providing lessons for children and adults on basic mandarin.

I focus on both written and oral comprehension of the language. I can teach the language from the very basics and work our way up, we can even take the classroom outside and learn the language and apply it to our daily lives.

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University of Melbourne Commerce graduate gives lessons to primary to uni students

Hello everyone, this is Chris Ding from China, after recently graduated from the University of Melbourne, now I move to Adelaide to continue further education. I'm willing to teach students from primary school age to university students who wish to learn Chinese.

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University of Melbourne Linguistics student teach you Mandarin from speaking to writing, help you easy to get understand what Mandarin is

Speaking Mandarin for Beginners Modify your Mandarin accent Writing Chinese for advanced Chinese songs and Chinese culture, history, traditional opera! What you are curious, and I will help you to find answer! Learning Chinese there is no answer, but the answer is Yes!

Desert Springs
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I teach Chinese (Mandarin) at cram school for several years, and I am math tutor too.

Be children's friend Play and teach in the same time; this make children love to learn and they will not feel bored during class. Teaching acknowledge is important; however, teaching children how to be a good person is more important than it.

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