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Bilingual Student who was in school debating team and worked in an Asia-Pacific Public Relations firm

Welcome to those who would like to improve their Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) with an out-going tutor! My teaching focuses on speaking and listening of the language - which can be delivered through learning vocabularies, listening to songs, or even just a casual conversasion.

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Part-Time Chinese Mandarin and Maths Teacher for Any Interested Students at A-level or Below

I am a native Chinese Speaker so I can assure you everything I teach will be authentic and ranging from child-level to work-efficiency. I also have strong mathematics background and able to help you with any difficulty that you may find struggling in mathematics. I am mostly available after 6 pm on week days and all days on weekends.

Greater London
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Gcse igcse ib a level adult chinese london experienced teacher and tutor

• Provided private instruction to students taking GCSE IGCSE IB A LEVEL Chinese. • Facilitated practice tests and provided individualised tools to improve test scores. • Coached student to develop strong study skills in listening, reading speaking and writing of Chinese. Experienced private tutor in London.

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Native speaker now study in University of Glasgow, major in teaching Chinese as a second language

Major in teaching Chinese as a second language, and graduated from Capital Normal University in China. Have a lot of experiences in teaching Chinese to American students in different stages. I can help you with your oral Chinese, which you could use it in daily life.

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I hold MFL teaching qualification and BA (hons) in Graphic Design Degree

\I am Shu-Chen, have been teach Mandarin for many years in London and private candidate home. I teach GCSE,A level and adult learner who required for work. The best student that I have achieved Grade 8 in IB Mandarin exam and entry Oxford University this year. I am very happy for him and my self of this great achievement. I hope to help many of my student to reach this high aim.

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Beginner Chinese Tutor: Counting, sentence structure, greetings, basic vocab, break down of Chinese language

I give lessons to students who are just beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese. It can be difficult going from an alphabet based language to a character based one. I help students step by step with understanding and learning the foundation of the language so they can built up from it.

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Modern Languages Student tutoring Mandarin Chinese in North London with 4 years teaching experience

Hi, my name is Yolande. I am 20 years old and I am currently a student studying Modern Languages at Durham University but I enjoy teaching Mandarin up to GCSE level as an extra curricular hobby. I have passed my Pre-U Mandarin Chinese Exam in 2014 with a Distinction. Even though I am a student myself, I have tutored students of varying ages and have had 4 years worth of experience.

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Chinese teacher in Leicester gives Mandarin lessons to all who are interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture in UK

I am a passionate and patient Mandarin teacher. I enjoy interaction with my students and I do hope I could help you, anyone interested in Chinese language and culture, to reach my language goals. I would adapt my lessons according to your level, interests and learning needs.

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I hope I can help you with any level of chinese language if you need

Nice to meet you, my name is Yixin Yang, I'm from china, I am now living and working in Tokyo, Japan.

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Chinese native speaker and used to taught language to foreigner in china as part time job

I am a international student from china and I have two-month summer holiday now. My lessons will depend on students' demand and interest, some want to learn written Chinese , some want spoken Chinese and some like to know more about culture. I can organize different course structure for different needs.

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Chinese tutor Dan in London majoring in Applied Linguistics at UCL IOE

I am Dan, a postgraduate student majoring in Applied Linguistics at UCL IOE. I am giving lessons to all the students who are willing to speak Chinese and write in Chinese. I am going to combine vocabulary study with context teaching in a really relaxing and funny way, and I will explain the funny videos sometimes.

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Chinese girl gives comic related Chinese lessons to comic fans at home

I'll quote words and sentences from animation and comic books to catch attention, and help you to see how native Chinese speak, it's a good way for indoor cats like comic fans to grab some new language without losing their interest.

Ala language
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Learn Mandarin Chinese Language for your Business or Job in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

My Teaching Methodology may be: Face-to-face classroom teaching, recorded video teaching, Online classes, Hindi / English Language to Chinese Language Teaching. Language Related Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Services depends on the nature of work. Private Tour guides for Chinese Language also available.

Lok yiu
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Native Chinese speaker (Mandarin & Cantonese), Master Education student in University of Leeds

I am flexible to use different ways to teach as the best methodology is what it works the best for you. I am capable to use different teaching approaches and styles to present knowledge. But basically, the lessons will be conducted according to different topics.

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Chinese Language and Culture Teacher in Rome, offers individual or group private lessons (maximum 5 people) to learners of any age. The lessons will focus on the preparation of the certification

Study of the Chinese language (written and oral) through lectures, carrying out exercises and also taking advantage of the support of technological tools for teaching. The lessons usually two hours include an initial phase of preparation on the topic to be addressed, the study of this topic, and finally the verification of what has just been learned.

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Chinese lecturer offering Mandarin speaking/writing lessons in Leeds LS18 at your home.

I am a Chinese native speaker and I have Education degree in China. I was a Lecture in sports science and public health and I have quite a few years teaching experience. I moved here at 2008 and I am teaching assistant in GCSE mandarin class and our class has been very successful. My parents both teachers in China and teaching is my favorite thing.

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Mandarin native speaker offering oral and written expression and calligraphy practice in Birmingham

I am a native mandarin speaker studying MA Education in University of Birmingham. I can give oral and written lessons/one-to-one practice for all levels. I will adopt an individualized, fun, relaxing and interactive way to design and deliver the lesson.

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A Chinese cool girl in Liverpool uni teaching you authentic Mandarin / Chinese

Hey guys! I'm Erika, currently a second year student in University of Liverpool. Struggling in Chinese? Don't worry! I would like to teach you the basic Chinese starts from the pronunciation to the most common words and sentences. I can practice with your speaking as well and help you remember those difficult characteristics.

Greater London
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Chinese is a difficult language to learn and if Anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably lying to you or trying to sell you something. If you choose the “easy way” or “short way” (like “become fl

I’m the author of the ‘Learning Chinese the long way’ book and teaching Chinese is my hobby. I’m in love with China and everything related to it. When it come to teaching and learning Chinese, it is considered the world’s most difficult language and I don’t agree with it. The real reason for this is the way Chinese is taught.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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University student in film gives Chinese lessons to primary school and secondary school pupils

I am a native Chinese speaker who majored in English in China and then film in the UK. To those who are interested in China and Chinese culture, I am a good teacher with whom you can practice and improve both your spoken and written Chinese. The lessons can be specifically designed according to students' interests and taught by topics.

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Native speaker from China(Beijing) gives chinese lessons in southampton or online

Native speaker from China(Beijing), I speak standard Mandarin, no accent. I am a graduate student at the University of Southampton now. I have Chinese Putonghua certificate, which can teach native Chinese language in China. I have the experience of teaching foreigners Chinese oral in China.

Las Cruces
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College student in engineering gives Chinese lessons to all levels at home

you can call me Miss Fang, I've been teaching Chinese since high school and it is so fun. My goal is to help you learn it love it and be able to survive with it.

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Chinese Language and Culture Expert for all kinds of Chinese using

I am fluent in Mandarin and different kinds of dialects. I could make the contents easy to comprehend and interesting by using flexible approaches. I acknowledge in many Chinese literature and culture, therefore you could expect fully explained each time whether you want to learn about a poem or an academic article etc.

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Chinese Mandarin Primary, Secondary and GCSE Level online tutoring in England. I am a university student at Worcester, part time Mandarin lessons are available.

Chinese Mandarin is my native language. I am a 20 year old university student studying Business at University of Worcester. I am willing to teach you with any everyday language and terminology. To have a good learning/teaching time together, I will prepare lessons and homework before having our session.

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Native Mandarin Speaker, have been in UK for 8 years for study

Daily Usage, Learning based on the scene (not only the words from the textbook but also from the real life). I don't have any teaching certificate in mandarin but I have got my Bachelor, Master and PhD (going to) degree from UK. I have received the education from both culture background (UK and China) and know the difference between them.

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Native Hong Kong Cantonese Tutor in UK gives Chinese Summer lessons to school pupils

I am an undergraduate Language student at University of Glasgow. I teach oral Cantonese and Chinese writing as it is my native language. I will first get to know the level of my students and provide corresponding exercise for training. I will adjust my training plan in accordance with the learning progress of the student. I am friendly, patient and reliable.

Newcastle upon Tyne
Xue qi
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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons to anyone interested in learning Chinese

For anyone who loves to learn a new language, Chinese, I am here to teach you about the basic level of this language. My lessons mainly would be based on conversations.

Greater London
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Qualified teacher with great experience gives Chinese Mandarin language and GCSE lessons in London

Hi! Ciao! Salut! Hola! 你好! My name is Michela and I come from Rome. I am a 31 years old linguist who has dedicated 2/3 of her life to language learning and teaching. MY BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: I am a qualified language teacher in the UK secondary schools where I worked for 3 years.

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Master student in Imperial College offers Chinese and other lessons in London

I think this depends on what level the student is at. For a beginnner, I will spend more time on some basic knowledge like the prononciation. For a student with intermediate level, I think we can practice conversations more and this will help a lot.

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My Chinese teaching experience began while I was a graduate student at Ole Miss. In 2008, I returned to Taiwan due to employment at Overseas Chinese University (OCU), where I taught Mandarin Chinese t

Like most teachers, my teaching philosophy is affected by my teaching and learning experiences, as well as my research. I am aware of my students’ different needs and adapt my teaching style in order to better accommodate them. Based on my learning experience, I believe the most important aspect of learning is developing one’s critical thinking ability.

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