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UOM Student with teaching experience gives maths, Physics and Chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is - study and improve with the student - in time feedbacks - keep a track of the learning experience I approach a topic by - starting with basic knowledge and logic of solving the problems - doing an easy question with the students - letting the students try to solve a moderately harder question by themselves - if any problems were encountered, I would pause and...

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Hi! I’m a first year medical student at Monash and I’m offering Chemistry and Methods tutoring for VCE students, as well as primary school Maths in Greensborough :)

Hi, my name is Aya and I graduated VCE in 2018 with an ATAR or 99.55 and a raw 43 in Chemistry and 42 in Math Methods. My teaching is very much focused on getting a solid foundation of all concepts and creating links between different concepts within a course, as well as giving students clear steps and processes to get to answers.

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Mathematics Educator-love to teach primary,high school and university students and show them a different side to the subject that they can not only understand and appreciate but apply in their life.

I have passion for teaching Mathematics creatively. I make Mathematics fun and engaging for all students by producing high quality, thought provoking, "mathy" activities and lessons. I connect students with real world problems and make them realize everyone can do Maths. My teaching approach is student-centered based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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Chemistry Graduate Teaches Science and Maths to High School and Uni Students in Moe

I believe in a holistic approach to science, and know from experience that with a firm understanding of the basics everyone has the potential to interpret the world scientifically. Rather than jumping straight to the answer, I prefer to explain the logical path of arriving at the answer so that my students understand the bigger picture and can apply the same methodology to diverse questions.

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Dedicated, young and enthusiastic VCE graduate Looking to Tutor to the Best of Capability

Bringing dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping my students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world. Encouraging students of mixed abilities to work together by promoting small group or whole class activities. Differentiating my teaching by allocating tasks based on students’ abilities, to ensure no one gets left behind.

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PhD student in Organic Chemistry offering primary and secondary organic chemistry assistance

As each student as a different approach to learning, I don't plan sessions as to what the student should achieve within a time frame.

Mount Waverley
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Deakin University Student, teaching Chemistry, Biology, Statistics in Melbourne, learning is a fun with me!!

Qualitative Learning and NOT Quantitative learning!!!!!!!!!! Am very much passionate about teaching and sharing Knowledge as I believe Knowledge is the thing which increases as you share and that's the reason am here. Am the person driven by curiosity, innovation, and energy which I try to transfer to my students.

Port Melbourne
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I have obtained a Science degree from Monash University with a Biochemistry major and minors in Mathematics and Chemistry. Can teach VCE and first year science subjects proficiently. Can travel around

I best teach my subjects by identifying what areas or concepts the student is struggling with and providing many examples of problems on these topics.

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A PhD (Engineering) and Master’s graduate who had been a lecturer and tutor at a university

I did laboratory demonstrations and supported students effectively solve problems through tutorials. In the roles I did prepare lecture and presented my Lectures to up to 300 students at Deakin University. As a trainer at Ozford college, I did training to International students enrolled for the Diploma of Information Technology from 2009-2010.

Wyndham Vale
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Hold PhD in medicinal/organic chemistry and gives lectures in chemistry to students

Hi, I am Sarah and I hold a PhD in chemistry. My chemistry lessons would be most helpful to first or second year uni students who need help in general or organic chemistry. I have no expectation of what level you are at. I would work to take you from whatever level to the level where you are meant to be.

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Biomedicine student gives Chemistry, English, General, Further, Methods to high school students in Melbourne.

I always address pressing concerns with students, i.e. the topics that they're most struggling with. After tackling the difficult topics, I move on to getting the student ahead and well prepared for any assessment they come across. I find this method of teaching helps students achieve the best marks possible.

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Unimelb Engineering student with matriculation level teaching experience to teach high school subjects in Melbourne.

I provide lecture notes online and by email to students enrolled in high school of their first year or senior years subsequently. I am great with teaching students of all ages with subjects in Chemistry, General Sciences, Maths and Physics.

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PUBLIC HEALTH student at VICTORIA university tutoring maths in north melbourne with frank casual ways

i teach by casual taking , taking examples from real life. students are free to express themselves and also free to teach themselves with generating new ideas of their own.

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I am currently a Monash Engineering student, I'm giving math and science lessons to primary and high school student.

My teaching method is giving students to have their own thoughts on the topic and lead them to the right path on the study on that subject. I prepare well before giving any lesson and I'm very passionate about my job.

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Third Year Monash Science and Education student providing Secondary and VCE Tuition

My teaching method involves keeping the students motivated, and genuinely interested in what they are learning. I will try to provide as many real-world examples and relate the theories to everyday life where possible, showing the students how the content they are learning is actually relevant.

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University of Melbourne Medicine Student giving Maths lessons to students of all years around Melbourne city

I will teach you the content in a way that i know works, giving you advice and tips which i have picked up along my Year 12 journey. Homework may be issued and i'll be there for help with any questions you cannot do.

Chun hao
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Monash College Student giving math and science tuition to high school students in Melbourne

I am a student at Monash College that is aiming to study physiotherapy at Monash University. I am to teach students who are weak in their subjects and need that extra motivation in their studies. I believe that failure does not matter, what matters is that you try.

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99.90 ATAR Maths Tutor | Chancellor's Scholar at the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus

For me, doing well in year 12 came from not only hard work, but also a very solid understanding of the foundations of a subject. On top of that, I tried to understand concepts from multiple angles, even going beyond the syllabus in extension programs, before applying it through rigorous practice. If you just want help with your subjects, I can do that.

West Footscray
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TU Science graduate will make you a champion! TU is renowned university from Nepal.

The lesson will be for secondary level students or Australian university students. You will get online or face to face lessons depending upon the location. I provide live sessions if required . it will be streamed via You tube or any other means.

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Melbourne University Biomedicine student teaching Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry in Melbourne CBD

I first identify any areas that the student is having trouble with whilst also reinforcing already known content. I aim to cater to their specific type of learning whether that is visual, written, verbal etc and try to explain concepts in multiple ways and test it in different ways so that they can comprehend well.

Dandenong North
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Monash Engineering and Science student who can teach years 9-12 in Dandenong or online

My teaching method is going through each individual chapter and type of question and ensuring that the student understands the content. I will also provide students example questions and work through past papers to help them understand the content and types of questions.

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Monash Medical student with 2 years tutoring experience giving maths and science tutoring.

When tutoring, I strive to identify the student's unique learning style and then tailor lessons to suit their needs. I believe that I can find a method of tutoring to suit anyone, no matter how they learn. Lesson structures would typically include an efficient yet thorough explanation of topics and work feedback, ensuring students correctly understand how to independently apply concepts.

Notting Hill
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Monash University PhD student offering excellent lessons for chemistry students at all levels.

My teaching goals are to create the interest of learner in the subject. I believe any one can excel in the subject if they are truly motivated and interested in leaning and that is my whole approach. Chemistry fascinates me and that is what I want to teach my students.

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Tutoring Lessons From 2018 IB Graduate with a Score of 45 (99.95 ATAR)

I achieved my result through sheer hard work, rather than natural talent. I have lots of advice regarding how to approach studies, how to best organise your time and which areas you must focus on in your IAs. At each session, I'm also happy to share my notes and will also let you read over my IAs and/or extended essay.

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A doctor in engineering who teaches maths and science for marks and your career: Hawthorn and Elsternwick

My teaching is always tailored. Everyone is different and different topics require different skills. Sometimes you need to have things explained to wrap your head around the idea. Sometimes you simply need to drill some facts so you can recall them and sometimes you need practice doing something so that you get good at it. I can help work out what you need and also help you do it.

Melton West
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Well qualified chemical scientist giving chemistry tuitions to school and university students

I prefer to teach using a text book and do provide notes when needed. I like to experiment with my method of teaching as per students need.

Clayton South
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Pure Physics, Applied Physics and other basic and upgraded science knowledge will be given

My teaching method includes slides, short notes, lost of references and examples. I prefer to group the particular lessor according to the student's demand. I like to show various demo to make the subject matter more interesting and understandable.

Ferntree Gully
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Swinburne health science student willing to teach biology, chemistry to high school and uni students in or around fern tree gully


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Currently working as a science presenter in Victorian school with previous nine plus years of experience as a trainer in Merck Serono.

I like to conduct by lessons engaging students to achieve their best at the same time achieving the curriculum goals. Normally I start my lesson by providing an appropriate hook. Then I conduct the class by engaging the students. I make sure to do a follow up activity.

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VCE student gives maths and chemistry lessons to students in year 11 and below.

I work with the student mainly from grade 3 to 10 in the topics they are working on in class. Getting them prepared and confident for exams, test. By giving them quiz's and going through homework questions that they couldn't answer. Personally I find learning fun when its interactive and their is a good level of communication between the student and I.

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Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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