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Biochemistry and Pharmacology Double Major, Behavioral Neuroscience Honours graduate and Clinical Trial Coordinator offering tutoring services in Chemistry (Parkville)

As everyone learns in different ways. I believe that it is essential for quality tutoring to be tailored based on the individual needs of each student. I typically favour explaining the concepts behind why theories or phenomenon are as they are- I believe this makes topics far more intuitive and engaging.

Keilor East
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A Chemical Engineers with long 21 years tutoring experience to VCE students in Chemistry and Maths Methods. I have always assisted my students to gain confidence and reach their highest potential in a

I am available for 1.5 - 2 hour sessions per student or group. I provide: -"Ahead of School" Program. -Work through your Textbook Exercises -Explanation tailored to your needs. -Assistance with Homework -Free Phone help -Advice on “Sacs, Assignments,..” -Questions and Answers using additional books & past exams.

Saint Albans
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RMIT Engineering graduate (2018, First Class Honours) gives maths lessons to primary, high school and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is to engage and motivate the student as much as possible to solve the problem. I sit down with the student and review with them what they know already and where they are getting stuck. I listen actively to the student and find communication methods which are tailored towards them to help them solve the problem.

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MONASH Science postgraduate student helping you beat high school Maths in Melbourne

My main philosophy in teaching is to strengthen one's fundamentals and make students have a clear understanding of the basic concepts, be it maths or physics or even chemistry. I am aware that every student has a different learning curve and capacity.

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Perfect GPA in chemistry, Monash Pharmaceutical Science (Honours) student and an ICAS medalist offering Chemistry support for all levels

I base my lessons on real world chemistry, to train intuition over rote learning. The focus is primarily on actual scenarios, and how each concept learned is used in today’s world. This provides a holistic understanding, where each gap can be noticed and fixed.

Dandenong North
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Science student bringing personalized tutoring to high school students in Clayton and surrounding suburbs

from the usual method, I adapt to many different methods based on my students. If everyone was to learn from the same method, then a classroom teacher would suffice. the usual method would be to break down a subject in several parts, introducing a student to these parts and then connecting these parts together, like a puzzle. though this approach is mostly used for science subjects.

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BIKRAMJIT[master of physics] give interesting science & maths lessons to students by child centered approach

Worked in DASMESH PUBLIC SCHOOL KOTKAPURA as TGT Science (2013-june201) Responsibilities:  Providing guidance and advice to pupils on educational and social matters.  Liaising with the parents or guardians of pupils.  Looking after the teaching material and resources.

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English explorer landed in Melbourne providing Chemistry and Biology lessons to 11-18 year olds.

I like to take a very active approach to teaching. The more enjoyable it is, the easier it is to learn. I try to make the content relevant and applicable to a range of situations to allow it to be accessible to all students. Each student, whether in a group session or on a one to one basis will get an individualised programme to enable them to progress based on their own ability.

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Master of Mech. Eng. graduate offering chemistry tuition up to VCE level. Currently I also tutor for Ezymath Tutoring and Top Of The Class tutoring companies. WWCC: 1546744A-01

A most common problem with students starting to learn chemical reactions is how to write the reaction equation, and how to calculate the subscript numbers on the lower right side of each element in the equation. It is a special kind of maths problem. That is for starters. When it comes to a specific tuition session, I need the student to tell me in advance what he needs help on.

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La Trobe Nanotechnology graduate eager to teach maths, physics, chemistry in the wodonga region

Meet and greet first off. I generally try to get some background information of completed subjects and what the student wants to achieve. Then begin with the subject they want to learn. Teach the relevant information, but try to tailor my teaching to suit the student.

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Melbourne University Biomedicine and Engineering student with 2 years tutoring experience in maths, all sciences across all ages.

My teaching method is personalized according to the student I am tutoring. My lessons are based on rigorous concept-based teaching reinforced with questions of varying difficulties.

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Business Leader with recent Master of Teaching degree who loves to teach chemistry and biology at all levels in Melbourne's North West

Develop relationship in order to adapt to best teaching methodology. My life experience and Masters of Teaching ( Uni Melb ) enable me to rapidly engage students. Teaching in Saudi Arabia, China, as well as Melbourne to many students. Age does bring wisdom and sharing my gift is my reward.

Waurn Ponds
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Deakin Postgraduate in Eng.Managment Giving lessons to Primary, High School or Bachelors level students in Subjects of (Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and English) with over 3-year experience in Tutor

I analyse my students as every student has some strengths and some weaknesses. My method is to work of the weak points but at the same time admire students of their strong points, if a student is admired about his/her achivements and the small goals they achieve in life it gives them confidence and a special urge to strive for more.

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Monash Data Science student with business background offering Math and Science lessons to high school students

I vary my teaching method with the kind of student or class I am teaching. I make it fun, interesting and it involves a lot of pro-active participation from the students which equips the students with the knowledge that is not learnt just for the sake of exams but from the point of view of greater learning.

Hampton Park
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Monash Uni Science and Arts students would love to supports students in science subjects

I am very passionate about helping students, my teaching methodology is very easy and always very understanding. I always go with a plan and am very organized. I review topics very carefully and make a clear explanation to help students understand very well.

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Deakin Student offering VCE Chemistry Unit 1&2, 3&4 VCAA Tutoring with Tailored Resources for Students

I generally will go over your school's curriculum and topic structure for the year to ensure you are being tutored on things you will be confronted with in school. We will discuss your weak areas and strong areas. Focus on bringing you ahead of your classes and prepare you for assessments and lab practicals.

North Melbourne
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I've got my PhD in Chemistry from Melbourne University and have experience in teaching at Melbourne University, Monash University, Charles Sturt University and high school level. I give Chemistry less

As a Tutor, I strive to ensure that my lessons are engaging and interesting for all students, i.e., regardless of their background levels and learning styles. Indeed, it is vital to provide a tailored learning experience so that students can see how things relate to themselves.

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Latrobe university students give maths and science lessons to extreme best extent.

teaching methods depends upon the individual students that how he wants it to be. my main motto is the student should learn properly within less time and can memorise it perfectly. methods depend upon what he is being learning an what he wants to change in the way he is already learning.

Box Hill North
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Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry, experienced in teaching general chemistry, organic chemistry

During my classes, I always keep the student engaged with the topic of that lesson by asking the student to brainstorm over the topic and encourage them to think broadly and even sometimes think about how the content will offer them real-world benefits. This will let them understand the purpose of studying, so they become more excited and motivated about the lesson.

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Monash engineering student with 6 months of experience give chemistry, biology and social science lessons at home

Since I have come across with different teaching faculties throughout my degree, I have noticed the teaching method of my best teachers. I always wanted to follow that method when I teach as well. The first and foremost thing I would do is to make the student love the subject in which they are facing difficulty.

Vindhya vasini
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A PhD student from University of Melbourne tutoring high school Maths, Physics & Chemistry

I aim not just to teach students how to solve the problems but, will help them to imrove their logical and reasoning skills which will aid them to solve the problems on their own. I will also give them hints and let them solve a few problems on their own to see if they have got the concepts right.

Caroline Springs
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Monash Engineering students giving Math and Science lessons to students from grade 1 to 7

My teaching method is more pragmatic than than theoretical . I teach basic concepts and make students practice by giving then worksheets. Practice and right approach to the things make concepts interesting and unforgettable. I make students learn by giving them examples from day to day life.

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Monash Master's student teaching Math, Chemistry and other sciences to highschoolers and uni students at Clayton.

My teaching method is based on a resolution of real-life problems. A normal lesson would consist in a brief recap of the last lesson, followed by questions, then we will answer those questions together, and after everything is clear we can look forward to learning a new topic.

Dinesh srikar
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PhD student at University of Melbourne would like to teach mathematics, chemistry and physics. Had experience teaching at University level in India as faculty. I can attend around preston and coburg a

My teaching strategy is that I teach right from the basics of the subject for a good foundation and helping the student to self-improve over the time period of the tutoring classes. I would like to help students to think creatively so that they can deal with any other topics they come across in future.

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Compassionate Chemistry, Biology, General Science and Maths tutor in Pakenham and surrounding areas

I am currently studying Master of Teaching at Monash University. I have experience in tutoring students and I make my lesson plans according to the students' needs.

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UMELB Student with teaching experience gives maths, Physics and Chemistry private tutoring to students in Melbourne

My teaching method is - study and improve with the student - in time feedbacks - keep a track of the learning experience I approach a topic by - starting with basic knowledge and logic of solving the problems - doing an easy question with the students - letting the students try to solve a moderately harder question by themselves - if any problems were encountered, I would pause and...

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Mathematics Educator-love to teach primary,high school and university students and show them a different side to the subject that they can not only understand and appreciate but apply in their life.

I have passion for teaching Mathematics creatively. I make Mathematics fun and engaging for all students by producing high quality, thought provoking, "mathy" activities and lessons. I connect students with real world problems and make them realize everyone can do Maths. My teaching approach is student-centered based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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Hi! I’m a first year medical student at Monash and I’m offering Chemistry and Methods tutoring for VCE students, as well as primary school Maths in Greensborough :)

Hi, my name is Aya and I graduated VCE in 2018 with an ATAR or 99.55 and a raw 43 in Chemistry and 42 in Math Methods. My teaching is very much focused on getting a solid foundation of all concepts and creating links between different concepts within a course, as well as giving students clear steps and processes to get to answers.

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Chemistry Graduate Teaches Science and Maths to High School and Uni Students in Moe

I believe in a holistic approach to science, and know from experience that with a firm understanding of the basics everyone has the potential to interpret the world scientifically. Rather than jumping straight to the answer, I prefer to explain the logical path of arriving at the answer so that my students understand the bigger picture and can apply the same methodology to diverse questions.

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Dedicated, young and enthusiastic VCE graduate Looking to Tutor to the Best of Capability

Bringing dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping my students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world. Encouraging students of mixed abilities to work together by promoting small group or whole class activities. Differentiating my teaching by allocating tasks based on students’ abilities, to ensure no one gets left behind.

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Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

Be taught by the best tutors in Victoria for your lessons de chemistry