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Passionate Natural Sciences Teacher from Belgium (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) for High School Students

Every student has different needs and most of the time, if a student has some issues understanding a subject, it's a matter of motivation. Motivation is not a thing you have or don't have. It's more of an understanding of how our brain works actually. Every person needs to find a way to be motivated to learn about something.

Box Hill North
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Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry, experienced in teaching general chemistry, organic chemistry

During my classes, I always keep the student engaged with the topic of that lesson by asking the student to brainstorm over the topic and encourage them to think broadly and even sometimes think about how the content will offer them real-world benefits. This will let them understand the purpose of studying, so they become more excited and motivated about the lesson.

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MS biotechnology student at university of Western Australia giving chemistry lessons in Perth

I prefer to teach one on one but a group of max 5 people would also be fine so that I can give individual attention to the student and explain the concepts clearly.

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Award winning maths graduate (GPA 6.69, WPA 92%) gives online maths lessons to high school and university students.

I am a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society and have completed a double degree in maths and stats, achieving a WAM of 92, a GPA of 6.69, high distinctions in over 85 % of the units. Finishing top student I was awarded two faculty medals for outstanding achievement.

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Medical Student in Hobart giving lessons to primary and secondary students in Chemistry

I am currently a medical student from UTAS with a passion for teaching, helping students build confidence, and solve problems in a methodical, easy to follow way.

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Edith Cowan students deliver science and english lectures in perth and ne

My teaching methodology is pretty interesting. i start with few basic questions to my students on the respective subjects.. through their answers i can check their mental level.. then i start to deliver according to their learning capacities..

(2 reviews)
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Bachelor of Chemistry can teach you everything there is to know about Chemistry

I first try to figure out if there are any fundamental issues going on, since a good foundation is essential for diving into the more specialized subjects. Afterwards we work on the specific problems the student is having and tackle each one along the way.

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Uni of Adelaide Student gives lessons to high school students in Adelaide

My teaching method is to place my students as the centre of their own learning, cater to their learning style and advantages to build the lessons and related activities. I try to include fun activities in each lesson to make it memorable and applicable.

Moonee Ponds
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Excellent Tips and Tricks 2 Master the High School Subjects !!

Hello!!, I have completed my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. I love sharing knowledge. My strengths are Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry. I can guide students from Grade 1 to Grade 10. I'll share easy tips and tricks to understand the concepts. Classes can be run at Libraries, Cafe, Google hangout / Zoom / Skype.

Somerton Park
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Experienced Science teacher gives Science lessons to high school students in Adelaide

My teaching method is activity based and I use lot of unconscious learning methods too. I approach the lessons with electronic media or relating real life experiences. I also do a lot of exercises to establish the meaning and it helps them to add the lesson to their memory.

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3 unit excelling Maths teacher with some University Mathematical subjects experience teaching in Bega

I have given piano lessons before, where I didn't allow the student to simply copy what I was playing and convinced them to read the music in order to work out what to play. I haven't had any previous maths teaching experience but I would make sure that the student was doing the work themselves; with assistance in how to problem solve in similar examples.

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Monash Science Student giving Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics lessons to high school students in Melbourne’s south Eastern suburbs

The kind of students my lessons would be geared towards are high school students, varying from year 7 to year 12. I don’t have a direct approach to any particular lesson, merely have my students tell me what they don’t understand, and weed out the misconceptions and errors in their learning, or reinforce any content they may not be confident with.

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Mathematics and Chemistry tutor for students in Year 7 to Year 12

I base my classes on the course structure and outline, focusing on topics that the student struggles with. My classes would be best suited for students who require additional help to understand and comprehend concepts and topics covered in the course.

Kangaroo Point
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Masters of engineering student, University of Queensland, Experienced in Sciences and Engineering.

My teaching method is interactive. I believe in collective growth and I can help out with other study platforms and subjects. I like to be fully equipped with my curriculum, along with building a presentation and conducting exams, and surprise quiz.

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Monash engineering student with 6 months of experience give chemistry, biology and social science lessons at home

Since I have come across with different teaching faculties throughout my degree, I have noticed the teaching method of my best teachers. I always wanted to follow that method when I teach as well. The first and foremost thing I would do is to make the student love the subject in which they are facing difficulty.

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Experienced scientist with an education degree and teaching experience is available to tutor science and other subjects.

I have experience teaching or tutoring: Biology- up to undergraduate level Chemistry- up to year 12 Maths- up to year 10 English- Up to year 10 Writing assistance- up to undergraduate level Japanese- Up to intermediate level I don't believe in one teaching style. Each student is different, and depending on the subject, will need a different approach to learning.

New Farm
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UQ Chemical Engineering Student gives Chemistry, Engineering, Maths B and Physics Tutorials (any school level) in Brisbane Area.

Getting to know my students is extremely important, it develops a strong communication level that makes me approachable and more than just their weekly tutor. Lessons will general consist of discussing what has been taught at school since our last meeting, ensuring that they understand everything.

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Medical imaging student with a background in Bio medical science specialising in Chemistry and Anatomy

My teaching method is very hands on, I endeavour to be as thorough as possible at a pace best suited to the student, teaching the most up to date material of interest utilising textbook material and images. Agreed times will be strictly adhered to cancelation or late notice is available 30 min prior to lesson. Lesson charges begin at the agreed time.

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Postgraduate student with a Cum Laude available to teach in Palmerston, NT

I have always excelled in my studies, so people used to seek help from me including the strategies I use to study and prepare for examinations. This led to pursuing tutoring as a part time job during my Grade 12. I prefer one-to-one interaction away from classroom where students do not feel pressured or hesitate to ask questions.

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Charles Sturt student studying BioMedical science teaching pri&high school maths and sciences

My teaching method is being a charismatic tutor which enables the students to be able to enjoy somewhat of the subjects their struggling with, make them understand the importance of learning these subject and how they are relevant in their lives [thats what makes teaching science and math fun].

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Dental Student in Adelaide University: Tutoring Year 7-11 Mathematics and Sciences (Chemistry & Biology) in Adelaide CBD.

Every student learns differently, and my goal is to tailor my teaching method to suit the way you understand the content and concepts. Anyone is able to memorise and 'regurgitate' what you have learnt, given time; my aim is to help you apply the relevant content to the relevant questions in the exam, and be clinical in the way you phrase your answers.

Rapid Creek
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Charles Darwin University post graduate student as a science and maths teacher.

I like to teach people how to succeed and how to pass their classes by explaining what the subject means and how the mechanism of processes takes place. Furthermore, I can clear doubts effectively and have developed quick learning and memorizing techniques which can help anyone willing to apply.

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Experienced chemistry student at University of Wollongong available for tutoring high-school science.

Before the lesson I would expect the student to tell me the area they wish to look at that week. I would read around this area, therefore being prepared for the class. At the start of each lesson, we would spend a short time reviewing what was said the previous week.

Wagga Wagga
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Veterinary Science student studying at Charles Sturt University. Graduated from Newington College in 2016

Generally I approach topics by explaining and showing then getting the student to do the problems by themselves and emphasise repetition as this is how I achieved my personal academic goals. However I also believe that each student is different and needs individual requirements catered to in learning.

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Honored Graduated Engineering Student give lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Arabic, and 1st -3rd year Electrical Engineering Courses.

Each student is treated differently. I aim to guide the student to unlock/discover their potential. Once the student understands his potential, he'll be tempted to learn more and exploit it. This drives the student to succeed and thrives him with motivation. Planting resilience in the students is the key to my success as a tutor.

Mitchell Park
(1 review)
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Chemistry/Biology/Maths soon to be graduate teacher available for tutoring in the adelaide area.

I like to teach in a way that is structured and student centred. What I mean by this is that I will give the student the basis of a concept, ask open questions along the way to determine their level of understanding, and then put that understanding to the test.

Dutton Park
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UQ pharmacy student give maths and science lesson to high school student

my teaching method is to ensure students understand the topic and able to apply it on a case study basis.

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Telecom Engineering graduate with teaching experience gives maths and science lessons in Hobart

In teaching, I believe in first of all starting with creating an environment for learning; moving on to helping students develop understanding, and then aiding them and encouraging them to extend and apply the knowledge they gain.

Surfers Paradise
Juan martin
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Industrial Engineer gives math, physics and chemistry lessons to school and uni students in Gold Coast

My teaching methodology is based in explaining thourghly the topics and showing to the student the interest things in what he or she is learning and how this will help. Then we make strong focus in practice, exercises and mock exams.

Varsity Lakes
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Bond Biomedical Science student - Maths and Science tutor (primary to high school level)

I will aim to identify the areas where students have difficulties or gaps in knowledge for the course content before starting any questions. My teaching style is question based as I believe that everyone can succeed with enough effort. I will prepare quizzes and worksheets for students to complete prior to teaching to understand their level and proceed accordingly.

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Perfect! Samantha has been a great guide and instructor to our son. After the initial lesson, Samantha quickly pointed ways he could quickly improve his study methods, not just in math but more importantly, better ways for our son to approach his studies. ...

Dave , Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I would recommend this teacher. He is an excellent tutor

Julie, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sjoerd has really helped with my chemistry, he is very patient and understanding. He will explain the problem until I understand. Each session becomes a little more understood and I even have a lot more motivation to study for organic chemistry.

Britt, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
5 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! After only an hour with Morgan I have fullunderstood at least 2 weeks of work that was covered in class. Morgan's explanations of the topics that we went through were very clear and concise. She also made learning fun and applied real life examples...

Georgia, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

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