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Mount Hawthorn
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Murdoch Chemistry and Mineral Science unit giving help to high school students in Maths and Chemistry.

- One to one tutoring at your own home - Chemistry tutoring to school students up to year 12 - High school certificates awarded for Chemistry - Willing to focus on different learning skills to tailor to each student to help them understand concepts

Sunnybank Hills
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University of Queensland Student (from Sunnybank Hills) gives UMAT, Math, Physics and Chemistry tuition to high school students in Brisbane

I am a medical student at UQ, who is looking for some highly motivated high school students who want to achieve better results in High School. 1hr lessons where we will look at different ways to understand complex concepts and possibly find a good home learning schedule for the subject as well.

West End
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Brisbane tutor for chemistry, economics, environmental studies, biology, english, primary maths, spelling, and much more. Currently a university student at UQ with perfect marks!

I am a fourth year Environmental Science Major at the University of Queensland. I love teaching students in primary and secondary school. I will gear my lessons towards what you are learning in class. I will go through the most important aspects first, give you tips and tricks for memory, and give you real life applications.

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UWA maths and statistics student giving maths/science/economics lessons to high school students in Perth

I am looking to tutor Year 10-12 students at any level in maths (including spec), chemistry, physics and economics however am capable of teaching younger students as well. I use resources I have accumulated over the years to help students improve their understanding of concepts as well as develop test and exam skills.

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Chemistry and Chemical engineering graduate giving lessons to high school students in physics, maths, and chemistry.

As a dual degree holder with great passion towards tutoring, I am in a position where I can provide high school students with the basic skills and techniques to ace their exams. Going step by step with students and building a friendship relation with them is the key for perfect tutoring.

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Hi, I have achieved 98 ATAR in WACE and currently studying in Curtin University, Perth WA. I am confident to provide tutoring in Maths Methods, Physics and Chemistry in Year 11 and 12.

I am currently studying radiation therapy in Curtin University in WA. My lessons are mostly for Year 11 and 12 students that are preparing for their university entry exam (WACE). During lesson, students can come to me with questions they are confused about or request me to explain in a particular topic that they are not familiar with.

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Curtin Physics Student teaching Primary School and High School subjects (including ATAR)

I can tutor for all subjects Year 1 to Year 10. The ATAR subjects I tutor for are English, Chemistry, Physics and Human Biology. My lesson structure for primary school students is focused on reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. I have experience tutoring English for children with families who speak limited English.

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PhD student can teach chemistry, biology, maths or any other science subject in Melbourne

I will help you understand the more difficult parts of your subject that you are having trouble with. An expert with analogies, I can help you to see the subject from a different angle which will allow for the penny to drop. Between high school and my university bachelors degree, I have covered almost all areas of science and will surely be able to help you with a holistic approach.

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Mechanical engineer teaches students in Australia to travel around the beautiful country

Hey! I'm a Dutch mechanical engineer that is currently travelling through Australia. In order to earn extra pocket money, I have started to teach local students in Maths, physics and chemistry at all levels. Having recently finished my own education, I know where most of the pitfalls are for students starting out in the field or having to finish their primary education.

Wantirna South
Vennel john
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Chemical Engineer tutor for Maths in Sydenham with very flexible schedule even during weekdays

Hi! Im a practicing chemical engineer for four years who believes that maths are just as fun as any other subject. It only needs to be viewed from a different perspective.

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Compassionate Chemistry, Biology, General Science and Maths tutor in Pakenham and surrounding areas

I am currently studying Master of Teaching at Monash University. I have experience in tutoring students and I make my lesson plans according to the students' needs.

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PhD graduate in Chemistry available for home tutoring in Perth and surrounding areas

Sometimes is difficult to understand a new subject in sciences, or at least some student think so. I will show you how easy is to pick up new concept in chemistry by using simple examples and terminology at first. You will be amazed how simple can be once you catch the general idea.

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Former Associate Professor with more than 10 years of experience gives lessons to school and university students

I have been teaching university and school students for more than 10 years. My lessons are focused on all major subjects of maths, chemistry and physics, along with chemical engineering. The lesson structure is based on the theory background, practical examples to relate the theory to the real life, followed by problem solving and self-practice.

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Environmental Engineering Graduate Teaches Chemistry, Science, and Math to High School Students

I have always enjoyed science and math and recently received my bachelors in Environmental Engineering. I am happy to help out middle and high school students, to help you reach you reach your academic goals. We'll work through your homework and other practice problems to get a better understanding of the material.

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Hi! I'm Bella and I'm a Melbourne Engineering student giving affordable tutoring in VCE Chemistry, Physics and Biology

I offer one on one lessons that focus on specific study design content. I completed VCE in 2017 and therefore am very familiar with the specific VCAA curriculum. I can also aid in exam preparation and study skills when needed due to my recent experience in the VCE environment.

Cockburn Central
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Murdoch masters in forensic student give tutoring to students in biology or chemistry

I have completed a Bachelors in Biomedical Science and I am able to tutor students in biology and chemistry (High school or University level). I am able to help with university or high school assignments and prepare you for examination time.

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Chemical engineering student available to tutor year 10, 11 or 12 mathematics or chemistry near the University of Western Australia.

My lessons are designed to fortify what is each student is learning in the classroom. I encourage students to bring difficult homework questions or learning points they need clarified for us to go through together. I like to work through questions with the students so I can explain how I arrive to answers and they can use that same method by themselves.

Sydney Olympic Park
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Engineering graduate holding two majors and one masters give chemical science courses

Knowledge and time are two the most important things in our life. Gaining knowledge is both energy consuming and time consuming therefore time allocated should be enough for fun and lesson. The process is interactive thus each and everybody should contribute.

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Curtin Commerce Student offering a substantial amount of resources and tutoring to High School students for Chemistry and Mathematics Applications!! Graduated from Rossmoyne Senior High school in 2017

Before the tutoring lesson I will be asking you what area's of the the subject you are struggling with and what kind of help you need. I will also have a look at your course outline and recent results for that subject. During our class I will start off with a basic understanding of the topic and then give you worksheets to apply the theory to questions.

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Graduating 2020 with 4 degrees, tutoring Biomedical, Health Science, and Medicine, chemistry, GAMSAT in the meantime :)

I know professors can be difficult to understand at times, so I use language and examples that we students can actually understand! I can start from the start and teach you absolutely everything. As I have taught many students, I can reveal to you the most common mistakes made and guide you through them.

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UWA Engineering Student available for affordable tutoring at libraries and helping with university preparation

I research topics and areas of study before hand to ensure I am fully prepared in providing great tutoring and ensuring and I am able to answer any questions. I conduct the tutoring session in libraries in the majority of cases helping the student work through the topic step by step and answering questions.

Surry Hills
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Engaging and enthusiastic medical student, with experience across subject areas and age groups.

My sessions begin with a short getting to know you, where I have a discussion with the student about their week and their education difficulties. I then prefer going over classroom learning and any homework that has been assigned. If there is time, i finish with other tasks I have brought and prepared, to extend and challenge other learning.

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Curtin PhD Student gives Chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

I can provide extra learning activities (or tutorial questions) to those who would like to apply their knowledge further from what they gain in lectures. I am very patient and can work at your pace. I can provide other resources besides the standard textbook.

West End
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UQ med student providing affordable maths and chemistry tutoring lessons to primary and high school brisbane students

Hi I'm Sugandi and would love to provide maths and/or chemistry lessons to students that are struggling with keeping up in school or just need an extra hand with proofreading for example. I am a very kind, patient and approachable individual that has flexible hours all days of the week.

Muhammad tahir hussain
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Experienced and qualified tutor for maths and chemical engineering subjects suitable for school and university students.

A PhD researcher from RMIT in chemical engineering having expertise in teaching numerous subjects for school and university students including mathematics and chemical engineering. The idea is to resolve the issues of students faced and development of conceptual based study technique.

Biggera Waters
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Griffith Uni student major in Mathematics and Chemistry, give math and chemistry lessons for high school students

I believe that maths and chemistry are absolutely fantastic and am passionate about sharing my love for these topics. I tailor my lessons with the intention of making these subjects easier for the student to understand. I will gain knowledge of where my student is at and grow on their skills to ensure they have great success in their academic studies.

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Maths_Physics_Chemistry student and tutor with 5 years experience with now studying and tutoring at University of Wollongong.

When I was in my high school, which is for gifted student only, my major was maths. I was also interested in Physics and Chemistry, and quite good on them. In the national test to run into University, my mark was 28/30, which is the highest one in my province, and I am confident that I will bring you the good results not only for your study but also your thinking process.

Safety Bay
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Former Biomedical Research Scientist, currently residing in Safety Bay. Looking to put my PhD to use.

I really aim for my lessons to be student focussed. If the student tells me the area of the science they are finding challenging. I will devise a method to get them to fully understand it after asking them a line of questions. Chemistry can be intimidating, but if you understand the few underlying principles, there is little to memorize. All is applying understanding.

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1st Year UQ MD student looking to tutor maths, science and GAMSAT (Section 3)

I'm a 21 year old student originally from Sydney that has moved to Brisbane for university. I'm a very easy-going, flexible and hard working tutor and will work to both make a student comfortable and make sure they are making progress. I can provide proof of high school marks in the subjects that I tutor.

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Maddie, found their chemistry teacher

Hi Sharjit, I’m in my first year of doing a bachelor of biotechnology. As a part of this course I’m required to take chemistry principles and since I didn’t take chemistry in year 12 I struggle to understand some of the content so I’m in...

1 week ago