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Seasoned and tenured Chemistry graduate tutoring all chemistry related units in Kenya

I'm creative and interactive and always look forward for an inquisitive student.My teaching method is discussion, which encourages a two way communication.I base my classes on the facts and well researched notes. Furthermore ,I approach every topic by first revisiting the previous concepts in order to facilitate seamless transition.

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Degree holder in Analytical chemistry gives tutorial lessons in all areas of chemistry to university and high school students, online or home, any part of world

make connections between topics in separate subjects make judgements about the most appropriate methods for investigating a problem clearly explain their views or conclusions to people with different backgrounds think independently and flexibly take responsibility for continued learning use illustrations from real life, demos, and hands-on activities whenever I can.

East Brisbane
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Science teacher passionate about teaching everyday science, feel satisfied with clearing concepts.

I try to do home work or research for the topic i am going to start at school. My teaching pattern is starting from the group discussion which gradually follow to the topic student are going to learn. I always try to engage each kids so they do not get bored and always try to make topic interesting as much as can do.

Mansfield Park
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UniSA student want to give chemistry lesson to high school students for achieving their goal

I have experience as a tutor in India. I was worked in one reputed college as a guest lecturer in chemistry. if I get a chance to teach you I will provide all my knowledge on that subject.

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Hardworking and passionate teacher with 14 years of experience in teaching Chemistry to the university students.

I plan my work well in advance. I illustrate my lessons with the help of examples and power-point presentations. The lessons are quite interactive with equal participation of students so that they are not bored. Explanation to the problems using real life situations is my main focus.

Bedford Park
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Private tutoring (Student From Flinders Uni, Doing Master of Engg. Science) (For Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

For subject like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, basics and concepts are important. My method of teaching is like getting the subject to real life. I expect students with any absorbing level. I will be available at flexible hours. Thank you.

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Inspiring students to achieve the best through hard work, dedication and professional assistance

My goals is to transform underperforming students to high academic achievers. I coach university students, high school and middle school student in vast science arears. I am organized, patient and dedicated to encouraging my students to achieve excellent grades. I live to inspire my students to be the best.

Siddiqui tanjila
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RMIT engineering students gives lesson for high school maths, physics and chemistry

I am final year chemical engineering honours student at RMIT specialising in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I understand that different students have got different approaches to learning. My first one hour session is free of cost so that the student and I can connect to a level where we develop a mutual understanding.

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Monash Education and Science Student gives Chemistry/ Biology / Science lessons to high school students.

Offering free first lesson trial I am passionate about teaching and willing to utilise my skills taught in my education degree to optimise learning and to teach topics effectively. I am aware of the Australian Curriculum and plan to design my lessons around this guideline.

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Giving chemistry and physics lessons to high school students from all over australia online.

I'm an university student with a great passion to teach students science. When i was in high i use to always excel in science. I make my lessons practical and with examples which will help the students understand the concept better.

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UNSW EE Ph.D. candidate who love to teach you all subjects that she is good at.

Hi, This is Jian! I am happy to share with you my experience about learning. I am good at Math, Chemistry(I used to be a lab TA during my BS study), Physics. I am a bi-languorous speaker, who speaks Mandarin and English.

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La Trobe University student with 2 years of tutoring experience in Maths and Science

Responsible for making maths an interesting subject for students by engaging them in engrossing lessons where they are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of topic related tasks. Encouraging students to observe, question, discover and investigate in order to engage them in their learning.

Deer Park
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I am an Electronics Engineer & have been working in ICT field for 13 years now with various position. My industry knowledge will be helpful in alignment with the course work.

I have worked as teacher since my University days & have worked as mentor for many new comers at my work place. I explain the core concepts first & then move to the book exercises. Strong base is pre-requisite for the strong learning.

Notting Hill
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Monash University Student of Data Science. I am Passionate about Maths and IT and love to teach what I know!

I always start off with basics, do not take the student further until his/her basics are strong. Once the student has a good foundation then he/she can build upon further topics. Building the basics has been my methodology and hence I try to teach the same way to my students as well.

Cecil Hills
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Private chemistry tutor in Sydney for year 11 and 12. four years experience with BSC in chemistry and Master degree in material science

my teaching strategy depends on writing the notes with explaining the details and solve the important questions from previous exams for the last 10 years. I prepare each chapter from 2 different books and add many examples to make sure the student will understand the topic.

Saint Lucia
(2 reviews)
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Queensland Engineering students who gives support centred Chemistry lessons to high school students.

I teach using interactive methods. Prefer. Using diagrams and creating a clear picture of the concept. My teaching methodology supports the student by ensuring the you understand before we move on to the next concept.

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Dux offers maths (general to 4u) tutoring for high school students Sydney.

I firmly believe in studying smart. My method is focused on understanding first and foremost.

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2nd year 'Bachelor of science' student, willing to share/teach to this level. Located in Townsville

I am a very capable, patient teacher and learner. Very flexible and understanding when teaching. I am great with kids, this doesn't however limit my ability to teaching only children. I am willing to host or come to you, this is not an issue.

1st lesson free !

IT engineering gives maths lessons to high school students in sydney .

my teaching methodology has first introduced the lesson to a student and then lots of practice and after practice, I will know where you are facing a problem and then we will work together. I will guarantee you will be perfect in that subject.

1st lesson free !

JCU Med Student helping you excel in Maths and Chemistry! Quality study tips and engaging lessons to give you a holistic view of each subject.

Whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner, I will help you help yourself. I will envelop my lessons to best suit your style of learning and to help you uncover your potential. You would've hear the saying 'Practice makes perfect' but that is not true if you are repeating the same mistakes.

Edmondson Park
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A Medical science student with a strong background in chemistry. (science in general)

Understanding core principles inside out is my first principle. No matter how hard a concept/question is, ensuring that you have a strong foundation in the subject matter is paramount for me. Once we are absolute with the core principles, everything else becomes a piece of cake. I use a whiteboard to lay out information. This way you can visualise the subject with clarity.

Quakers Hill
Mary loisse
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Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering graduate teaching Chemistry to Highschool/College students

I give a variety of problems for students to answer. I anticipate what possible questions they might encounter during their exams so that when they take the exams, they already have an idea on how to answer the problem. For me, Chemistry is all about practice. The more you practice, the more your comprehension will be.

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Latrobe student is giving maths and science lesson to student from year 5 to year 12

To make every student learn the basic. Like concentrating on basics and then going into advanced things so that students learn everything.

Mount Duneed
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At la trobe university - master of chemical science( include advanced lab chemistry

my teaching method is best because i give the examples of daily uses things to understand the chemistry experiments and also show practically all the theory part. i give the deep description of topics and taught the easiest way of learning and preparing assignments.

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Masters in Chemistry graduate teaching chemistry to high school students in Perth

My teaching method is simple. Every lesson is tailored to the individual student, identifying the best methods for them to learn whilst still enjoying themselves. Whether they are a visual learner or verbal learner the lessons will be planned to include fun activities and be done at a pace that everything can explained properly and in a way that student can learn as much as possible.

Saint Lucia
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Struggling with chemical names and formulae , I can make them easy for you . giving tution to school students for chemistry. area: st lucia or near by suburbs.

my teaching method is quiet simple so that all can understand that easily and also its more practical based rathere than mugging up.

Balwyn North
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Monash pharmacy student giving chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in melbourne

It is flexible depending on the needs of students. I will test students the knowledge and give quizzes to make sure they have a good understanding of the class. I aim to improve your chemistry knowledge and expand your interest in chemistry.

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Edith cowan uni students gives lesson to students of school in any subject

well my method includes .the level of students. base of students .more exposure to students .friendly atmosphere.

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Hi, Komaldeep Kaur with 2 years of experience teach chemistry at home.

My teaching includes working according to timetabke, recalling everything at least twice and mock tests after certain period of time . Especially for weak student I try to provide speak attention.Special care for special students....

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UTAS student tutoring a variety of subjects for individual students or for groups.

I believe that it is extremely important for students to understand the content thoroughly in order to achieve the marks they wish. I focus upon making sure students do not just rote learn but actually understand all the key components of the subject.

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Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sadly, the tutor disappeared without any prior notice while assignments and exams due ahead and its no way that to found replacement towards end of academic year.

Connie, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Samantha has been a great guide and instructor to our son. After the initial lesson, Samantha quickly pointed ways he could quickly improve his study methods, not just in math but more importantly, better ways for our son to approach his studies. ...

Dave , Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I would recommend this teacher. He is an excellent tutor

Julie, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sjoerd has really helped with my chemistry, he is very patient and understanding. He will explain the problem until I understand. Each session becomes a little more understood and I even have a lot more motivation to study for organic chemistry.

Britt, Student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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