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HSC Physics Private Home Tutoring - In person, Group and Online Available Now

Once I get to know the student, I create sample problems that are tailored to the students' weaknesses. The problems start with the basics, ensuring that the student has good fundamentals. Once the fundamentals are covered, we will move to harder problems.

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I am a Biotechnologist with atleast six years of tutoting science and mathematics subjects

I am a Bio-technologist having an experience of at-least six years of tutoring. I am a keen and passionate person for teaching students. I am looking for the students who are not good at science or mathematics subject and are looking for the guidance to solve their problems. I can teach students of any level specially 10 grade students.

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A potential ANU Chemistry PhD gives Chemistry lessons to high school students in Canberra.

I choose online teaching. Each class lasts for 2 hours an, it will be nice if the students go through their study material first to figure out their questions or study focus and then send me their questions forehead to me forehead the class, under this way our study will be more trouble shouting.

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I am currently teaching Maths and Science units to High school students

I have always wanted to work with children and am passionate about their safety, wellbeing and diverse needs. I believe that teachers are the foundational building block for students learning and integration into society. Being a mum, I know all children learn differently and are talented in different areas; this is something I will be sure to highlight with in my classroom.

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Monash Master's student teaching Math, Chemistry and other sciences to highschoolers and uni students at Clayton.

My teaching method is based on a resolution of real-life problems. A normal lesson would consist in a brief recap of the last lesson, followed by questions, then we will answer those questions together, and after everything is clear we can look forward to learning a new topic.

Carina Heights
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Any Year 8-12 and Physics or Science Assistance. Any learning needs will be considered in teaching methods

I believe in the philosophy that to learn with the most efficiency and effectiveness, you must have a passion or desire to learn for the sake of curiosity. Therefore, I make every lesson a balanced fun/work dynamic that makes learning interesting and valuable to any individual who learns from me.

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PhD candidate and researcher in Chemistry at La Trobe University with 10 years experience in teaching

• Professional scientific writing and communication skills with a few scientific articles published in reputed journals (see attachment). • Experienced presenter at different conferences. • Proactive and highly-driven work attitude. • Ability to work both autonomously as well as part of a team.

Fairview Park
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South Australia University Student Willing to Tutor in; Mathematics, Physics, Physical Education and Music

Lesson structure - whether online or face-to-face, will consist of an hour of learning geared towards understanding the concepts of the specified subject. The concept that is giving the student most difficulty will be highlighted and dissected, providing insight into why the student is having difficulties with it.

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Sydney Physics Phd Student tutors math for all different classes in Sydney

My strength as a tutor is the capability of using different approaches to explain the problem with a huge smile on the face. My only student requirement is to NEVER EVER be shy to ask me about anything concerning the problem we are discussing and as much as he or she wants to.

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Former Associate Professor with more than 10 years of experience gives lessons to school and university students

I have been teaching university and school students for more than 10 years. My lessons are focused on all major subjects of maths, chemistry and physics, along with chemical engineering. The lesson structure is based on the theory background, practical examples to relate the theory to the real life, followed by problem solving and self-practice.

West Perth
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UWA DENTISTRY STUDENT specalizing in tutoring MATHs and SCIENCEs for all ages!!

My teaching method starts with by solidifying the basic knowledge of maths and sciences which I then use to expand the students' understanding. I like to make sure my students understand what is being taught in class and help students understand the big concepts.

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PhD student in Chemistry giving Math/Chemistry/Physics lessons to high school students in Perth. Exercises and real life examples to learn better!

I firstly have a look at the program that the student have to cover and the exams that the student has to pass, then i like to talk to the student one on one to assess the problem that he or she has with the subject. From then i adopt a method of teaching that is aimed at making the subject more concrete to the student and so more at grasp.

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UQ Biomedical science student gives chemistry and biology lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

Each person has different learning style and I try to be flexible to approach the lesson in a way that is understandable for my student. My methodology is to ask logical questions and direct the student to the correct answer.

Clayton South
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Pure Physics, Applied Physics and other basic and upgraded science knowledge will be given

My teaching method includes slides, short notes, lost of references and examples. I prefer to group the particular lessor according to the student's demand. I like to show various demo to make the subject matter more interesting and understandable.

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UNSW PhD student happy to share knowledge through some lessons related to maths, physics, chemistry, languages both online or offline

Depend on each student I approach; then I will have each method work for them. The most crucial factor is making the lesson fun and automatically remember for next class. Learn and understand directly at class. I can assist the student through skype if they are unclear anything about topics that I have taught.

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Graduate in industrial chemistry offers lessons in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, thermodynamic chemistry.

The teaching method varies according to the ability to learn, to the age and the goal to be achieved.

Clifton Beach
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Masters student giving chemistry tutoring to high school and uni students in Cairns area.

I follow the structure I was trained to use while tutoring in uni, with activities to visualise ideas and small amounts of homework. A typical lesson would start with a warm-up activity followed by a game or quiz and then reviewing of questions students have.

Syed muhammad
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Chemistry School teacher available; especially for Indian and Pakistani families living in Australia.

You can take a free trial (1 lecture). I can teach using skype, team viewer or whatever software suits you. As using skype we can share screen so mostly I use it. You can take review from my previous and recent students as well.

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A committed individual with demonstrated success in teaching, coaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Passionate with excellent teaching skills and effective teaching methods t

Different approaches, and constant questioning lead to satisfactory moment in every student. Certainly anyone is not prepared, would encounter an uncomfortable sea of blank looks. The key to good teaching is the development of goals, and ways for their achievement.

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Materials Chemistry student with 6 years experience gives private lessons at home

I would prefer to start my classes by setting relevant examples for the given topic(s) . I would like to discuss the topics in elaborately and after that I usually ask the students about any problems with that topic(s) .

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Newly graduated from vce. TUTORING CHEMISTRY. Average 90% + whole year round!

I will direct you to the most important information as most of the information is totally waste while some of the information doesn't even appear in the books.

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Master's chemical engineering student giving lessons to high school maths and science in Brisbane

Love students you need the help but are willing to learn and try. I am very patient and good at explaining concepts. I love use multiple ways to explain a problem/concept to help you learn the way that suites you the most ( e.g.

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ANU PhD student gives tutoring to high school students in all over Canberra.

I always give a brief introduction on the topic and its relevance in the society/daily life. Next I will explain in detail how it work? Finally I come back to the application of that particular piece of topic in the daily life.Now I have repeated the topic three times with lots of daily life examples and I am sure that student got it.

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2nd year 'Bachelor of science' student, willing to share/teach to this level. Located in Townsville

I am a very capable, patient teacher and learner. Very flexible and understanding when teaching. I am great with kids, this doesn't however limit my ability to teaching only children. I am willing to host or come to you, this is not an issue.

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WACE PHYSICS tutor giving lessons in Perth WA with over 700hrs experience

Physics is a subject that involves concepts that can be unintuitive. This is why early foundational steps must be taken to grow a "physics" mindset. I provide students with the best way to learn physics (and math methods) using a range of teaching and mentoring techniques that I have discovered over my 2.5 years experience tutoring.

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Experienced high school teacher gives chemistry support to high school and first year university students

My name is Laszlo. I can guide a student how to follow the laws and principles in chemistry and more importantly how we can apply these ideas to our every day life. We will develop and practice how to solve problems in science. My students can progress from basic ideas and skills to the Chemistry Olympiad level. It is up to their determination and motivation.

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Applied Physics student personally supporting high school students in maths and physics.

My teaching method can be described as personal, informal and enthousiastic. It therefore varies with every student, as I try to adapt the structure of my lessons to each individual. Some students might need some more explaining whereas other might benefit more of learning by doing.

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PhD graduate in Chemistry available for home tutoring in Perth and surrounding areas

Sometimes is difficult to understand a new subject in sciences, or at least some student think so. I will show you how easy is to pick up new concept in chemistry by using simple examples and terminology at first. You will be amazed how simple can be once you catch the general idea.

South Brisbane
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I am graduated from UCL (UK) with a bachelor degree of Chemistry. I was previously a Chemistry teacher in a secondary school. I also have experience on tutoring Maths, Physics and Science.

I am now living in Brisbane. My teaching style is interactive. I ask my students a lot of questions while I am teaching. I will guide my student to think of the answer themselves instead of I tell them the answer directly.

Surfers Paradise
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Maths and Science teacher with 25 years of experience form the Gold Coast gives lessons to year 10-12 anywhere

My method is involving and motivating students of all ability levels, employing a broad range of instructional techniques with effective and efficient methods of teaching, to retain their interest, in order to maximise individual learning, and the academic and social success of every student.

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