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Chemical Engineering Graduate gives math lessons to high school and university students in Perth

I love math because the numbers have GREAT significance! Therefore, I would love to have students who are passionate about learning, to make a difference in their world with what they learn. With math, all it takes is PRACTICE so, there would be a teaching session, a practice session and an assessment session.

Daisy Hill
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A recent Chemical Engineering graduate who teaches chemistry for high school/university students in addition to chemical engineering courses in Brisbane

My teaching methodology is interactive, i always like asking questions to make sure that students are involved and fully attentive. Moreover, i am friendly and like to listen to students demands and never get bored of repeating the subject several times until the subject is 100% clear. I usually end the class with a couple of exercises to ensure that everything is on track.

Clayton South
Shanthi priya
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Monash Engineering Lecturer with 10 years of experience gives Chemistry lessons to high school and uni students

Acknowledging that education is the key for development of society, I have developed a strong passion towards teaching, as this is one such profession where a continuous learning and sharing of knowledge takes place. Personally, I am an enthusiastic learner and a good communicator, with a strong zeal to contribute best to the society and the university.

Sydney Olympic Park
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Engineering graduate holding two majors and one masters give chemical science courses

Knowledge and time are two the most important things in our life. Gaining knowledge is both energy consuming and time consuming therefore time allocated should be enough for fun and lesson. The process is interactive thus each and everybody should contribute.

East Cannington
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Chemical Engineering Graduate from The University of Western Australia tutoring Chemistry, Maths and Science in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Evaluating students’ learning capabilities and needs, guiding them through assignments, marking & recording students' work and suggesting new learning techniques is the space I excel in. By tutoring students across a range of subjects and capacities particularly in Science & Mathematics, I have honed my communication, interpersonal, creativity, and motivational skills.

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Chemical Engineering student of Adelaide Uni gives lessons on Chemistry in Adelaide

I often give private tutoring session to students I will give a basic problem for them to solve to find out their weaknesses and how to improve those.

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UWA Engineering Graduate Student offering Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Engineering lessons in Crawley

My teaching method is breaking down the topic to its fundamental sections and teaching each with careful explnations, making sure to relate each section to others. Each lesson will be started with a revision from the previous week content so that each of the topics will have a clear relation to each other.

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Master of Engineering student gives classes for Chemistry for High school students

I generally try to understand the basic level of the student and work accordingly. Usually , I start with the basics and make sure they understand and learn the basics , so that their foundation is strong enough. I give them homework and make them practice the topics.

Mawson Lakes
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Science Graduate with over 3 years’ experience gives Mathematics, Science, Chemistry lessons in Adelaide

I am using multiple methods for teaching to obtain perfect outcome.Mainly I use discussion method and in specific areas I give lectures to students.Moreover I always need students to involve in group activities as the can share knowledge with others.In addition to that I am interested in daily classroom assessments to check the students'progress.

Augustine Heights
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Experienced energy consultant offers mentorship and guidance to businesses and students in Brisbane.

As an experienced supervisor and examiner at the postgraduate level, I am familiar with the requirements of university courses in chemistry and chemical engineering. My career in Industry has also given me an insight into what employers look for when selecting science graduates.

Rapid Creek
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Charles Darwin University post graduate student as a science and maths teacher.

I like to teach people how to succeed and how to pass their classes by explaining what the subject means and how the mechanism of processes takes place. Furthermore, I can clear doubts effectively and have developed quick learning and memorizing techniques which can help anyone willing to apply.

Caroline Springs
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Monash Engineering students giving Math and Science lessons to students from grade 1 to 7

My teaching method is more pragmatic than than theoretical . I teach basic concepts and make students practice by giving then worksheets. Practice and right approach to the things make concepts interesting and unforgettable. I make students learn by giving them examples from day to day life.

Victoria Park
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Curtin University student, tutoring Maths in Victoria Park and surrounds. Earned 96.95 ATAR in public school and High distinctions in Engineering Maths. Strong fundamentals are key to true learning

I'm a very relaxed person, someone who would rather work together through a few initial questions, then step back to let students try for themselves. When problems arise I'm able to step back in and break down solutions into smaller segments, which can be easier to understand.

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Graduate Engineer gives Maths lessons and papers discussions to high school students in Melbourne

I am following very simple and perfect teaching method. Anyone can understand it without any failing. Always I try to discuss large amount of questions during the class. Papers and Marking schemes will be provided after completion of each lesson.

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Experienced Petroleum Engineer gives Math & Physics lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

My teaching method is learning from the base which means teaching the root of every subject in math or physics. In this way student learn it easily and never forget it specially how to use and solve different problems in different shapes.

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A Monash alumni tutors Chemisrty, Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamic and Math in Clayton

I opt to know first the student's handbooks used in their study. Then, we can have open discussion in order to know where the students stand up to date.

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Experienced Tutor and UWA Student Tutoring High School Maths and Science (Able to come to you)

I believe that students learn best when they are really getting involved rather than listening to explanations. I like to give my students questions and allow them to talk through their answers go I can understand what they aren't comprehending and I can teach accordingly.

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Engineering PhD student with plenty tutoring experience in Math and Chemical Engineering!

I like to have access to the learning material in order to familiarize myself and find additional bibliographical and practical resources that can help me support the tutoring. I usually focus on the marking scheme and the specific needs of the student to come up with a preliminary sequence for the tutoring, which I adjust once I am face to face talking to the student.

West End
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Qualified Chemical Engineer from RMIT. Currently working in the chemical industry in Townsville

My teaching method is based off of an Einstein philosophy. "if you can't explain something simply, then you don't understand it". I will request that the material that will be covered will be forwarded to me ahead of time to give myself time to design our session so we get the most out of what we are doing.

Darwin City
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App Developer and a Dr of Biochemical Engineering, giving lessons in Darwin

I work one on one with students to develop their skills using both theory and practical approaches. My focus is on teaching the fundamental building blocks so that more complicated concepts and tasks can be learned with ease. I want to help you lean as well as teach you how to learn more effectively.

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Waqas rafiq gives chemistry lecture to A level in college with 5 year experience

my teaching methodology can viary as per student condition and potential and interest as per student interest my teaching methodology have changed to student thought that why students like my teaching skills because i teach the student at go at student level of thinking

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Offer Safety in Design training for continued professional development in SE Queensland

Sharing extensive experience in the field and base tuition on 1. Needs Analysis of the individual 2. Demonstration of concepts thru customised application 3. Practical implementation - use of design examples provided by the student 4.

Saint Lucia
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I enjoy studying maths and I want to help in any way I can for those who need any help in it. Also, I have decent knowledge about chemistry.

I have never taught professionally before but I am confident that I will be able to deliver my knowledge in a way that will be very easy to understand. For example, if we talk about maths I feel the correct way to study a particular maths lesson is to perfect the basics and practising the same thing from different sources in order to understand it from all views.

Sandy Bay
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Chemical and Process engineer tutoring in high school science and maths in Hobart

All students approach learning and problem solving differently. I draw upon methodologies learnt from my tertiary education to systematically identify the root concept causes of why a student may be struggling within a particular subject(s), and tailor my teaching method based on my assessment of the gaps within the students understanding.

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Exceptional in teaching chemistry,maths to high school and university students.Holder of a degree in process engineering and a masters in chemical engineering.

I prefer teaching my students using past exam papers,that way they have access to the way examiners think.From my experience l have noticed most students have problems in applying what they have learnt when it comes to exam questions.l also prefer examining students on each topic as they tend to have different strengths in topics,thereby maximising their level of understanding .

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Highly focused and enthusiastic postgraduate student from Bond University for Maths Tutoring

I approach topic by clearing all the basic concepts that is helpful to students for understanding the whole chapter.Firstly , I take a small test to understand where the students have difficulties and later teach them according to their weakness.

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UNSW Chemical Engineer graduate, base in Eastern suburb, teach Chemistry, Maths, Engineering and Sciences.

- My teaching style is high focus, creative and strong fundamental understanding. - General 1st lesson structure: ice-breaking activity, brief knowledge test and bring up any topic that the student is struggling to understand, flow diagram to list the teaching steps.

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JCU Townsville Student Tutoring Primary School to University Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

I accommodate a large variety of teaching methods for auditory, visual and practical learners. I believe anyone can learn anything given the right approach. I begin with looking at class outlines, weekly homework tasks and assessments. Then I go through previous quizzes or exams.

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UNSW Distinction WAM student catering to those who prioritize a deep and thorough understanding.

CORE VALUE: My primary focus is always on ensuring in-depth understanding before focusing on grades. Today, I am never sked for my IGCSE grades but it still reflects on every problem (technical, numerical, or non-professional) I solve. METHOD: Primarily, I focus on delivering an impactful lesson.

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Chemical Engineering based subjects, Brisbane /Qld. area, High school to Engineering student

Creating motivational environment for learning and assisting students to develop their skill from basic fundamental principles. Guiding them to extend and apply their knowledge to identify challenges, efficient outcomes and the insight they need for continuous improvement .

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