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North Melbourne
1st lesson free !

Melbourne Uni student from Hong Kong teaching Mandarin/ Cantonese lessons at an affordable rate!

I am very patient with teaching because I believe that languages are indeed not that hard and everyone should be able to do it as long as they put in the effort. However I think the only way to learn a new language is to use it consistently, then practice, and practice. I am very opened to different styles of teaching, even watching videos in Chinese and teach students new vocabs or etc.

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1st lesson free !

Consultant graduated from UNSW teaching study skills, job tips and Chinese in Sydney

My teaching method is fast-paced and adaptive to students' learning style. I have created a 6-week "Knowing the Young Chinese Culture" program with quizzes and exams to revise learnings on writing, speaking, reading and listening. Meanwhile, I expect my students to ask questions.

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1st lesson free !

Chinese teacher traveling around the world bring the standard and interesting Chinese lessons in Sydney

My Chinese lesson includes speaking, writing, Chinese history and culture. The most interesting part is that I will teach Chinese combining with travel stories and culture.

1st lesson free !

Native Chinese international student (fluent in English) giving Chinese writing & cantonese, mandarin speaking lessons

I prioritize on stimulating the interest that the student have in the learning topic, because I believe that interest and passion are the most important things when it comes to learning. My lessons can be constructed specifically to each of my student, for example: for traveling purposes, for examination, in-depth study of topic etc.

1st lesson free !

Deakin College Student give Chinese accent reduction lessons to everyone in Melbourne

My teaching method changes as long as my student changes. I will use different teaching methods based on different students. My lesson will be interesting and relaxing. It's more likely a conversation sharing opinion with each other than a serious class.

1st lesson free !

Kinesiology Bachelor's, avid traveler who enjoys being in nature, Fluent in Chinese, can teach piano and high school sciences/math/english

Most suitable for primary/secondary students who need help with Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Statistics (questions with school work/prep for exams). Can also teach piano (up to Grade 8), Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) and swimming.

1st lesson free !

A diploma student from Hong Kong wish to teach kindergarten and primary students Chinese in Gold Coast, Australia

My teaching method is using some interesting and easy Chinese storybook to explain the pronunciation and structure of the Chinese language so that the students can have an in-depth understanding of this language. I love doing the learner-center activities such as asking questions and playing games with the students to raise their interest in Chinese.

1st lesson free !

Monash IT student who is proficient in multiple languages earning tuition fees for his university

I have always believed in the importance of understanding rather than forced memorisation when it comes to learning.

1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Arts Adelaide University student multilingual in various East Asian languages.

No exact teaching method, will teach the students base on what they would like to learn, what they need to learn on that specific aspects, and what would be helpful to assist the learning progress. Textbook is not necessarily required, just bring yourself to the class.

Sandy Bay
1st lesson free !

I can teach you Mandarin ,Cantonese and other dialects as you want about Chinese.

I will let you to make more Chinese friends to practice your oral speaking.You can learn grammar in the class.And then we can participate in some funny activities to know more about the Chinese culture.It may made you to easy understand about Chinese.

1st lesson free !

Native Cantonese/Mandarin Speaker give Cantonese/Mandarin lessons to Learners at all level in Sydney

Want to learn the coolest and most up-to-date Mandarin phrases that would make you sound absolutely pro & local? Want to explore the amazing landscape in China but cannot even order food? I will design lessons based on students' needs, such as basic oral communication for trips and written Mandarin.

Ascot Vale
1st lesson free !

The best way to speak Chinese is to learn from a Chinese friend (Me). I would like to make friend with kids, teenagers and also adults!

I like to teach people from 0% to 100%. My syllabus is flexible and customized based on your needs and interest. My teaching style is casual yet efficient. You will learn Chinese Speaking from a friend (ME) instead of tutor =D. At the end of your Chinese study, you will be able to survive in China.

1st lesson free !

An experienced international student gives Chinese lessons to all the friends in Adelaide

I'm a friendly and funny guy, I'm always willing to help people. In my course we are going to communicate like friends(of course we will need to respect each other), I will teach you things through our communication and interaction and I will be easier to do teaching face to face. What's more I am very willing to keep in touch with my students.

Glenferrie Hawthorn East
1st lesson free !

I am a qualified teacher who is available to offer tutoring Chinese conversation for students, businesspeople and tourists. I am a native speaker, fluent in English. lesson available face to face or v

Most of my career to date has been working with large national retailers, most recently in the supply chain areas. In 2012 I did a Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Primary) and have been tutoring on a causal basis since that time.

Yan ming ryan
1st lesson free !

University of Sydney student providing Cantonese and ESL lessons for primary and highschool students.

My teaching method is to be engaged in every single activity with students. I have undergone different types of tutoring for the past few years, depending on the class sizes and student characteristics, I can tailor different teaching style so that each student can be attentive and engaged.

1st lesson free !

Improve your Chinese and Cantonese into an upper level in Perth WA

In my class, I will encourage my student to speak Chinese or Cantonese. I will teach my student vocabulary depends on their level to improve their reading/ writing/ oral skill. I will read some stories to make their interest in Chinese.

Notting Hill
1st lesson free !

Monash Applied Linguistic student give mandarin lessons to different students in Melbourne.

During the class, I will based on students' level to choose different teaching methods. I teach local students to acquire Chinese as a second language, help students form good habits and enjoy the lessons and ensure students’ security.

1st lesson free !

Bilingual Architecture Graduate gives fun Chinese face to face lesson in Melbourne City

My teaching is very much based on real life interaction, let's skip the dry part and make it fun. I will teach you how it actually is to for locals to use Mandarin in their daily lives, and you would learn so much more than just the textbook.

1st lesson free !

I came from Hong Kong, my native language is Cantonese, and I love teaching Cantonese

I am also a creative person and I can create an interesting and fun learning atmosphere for Children and young adults in their study environment. My teaching method is to create an energetic and positive learning environment and culture to inspire the students’ learning, motivation and commitment to achieve their goals.

Yin chi
1st lesson free !

The Education University of Hong Kong Graduate give Mandarine and Cantonese lessons to Any age range

Throughout the 4 years teaching experience, I didn't focus to use one teaching method while I taught a class. It is because I believe that "Everyone can learn.", no matter what teaching method I have used. Teaching method can always be change when student can't fit into it. In this issue, I may more focus about the learning process effects the result.

Allan hua heng
1st lesson free !

PhD gives Math, Physics, Chemistry, Languages & many more lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

I have good listening skills, and I believe to understand the emotions and problems the children face. Benefiting from this ability, I was able to connect with the student other people could not connect with. Students are rarely bored with me in the classroom, because I always make the lessons engaging, and interesting for them.

1st lesson free !

Melbourne Uni student who is native in Cantonese, fluent in Mandarin and English

I wish to make lessons more interesting and engaging. For example, learning a new language may be quite boring. I recommend starting from watching movies with subtitles, instead of starting from reading books. After then, vocabulary list is inevitable. Yet, a vocabulary list can be created very creatively, which may increase your interest and passion to continue studying.

1st lesson free !

UNSW Student teach Mandarin and Cantonese to high school and uni student in Sydney

I teach by your need and requirement, giving advise and suggestion to improve. I will adjust the lesson according to the time extend of our lesson and correct any errors you made. Speaking Mandarin and Cantonese are my mother tongue.

Wantirna South
1st lesson free !

I was Hong Kong high school teacher with 16 years teaching experience. The first 2 lessons are free of charge.

I focus on reading and conversation at the beginning, and then listening and writing. I provide all the learning materials(including articles, exercises and videos).

Ka man
1st lesson free !

Hong Kong teacher gives Chinese / Mathematics / Business lessons to students in devonport

Student-centered approach will be used ! Based on individual goal, lessons will be tailor made ! Lesson Structure: Introduction - Quick preview of the lesson Cascading learning and teaching activities - Interactive to gain new knowledge Consolidation - Practice makes perfect ! Conclusion - Review learning outcome(s)

1st lesson free !

Native HongKongese teaching you Cantonese and Chinese in a fun and effective way

My method and aim is to increase the student's interests and make them enjoying learning. The teaching style is personalized for each student according to their study pace and academic suituations. The lessons will not be boring as there will be interactions between teacher and the students (eg.

1st lesson free !

Qualified English teacher from China gives Chinese / Cantonese private lessons in Canberra

My teaching method is that I will try to let my students to speak and practice Mandarin / Cantonese as much as possible when we're having lessons. I will introduce Chinese cultures as well to my students if they're interested in.

1st lesson free !

Native language on Cantonese as well as Mandarin deeply understanding Chinese culture

My teaching method is more practical from real life, with my IT background and referring to my knowledge plus experience in certain industries, i.e. I used to work at Intel, Huawei, Panasonic and LG. Sure it helps in more ways than study book.

South Melbourne
1st lesson free !

Native Chinese speaker give Chinese lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

In my teaching practice, besides delivering the knowledge and skills to use Mandarin, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. I believe the most efficient language learning happens through students’ own engagement and self-effort.

Queens Park
Chung yiu
1st lesson free !

Hong Kong Girl with bachelors 's degree teach cantonese in Perth, Australia

This is my first time to do this kind of job. My mother language is cantonese, so I can teach you how to speak. Maybe we can have a interesting and fun talk. I am so exciting about that.

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