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Native speaker offering English lessons (language, literature, writing) for both language and literature students

My teaching methodology is Humanist - that is, I teach in the way that suits you best. We are all individual in the ways that we learn best. My job as your tutor is to understand your way and how we, together, can maximise your learning achievements.

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Curtin Univestity Undergraduate, providing help and tutoring for school aged English students (general or ATAR) who are struggling or seeking assistance.

My teaching method is a hands on learning experience where I provide students with tools to help comprehend topics in an easier to understand way. I want students to feel independant while still having the assistance to build upon their own knowledge.

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Professional academic and business English language trainer with over 25 years experience in the field of English as a Second Language provides customised lessons in Perth.

I enjoy my job. It is very rewarding when someone starts using English and makes progress. As a learner of a foreign languages myself, I understand the challenges students face, but also the great satisfaction and joy that comes from being able to "do" things in another language.

Mount Hawthorn
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Secondary and Primary English Tutoring offered by a University Education Student in North Perth

My lessons would be directed towards an appreciation for literature and an expanding of it via a variety of forms such as: - Reading and analysing various written texts; - Writing different formats that explore various genres; and - Discussing and exploring together what different texts may represent in a historical, social and political context.

Canning Vale
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Year 11 Student, I specialise in English, history, economics, math and science. I teach children from year 1-10. I have a certificate in early childhood as well.

My teaching method is structured according to the students' needs. This means that I will work together with a student to recognise what method works for them. Generally, I teach students to effectively take notes, colour coordinate them and how to use various resources to build on their prior knowledge. Furthermore, I encourage the use of visual and audio studying as well.

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Edith Cowan University Writing and Japanese Language student to teach English in Perth

I believe in creating a safe environment where students can feel comfortable making mistakes while they learn, as mistakes can only help when trying to understand a topic. Depending on what facet of the English language students were finding difficulty with we would run through different activities, whether written or verbal.

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High achieving student in English studies, majoring in psychology at Curtin university

My teaching methodology is based upon understanding the student, approaching them and their work with assertiveness, kindness as well as friendliness, helping them to achieve their full potential. I am to teach them based upon how they feel they learn best.

Halls Head
Raymunda cecille
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A former overseas student at Edith Cowan University, with excellent IELTS score, willing to share the knowledge.

As an experienced lecturer, I base my teaching on the standard text books. With regards to my technique, I'm always mindful of the differences of every student. I always start with the basic things that they have to learn and with this I require them to listen. The next part will be an interactive part which I make it a point that it is an interesting and a knowledge-based interaction.

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Published writer providing English lessons to pupils and adults looking to improve there skills.

My teaching method is simple, it focuses on practical course work that helps the student to explore and act upon their potential. The course work is interactive and designed to help the student out of their comfort zone. I work with the students pace to reach desired end results.

Aubin Grove
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Student teacher available for passionate, dedicated English tutoring for primary school students in Perth

I firmly believe that each child is deeply unique, and therefore, has deeply unique learning needs! For this reason, I custom create each and every lesson to suit each of my students. You can rest assured that your child will be provided with suitably challenging, thoroughly enjoyable, positive learning experiences.

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Perth-based medical student and humanities graduate gives tutoring in English and Science in all Perth suburbs

All of my lessons are individualised: at first, I will spend some time getting to know you and understand your goals, strengths, challenges and learning style. Broadly, I aim to ensure that the student has a sound understanding of the subject.

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UWA student giving english (ESL) lessons to primary-high school students in Perth

My lessons will be revolved around any problems/struggles a student is having at school/generally with English.

South Perth
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Primary school teacher provides English lessons in Perth to adults and children

My teaching methods are interactive, communicative and student-friendly. I focus on those areas that are relevant to the student - speaking, listening, reading and writing. I provide creative and inspiring lessons and I am encouraging and motivating, helping you to improve your English skills.

Osborne Park
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English Teacher/tutor with 8 years of experience, specialising in grammar and conversation.

My teaching method is sharing and caring. I am going to share how I learned English as a second language and I am going to teach you with care. We are going to study together, putting time and effort. I can teach either in Korean or English.

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Curtin University in Perth student offering English tutoring for assignments, essays to uni and high school students

I have a very kind and gentle manner when teaching and I am very patient. I believe practise is key to becoming proficient in English, and other areas. I am more geared towards a traditional learning approach, but can also incorporate some hands-on learning as well.

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Cambridge English Language Teacher graduate, qualified in both ESL and High School English

In terms of teaching methods and approach, I adhere to the curriculum laid out by SCSA and follow current and proven methodologies for effective teaching and learning. My own teaching philosophy is that of Academic Rationalism with a strong Social Reconstructionist flavour.

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Follow larissa to learn english through the use of art and music

My teaching method is based on the students level and ability to learn. The areas as such that need to be emphasized and focused on more are the primary focus. Phonics seems to be more suited for people who have difficulties with pronounciation etc.

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Qualified Primary teacher available to teach years 1-6. Individual or group lessons in the Joondalup area. All subjects, including French.

My relationship with the child is fundamental to all learning. The relationship is built on trust, honesty and the ability to engage each child in their learning. I believe in cooperative learning, encouragement and improving confidence and self-belief in all areas.

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Newly graduated English teacher with excellent qualifications and a Bachelor's degree gives lessons to develop comprehension, spelling and grammar

My lessons are structured, but with room for flexibility. I often interject my lessons with humour and anecdotes to make the student feel more at ease and relaxed - this makes them more likely to have a go! I am very organised and like to bring my own resources (worksheets, etc) and will try to keep these as engaging as possible.

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English tutor from Korea will teach you General English, Business English and Overal speaking skill.

Generally, I always try to do brainstorming first before we consider main topics in classes. and I normally use my own materials when I teach student. I try to make students speak more than me. Plus, I lead them to answer naturally instead of just answering right away since I think it is the best way to improve their English communication skill.

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Second year University of Western Australia student able to teach English for all levels (ESL & IELTS all the way up to native speakers). I can help in proof reading essays, grammar, vocabulary, readi

My teaching method is to have the student give a rough idea of what they want to accomplish by taking lessons from me. Once I've got a good idea, I create a study plan which I present to the student. When the student is satisfied with what we will cover for each week, we proceed to successfully start the tutorials.

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British university graduate that can give English lessons to those wanting to improve their oral and written skills.

I prefer to teach one on one so as to give as much focus and support for the individual. I can do this either in person or over FaceTime/ Skype.

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University of Western Australia Law student gives English lessons to primary school and high school students.

I like to adopt a friendly, interactive approach with students, ensuring they understand what I teach and are free to speak up when they have doubts. My teaching method is going over the question/task at hand, and providing tips on how to tackle said questions; this may include model answers for students to look over.

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Experienced Perth parent wants to help people with their English language skills.

Learning a language is a full-time occupation. Unfortunately you cannot have an English instructor on hand 24 hours a day. But you can have regular lessons, and thanks to the internet, you can have regular lessons online and hand in any extra work, or practice speaking on a daily basis.

Saint James
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Aspiring business law and international relations student at Curtin willing to teach ESL.

I want my lessons to be like a conversation. Nothing serious, but you will still understand things and I would still accomplish my jobs. At the end of the day, we all benefit. It is a win-win situation, let me tell you. I am not superior to you in any way, so do not be scared to ask "irrelevant" questions. The key to improving is to not be afraid of your mistakes.

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Griffith University graduate gives English lessons to high school and university students

I teach online, as this globetrotter simply has itchy feet! I like to get to know you first, to scope out your best way to learn. Then I can create lesson plans and approaches according to your needs and way of learning.

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English for ESL students will be gradually introduced in Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.

My teaching method with a grammar tense topic; for example: Past Continuous and past simple will be in accordance to an introduction of Presentation, Practice and Plenary, while ensuring the context is followed with the aim, form and pronunciation(M.F.P) practice as expected.

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Year 12 student with a qualification in Education Support III and working on completing certificate IV in Education Support.

I am very patient with children and give examples so that children can understand what is being read or explained. When reading I ask prompting questions to make sure the child is still engaged in what is being taught and to also see what I need to expand on and what they seem to understand.

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Perth Modern High School Graduate giving English lessons to Primary or Secondary Students in Perth

I enjoy teaching by starting from the fundamentals and making sure that all results are organic. I also have very strong interpersonal skills and am quite good at expressing ideas and thoughts orally, so many a times, we may be able to learn together through conversation and speaking practices.

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I'm an experienced tutor offering English lessons at a very competitive price

My approach is very personal on every topic to make sure the students are benefited and to also allow my students to progress in a competitive environment. Each student will be catered to differently depending on their needs. I strive to make sure I apply different learning styles to make sure the student is learning. The first style is auditory, the second is verbal and the third is kinesthetic.

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