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Student-focused English tutor with experience in helping foreign language students develop reading, writing, and speaking skills to pass their IELTS, PTE exams

I evaluate students through verbal and written exams and identify areas needing improvement. My classes are then based on tasked assignments to reinforce learning. I share instant feedback to motivate students to continue learning. My plan of action will align with the student's needs and interests ensuring full engagement from the students at all times.

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Flinders Univerisity TESOL student administers flexible English lessons to high school and Uni students in Adelaide and its suburbs.

My teaching method is largely via Communicative Language Teaching and Grammar Translation Method. Generally, the unique need(s) of the student(s) serve as the benchmark for the method and classes that will be in use. The lessons will be tailored to the need(s) of the students and great attention will be paid to the goal(s) of topic or lessons.

Elizabeth East
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Lets make IELTS easy for you? Tailored for your needs and conditions.

Keeping it simple is the key. Step by step improvement according to your needs. I will be both your teacher and a coach to teach you how to study. By choosing the right course materials and resources, we can reach your goal together.

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Flinders University Student with a Major in English available for English tutoring for Primary school aged children in Adelaide Southern Suburbs.

I believe teaching should be fun and engaging to increase comprehension of key ideas and areas. Teaching is about motivating and encouraging students through their successes and their struggles to ensure intrinsic motivation continues throughout the entire learning process.

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Roshani Aeronautical Engineer Student will give lessons on ENGLISH LANGUAGE EXTRA knowledge on Ielts ,writing and many extra ordinary lessons

My teaching method first to ask student requirement and fulfil it as well as to give them extra work on that. My method first to explain topic and then ask any questions and doubt by students and then give them some work by own then I will help them to crack out it.

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I am an English as Additional Language/Dialect(EALD), registered Teacher, and now practising teaching.

My teaching method is translanguaging. I base my classes on learning activities influenced by bloom taxanomy. I approach topic by affording learners an opportunity to formulate and share ideas using different dimensions of their experiences and their entire English linguistic repertoire.

Unley Park
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English speaking teacher with 9 years experience. I have taught children from 4 to 9 years of age. I am passionate, fun and engaging.

Lessons are ideal for children aged 4-12. Lessons are prepared according to individual's level, so can be easier and more simple and build in difficulty as necessary. I start with vocabulary, including greetings, colours, animals & early conversation. We then move on to simple sentences, phrases and question/answer type work.

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Deakin Creative and Professional Writing student tutors graduates and mature aged students in ESL

I plan my classes based on my students' needs. Each class is a little different, covering different concepts like grammar, tenses, business English, pronunciation, vocabulary, to name a few. My students have a lot of control over what is taught in the classes as I encourage them to share with me the type of content they want to learn.

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University of South Australia finance student gives IELTS lessons to students and other people

My teaching method is really simple and organised as I like to take each section difficulty level on a day to day basis and within 10 days I am sure, you will have a basic idea of how to approach the IELTS paper.

Mawson Lakes
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With 20 years of experience I can help you with IELTS, or general English to get your goals.

The general approach is communicative Language teaching which is modified according to the student's learning style. The lessons are based on the needs of the students in their real life enriched with creative activities to heighten the efficiency of the lessons.

Reggita arum
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Postgraduate Flinders University student gives English for Spec Purposes and teaches Bahasa Indonesia

I combine my teaching method depends on the level. For children, I usually apply kinaesthetic learning and direct instruction to build their excitement and prevent from boredom. For youngsters, game-based learning, silent-way and discussion method as they are likely to have problem-solving tasks.

Gulfview Heights
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High School Teacher-to-be ready to help with high school students with English/essay writing in Adelaide

I love learning. I aim to assist with current homework from school. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone to discuss topics and ideas with when doing essential assignments (research project is a big one!) and essays for any class. I can also help go over topics, create personalised study plans and ways to benefit studies.

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"No, I won't give you the answer." This is probably the most common phrase I use these days. While I might not give you the answer, I will make it my mission to help you find it for yourself. Your suc

My teaching method mainly involves giving the student the tools and skill to find the answer to the question they are asking. I strive to provide a safe and comfortable space to learn, without pressure or fear of failure. I do this by creating an equal playing field - this means that I am no better than you.

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Completed Master in Education (TESOL) unisa..three years teaching experience (English) in Nepal

I am capable of teaching English to students regardless their cultural and linguistic background..mostly follow communicative approach of teaching along with structural method wherever applicable to make students understand better..

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Improve your English skills through private lessons with an experienced ESL teacher

It's much easier to learn something if you enjoy it. In their one-on-one lessons, my students can expect to be challenged by a range of exercises that make learning English fun. My lessons are full of practical examples of how we use English everyday.

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Adelaide University student studying Education looking to teach English to Adelaide students

I approach my topics with an open and relatable topic, as someone who's young relating to the younger community is a must through references to video games e.g fortnite and technology. A lesson structure includes a quiz and discussion period. Half theory half practical.

North Adelaide
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With a Master in ESL, gives excellent lessons for TOEFL and IELTS courses.

My teaching method regarding Speaking is to improve fluency first before accuracy. I provide my experience of taking English proficiency Exams many times with great scores and teach the efficient methods that I use with my students to get results fast and make them prepared for real exam conditions.

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Highschool student offering English lessons to those in need of assistance in Adelaide

I base my classes depending on the students in the classroom, as I am a student myself, I sue methods which I believe are effective and have helped me learn to assist the all need of those in my classes

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Adelaide experienced IELTS and Grammar tutor for your private or online lessons

I design the study plan based on popular IELTS topics, encompassing useful expressions and specialised vocabulary. Reading materials, writing (task 2) and speaking will align with this structure. Writing (task 1 - graphs or letters) and Grammar exercises would be distributed along the course.

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ESL Trained Primary, High School and University Teacher available for skills in General and Academic English

My teaching methodology is explicit instruction with scaffolding and the use of templates, glossaries and examples to deliver lessons, clarify new topics and concepts. I focus on risk taking in safe environments and the teaching of Functional English to ensure all foundations of English language skills are covered.

Woodville Gardens
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General English/ Academic English/ IELTS/ TOEFL teacher with 10 years of experience

I am most valuable for international students who wants to improve their English because I am myself a successful international English learner. I tailor my lessons for individual students and help them learn the foundation before moving on.

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Senior Adelaide English lecturer (MBA, TESOL, B.ed, BA) gives lessons to ESL and school students

Methodology: I utilise the “Constructivist approach” and provide a variety of interactive activities to enhance student learning. I try and make learning relevant, interesting and fun and understand choice theory and apply it in my teaching practice.

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Friendly, encouraging, and professional English Teacher teaching in France, Australia and abroad.

I enjoy using Bloom's Taxonomy, which derives its structure from the philosophy that learning takes place in three hierarchical models, classified into complexity and specificity.

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I have 3 years experience of IELTS, PTE AND SPOKEN ENGLISH teaching. I am pursuing Masters of Education (TESOL) to learn to teach Students of other languages. I follow simple and easy approach to teac

I follow student centred methodology as I believe that it is the best way to comfort student to help in learning a new language. I approach students with simple and attractive lessons and activities to clear their fears and doubts regarding the subject.

Noarlunga Downs
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BA (Majors in English and history) student providing ESL lessons in Adelaide

For ESL students, my methodology will be totally flexible and dependant upon the current skill level of each individual student. I will assess each student and develop lesson plans to suit their needs and help them reach their goals. In this way, my lesson plans will be tailored for each individual.

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Experienced ESL teacher with over 4 years experience in Australia and Hong Kong!

Throughout my experience I have discovered I am most passionate and confident in educating the early years levels, and creating curriculums, lesson plans, teaching materials and activities for these crucial first years of a learners life.

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University student studying exercise and sport science, provides english tutoring for all school ages

I approach a topic by getting the student to outline what they feel they most struggle with and helping them to conquer any barriers that might stand in their way e.g. the feeling that 'it's all too hard' or 'I don't understand any of it' and working through that with them.

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Psychology and philosophy post graduate qualified to help students in Adelaide with English, writing, essays, research.

Firstly I believe in lifelong learning and I am constantly educating myself through reading and writing and keeping abreast of new technology, politics, economics, culture, philosophy and religion, for example. My tutoring relationship with a student would be based on this philosophy.

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PhD student providing English, History, Politics and Society and Culture tutoring in Adelaide

My personal tuition style is blended (learner-centred) with a strong thrust in facilitative or inquiry based learning. I understand that different students require different tutoring styles, which makes me highly adaptable and versatile. I am inclusive in nature and tend to tailor learning to students’ needs without losing focus on the appropriate subject matter.

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Need help with ESL or English Grammar around Kensington? Let's talk!

I like tailor my classes to suit the needs of my students. So I employ a number of methodologies depending on the learning need at hand. My sessions are always interactive, with a lot of collaboration and peer learning.

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