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University of South Australia graduate (BA in English & Creative Writing) available to tutor high school, college and university students in English topics in the ACT

My number one focus point is encouragement; I am committed to making sure a student knows when their efforts are valued and encouraging them to excel while making sure to celebrate their successes. Flexibility and patience are also important to me: I love finding the right way to explain a particular concept to an individual student as each student learns differently.

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Law student pursuing Masters in Law available to teach English and Math

I try to tap on the students' interest by allowing them to be creative as they express themselves. I engage students in conversations and allow them to gain confidence as they share their opinions and ideas. As for Mathematics, with the help of some colours, songs and other creative methods to remember formulae and multiplication/division.

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ANU postgraduate student, experienced ESL teacher/tutor and journalism major seeking international or younger students for English tutoring.

I'm an experienced ESL teacher and tutor who focuses on communication and use of language to achieve language results. I have a great rapport with all of my students and enjoy watching them grow and achieve their goals. Depending on the kind of student, I will start my lessons with a review of previous learning points and try to use them in a suitable context.

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Oxford University graduate based in Canberra providing English tuition to IB / HSC level

My teaching style is very adaptable to the unique requirements of my students. I will provide focus on specific problems the student has with current classwork, or offer more general tuition as needed. I believe that learning shouldn't be scary and that a little bit of extra help can go a long way.

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Canberra University pre-service English and Drama teacher, dual national, fun and friendly!

As I am a pre-service teacher, my hands-on experience is minimal. Though, the lessons I have taught have always been fun and engaging! I believe education is the greatest gift a child can receive, and it is a privilege to become a teacher and a tutor.

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Australian National University graduate provides English Lessons to non-natives at affordable rates.

My teaching methods are flexible and can be modified as per the student's current knowledge, pace of learning and the set targets. However, I ensure that review exercises, regular assessments and feedback sessions are included as an intrinsic part of their learning process.

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ANU Student fluent in English willing to teach Australian residents on Skype

My teaching method is based primarily on English grammar and language writing. I focus primarily on reading comprehension as well because I think it's important for students to learn in case they are confronted with issues the future, which is highly likely to happen in Australia.

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Master's TESOL graduate offers individualized, student centred, communitive approach, goal targeted, formatively assessed, learning support. I work with people of all ages and ability.

My approach is encouagingly communicative, creative, dynamic, and student centred. I adapt lessons to student learning styles, interests, and difficulties. Initial assessment and student goals provide a way to proceed, I map out a plan, and reassessment ajustment is made along the way. Relaxed but paced progress to success.

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Fun and imaginary methods to help meet your English requirements at home.

Considered most of the students have difficulty in comprehension and memorizing stuff, I did a lot of attempts such as making memory cards, playing games, watching relevant cartoon movies and encouraging them to use their imaginations to link with the words.

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Anu student with diverse training experience has a vision to repay the society through sharing knowledge of english teaching at home or canberra.

My teaching methodology revolves around understanding my audience first and then developing my lesson plans accordingly. I believe in interactive sessions and try to amalgamate traditional and modern methodologies of teaching to gain maximum dividends. I normally believe in improvising an out-of-box thinking to deliver results.

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ANU Student gives English lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

Lessons will include establishing the student's weaknesses and strengths, working through homework with the student, and assigning additional exercises to improve student's ability. I will also establish a rapport with the student to ensure that lessons are as fun and interesting as possible, and to gain the student's interest.

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Celta qualified very experience IELTS, Academic English, happily grammar focused, in Canberra.

I like explaining grammar, idiom-both literal & idiomatic, developing passion for reading and writing, making time in class for each student and generally encouraging students to enjoy learning or polishing their English. Feedback from my students has been very positive.

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ANU Student offering English lessons to primary and high school students in Canberra

My teaching method is very much based on the needs of the student(s) as I believe that there is no point in trying to force the same help onto everyone. My lessons can therefore be easily adapted to fit any type of student in order to target their specific challenges or goals.

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TESOL Graduate from the University of Canberra teaching ESL students in Canberra

I employ task-based language teaching approach, which students have actively involve in their learning process. In other words, student-center approach is my preferred teaching method, which allows students to practice the target language and enable them to employ it in the real world setting.

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Experienced and high qualified High school English and Social Science tutor Canberra

I have extensive knowledge of the Australian Curriculum in English and the Social Sciences from Year 6 through Year 12. I treat every student as an individual and we start working together through goal setting and assessment of where you are currently and where you want to go.

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CELTA accredited elicos teacher with a Taiwanese background with a Masters degree

I'm a Taiwanese born Australian. Learned English through ESL classes in both private tutoring and small group lessons as well. I tend to focus more on what native speakers would choose to say and talk about, rather than just academics. I've got a bachelor in Nursing and a Masters in Public Health, so i'll definitely be able to help you with academic English as well.

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8 years Experienced teacher teaching english grammar to international students especially those preparing for ielts

My method of teaching is very relaxed so that the students dont take the grammar as a burden.

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