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Engage your children once a week in Art and Craft classes to enhance their creative ability, decision making skills and improve their hand-eye coordination in Brisbane!

I believe every student has a different learning ability. I prefer teaching art and craft from the scratch that is start by drawing straight lines, curved lines, scribbling etc. This helps children to become more flexible. If you are clear with the basics, I am willing to take up advanced courses like acrylic painting and water coloring.

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ANU study with 10+ yrs experience gives Chinese calligraphy lessons in Canberra for both children and adults

Using my own calligraphy material. The first lesson will be an introduction to calligraphy history and category. The second lesson would be the appreciation of the historical masterpiece establishing a taste and preference for a specific style students want to develop towards and imitate in the future.

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UOW Computer Science student gives chinese calligraphy lessons for high school student and UOW student in Wollongong

The students who have interets in chinese culture and can enjoy the calligraphy learning process are my main focus and I am glad to teach all students if they like my lessons. The structure of my lesson is divided into three parts. 1. Checking homework. 2. Introducing some useful method to improve the knowledge and practices 3. Assigning homework.

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Chinese calligraphy amatuer is willing to show you Traditional Chinese culture in calligraphy.

I'll teach Regular script first which is the most basic and common Chinese characters. We'll start from Strokes (order),Radicals and Classification. You can also learn how words are made in China. Then we'll start from simple but useful characters.

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Professional Chinese Calligraphyer with 20 years of experience, gives private lessons in Hobart CBD

• A magic journey to learn Chinese Traditional ARTS and Cultures • It is also a great choice that keeps you away from High-Tech • Help you to obtain patience and cultivate a good habit of paying attention to detail, deeply reducing your stress, reshaping emotional stability • No hesitation, gain a special gift and skill in your life

Doncaster East
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Swinburne University student gives calligraphy lessons to students for better writing and fluency

My teaching method is simole and easy to follow. I love teaching and can understand the difficulties faced by children, thus helping them overcome it.

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International Business student gives Math, Languages(English, Mandarin, Cantonese), and Calligraphy lessons to students in Melbourne.

-FOR STUDENT: BEFORE you meet up with me, please send me the material that you're learning within the week, AND the homework or questions you got for the subjects you need help with.

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Artist can make anything into some unique and attractive thing to display(Sydney).

My teaching method is showing the easiest path to my students and helping them generate their own ideas. The lesson structure will be based on each student's interest. Art is based on our imagination which needs perfect guidance to bring it to real.

Glen Waverley
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Henna tattoo classes !!!! Learn the art of making henna designs. We teach right from the very basics to the advance...

I take various types of art classes like calligraphy, charcoal painting and henna which I’ve been doing since many years.

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Shall we start practicing Japanese calligraphy with a skilled expert in Brisbane CBD?

I would like to teach some important attitudes towards calligraphy as well as how to write words with some tools of calligraphy. I believe that we can write whatever we want. Thus, I would like to assist every student so that they are able to express their feelings or thoughts.

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Specializing in calligraphy for many years to provide you with the most professional calligraphy teaching

When it comes to my teaching method, I will let you feel relaxing and motivate your creativity. You can learn the correct Chinese calligraphy, accurate the posture of holding the pen, and developing your own patience. Moreover, I'll teach you how to write the spring couplets. Welcome to my lesson.

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I am a freelancer who enjoys doing calligraphy of different styles and mediums, and would love to teach those who are keen to learn.

Art is abstract and sometimes you have to start with a "Trial and error" technique. In order to master calligraphy, I usually encourage people to practice and repeat writing the alphabets.

Saint Lucia
Sher yi
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International student who learn Chinese calligraphy since 7 years old give lessons to everyone!

I would like to introduce you to the idea of calligraphy and do a demonstration. After having you set up your work spaces, you can just follow along my brush strokes. I will teach you steps- by-steps. We can have fun watching Chinese Calligraphy related videos or visiting Chinese Calligraphy exhibitions if there are some.

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Professor of drawing, painting, decoration gives lessons near Paris, Enghien (départements 93, 95, 75)

A graduate of a BTS in Textile Arts and Impression obtained in 1993 at the ENSAAMA -Paris, I am for more than 20 years artist painter, textile designer, painter in decor and I also give drawing and painting courses. I like to be able to pass on my knowledge to a single student as well as to a group.

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Excellent in teaching Calligraphy and Handwriting improvement engineering also origami, woolen crocheting!

4+ years of experience in IT industry as a software developer. I Love to be creative. I will conduct classes for calligraphy and handwriting improvement. also, I teach origami and woolen crocheting.

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My idea of Heaven is to wake up, had a good breakfast and spend the rest of the day "Drawing".

As an art teacher working with students, some of my classroom time was spent in trying to teach drawing skills in the hope that by improving the children's graphic skills they would be able to draw more freely and fluently.

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Itty Bitty Art Company- Private Art Lessons for the young and Inspired

I have been painting for five years professionally and have taken art classes since a young child. I am currently attending Academy of Art University to get my bachelors in Art Education and plan on also getting a degree in Art Therapy. My plans are to teach anyone and everyone who is inspired to become an artist, because anyone can do anything the put their heart and soul into.

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if you are passionate , join me... best place for artists , you tubers , bloggers

As an artist we should always start from the story that we wish to develop and then apply that to get the best of it. learn the basics and apply regularly and practice that will help you to bacome a pro.

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Graphic Design lecturer with twelve years of college teaching experience from Level 1 to HND.

Lessons are tailored to meet your individual requirements. Whether it's coming into your office to help you find your way around a new Mac, to working through a required work task. Initial screening hand out to find out your ability and individual requirements so I can build a lesson to suit.

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A CA Final student with clear understanding of all subjects upto CBSE Class 12th who has been teaching 5 younger siblings since she was in Class 6 herself.

My aim as a teacher is always to make students understand how and why are they being taught what they're being taught and make the subjects feel like a part of their life and not a burden. I go through every basic nuance and base my practice material s and examples off of the happenings around us so that the students can relate how useful the work is in real life too.

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Visual Arts in the South Niagara Area - Chris Summerhayes Professional Artist

I like teaching small groups of students. Lots of doing and not so much listening. I will take what you have to learn and make it in to what you want to learn and do. I will give directed teaching with specific examples and then lots of support to see the way though to success.

Bridge of Don
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A very creative person looking to share her talent in painting with other people

I would hope to let people express their painting style and if they look for advice i would be happy to help or show them in the best possible way.

Frankfurt am Main
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Artist helps with preparation and application to study art, drawing, film, photo,

In the first place is the human being. Based on motivation and interest of the applicant, the further development process is supported by elements of learning and behavioral research such as positive reinforcement. In addition, information will be provided on epochs of art history, artistic techniques (traditional and partly digital) and in some cases practically implemented.

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Students in 1 to 10 std class want tution in maths and science ,english subjects.please inform us.

My teaching method is very sincere and concentrated deep knowledge in all subjects and fields. My name is manju pathak, electrical engg, professional home baker, cooking teacher, arts in (drawing, painting calligraphy, crafts )teacher.if you are interested in any fields please contact me or inform me (concealed information)mumbai.

Ajay k
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BFA of Delhi Art College gives classes on Drawing, Painting, Creative Thinking & Current Trend of Art.

We cannot draw what we do not notice. Before starting I take extra time to discuss some details of a small area where the student will start. This gives focus, familiarity and confidence. Visual information is useless unless you notice it.

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A designer teaching easy ways of calligraphy to all age groups with handy tools

My teaching methods are mostly hands-on work. I make my students work on the art from the very beginning and learn things with eventual experiences and that's the best way to lean according to me. I start my topics with friendly conversations engaging students with the topic.

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Art related students join me for improve ur art/ hobby activities.. art, craft, drawing, painting, etc..be creative and make practices..

My teaching method is - started from the basic knowledge about art, colours, tools, etc. For drawing pencil knowledge is important. Tone, light and shade. That's a basic things every student should know about that. I'll help u to improve our skill.

City of Bristol
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Multi-skilled designer and artist offering creative activities in Bristol. Drawing, Typography, Painting and Sculpture

My teaching method is tailored to the individual, focusing on their strengths and improving their weaknesses through multi-disciplined, interactive experience. Overall the classes are laid back, enjoyable and there's plenty of tea and talk. I teach a range of fun activities, from drawing and calligraphy to sculpture and logo creation.

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Drawing Classes for all Aspiring to become Designers also for Jewellery Design to Architecture

Teaching you to Draw and Sketch in both Artistic and Technical ways to illustrate your Ideas and also being able to Design and sculpt new ideas and give form to your Innovations. Namely My Classes will help you cope with Architecture and other Design Institute Entrance Exams, Including NID, NIFT etc.

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Illustration graduate based in South Wales, my theory is to add a bit of blue!

My teaching method will be structured yet fun, I like to see people enjoying themselves while they learn. I have a lot of experience within painting, I have also studied 2 years of fine art at Aberystwyth university. Illustration is so expressive, you can show so much emotion through an image, without even adding any colour.

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