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"Learn basic/advanced coding and computer science skills with a master’s student of RMIT university

Coding skills primarily originate from solid background in mathematical logic and reasoning. In my 5 years of academic life i have been constantly acquainted with coding in one or the other way. I have about 5 years of experience in teaching basic programming in C and C++. My lessons are deeply designed based on the online courses of popular learning platforms like coursera and udemy.

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Masters in IT from Monash University Student gives Web Development lessons to High School and Uni Students

This course introduces students to basic web design using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The course does not require any prior knowledge of HTML or web design. We will use a html/css text editor to type the code and test it on the browser. I believe in "Learning By Coding....

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Experienced in Python, C/C++, Pointers, JS/HTML, Design patterns. Serving clients in WA, SA, VIC, and QLD.

I can teach using both ground up (fundamentals) or top down (overview) approach. Assignment-based, exam-based or just conceptual - all these are possible. Live code editing, flowchart & diagrams, conceptual sketch and visualisation from A to Z.

Hawthorn East
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Melbourne University computer science student looking to teach aspiring students who have an interest in computer science

I am usually a slow learner and therefore I know what it feels like to have the class zoom ahead while i try to catch up. Therefore, I plan on keeping a steady speed and make sure the student understands the content before moving on and eventually covering all key concepts.

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Keen to enlighten students who would like to proceed with their career in the field of IT , Programming or Cyber Security

I'd like to teach anyone who is keen to gain knowledge . I basically like to deliver practical lessons rather than the theoretical structure.

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Hello, Friends If you want to learn computer please meet with me

Visualise the students how the compute works by using presentations, try to teach from basic to advance form of computer architecture, its working principle. Most of the time students confuse how things works so that i am always trying to teach how they work and how to use in real world.

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Learn Computer Science lessons with ease for School and University students.

My Teaching has Clear Lesson Goals with the aim of easy to understand, Learn and implement. As an effective teacher I strive to motivate and encourage all students and to excel in what they learn.

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An enthusiastic Australian National University student teaches to schools students in Canberra.

I teach from the basics so that each and every student of mine understands the concept. I plan the syllabus properly and follow that. My classes will be very interactive and I make sure that every student participates in the class.

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I am a highly qualified individual with a passion to contribute to children education

My teaching method in very unique.I tried my level best that each and every student should engage in my class.I am mot only share my knowledge with students but also elicit knowledge from them.My basic approach is that each student should actively participate in every lesson.

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University of canberra, masters in IT student teach C and basic programming.

I will first introduce the student to computing and then tell about what programming is and then start with the basics in C language and slowly make you get most of the topics in C and make you do programs that are interesting and useful.

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IT student at Deakin University gives programming lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I approach topic by topic and cover them in such a way that they are linked and easy to understand by the students. I like to make study interesting because in that way the students also want to learn something different.

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La Trobe student with 5 years of teaching experience in computer science subjects such as computer fundamentals, programming languages and mathematics

My greatest passion in life is teaching which I am persuing since my school days by helping my mates in studies and after as a professional teacher.

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UNSW Software Engineering Student with 79 (Distinction) WAM average giving C, Python and other programming language lessons to High School and Uni Students

I base my teaching around what the student has demonstrated weakness towards. For example, If a student has to implement a function but is not sure, I will not spoon-feed the answer but will instead guide them with questions and comments that break down the problem to give the student an opportunity to have an "A-Ha!" moment.

Malvern East
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Monash Data Science student gives computer programming lessons to kids in Melbourne

My teaching method is, first I show the bigger picture to students then I try to break it into small sections and once students understands the basic concepts then I merge it together. This way students don't lose interest in topic. With this I present them with more examples which help them to understand the concepts.

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Master of Electrical Engineering Student from University of Melbourne teaches math and C

My teaching method can be flexible depending on the students. What I usually do is that I start by briefly explaining the concept/topic before discussing with the student by asking them questions relating to the topic so that they understand more how they can apply the concept/topic discussed to solve problems.

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Computer Programming, the foundations and getting up to speed in Wagga Wagga

I base my classes in structured tutorials with lots of hand on practice using Object Oriented Programming. I always make the student learning experience a priority so that the learner enjoys while learning new skills and use material that is relevant to the student needs.

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Muttaz (Computer Engineering) - Tutor Computer Programming and Digital Logic design In Wollongong areas

My teaching method base on two simple phases; a deep understanding is my first phase, and moving from simple to complex is the second phase. In addition, my goal is to improve student self-dependent study and enhancing problem-solving skills.

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Electrical Engineer, MBA, IT Professional and Amateur Astronomer, Provides Programming Sessions in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic

I provide teaching analogies comparing seemingly complex problems to daily life processes. Example i compare programming to cooking. Software to thoughts. and so on. I believe programming is like eating an apple, but sometimes it has been presented in a too complex manner so to scare the reader.

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I would love to teach Computer and Maths subject in Melbourne to any level of a student.

I am looking for graduation and post-graduation student, who looking for tuition-related to a programming language like Programming in C, C++, Java, Asp.net, VB.net, C#.Net Oracle, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, DBMS and RDBMS, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operation Research as well.

Oakleigh East
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Monash Master's student giving computer programming lessons to uni students in Melbourne

I approach any new topic by relating them to real world experiences. I believe this is an easier way to understand concepts. I am also an open tutor i.e. I feel I can continuously improve and learn from the person/ people that I am tutoring. I want to give optimum tutoring experience and hence will be more than happy to go over topics again.

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I am computer teacher i have strong knowledge of computer science. i have been doing my master in networking

my teaching methodology is problem based. i would like to give specific problem to the students and focused them to solve that problem so that they can easily get solution of it in next attempt.

Byron Bay
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Experienced computer programmer gives programming lessons and tutoring in Byron Bay a

I have worked as a video game programmer for 4 years. I have knowledge in object-oriented programming, particularly C and C ++. I can help you since the beginning I could start showing you how to develop software on your own and how to increase your skills.

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QUT Mechatronics Engineering Grad: Robotics and Programming in Python, C and Matlab Brisbane

I like to work one on one with my students to find a teaching style that best suits them. In programming especially I believe in learning by doing, and provide a more practical, hands-on teaching style where writing and fixing code is the main goal.

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I am a Electronics and Telecommunications engineer with 1st class honours with over 20 Years experience. I have provided one on one training to staff and students at the UNSW Canberra

I can tailor training from the most basic fundamentals for raw beginners to specialised knowledge for experienced experts. I like to share tricks of the trade and provide overviews of what is possible with directions for self learning. I believe in practical learning by demonstration and hands on.

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B.Tech Graduated from India ready to give basic programming language, Data analysis using SQL coding, basic c,c++ programming

My teaching method would be based on the skills of my students, i.e. assess my students and get to know their pros and cons and groom them accordingly. Teaching them to solve the issues or program in a logic and easy way.

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An Engineer,with six years of experience as a tutor in computer polytechnic, ands worked as a iOS developer in India

I prefer to teach the students,by making the basics clear,and encouranging them to be practically strong in the subject.

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Software professional Happy to help in programming and make learning fun .

I believe that anyone can learn programming. Our approach must be flexible. Start slow but strong. Once the fundamentals are clear there is huge opportunity to explore more. I also believe in iteration. Lessons learnt must be brushed up regularly to give a strong command.

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Engineering/Physics graduate able to teach Maths, Physics, Engineering Studies and basic programming.

I do my best to ensure students gain a good understanding of the topic they are studying and are comfortable applying this knowledge to solve related problems. I also like to encourage students to draw diagrams as I believe visualising a problem is an important step towards solving it.

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UTAS IT student here to help you increase you computer skills no matter your educational level.

I approach each topic practically. I give many assignments to students where they can research and practice their programming skills. I like to have lessons planned beforehand. I also provide students with useful resources to help them build their skills.

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Post graduate engineering student can teach computer programming and maths up to high school students

My method of teaching is student centered approach to learning. My teaching method is more like giving real time examples while teaching a subject. Students play an active and participatory role in their own learning. They are encouraged to ask questions while learnig.

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