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Surry Hills
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Brazilian Computer Scientist who gives lessons to people who want to learn/improve coding and algorithm skills.

I've got my bachelor's degree in 2012 in computer science. My approach to teaching is Baby steps! I believe that in computer science this is fundamental to solve problems and acquire solid and well-based foundations. My way of teaching is present the concept, an example, an assisted exercise and then an exercise that the student solves by himself.

West Melbourne
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Developer with a Masters in Software Engineering available to teach programming basics

Teaching a programming language is tough. Therefore, I will plan each class meticulously, by defining what I will be teaching and preparing the necessary code beforehand. This way, during the class, I will code alongside with the student but try to have the student to code alone.

West End
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Professional games programmer with 5+ years of experience gives programming lessons in Brisbane and at home

I'm a passionate tutor that is excited by the prospect of helping you learn about computer programming, games development, and mathematics! I'm comfortable crafting lessons and courses to suit your needs given years of experience tutoring individuals and groups in both relaxed and formal settings.

Hoppers Crossing
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Diploma of IT graduate teaching web, virtualisation and some programming to students

I am a recent graduate with a Diploma in Information Technology from Melbourne Polytechnic. My lessons would be geared towards high school students and diploma students or anyone with a genuine interest in IT. The lessons would be taught one on one in person. Small groups are also an option.

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Software Engineer with a Master's Degree and Commercial Experience Tutoring in Sydney

I do not have a set methodology for teaching. I always believe that every student is unique and so I must adapt my teaching methods base on the needs of my student. Quoting Einstein, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough".

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IT student at Deakin University gives programming lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I approach topic by topic and cover them in such a way that they are linked and easy to understand by the students. I like to make study interesting because in that way the students also want to learn something different.

Fairview Park
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Experienced programmer and studying software engineer providing beginners lessons in beginner and advanced programming

I believe in involving students in the subject topic deeply by providing practical and theoretical work. I teach students of all levels of understanding and can adapt to the needs of the student to ensure maximum coverage of the development needed.

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Aerospace Engineer Offering Tutoring Service for Mathematics, Engineering Studies, Physics. Our teaching methods are adaptive to the student's learning style.

Setting clear objectives for every lesson. All theories are accompanied with detailed examples from basic to advanced. As we truly believe the best way to learn is through examples.

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Electrical Engineer, MBA, IT Professional and Amateur Astronomer, Provides Programming Sessions in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic

I provide teaching analogies comparing seemingly complex problems to daily life processes. Example i compare programming to cooking. Software to thoughts. and so on. I believe programming is like eating an apple, but sometimes it has been presented in a too complex manner so to scare the reader.

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I would love to teach Computer and Maths subject in Melbourne to any level of a student.

I am looking for graduation and post-graduation student, who looking for tuition-related to a programming language like Programming in C, C++, Java, Asp.net, VB.net, C#.Net Oracle, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, DBMS and RDBMS, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operation Research as well.

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Charles Sturt University post graduate student conduct classes on Programming C# Asp.net object oriented programming

I can do one to one or one to group and also through skype. I do in very simple way, so everybody can understand easily. No complicated words and explaining every simple thing. I will provide you individual guides.

South Perth
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Experienced children's programming mentor available to teach game development in Java and Python

I like to encourage my students to come up with their own ideas for coding projects as I find they are much more motivated to complete it then if I assign programming challenges. I then help them to work out how exactly they can achieve their goals by breaking it down into steps and then guide them through each step to ensure they understand exactly how the code works.

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A real IT Professional gives real world software development courses in Sydney

Real world SharePoint Implementations in Administration, Development, Integration, and Configuration Real World Dynamics CRM / 365 Implementation in Administration, Development, Integration, and Configuration Real World SQL Server Implementation Real World Solution Architectures Real World Business Analysis Real World Full Stack DOTNET Development experience for real world bespoke software...

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I am a Electronics and Telecommunications engineer with 1st class honours with over 20 Years experience. I have provided one on one training to staff and students at the UNSW Canberra

I can tailor training from the most basic fundamentals for raw beginners to specialised knowledge for experienced experts. I like to share tricks of the trade and provide overviews of what is possible with directions for self learning. I believe in practical learning by demonstration and hands on.

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I can teach science fields subjects and very much keen on this profession

My teaching methodology is simple just create a friendly environment for students and make them active to the study and work on group discussions.Equal to each of the students in every aspects of life and work much harder on students.

Queanbeyan East
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PhD graduate in Computer Science from the UNSW teach computer science and mathematics

I try utmost to propagate the joy of understanding something from myself to my students. I call it the "eye lit up" moment. -> use prepared slides. -> use whiteboard. -> use pen and paper -> happy to sit with you, unless you understand the materials.

Bells Creek
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Professional Game Developer with over 5 years experience to give lessons to aspiring game developers.

My teaching method is to help guide the student to understand what they are doing and how it can be applied in other situations. I like to use a see what a student knows and can do, see where they lack and find the knowledge gap. I also like to take a show how the task could be approached and then question student how they would tackle the problem.

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Experienced programmer ready to teach programming courses with valuable industry knowledge at home preferable in and around dandenong but can also travel to other parts of the city

I believe in hands on training with focus on practical aspects of the course alongwith the necessary theoretical aspects. I keep the students focused and use the available technology in the best possible way to teach them the concepts in an easy and fun way.

Mount Whitestone
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I have good experience in development and programming specially in VB6,ADO,VBA,VBScript,VB.Net,ADO.Net,C#,ASP.Net,MVC,XML,HTML 5,Java Script,Cascade StyleSheet,JQuery,SQLServer,Oracle,Crystal Report,S

i find it good career opportunity in a successful organization where this Job deal with my education,ability and my experience I am fighter. ambitious and hard worker I have Creative skills and i can add value I self-Motivated, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Capable of working under pressure and achievement oriented.

Heidelberg Heights
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Professional Trainer For C# , Asp.net MVC, Jquery, javascript, Mysql,html and css .

I start with basics which will help students to make minor projects.I share my experience with students i.e how to work on live projects.I can also help students in testing , designing , database etc which helps them to get flow of any project.

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Engineer who is experienced in teaching (Computers, C , C++, Java , Computing, HTML, etc Maths,,,

slides, paper work, black board , learning essentials, videos etc topics, deep explanation etc I teach all styles all types of students I tought in USA, Pakistan College students, home teaching, coaching centres Helped in Assingnements as well I do have experience in Sales Training as well

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Free demo class for high School mathematics, programming langues and taring on Ms Office at Canberra

My Teaching methodology is topic by topic, hands on experience in creating and implementing individual student-based tuition programs.

Harmandeep singh
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I taught the students of diploma and graduate level at punjabi university , India

i taught the subjects with the help of examples and more practical based. i never teach the theoretical i always prefer the practical because the computer is the practical subject and can only be mastered with the practical knowledge only.

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UNSW Graduate with excellence who can teach various course related to IT.

I approach topics by introducing the basic idea and knowledge of the main stream of the subject followed by examples to strengthen the understanding of content covered in all course. Also could be available for after-course tutorial. Topics including artificial intelligence, network, programming with different language including C#, python, Java and web development languages.

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Monash IT student give C# lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne. 4+ years experienced C# developer.

I will cover all the basic Object Oriented Programming concepts, C# programming constructs,File I/O and exception handling. Students will be able to approach for a solution to the problem and write a code.

(4 reviews)
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Information Technology Student at JCU - willing to share my programming knowledge with other uni or high school students!

My lessons will be better suited to people that are: - New to programming - New to a programming language - Struggling with understanding a programming concept - Stuck on a programming assignment - Looking to find new or better ways to code In the average lesson I will first understand your problem or the goal that you want to achieve.

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C# is easy and gives you the freedom to realise your ideas online and offline.

My teaching methods are based on doing. I love to take your problem or idea as a sample to learn how to solve it.

West Moonah
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UTAS Master Student with 15 Years Experience give Computer lessons to high school and uni students in Hoabrt

My teaching method is pupil centered where I provide training based on my past experience projects

Noble Park
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I have over 5 years working experience with c#, so I can teach c# and oops to school or university students.

I ll teach lessons step by step starting wity basics. I ll teach through PPT slides as well as conduct practicals on laptop or computer.

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