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Experienced in Python, C/C++, Pointers, JS/HTML, Design patterns. Serving clients in WA, SA, VIC, and QLD.

I can teach using both ground up (fundamentals) or top down (overview) approach. Assignment-based, exam-based or just conceptual - all these are possible. Live code editing, flowchart & diagrams, conceptual sketch and visualisation from A to Z.

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RMIT Bachelors in IT Student give Programming Lessons to High School, Diploma and Uni students.

I believe that smart work pays off more. I will focus only on the main aspects of the subject which reduces the burden of stuffing too much information. Making short notes with keywords will help in grasping the concept quickly.

Muhammad javed
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Teaching and learning Computer languages is an art and i am an artist

I love to create friendly environment with the student so that he can share his/her thoughts and what he/she needs related to study . i approach the topics by giving extra information related to the topic so that students have somehow about what they are going to learn.

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Learn latest technologies and programming first hand from an industry expert with global expirience

My classes are based on a real world problem and how to architect an end-to-end solution for the problem using advance technologies and programming languages.

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I would love to teach Computer and Maths subject in Melbourne to any level of a student.

I am looking for graduation and post-graduation student, who looking for tuition-related to a programming language like Programming in C, C++, Java, Asp.net, VB.net, C#.Net Oracle, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, DBMS and RDBMS, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operation Research as well.

Baulkham Hills
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Provide IT and Math lessons to high school, uni student and other people.

with math bachelor and IT master, I can tutor the following subject: 1:database administration and development. 2: software development (c and java) 3: micro soft office skills 4: high school math 5: university math 6: board games( chess,chinese chess,weiqi, soduku,bridge ,Gin Rummy) i can tutor one individual or a small group.

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UNSW Graduate with excellence who can teach various course related to IT.

I approach topics by introducing the basic idea and knowledge of the main stream of the subject followed by examples to strengthen the understanding of content covered in all course. Also could be available for after-course tutorial. Topics including artificial intelligence, network, programming with different language including C#, python, Java and web development languages.

Caulfield North
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Monash University Master of IT student with prior IT and teaching industry work experience. I usually teach computer science basics as well as programming/concepts in Java, C#, Microsoft SQL Server.

My teaching method is majorly emphasized on concepts followed by their practical usage. Since concepts form the base of all fields, I believe students should have a strong foundation for future learning, and that's my mantra! Especially for computer science, if a student has his basics correct, he/she can be easily moulded into any technology in future.

Shenton Park
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I have been working as an instructor in Perth for several years. I taught several postgrad and undergrad subjects related to computing and Information systems.

I have proven ability to create an environment where my students always feel confident and assured enough to learn. I have been very helpful throughout each semester in the way that I summed up each lecture and made the content appears to be very simple and interesting.

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Antonio Software engineering student, private programming lessons,all around Canberra (Arabic, English, French)

A brief description of my lessons: -Easy to understand, for all ages. -Fun and curious activities. -Short lessons with a direct outcome for a fast satisfying result.

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Postgraduate student at Monash purusuing Information Systems with a Bachelor's in Electronics engineering.

I believe in face to face, methodical concept based study sessions. My teaching would be interactive and concept oriented which would help the student retain the information better.

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University of Melbourne Student with Professional experience diving into the teaching aspects

I have just joined in as a tutor here to help other students as well as polish my skills with concepts that one can only get when people ask rather than from the lectures or through the degrees. I can help individual students or groups. However, weekends are preferred. Also, students are welcome to join me at my university or any other place that is feasible.

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IT professional having 2years of experience in software development and 1-year experience of teaching in computer languages

can teach various computer programming concepts and languages Also, any computer science subjects and accounting subjects as well. In brief, I have done Bachelors in Technology and Masters in Accounting. In addition, I have 2 years of software development experience and 1-year experience in teaching computer languages.

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Surabhi Software Institute solves your curiosity towards Information Technological field in Sydney

My teaching method is fully practical based rather than theoretically . I focus on desired learning outcomes for students, in the form of knowledge, understanding, skill and attitudes and engage students as active participants in the learning process, while acknowledging that all learning must involve a complex interplay of active and receptive processes.

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Professor Flash, AS3, Access, PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver, VBA, C, C #, .NET, C ++, Java, Pascal in Paris and suburbs

Solution 1: You survived until then. Persevere, there is no reason to change that. Solution 2: Buy the encyclopaedia for Dummies. Remember aspirin without her it could get worse. Solution 3: Call me. A few hours may be enough to make you win many more. PHP, MySQL, VBA (Access, Excel), C, C ++, Flash, AS3 You lack knowledge? Solution 1: You survived until then.

Ville d'Avray
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Computer science engineer provides programming courses : C / C ++ OBJ-C C # Java Python

Whether you want to introduce yourself to programming or you need help for your computer sciense class i can provide courses at every level. I always put the concepts studied in perspective with real life examples. I try to teach the student how to become autonomous.

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Developer Analyst gives programming classes (C #, JAVA, PHP, C ++, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS)

I have course in Systems Analysis and Development and a Mechatronics Technician. My classes are dynamic and exclusive, where I teach the subject and soon after verifying the student's understanding. Each class has elementary exercises to fix the given matter.

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An easy way to Learn - XML, SQL, and HTML C# (Sharp)

My Teaching Method is more based on Practical Example. Will Teach An easy way to Remember the basic concepts.

Worcester Park
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An experienced computer programmer is offering tutoring in C, C++, C# and Visual Basic for professionals and students

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters` degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton with a distinction.

New Delhi
Prabhu dayal
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Get Practical Training for C# and ASP.Net Technologies For programming and development

My teaching methodology is very simple and easily understandable. Any student easily understands the topics. I provide practical classes so understanding the topics become easy.

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Learn C#.NET , MVC, SQL server , WCF, Web API in 4 week having 6 years of experience on Microsoft technologies work as .net architecture with Schlumberger , Accenture. I have worked on many technologi

I used to tech since 5 year and the only thing I believe is that no matter how much experienced you are the only thing matter in teaching is your students should understand you teaching methods. That's the only thing which matters.

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Outstanding Computer Science Student Offering Computing Lessons Up To University Level in London

Paul teaches tutees to think about innovative ideas and encourages elegant solutions. He is very excited to meet students willing to learn and show commitment in chasing their dream careers! The lessons are geared towards students and not modules, and Paul believes this is what makes his tuition stand out.

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Software Engineer and Trainer with vast experience in IT Application Programming in Bangalore

My Teaching method is always one-to one interaction. Both Online and class room sessions I provide. All Sessions are Hands-on Practical sessions. For every topic, I provide Demonstration Practically, which students can again do by themselves.

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Professional Game/Computer Programming in Guelph Region for elementary/ high school or college

I prefer to customize teaching and tailor to the individuals needs. Do you have something in particular you're struggling with or want to learn? I'll help with that. I have a bad habit of giving too much information on topics. I like to make sure I cover all bases.

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Professional classes for those who want learn C# .NET MVC WEB API and SQL

i teach with lot of real time examples so that it is very easy to understand the concept. . .

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MCA graduated student wants to share my knowledge to other students specially in computer programming.

My teaching method is firstly I will try understood the student interest and knowledge then I will move to take class I will teach every concept clearly from basically. i can teach from primary to degree level students. I am interested to spend time with students because one other jobs satisfies as much teaching and sharing our knowledge to others...

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Students of computer science and computer engineering all subjects teaching near jalgaon and bhusawal

I m msc computer science and MBA system having experience of 8 years in the field completed major and many minor projects of the final year student of msc mca and B E Mostly my teaching method is by giving practical procedures on programming language and can also with many good and reliable examples

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12 years of teaching experience in Mathematics(Geometry) and Computers(languages) along with programming concepts

My main focus is on the topic, how easy i can make it simpler for students to understand. For programming i usually explain them with examples and small pseudo code wherein for mathematics i always focus on how the formula is been derived and the logic of using proper formulas at proper place.

Horsley Woodhouse
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IT consultant with 20 years of experience in creating and implementing modern software.

Completed 20+ years of knowledge transfer in the IT industry from peer-to-peer learning, completing workshops and providing written or online training material in computing for building infrastructure or developing modern software. A big believer in learning through distributed practice where dividing your studies over time intervals is key, through written, visual and conversational teaching.

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Taking classes of Programming since last 10 years. Almost know most of the Programming languages

My teaching techniques is very simple to understand each and every concepts. Love to teach Programming languages. Can take classes for Engineers,Graduate & post-graduates students(BE,ME,MCA,MSC,MCS,BCS,BCA),Even those who all are working in IT Companies.

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