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Learn Bulgarian The Easy Way - online lessons, dialogues and texts, exercises and grammar, mastering pronunciation, 150 minutes recording

My teaching method is based on lessons. With Learn Bulgarian the Easy Way you will master the Cyrillic alphabet and the pronunciation of the living Bulgarian language gradually, and the transcription of all new words will help you throughout the course. The course assumes no previous training in Bulgaria.

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Amazing Bulgarian Classes with a Native Polyglottic Bulgarian Teacher One-to-one and online

My teaching method is absolutely individual. As a multilingual speaker (I speak 5 languages - Bulgarian, Chinese, Spanish, English and Polish) and a professional teacher, I have come to the conclusion that anybody can learn a new language. What they need is a method that works for them. That is why I am quite flexible in my teaching style.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Native Bulgarian uni student gives Bulgarian lessons to anyone interested in online classroom

I am a native Bulgarian and I would love to present my mother tongue to everyone, who are interested in learning something new. Yes, Bulgarian is not an easy language, but, when learning is fun and interesting, it is not so hard.

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Bulgarian Speaker offering lessons to children/adults willing to learn or speak in Coventry

In my opinion a language is taught by speaking it. I prefer speaking and doing some additional grammar drills for homework but again, my priority is speaking. I also support reading and having read a lot of books I can give/recommend students books according to their language level.

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Native Bulgarian Speaker Offering Bulgarian Language Courses Online Based in London UK

My goal is to teach you to speak Bulgarian Fluently We will begin by learning the basics of the grammar, then after that expand your vocabulary, and afterwards start building full sentences. All this while continuing to expand our vocabulary with every lesson.

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Bulgarian native speaing is offering to teach Bulgarian language in North Ireland

I will: ¥ Encouraged students to participate in class by taking a hands-on approach to teaching. ¥ Participated in regular staff meetings and occasional meetings with administrators. ¥ Worked with students learning English for the first time and provided tutoring. ¥ Prepared innovative classroom games to reinforce concepts covered in textbooks.

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Born and raised in Bulgaria, I am here to help you in your studies of Bulgarian. Currently in Winnipeg, Canada. P.S. I am funnier in Bulgarian.

I will provide a lot of reading material and will encourage conversations on various topics. If you have already laid the foundation and are looking to advance your knowledge, I will make sure to present you with appropriate tasks and remain flexible to ensure you reach your goals.

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Experienced Teacher gives Online Spanish and Bulgarian Classes via Skype and provides free study materials

In my classes besides teaching the respective grammatical and lexical material my approach focuses on creating a positive motivation in the students by means of interactive friendly communication with them on topics of their personal or professional interest, and total immersion in the foreign language. I am patient and good-humored but exigent with my students.

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Native speaker with academic experience provides speech and writing lessons in Bulgarian or English over Skype

Hello, I am a Master's level student in Sustainable Development. I have had 6 years of academic experience, including essay and report writing, presentation preparation, public speaking and others. I have also passed IELTS and CPE. I am friendly and quite flexible with teaching outcomes and time. We can focus solely on writing, reading or speaking/listening or cover them all.

Leigh Woods
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First-year Biomedical Sciences female student offering Bulgarian language lessons in sunny Bristol.

I am an outgoing and kind person, always happy to help people in learning something new and different than their everyday activities. I can apply different methods of teaching, depending on what the person would prefer. The secret to success is to have a good time and enjoy the process.

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Would you want not only to learn but also to experience the Bulgarian language? Then you are at the right place! A master student from Bulgaria is offering tuition in Bulgarian language in Aachen or v

You are planning a business trip, a holiday or moving to Bulgaria and want to learn to read the cyrilic script and be able to hold simple dialogues in Bulgarian? Or you have already acquired the basic knowledge and want to deepen and enrich it? Or you would want to get rid of your accent? Why not combine this with a lot of fun and examples from the living life? I am offering a systematic way of...

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Tutor of Bulgarian, English and Russian at all levels in tudela (Navarra)

social and educational vocation clear who is passionate about children and the world of small, with ability to teach English person. I am creative, enthusiastic, dynamic, involved, happy and motivated by their work.

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I am offering Bulgarian language lessons. You choose - written or communicative.

My teaching method is mostly by writing as it’s easier to remember.But before that as a begginer is better to listen , then read and write. However , if there is another method that will help you; I will defiantly try and help you with something else.

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Native Bulgarian gives Bulgarian lessons in London for everyone that wants to master the language or just learn the basics!

I like to incorporate different methods of teaching, depending on what helps the person I teach learn most: whether that is more conversations and speaking, listening, or writing. I think that every person has their own approach to languages and I want to find the perfect model for everyone, so that I further deepen their knowledge and interest in the subject area.


Learn and Practice Bulgarian with a Native! Get an insight in the Bulgarian culture, mentality and more!

I believe that when we learn it has to be in a context, it has to make sense and be useful. I make sure that lessons are not boring, that the person is having fun and enjoying themselves while learning. I also believe that the best way to learn is through association and context, learning has to make sense and has to be practical.

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If you want to learn something new,do it,I'll help you!Enjoy and lern with me!

My teaching metod is-explane simple,letter by letter,repeat as many times as you need,ask as many times as you need to understand like your own language!

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Native Bulgarian speaker offering Bulgarian classes at all levels in Colchester and online

I am a native Bulgarian speaker who is eager to teach anyone interested in the language. I am very patient and well prepared to take you on the wonderful journey this beautiful language has to offer. I would be happy to teach anyone - from little kids to adults - I will find the right approach for all.

Milton Keynes
(5 reviews)
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Linguist with 25+years of experience gives language lessons in MK area

I teach English to those whose 1st language is not English. I can prepare my students for sitting at any exam they decide to register on line for. We will study writing, reading, listening, speaking to prepare for a desired level formal exam .

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Licensed translator and professor of Spanish and English giving classes in Malaga

I am a girl with a degree in Spanish Philology that teaches language, culture, translation, etc. I have devoted my life to the linguistic world and it would please me to share my knowledge. I know the traditional methodology of teaching languages ​​but also I always look for innovative and fun ways to explain things because for me the most important thing is that the matter is clear.

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EFL, ESOL, IELTS, Literacy and any other English needs, Bulgarian language lessons in Nottingham, qualified and experienced teacher

I am a university qualified teacher of English - both as first and second language as well as Bulgarian. I am a native Bulgarian speaker. I have vast experience teaching and tutoring different age groups and levels. I use communicative and engaging methods tailored to the individual needs of the students and with excellent success rates.

Greater London
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Bulgarian teacher in London.ESOL experienced tutor.You may call me now. Da!

I evaluate the level of knowledge of each student, and build a study program in very individual way. Using reading, writing improvement skills we aim to star dialogues and grammar exercises.Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Final-year student (Bachelor's Degree in Bulgarian language) gives lessons to primary and secondary school pupils in Teignmouth

I'm a final-year student in Bulgaria (Bachelor's Degree in Bulgarian language). I give lessons to primary and secondary school pupils. I think the best way of learning a new language is practicing a lot and making real life conversations,and that's what I want to do in future with my students.

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I'm a Bulgarian student in Milan giving lessons in Bulgarian to anyone willing to learn the language and the culture.

I recently graduated high school and am currently living in Milan. I would be happy to teach anyone in Bulgarian throughout friendly conversations and culture observance. I belive the most efficient studying of a language is achieved through putting yourself into real situations with native speakers.

Greater London
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Native Bulgarian in London offering Bulgarian Language lesons in London! Preddy fair price!

I can teach you Bulgarian in the way you want me to. My lessons tend to be interesting and very informative and I try to include cool facts about Bulgarian culture and the country as well. I do hope you like and choose me to be your Bulgarian Language tutor.

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Fluent native speaker offers verbal linguistic lessons in Arabic and Bulgarian to interested students

I am a native speaker of both languages, I was raised speaking equally both languages in my household. I am fluent verbally, however I cannot help with reading nor writing. But if you need help practicing your comprehension and speaking skills, then I am the teacher for you! I mainly speak the Egyptian dialect of Arabic.

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People are learning Bulgarian out of love. Learn how to love as well.

Political connoisseur with passion for art and cultures. Lessons with me will be enlightening and introduce you to the slavic world.

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Bulgarian student in Cornwall giving lessons online and in person, solo and in groups

I can teach just about anyone as long as they are willing to learn. And my method is based on basic grammar books taught to students from all over the world. I have a calm approach, however, I will expect hard work, as the language is not an easy one.

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Anyone interested I can Learning Bulgarian listening and spellingI hope I will be useful

I will teach anyone interested in learning the Bulgarian language To talk and write correctly I hope I can help anyone who wants to learn Bulgarian The Bulgarian language is difficult, so it takes time for Education Who has a strong will will learn

Szilvia milka
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English teacher immédiatemant available and interested in all types of education. . .

English teacher 01/09/2013-present Eszterházy Károly University, Eger (Hungary) ▪ English ▪ English Literature Civilisation ▪ ▪ Phonetics Pedagogy 01/09 / 2010-27 / 06/2013 Language, Literature and English and American Culture János University Kodolányi, Budapest (Hungary) 01/09 / 2009-11 / 03/2010 Professor relaxation autogenous Schultz relaxation Hungarian Association and symbolic the

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