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Burleigh Heads
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Learn Portuguese in Gold Coast with a native from Brazil with extensive background in languages and teaching

I come from the South of Brazil, a place called Porto Alegre, I have lived in The Netherlands in the past few years and I am currently living in Gold Coast.

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Native Portuguese Speaker from Brazil with a bachelor degree in Portuguese Teaching.

My teaching methodology is based on communication skills. In other words, daily vocabulary and expressions mingled with grammar rules in order to get fluency and confidence to speak Portuguese. If you already speak Portuguese, the classes are suitable for you as they are focused on getting you an advanced level.

Bonny Hills
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Brazilian native teaches Portuguese in Port Macquarie area. Ten years experience in the Banking/Finacial Industry and another 10 in Early Education.

The lessons are tailored to the student individual needs. I use real scenarios examples that the student will be in when speaking Portuguese. The lessons are planned according to the student's progress and feedback. I am flexible to adjust the style and content of the subject the better fits a student.

Forest Hill
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Brazilian Portuguese teacher in Melbourne, native speaker, improve your communication and vocabulary

My methodology depends on the students level. For beginners I start teaching them structures and simple everyday verbs, always working on conversation and communication. For intermediate and advanced levels, I work more focused on vocabulary and pronunciation and accent. I also work with texts, reading and interpretation.

Patricia vieira
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Native Brazilian graduated in Engineerging and great knowledge of Portuguese give lessons

I base my classes on pronunciation, grammar, speaking and text interpretations. I believe in the foundations of grammar for a well spoken, well learned language, thus I focus on teaching the correct grammar along with speaking exercises.

Bentley Park
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Bra"S"ilian Portuguese classes in the most loved accent of Brasil: Salvador, Bahia.

My teaching method is daily basis situation and ordinary life content. From all levels, a normal daily life is a good start. And if you like, we can talk about and discuss the normal life in Brasil, History, Traditions, Food, Soccer...

Edge Hill
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Native Brazilian Portuguese Speaker available for Portuguese Tutoring: travel, basic conversation or advanced

I use Student-Centered Approach to Learning coaching and facilitating student learning and overall comprehension of material. Student learning is continuously measured during teacher instruction.

Edson de
1st lesson free !

Brazilian Portuguese tutor can help you to improve your Portuguese for communication, tourism or business.

I am able to adapt my methodology with the best way the student use to learn. Listening using audios and music, writing with compositions and dictations, worksheets and books, conversations and vocabulary practice.

Byron Bay
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Very cool, patient and friendly Brazilian teaching Brazilian Portuguese in Byron Bay

I don't have a general methodology. I believe each student deserves a personal curriculum since not everyone learns the same way. However, I always try to make it fun and light.

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Native Brazilian Portuguese experienced teacher with a practical and fast method of learning languages.

My method is approach the language in the daily real experience. Also I strongly believe that put focus on the language that you'll use im the real lofe situations with a cultural perspective is the best way of learning a mew language.

(2 reviews)
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Bom dia! Portuguese teacher in Cheltenham area with over 20 years experience.

I strive to deliver language classes in a dynamic, topical, relevant and lively way to immerse my students in a new language. My teaching is focused on the student’s requirements respecting each different learner’s needs and abilities and continually empowering their achievements.

1st lesson free !

I can make you feel like a Brazilian speaking Portuguese. You can speak Portuguese

My teaching methods is teach what the student needs to know without wasting time with too much grammar that will not be used on a daily basis.

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Kewarra Beach
1st lesson free !

Brazilian native speaker in upper intermediate level of english, comunicative and helpfull!! Brazil s2

Depends of the focus and level, we can try diferents metods , use conversation games ou especific grammar, costumer rules ;)

1st lesson free !

Let's learning portuguese! You'll Love It.Vamos aprender português! Você vai amar a

My teach methodology is aprouch my students of the Brazilian culture. I like to teach the righ pronuciation.

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Brazilian living in Australia for the last 4 years and I would like to teach brazilian portuguese and culture.

My methodology to teach Portuguese is teach the gramar rules at first moment, then start to work with brazilian songs and texts as well.

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Vanessa Master of Public Health student gives Brazilian Portuguese lessons in Sydney

My teaching methodology includes grammar, reading, writing activities, speaking and listening, comprehension practise, and Brazilian music complement the lessons.

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Learn Portuguese with a Brazilian teacher who holds a master degree of Science

My teaching methods are according to the individual purposes of my student. I like to teach writing, speaking, listening and reading always interacting with student interests.

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Learn about Brazil, Brazilian Portuguese, and a VIP Tourist Guide! Love it

I base my classes on facts of life, everything you love, everything you have curiosity about Brazil and the langague

The Rocks
1st lesson free !

Me vê um cafézinho, por favor? Dominando Português Brasileiro para qualquer context!

My methodology is very much dependant upon the student's requirements. I do not believe in recipes whereby one size fits all. Some people have visual memories, some people require repetition.

West End
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

I teach Portuguese considering that everyone has multiple intelligences, so my goal is to optimise the student’s learning curve and to make the lesson enjoyable.

Accounting student giving Portuguese lessons. I consider the student’s multiple intelligences, adjusting the lessons to the student’s needs. Generally in the first contact with the language I use the structural approach, slowly changing it to the direct method as the student progresses.

1st lesson free !

Brazilian Portuguese private or group classes with native Brazilian teacher in Sydney

I prepare the classes depending on the students' needs. Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to learn more about the Brazilian culture or a more advanced Portuguese speaker who wants to perfect your language skills, I can make a class for you. We can work on topics such as vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, writing, grammar or others aspects you may find necessary.

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Tenho lecionado Língua Portuguesa em escolas de grande porte no Brasil há mais de 13 anos. Com foco em leitura, interpretação e escrita desenvolvi ótimos resultados com alunos em fase de ingresso nas

My classes are based on listening, writing and conversation and it´s depends on what level the student intends. Classes might be more formal or even outside of conventional environments such as supermarket, bakery or pubs.

1st lesson free !

Passionate Brazilian Portuguese tutor gives individual or group lessons in Perth (surroundings).

I am a resilient teacher able to apply different teaching methods according to individuals needs and goals in order to provide a good standard of learning all language skills (speaking, writing and reading). I like to focus my lessons on daily events which will strengthen the desire to learn.

1st lesson free !

I am Professional Engineer with a Masters of EngSc at UNSW who is fascinated with the power of communication. I am looking forward to sharing my native knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese with those who

My teaching approach is student-focused method. I aim to promote in-depth understanding along with skill acquisition. Throughout my career, I have had the chance to get in contact with many languages and cultural backgrounds. Thus I realise that having a real contact and exposure helps students assimilate the languages. Therefore, the technique I use includes face-to-face and group activities.

1st lesson free !

Learn Portuguese in Melbourne with a local traveller through music or cooking

I am really adaptable, so If you share the passing for music and kitchen with me, we can go from there. You get not only to learn the language, but also to know about the Portuguese culture. If not, tell me about your passion, so I can use it as a starting point.

1st lesson free !

Funny Brazilian Portuguese Teacher! Promise you'll learn at least one joke per class!

First I like to assess the students knowledge by asking them for a small demonstration. If they're more interested in written communication I'll ask them to write one or two small essays, stories of life and stuff like that. If they're more interested in verbal, I'll try talking to them a little and then see what their situation is.

Jan Juc
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Brazilian native speaker give Portuguese lessons in Torquay and Surf Coast area

My teaching methodology is based on the student needs. I use different methods such as Direct Method, focusing on good pronunciation. Grammar-translation where learning is largely by translation to and from the target language. Grammar rules are to be memorised, good practice to those who are willing to learn the language to travel I also use dialogues of day by day situations.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

I'm a brazilian student living in Brisbane. I can teach about Portuguese for everyone!

My teaching methods is based in conversation, listening and talking. So first you need listen, then talk and then write, like a child learning. I don't books, for me each person is different, so first I need know why you need the portuguese, which is your level and we can improve the language together through the conversation, games, listening and writing.

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Perfect! I can highly recommend Raquel for her excellent teaching. She is very patient and her positive and friendly approach all contribute to a comfortable learning environment. I’m very pleased with the progress I am making as a result of Raquel’s...

Margaret, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! I have now had 3 lessons with Reinaldo and I am finding his teaching methods very satisfactory. Given that I am older and have not had any experience in learning another language, Reinaldo is quite patient. I would recommend Reinaldo to anyone...

Paul, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sabrina is an amazing teacher who keeps the lessons fun so it doesnt overwhelm you. Highly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for lessons, i can hold a small conversation in Portuguese after only 5 lessons.

Rachael, Student
11 months ago

Let a private Brazilian Portuguese tutor help with Brazilian Portuguese homework, Brazilian Portuguese questions, and exam prep.