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Student teaches Portuguese for foreigners, English and Spanish speakers. Lose shyness when speaking Portuguese

My teaching methodology is based on listening and understanding texts and from there forming a basis for the new language. In a simple but very effective way, with study and commitment every day for at least 30 minutes, the student will be able to quickly understand and communicate in Portuguese.

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Social Communication student teaches Portuguese for beginners and intermediate foreigners. E. M.

Student of Social Communication, with new project to teach Portuguese to foreigners. My teaching method is based on listening, speaking and writing; relaxed videos to aid learning; serials and Brazilian films with subtitles. And support for long-distance students. E. M.

São Paulo
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Teacher Bartholomew - English classes for Brazilians and Foreign and School Reinforcement (Educator) (SP)

Graduated in pedagogy and experience in teaching English to more than 6 years. I teach classes for all ages, both English and tutoring (Portuguese, Mathematics, Science, History, etc.). Classes taught in person or via Skype / Whatsapp. I live in the East Zone of São Paulo.

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English and French billingual Brazil offers courses in English and Portuguese in Rueil Malmaison and surroundings

Born in Porto Alegre (state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil) and billingual English, I offer Portuguese and English courses to students of all levels: elementary school, high school, university and all those who wish to discover or improve any of these two languages. I offer courses tailored to the needs of the student according to his/her level.

Carla cristina
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I am an instructor of Portuguese at The University of York and Italian instructor at Language Trainers. I live and work in York and Northern Yorkshire. I have been teaching languages for 10 years. I h

My main teaching approach is the Communicative Approach, for which I had full training during my CELTA course in 2010, focusing on practical tasks and communicative competence. In addition, I have extensive experience with blended teaching tools, such as VLE, Moodle or Skype, which I have frequently used for remote 1:1 classes.

Jardim Noemia
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Student of Letters teaches Portuguese online, for you to be 10 !!!

As a future Portuguese / English teacher, I have training to give classes to the final years, also covering courses and contests. My teaching method is linked to the critical way of thinking, teaching then in a simple way but that can leave the student the will to make relations of classroom with his reality, with explanations and exercises of fixation.

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Native Brazilian Portuguese teacher with 5 years of English tutoring experience in Brazil

My teaching methods are based on the students' needs. My classes are based on communicative grammar.

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Learn Portuguese and Spanish. Brazilian teacher with International experience in the USA.

I work with an expanded constructive method which is an associative approach trying to connect the student’s day by day life with authentic material and didactic book as reference. As the class is individual, during the class I pick up the situation that the student is in and, from there, I develop the class following the basic rules of grammar depending on the level of contact with the language.

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Let's learn and practice Portuguese? Have online classes with a Brazilian teacher.

I don't follow specific materials, and I don't use a single method. I base my classes on each student's needs, approaching each topic as necessary. Based on your level, I'll adapt our classes so you can make the best of them.

New York
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Do you need to practice Portuguese? Have online classes with a Brazilian teacher.

I don't follow specific materials, and I don't use a single method. I base my classes on each student's needs, approaching each topic as necessary. Based on your level, I'll adapt our classes so you can make the best of them.

Belo Horizonte
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English and Portuguese teacher for foreigners who teaches lessons online through Skype. Schedule an experimental class!

My methodology depends very much on the objective of the student, being it can be a conversation or a grammar, or we can follow a book, produce loose material, pass videos, music and everything that is necessary for the student to become familiar with the language, to communicate and to increase the vocabulary.

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The sexy Brazilian ascent is well-known for the nice sound of our way of speaking

My teaching methods are defined based on some elements: student age, goal of learning Portuguese, available time, previous level of knowledge of the language and personal learning profile. I base my classes on topics of interest to the student and the personal specificities of each one, defining an objective, flexible and interesting teaching program.

Cutim Anil
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Language student gives brazilian Portuguese class for foreign at São Luis, Maranhão

Hello everyone! If you dream to speak brazilian fluently, your dream will become real! My name is Rodrigo Santos from São luis, MA. I'm english teacher, but also I give portuguese classes for kids. Next semester, I'm going to graduate in Language at Santa Fe college. For me, it's pleasure to give Portuguese class for foreign.

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English teacher for children, teaches and helps foreigners to understand and learn Portuguese

I approach my subject in a free way, that is, if the student has a need to learn the language for a certain area, for example, business, where Portuguese is more formal; or coexistence, in which Portuguese is informal but must have a sense of local customs.

Mar del Plata
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Brazilian University offers Portuguese classes in Mar Del Plata for beginner or advanced

My methodology is based in what the student needs. If you are interested only in traveling to Brazil, you will have more thematic and cultural classes with more precise and quick conversations for a travel, if you are going to attend a company meeting the classes are more focused on what one is going present, etc. The classes are oriented according to the precisions and situations.

Gisseli giovana
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Study Portuguese from Brazil with a native teacher and get all your questions answered!

Hello! I am Brazilian and Italian, I live in Brazil and I am a native speaker of Portuguese.

São Paulo
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Brazilian student doing master's degree in Dublin teaches Portuguese and conversation online for foreigners at all levels

I am native in Portuguese language and lover of my own language. Self-taught in learning languages ​​and passionate about teaching, I was linked to the pedagogical environment during the university period and, at the end of the academic course, I intend to be a teacher. All classes are based on the encouragement and, above all, on the students' confidence in expressing themselves in every way.

Mar del Plata
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Teaching Portuguese and Spanish for Foreigners and Brazilians. . . . .

Learn to communicate in Português com simple grammar and conversation method. Learned fast and dynamic, objective. Focado nas necessidades do aluno. Classroom or video conferência, respects the privacy of each one.

São Paulo
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Get out of Intermediate English! Contact and improve their professional and academic English with me via SKYPE!

I have a degree in Languages ​​and Business Administration, constant traveler I have been to many countries. My current focus is to help people who need to use English in an assertive manner in the workplace or in academic preparation, leveraging the performance of using language in personal communication, conferences, travel, writing and presentations in the language.

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Private lessons of Portuguese for foreigners. Conversation and grammar applied to language.

Approved in five Public Universities, Bachelor in legal sciences graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / Lawyer / Master in political sociology and public servant of the Secretary of State of Education of Rio de Janeiro. I consider myself an eternal student.

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Learn Portuguese with your brand new Brazilian friend (Brighton and Hove, UK)

I believe the best way to learn a language is to experience the culture. So alongside vocabulary and grammar, I like to bring in curiosities, facts and expressions that are typically Brazilian. I think learning languages is more fun when it feels like you are talking to a friend instead of a strict professor. Moreover, I like to mold the methodology to the student's objectives and preferences.

(9 reviews)
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Bom dia! Have you always wanted to learn Portuguese from Brazil? But you do not know where to start? I offer you a real dip in the Brazilian culture, seja bem vindos!

I graduated in International Cooperation at the High of the Province of Namur and having traveled the world for her work as a socio-cultural project manager, I offer various language courses: French as a foreign language, British and American English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

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Learn Brazilian Portuguese with a Brazilian Master's student tutor in Montreal! =D

My classes are inspired by the needs of my students. We always start with an informal talk in which I'll grasp how comfortable you are with the language. After that, we'll create together a path of subjects we'll cover during the following weeks.

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Brazilian Portuguese teacher living in Rio, 2 years of experience with language exchange.

As most of my students aim to learn a more everyday Portuguese, I like to work with examples and practical use of the language. In my opinion, the best way to make a lesson is by exploring the student's interests. Even native speakers spend all their lives improving their language skills, so I focus on what is important to that student's specific needs, while not forgetting a more general approach.

Vila Leopoldina
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Bachelor and Master in Portuguese Language teaches Portuguese to foreigners in São Paulo

Olá! Meu nome é Beatriz, I am originally from São Paulo, but I have lived for over a year in Porto Alegre, RS and I also lived in Oulu, Finland for an exchange semester in 2013. I enjoy learning languages and backpacking, cold weather (only when it is luxury cold like in Finland), nice beer and and meeting tolerant, open-minded people.

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A Brazilian journalist who lives in Champagne Ardennes and teaches Brazilian Portuguese

Courses are based on the needs of the student: time available, need for learning and level of understanding. I work not only grammar, but also pronunciation, vocabulary and comprehension. Individual or group. But always in a didactic and functional way, so that the student learns with interest and faster.

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Portuguese teacher in São Paulo with more than 20 years of experience.

I graduated in Pedagogy and studied Languages at USP. I have been a teacher for over 20 years and have taught English and Portuguese to foreigners, both in schools and companies. I worked in the advertising and marketing market for 15 years. Currently, I am also working as a translator and proofreader.

Capim Macio
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Language classes with journalism student and advertising copywriter in Natal / RN

My teaching method is quite flexible, often varying from student to student, according to their way of learning. In our first class, you can get to know me better, and I can get to know you.

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Brazilian student gives Portuguese classes for anyone who lives in Guelph Canada

My teaching methods are based on grammar, practicing the basic skills to learn a new language, which are: speaking, writing, listening and reading. All the skills are very important and I focus on the main specific points to be fluent in Portuguese.

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I'm a portuguese teacher for speakers of english! Easy and funny classes, with an easy didactic material.

I like to use my own didactic material (criated by me, wow), but I also use established methods. We can try the best method for you! I can do specific classes for your needs, or we can talk about something specific. You are the boss! I use music, Portuguese texts and a lot of didactical resources.

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Perfect! I can highly recommend Raquel for her excellent teaching. She is very patient and her positive and friendly approach all contribute to a comfortable learning environment. I’m very pleased with the progress I am making as a result of Raquel’s...

Margaret, Student
2 days ago

Perfect! I have now had 3 lessons with Reinaldo and I am finding his teaching methods very satisfactory. Given that I am older and have not had any experience in learning another language, Reinaldo is quite patient. I would recommend Reinaldo to anyone...

Paul, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sabrina is an amazing teacher who keeps the lessons fun so it doesnt overwhelm you. Highly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for lessons, i can hold a small conversation in Portuguese after only 5 lessons.

Rachael, Student
9 months ago

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