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Alan patrick
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Portuguese for english speakers. Focus on conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge

I adapt to each individual student's needs: If the student is learning Portuguese to travel, the class will have more of an informal / colloquial feel to it, focusing on rapid basic survival Portuguese. If the student plans to live in Brazil, the class will use books as a base, and also contain exercises and essays about interesting topics (ie politics, sports, nature, etc.

Rio de Janeiro
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Brazilian native teaches Portuguese for foreigners - Brazilian girl teachs portuguese for foreigners

My method is flexible. I follow and I like the student, whether to follow a textbook, listen to songs, focus only on conversation improving pronunciation and vocabulary. I sometimes use alternative media like videos, movies or texts. My method is flexible.

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Native speaker with master's degree in philosophy and 4 years of language teaching experience teaches Brazilian Portuguese in Leipzig

I design lessons according to the taste and goals of the students. For beginners, I mainly work with textbooks (which are specialized in Brazilian Portuguese), and in advanced students I used more varied methods. I also like to bring a bit of the Brazilian culture to class! With music, literature or news, depending on the tastes of the student.

San Diego
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Brazilian Tutor that will help you master in Portuguese in a simple and easy way

Having taught a lot of English speaking students I know what the biggest struggles are and I have tactics that will help them understand the language in a simpler way. Using real-life examples is a great way that I have found to make it easier for the student to relate and comprehend the language. I will always talk to my student and understand what works the best for them.

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Professor of Portuguese and English Language, Graduated in Literature, 6 months experience in Dublin - Ireland, IELTS Academic Certificate, level B2.

My methodology is very dynamic and fluent, working reading and speaking emphasizing the conversation. (Depending on the needs of the student) I am able to give classes for foreign students who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, speak English fluently and a little Spanish.

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Law student teaches Portuguese (comprehension and written / oral expression) in Lille and surroundings.

I approach the subject freely and playfully. First I introduce the base to speak in Portuguese. After I motivate the student to formulate some sentences of the daily. Finally we work on some more complex topics of Portuguese grammar, while having examples like songs in Portuguese, extracts of books or comic strips.

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Student of the 8th Phase of Letters - Portuguese Language and Literatures at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, with experience in the teaching of the Portuguese language and Intermediate / Adv

Graduated in the course of Literature - Portuguese and Literature at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, I adopt a methodology that varies according to the specifics of the student. I base myself on Bakhtin's theories on language teaching and try to develop classes that meet the needs of each student, individually, taking into consideration the constitution of the subject.

Paris 17e
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Brazilian economics student in France and law student in São Paulo, Brazil

I approach the subject based on Portuguese books as a foreign language, but I follow the needs of each student. I prepare exercises according to the difficulties of each student and try to always introduce notions of the Brazilian / Portuguese culture in the courses.

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Private lessons of Portuguese in Aracaju. Presential or by webconference (Skype, Hangouts)

My classes are always prepared from the demand of the student. Only after knowing what he/she wants I think, I research and prepare the content. This material is almost always found on the internet. Newspaper articles, excerpts from books, documentaries, films, music and whatever else you demand.

Cruz Alta
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Brazilian student gives private Portuguese classes online for foreigners.

My teaching method is quite free. I prefer to work out a line of studies with my student, so that I can work through their difficulties individually and thus heal them once and for all. Patience is also something you should not worry about, as I am aware of how difficult a language can be, but barriers and something I do not allow.

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Discover The Portuguese Language! Expression, Vocabulary, Comprehension - Online or in Person

I evaluate the level of the student and identify his goals. A course outile is proposed and can be adjusted according to the learning progress.

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Native speaker of Portuguese with experience and passion for her job offers lessons.

My classes are fully tailored to your needs. Whether you need a confidence boost or a heavier focus on grammar, exercises and explanations will take that into consideration. After an adaptation period, if the student is accepting, lessons will be entirely taught in Portuguese.

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Second year student of Portuguese Studies Master gives Portuguese, European or Brazilian standard

Second year student of master cultural area Romanesque specialty lusophone studies at the University of Aix-Marseille Luso-descendant, offers beginners Portuguese courses or students seeking to improve; Structured and serious courses combining a rigorous teaching of the basics of language (grammar / conjugation) and an intuitive approach (role playing, work of oral expression, playful methods)

New York
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Speak and write in Portuguese with a Brazilian NYU student - affordable and effective!

I am a Brazilian student currently living in New York as an exchange student at New York University (NYU) - where I'm doing research on public education and policies for the American high school system at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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Teacher of the Portuguese language for foreigners. Dynamic and creative classes looking for a pleasurable learning process with the goal of speaking the language in less time!

I was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil and I am currently teaching Portuguese. I like to teach language in a non-dogmatic way, making learning a pleasant and creative process. • The classes are adaptable to your needs and plans (work, travel, cultural curiosity ...). • Special attention to general culture, art, literature, gastronomy, places ...

Poços de Caldas
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Student of architecture and urbanism teaches Portuguese for foreigners, already with experience in the area

In the classes I use a ready-made booklet, with class A and B, where in classes A you learn a specific verb, learn vocabulary, grammar, expressions, topics and examples sentences and in classes B we have a culture class and curiosities, with songs, texts , Videos etc, besides the practice of what was taught in class A.

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English teacher with didactic and own materials in class. Certificates: TOEIC / TOEFL.

Hello my future student, welcome. If you got this far is because certainly you're searching a quality learning and I'm here to help you in this goal. I work as a teacher for more than five years both in language schools as special or mainstream schools.

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Brazilian portuguese classes for conversation, comprehension and writing with a brazilian native

I will teach portuguese in a very fun and relaxed way, bringing a bit of day-to-day things of Brazil as something about our culture, music and everything else so that in addition to learning portuguese, you feel a bit Brazilian too! :)

São Lourenço
Paulo queiroz
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Portuguese for foreigners, English, quantum physics, lectures, foreign trade, curitiba, parana brazil.


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Brazilian born, East-Sussex resident, qualified mental health nurse offering online Portuguese lessons

My teaching style is pretty much individualised. Whatever works better for you I am happy to adapt myself.

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Native Carioca teaches Portuguese for foreigners in Brazil, in person or via skype

The methodology will depend on the student's needs. I am able to provide classes that can prepare the student to deal with situations ranging from daily ones to formal ones. I can help you improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills in Portuguese, as well as prepare you to Celpe-Bras. Get in touch and I'll tailor a class for your needs.

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Learn Portuguese with your brand new Brazilian friend (Brighton and Hove, UK)

I believe the best way to learn a language is to experience the culture. So alongside vocabulary and grammar, I like to bring in curiosities, facts and expressions that are typically Brazilian. I think learning languages is more fun when it feels like you are talking to a friend instead of a strict professor. Moreover, I like to mold the methodology to the student's objectives and preferences.

Foz do Iguaçu
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Portuguese teacher for foreigners with specialization in progress in learning and teaching Portuguese as an additional language at UNILA

I prefer the communicative approach, however, I believe that it is possible to use other approaches, if necessary (that is, sometimes it seems important to use translations, mimics, interpretations, for example). As I believe in the communicative method, I base my classes on texts that are interesting to the student.

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Brazilian gives Portugueses classes for anyone thriving to learn a new language.

I believe the best way of learning is in a safe and fun environment. I like to give the lessons about the most vary subjects, according to what the student wants to learn in that specific day. Moreover, during my classes you'll understand more about the Brazilian culture and how this affects our language.

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Learn how to SPEAK Portuguese (Brazil) - theory and especially the PRACTICAL learning (CLASSES IN ENGLISH)

I believe that most schools take too much time to teach. I mean, the lesson does not really teach you how to handle in the daily routine. Therefore, my way to teach is to LIVE in Brazil. That means I will focus on basic theory, but I will also highlight the way to speak. We all know that the formal grammar is not the spoken way. So, that's one of my focus.

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Student teaches Portuguese for foreigners, English and Spanish speakers. Lose shyness when speaking Portuguese

My teaching methodology is based on listening and understanding texts and from there forming a basis for the new language. In a simple but very effective way, with study and commitment every day for at least 30 minutes, the student will be able to quickly understand and communicate in Portuguese.

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Native Portuguese speaker offering Brazilian Portuguese Lessons In Derby face to face or online.

My teaching method changes according to the student's needs, lessons can be face to face or even online and they are available for all ages. As a teacher, I'd personally say that I am very patient and I'd be pleased to help my students in any difficulties about the tasks.

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Brazilian student master at the school of bridges in Paris gives Portuguese lessons online or on site

I am an industrial engineer graduated in Brazil and now I am doing a Master in Transport and Sustainable Development at the École de ponts in Paris. I am very motivated to teach Portuguese for all levels because I like teaching and learning with people. I am flexible for whom the course is the most suitable for the student.

Porto Alegre
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Want to improve your conversation, pronunciation and vocabulary? 100% conversation-oriented classes in practice.

I believe that the best way to get along in a new language is to use the same methodology that children use, that is, to listen and try / force speech. So we motivate our brains to formulate sentences for everyday life. No matter how early the pronunciation is not perfect and the words are not correct in a sentence, over time we acquire vocabulary and the language will begin to flow naturally.

Rio de Janeiro
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Going to Brazil? Already live here? Learn Portuguese with a native speaker!

Method focused on the use of the language. You learn by speaking, reading, and writing, and the grammar is within this use. As a result, you start communicating easily with native people, and also get to know every aspect of the language.

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