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Linguistics student that teaches Portuguese and English for individual or groups :)

I base my classes on giving opportunities to my students to Lear language for real situations.

Lauro de Freitas
Gian mario
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Private tuition in English home- and Italian, Salvador and Lauro de Freitas

Classes are tailored according to the needs and goals of the students. I will elaborate a single profile of each student and follow a custom job. Learning becomes a pleasant and fun activity. Since the intention is to communicate, and that each of us, in one way or another can do it in the native language.

Portão (Curitiba)
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Private teacher of Portuguese with more than six years of experience. Classes in Curitiba.

My classes are for all kind of students, from Elementary, Middle to EJA. Even for those who do not speak Portuguese. My methodology is simple and I respect student time. I'l always seeking to assist you in whatever it takes.

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I am a Brazilian, just moved into the USA. Lived 25 years in Brazil.

The main goal is to cover the basics of Brazilian Grammar and to improve the students vocabulary at each class. After the background is covered we keep advanced conversation classes to get deeper into the language.

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Brazilian native offering Portuguese classes for who needs help or want to learn since the beginning

I base my classes in listen, repeat and write, doing some comparisons with the English for help the student comprehend better the context of the class. Once he learned to recognise the words, he is able to write then more easily. The classes are very simple, approcheable and based on a informal talk, to help in daily conversations.

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I will do my best to get you to start speaking Portuguese first than writing it.

My teaching method consist in speaking right away. I believe that the words and grammar are better learned when put in practice.

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Brazilian Portuguese online courses. Prof native for all levels and ages.

Coucou =) I am Brazilian, I have already finished my studies in foreign language, I am professor of Portuguese and English. By the time I just give courses online, I already lived in France, Caen and Sète and I will go back next year to study in Montpellier. I offer courses of Brazilian Portuguese via skype.

Elaine mayra
(5 reviews)

Portuguese for foreigners who want to communicate easily by adapting to the new culture in a simple way. From everyday words to the most complex ones. From the short sentences to the more elaborate on

Teaching a language involves a lot of dynamics and playing with the language. Work in an extroverted way based on the student's world knowledge and helping him reach his potential.

Porto Alegre
(1 review)
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English as a Second Language Student Graduation can help in Porto Alegre, Brazil

I will elaborate lessons based on small texts, exercises, songs, videos (still in the process of execution) and also little games.

Alan patrick
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Portuguese for english speakers. Focus on conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge

I adapt to each individual student's needs: If the student is learning Portuguese to travel, the class will have more of an informal / colloquial feel to it, focusing on rapid basic survival Portuguese. If the student plans to live in Brazil, the class will use books as a base, and also contain exercises and essays about interesting topics (ie politics, sports, nature, etc.

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Portuguese and Brazilian Culture with fun: face-to-face classes in Granada or online for all countries

I am a Brazilian completely passionate about Hispanic culture, that's why I live in Granada. I teach Portuguese and Brazilian Culture in a fun and dynamic way, through movies, songs, literature and other resources according to the profile of the student. In addition to grammar, I can introduce you to the history of Brazil, its art, customs and the great diversity of accents of Brazilian Portuguese.

Bragança Paulista
(14 reviews)

Portuguese Lessons for Foreigners - Fluency, Writing and Speaking (Online or Online Classes)

Simple and practical methodology adjusting to the need of each student, I try to help the same one to bring its better out. Most effective method I've ever used in my own life. I meet the strengths and weaknesses of the student and help him develop. I work as tips and strategies that prove my students' development much faster than any other method.

José a.
(1 review)
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Teacher with experience in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language in Curitiba

Portuguese for foreigners teaching dynamic classes. Focus on pronunciation (based on phonetic) and in textual production and listening to foreigners who want to pay the Celpe-Bras proficiency exam and for those who simply have an interest in learning Brazilian Portuguese.

(3 reviews)
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Learn portuguese from a bazilian born and raised in Rio de Janeiro/Currently living in Massachusetts

I am a 24 year old brazilian girl living in Boston/Massachusetts. I have a passion for languages and oral communication. I’m currently majoring in education. Portuguese is my primary language, I speak english fluently and I can understand spanish most of the times. Very affordable and negotiable price! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a true native.

(1 review)
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Inglés Classes / Lessons English / English classrooms - BCN - online and face

I am a specialist in international business and digital marketing, I have lived in Australia and Ireland for many years, I love culture and languages. English is a passion and I love teaching it. My methodology is very practical. You will learn while using the language daily, at work, studying or during leisure time.

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Certified Teacher with 23 years experience gives Portuguese and Spanish lessons for all levels in Miami, FL, USA

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and I have been teaching Portuguese, Spanish and English for 23 years for all levels. I attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro -UFRJ- with the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese and Spanish and Licenciate in Education.

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Teacher gives english and portuguese lessons for children and adults online and in Orlando area.

I have a bachelor degree in Physical Therapy and I have been teaching people who has learning difficulties for more than 10 years. I use the ESL techniques and use exemples and repetition to catch the student's attention. Depending on the age, I use different resources to teacher portuguese. With children I use a lot of props and with adults I talk about daily life and actualities.

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Master Degree in English Language teaches English and related to all levels in Florianopolis

I am a teacher with the methodological approach in mnemonic and audiolingual. I always try to develop better conversations as a writing addition, they are sub sequential components. I am well versed in both methodologies, i believe it's the best in understanding, developing and mastering English language.

Parque Oratório (Santo André)
(2 reviews)
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Experienced teacher teaches English in a motivational and personalized way online or in loco

I am a teacher of English and Portuguese for foreigners. Classes are assembled according to the time, need and student's profile. I use all kinds of material, including authentic ones: movies, series, magazines, newspapers and music. The methodology is based on the theory of multiple intelligence and motivation, critical to maintaining the focus on learning.

Cabo Frio
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I teach English and Portuguese for foreigners. The classes are online or face-to-face in Cabo Frio for children, teens and adults

Undergraduated in Portuguese and English, I hold CAE and other certificates. In the classes, the4 skills are trained (listening, speaking, reading and writing) with emphasis on oral production or depending on the purpose of the student.

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(ONLINE ONLY) Learn Portuguese And Talk And Write Like a Pro With A Native Speaker

As your teacher I will not just teach you how to write, but also how to speak just like a native Portuguese speaker.

(2 reviews)
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Online tutoring via Skype: Brazilian Portuguese for Foreigners, Spanish and English for Brazilians

Portuguese lessons for foreigners are different from Portuguese classes for Brazilians. The focus of the classes is not grammar, but the acquisition of language. Therefore, the classes address a broad range of topics, such as phonetics, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, and also grammar topics of Brazilian Portuguese.

Osasco (São Paulo)
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Classes of Portuguese for foreigners. We live in Osasco in the West Zone of São Paulo.

I've never given class but I like to relate to people, to pass my knowledge to others. Disposal of a large vocabulary, good writing, good pronunciation and knowledge of grammar. I admire the language and would like to teach the natives of another country a little of it, it's so magnificent. I like fun lessons, games, dynamic things.

Rancho Cucamonga
(1 review)
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Native Portuguese speaker from Brazil (São Paulo) tutoring for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Portuguese.

The lessons are based on the individuals current understanding of Portuguese, and it will be inclusive of: both English and Portuguese, what to expect if you were to go to Brazil, common situations/phrases, college level tutoring, and practice conversations in Portuguese, all of which will be adapted to the students needs and interests.

Le Havre
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Diplômée d'un Master 2 Commerce international spécialité Amérique latine et Europe ibérique, donne cours d'anglais

Les cours d'anglais, d'espagnol et de portugais, s'adressent aux élèves ayant envie d'apprendre une langue étrangère, ou bien ayant envie de perfectionner certains points incompris au cours de leur scolarité. Je peux faire 1h à 1h30 de cours.

São Paulo
(3 reviews)
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Portuguese: fun and uncomplicated lessons , learn to speak, write, read and listen perfectly.

With 28 years of experience, the method I use has helped executives and their families to have a richer and more profitable experience both in the work environment and in studies, being able to use Portuguese as a tool in the company, optimizing communication and increasing productivity or school performance. The method is effective and fun while making use of music and various interesting tools.

São José do Rio Preto
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English that fits your needs in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Formed in Letters Federal do Tocantins 2 and a half years of international experience.

Adaptive method to ease the student. The facilities and learning difficulties are detected and respected, making the learning process easy and pleasurable. Focus on conversation, travel for tourism or business, exchange program and English for professions that require such language.

São Paulo
(1 review)
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Portuguese for foreigners - (Need to speak English, or have some fluency with Portuguese)

I believe that learning grammar is secondary (although necessary) when you want to learn a new language. Speaking and listening are what really matter when you want to learn a new language. Children do not learn to talk through books and classes, they watch people talk and try to do the same. Practice and repetition are the best ways to learn a new language.

Poços de Caldas
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Student of architecture and urbanism teaches Portuguese for foreigners, already with experience in the area

In the classes I use a ready-made booklet, with class A and B, where in classes A you learn a specific verb, learn vocabulary, grammar, expressions, topics and examples sentences and in classes B we have a culture class and curiosities, with songs, texts , Videos etc, besides the practice of what was taught in class A.

(1 review)
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Brazilian teaches Portuguese online with focus on conversation in Elche

I am Brazilian, my mother tongue is Portuguese. The Portuguese language is charming and very rich. I lived in Brazil until 2015 when I went to live in London to perfect my English. I lived there for 2 years and that experience has not only taught me a new language but also the difficulties and techniques to learn and perfect a language that is not your mother tongue.

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Perfect! I can highly recommend Raquel for her excellent teaching. She is very patient and her positive and friendly approach all contribute to a comfortable learning environment. I’m very pleased with the progress I am making as a result of Raquel’s...

Margaret, Student
4 days ago

Perfect! I have now had 3 lessons with Reinaldo and I am finding his teaching methods very satisfactory. Given that I am older and have not had any experience in learning another language, Reinaldo is quite patient. I would recommend Reinaldo to anyone...

Paul, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sabrina is an amazing teacher who keeps the lessons fun so it doesnt overwhelm you. Highly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for lessons, i can hold a small conversation in Portuguese after only 5 lessons.

Rachael, Student
9 months ago

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