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West End
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Final-year environmental science university student available to tutor high school and university students in the Brisbane area

My classes are effectively tailored to the your preferred style of learning. In my lessons I draw upon up-to-date resources from my own recently completed university courses, or other resources depending on the level of study. Many years of conscientious studying have given me in-depth knowledge on a diverse range of topics related to the environment.

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Tropical Biology and Conservation student gives Biology lessons to students in Townsville and Douglas

I am extremely passionate about teaching. I provide a learning environment that encourages questions, ignites curiosity and fosters love for the natural world and environment. I am very patient with solving a student's doubt. I make sure that each student gets to learn at his/her pace. I make sure that every students gets equal attention, irrespective of learning abilities.

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With a postgraduate degree in biology and over 10 yrs teaching experience, l offer a top classs teaching experience to high school and undergraduate students in Sydney privately or online

Haven taught high school and undergraduate Biology and botany students for over 10 yrs, l hope to help you with the best understanding of the rudiments of biology. l use an individual approach to teaching as well as teaching aids, videos and stimulating outdoor experiences for learning. l am fun friendly and approachable.

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Honors Biomedical Science student tutors high school students biology in Rockhampton Area

I am a very patient individual who always ensures that whoever I am helping thoroughly understands their material. That way they will gain the skills necessary to apply the information on their own and in different contexts -such as exams.

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Western Sydney University (WSU) Bachelor of Science Graduate give Biology, Physics and Chemistry lessons to high school and HSC students in Sydney

I can tutor students from K-12. My teaching style is to know the content and the student (their strength and weaknessess) and build on this in regardse to subject curriculum, assesmnet guidelines and learning outcomes so that students acheive their best possible outcomes. The methedologies i use will be stimulating and be adapted to meet students learning needs.

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An experienced teacher gives biology lessons to high school students in Adelaide

I teach the lessons topic by topic and end of each lesson, a quiz will be conducted to get an idea about the level of understanding of the student. The students will be given a chance to conduct researches by themselves and with the outcome, lessons will be taught interactively.

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University Professor / vertebrate ecologist with industry experience who can assist all people interested in biology to be ready for a career opportunities.

As a scientist and educator, Professor Hero focuses on biodiversity management, research and threatened species conservation. My teaching focus has always been on a strong basis of core knowledge of conservation biology, blended with experiential field based practical learning in fundamental ecology to provide students with work-ready skill sets in the field of environmental science.

Red Hill
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QUT PhD graduate teaches all biology and zoology lessons in Brisbane area

I can teach starting from the basics if you prefer or specific points which you need me to explain. I have experience in both teaching theoretical facts and working on practical lessons. Further, I can help you with your assignments, exams and day-to-day lessons.

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Biology and General Science tutoring from a PhD holder with more than 15 years experience

I tutor high school and University students. Following an initial consultation and assessment to establish the level and type of support, we will develop a personally tailored one-on-one lesson plan to achieve the identified goals.

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A cheerful medical background student with over 8 years of expertise in biology and chemistry working in the healthcare sector to provide for a better lifestyle!

I am student who is currently pursuing her Master in Public Health. With a strong background in Health sciences, my lessons are focused towards in-depth biology and chemistry as required by the Victorian curriculum.

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Science lover wanting to help students develop a love and passion for science.

I am a firm yet fair teacher. Utilizing multiple intelligences theory I will provide an enriching environment for my students. Using flashcards, experiments, the world around us and hands on teaching methods students will learn theory in a fun and refreshing way.

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Postgraduate marine biologist gives biology lessons to high school and uni students

I like to approach the subject giving a general view of it, then go into the specific area that requires more explanation or that it is unclear. I move forward only when I am sure the subject has been fully comprehended by the student.

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UTAS Masters of Biological Science student; Providing help with Highschool Level Biology in Hobart

I love Biology and its related fields of study. Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to help someone else love Biology as much as I do. This is what I will aim to be doing. While focussing on the student's exams and assignment requirements I aim to get them excited about the Biological Sciences.

Norman Gardens
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CQUniversity PhD student gives Biology lessons to high school and uni students in Rockhampton

Mostly I approach a topic by demonstrating with examples and situations so as that students get a clear picture about the concept. I give more emphasis on understanding the concept and make sure that every students excel in their studies.

Saint Lucia
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University of Queensland Biomedical Engineering Research scholar ready to give biology lectures

My teaching method is engaging students by self performing first. I also make things easiest by drawings, videos and daily life examples. My teaching methods are learning oriented. I made students learn-on-site rather than leaving students on their own.

Cranbourne East
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Deakin University Biomed student giving biology and chemistry lessons at your home

My teaching lesson start with daily examples and relating real life scenarios with the subject to make it more easier to understand. My lesson structure is usually based on defining and detailing the facts and figures and latest advancements in the field.

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Professionally trained Biology Teacher available full time, 7 days a week to offer guaranteed success in your results!

My teaching style is inclusive. It includes all formal and informal ways of teaching so that students enjoy and learn at the same time.

Cannon Hill
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Griffith University student gives excellent guidance in zoology with outstanding teaching coupled with passion.

I used to teach students by narrating the metabolic processes in a human body as a story so that they will have the chain tightly bound in their minds. I used to give a quick recap of what I had taught the last class in a very friendly manner along with their active participation. That will definitely help a student progress in studies.

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UQ Graduate tutoring biology in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs and Granite Belt either online or face to face.

My teaching methodology would be highly dependant on the students needs and learning style. However, in general my approach would be systematic with a combination of practical and theoretical lessons. I personally find a varied teaching experience more fullfilling for the majority of students. For example: use of a standard text, quizzes, painting, flash cards, cartoons, field trips, etc.. etc.

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Biologist with teaching experience from middle school to university level from Brisbane

My philosophy is that every student is with one type of intelligence according to Howard Gardner, so I try to work with every student differently. If I teach a big class of more than 15 students I always use all of the learning types to cover the whole class. Every lesson start with brainstorming, main topic and conclusion finishing with homework.

Fulham Gardens
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University of Adelaide honours student providing molecular biology / biochemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

I offer tutoring and editing services mainly for University students, but high school students are welcomed; I can assist with understanding and completing assignments as well as proofreading/editing your text to sound more professional. I can provide tutoring and editing services online/via email, but can also meet in person.

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Ex Uni lecturer of Biology, botany and Ecology, environmental consultant. BSc Biology, MSc Ecology

I am born teacher enjoyed helping my younger siblings with their school works. Lab tutor since 2nd year of university. Always tried to show the relevance of the theory to the everyday life and try to make students to use their prior knowledge to find new concepts. I also help student to learn how to develop their knowledge.

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Queensland University of Technology ecology honours researcher gives biology and environmental science tutoring

My teaching method is based on passion and engagement. I find the greatest way to retain knowledge is to care about the subject. This is not always an easy task, but I believe that within every subject are things worth engaging in. My lessons are judgement free and aim at developing core knowledge that can be built upon to develop skills.

Isabella Plains
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Science and Information Technology classes in Canberra By Post Graduate Experienced Person

I am very enthusiastic and optimistic regarding my teaching approaches. I always prefer the practical teaching that brings the positive grasping behavior in students. My teaching methodologies are ubiquitous in the knowledge power. Providing the students with the possible behavior examples and easy to learn methods that allow them to learn more while taking less amount of stress.

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Qualified teacher (B. Sci/B. Ed (Sec)) available for tutoring in Wollongong area. Specialising in year 7-10 general science and geography. HSC subjects include Biology, Earth and Environmental Science

As a science teacher, we are encouraged to base our teaching methods on the 5E Instructional Model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

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A zoology student , currently pursuing accounting gives biology lessons which includes anatomy , physiology , cellular biology to high school and primary school students .

My teaching is completely based on the belief that every student is perfect in his/her own way and that each student deserve the same attention . I can provide that kind of atmosphere where a student can express his/her ideas and share their thoughts. I would clear all doubts and make them fully understand a topic. I believe with my teaching my students will definitely rise to the occasion.

Coochiemudlo Island
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Semi-retired ecologist with PhD in Biology/Statistics wishing to tutor high school and university students on line.

My teaching method is to initially converse with the student to ascertain their skills level, determine what goals they may have in a relevant professional sphere, or associated role, and then begin with single topic discussions to eventually build a 'library' of structured information which can then be applied e.g.

East Lismore
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Southern Cross University PhD student as well as Assistant Professor of a University in Bangladesh gives biology lessons to students at Lismore and surroundings.

My teaching method is based on understanding, visualization and critical thinking and I always discourage rote-based learning and memorization. I approach topic by topic and go inside the theory and emphasize on things related to those topics appear in practical life.

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Marine Ecologist Student teaching biology through exciting experiments and fun field explorations!

Learning happens by doing! Which is why I strive to connect concepts and information to memorable experiences, such as homestyle science experiments and observational walks outside.

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PhD with years of teaching experience, offers Biology lessons to high school and university students

My teaching methods vary as I get to know my students' needs. I try to think around the problems a student might have and work out the best way to overcome them. The initial lesson is more of a problem solving lesson, trying to find the needs of the student. Further lessons are tailored towards that student.

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