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Saint Paul
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Play, create, improvise, sound like you dream. Theory, techniques, aural skills, phrasing, memory, feeling. Electric blues and acoustic are my expertise for rhythm, lead, and improvising. 15 years pla

Private Lessons... we design the course together based on the students goals and desires. I focus on a dream song or one they truly love. Always the best place to start... make the dream real immediately. Adjust the song lessons accordingly from there. In one song, they can learn all the basics and extend from there to another song, to all songs, to music period. Group Lessons...

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Local Rock musician with 15 years of experience and a degree in music composition gives lessons at home in Austin, TX.

I teach students of all levels the basics of their instrument of choice by selecting the songs they'd like to learn. The best and most entertaining way to pick up an instrument is to see the instrument through the eyes of your favorite musicians. Together we will break down the song so you can play it and ideally learn to write in the style of your favorite musicians if the student has that desire.

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Jazz and Classical trained guitarist, and author of the Quelbe music method offering classes in South Florida

My teaching methodology is to visualize an appropriate framework of curriculum units. The units are 1) ear training, 2) instrumental dexterity/facility, 3) repertoire, 4) technique, and 5) theory.

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Rock musician/songwriter with 8+ years experience under his belt looking to drop some knowledge on ya, boi.

I'm going to assume that each student knows absolutely nothing at all about music unless otherwise stated. This allows me to approach each lesson from the viewpoint of the student which helps me relate and cater to their needs, musically. I like to teach the way I would like to be taught. This means if a student asks to be taught a song specifically, that's what they're gonna get.

Beverly Hills
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Grammy nominated Guitarist, composer, educator . Founder of American Music Academy amaschool.org

My teaching method is bouncing off the student's natural interest and ability. Let's say a student likes Metallica, then I show him the scale, chords and why this particular note works there. Then we make it better and whats natural for the student.

Agoura Hills
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Professional Guitarist with 25 years experience as Song Writer, Extensive Live Performer and Touring for 20 years, Film & Tv Composer, Studio Recording Production, Live Guitar Technician, Certified IN

I give the tools and provide flexability to teach custom tailored lessons for an opportunity to efficiently give my students the control of the pace the lessons evolve. Allowing each student to progress with the confidence to flourish.

Chapel Hill
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Rock Musician with 20 years of experience gives song writing/guitar lessons from home in North Carolina

My teaching Method is hands on through the computer It will be through video and will have a step by step learning experiences where you can learn about guitar and writing your own songs the student will learn how to make their own music

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Ph.D. with 17 years of teaching guitar, music theory, and ear training.

Whether you want to learn some of your favorite songs, learn how to keep up with your musical friends, or explore advanced concepts in music theory and ear training, I can help you! I teach all popular and folk styles, from the classics to present day hits and top 40. Please note that I teach all skill levels in GUITAR, music theory, songwriting, and ear training.

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Am I The Right Acoustic, Electric, and/or Bass Guitar Teacher For You?

"Teacher Developed. Student Proven. Mom Approved. Rewards-Based Guitar Lessons that work. The only guitar education developed to prevent boredom with a 30 day 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee." Are we the right music school for you? Jon Kapity Guitar Academy is the largest guitar school in Zion, IL with an active enrollment of over 40 guitar students.

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Spina Jam Epinal guitar lessons All styles all Levels Ibanez Ludovic Dinh

Acoustic and electric guitar lessons all styles all nivo on Epinal graduate teacher endorsed at Ibanez simple effective method courses individual or group training course ...

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Session and live musician with 10 years of teaching, touring, and studio experience.

I believe in tailoring each lesson to the student. Whether you are a beginner, or advanced, I believe each musician has the potential to grow. My curriculum is based off student-specific goals, whether you wish to obtain more knowledge of the modes, increase speed and dexterity, prepare for college as a music major, etc... Your lesson is your time, I'm here to serve you.

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Professional guitar player with a very great passion to teach rock music

always teaching music with passion and make the people fall in love with the instrument,trying to understand the favorite music style of the student and let him play what music he likes,that's the best way to teach how to play the guitar

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Learn Guitar from a Nashville Studio and Touring Guitarist to the Stars

I base my guitar teaching on learning the "blueprint" of the instrument. It is wonderful to learn your favorite songs, but, if you really want to get something fulfilling out of any instrument, you need to know how music works, and how to apply it to your instrument.

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LessonsWithMike.com: College instructor offering in-home guitar lessons anywhere in the Twin Cities!

Each student is different and I teach with that in mind. All of my students are provided with the same material out of the gate but I then try my best to adjust to the students learning style to get their full potential to shine through.

New Delhi
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I will primarily start off with the basics .There will be lots of finger excercises and songs to be learnt .Mostly the ones that you want to learn.My methodology is primarily based on EAR TRAINING and improving the technique.

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Milan - CPM graduate - beginner and advanced electric and acoustic guitar lessons

Graduated at the CPM in Milan, excellent preparation on all the technical and theoretical aspects of the modern guitar. Individual guitar lessons tailored to the level of the student and the purpose (beginners, amateurs, advanced, pre-academics), based in North Milan, available to move across the urban area Prices: 15 euro 30 minutes, 20 euros an hour.

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Electric and acoustic lessons, all styles and all levels in Ecusson, Montpellier

We will first book a free appointment of 30 minutes to analyse your level and your wishes. A tailor-made course will then be programmed, with selected pieces to work or exercises, as well as theoretical and improvisation classes for more advanced students.

(2 reviews)
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Guitarist, composer, teacher withdiploma and more than 25 years of experience, offers guitar lessons for all styles and levels.

The courses are given according to the needs of each student. This includes different techniques, music theory and several musical genres: pop, rock, funk, jazz, blues, latin, metal, classical.

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Self Taught Musician Giving Cheap and Simple Guitar Lessons for Beginners in Corona. California

My teaching method is simply hands on, observational learning. I teach beginners with no experience the most basic concepts of guitar by showing them techniques, explaining why and when those techniques would be used, and then have them repeat and practice those techniques until they feel proficient and ready to move on to more complicated techniques.

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Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Lap Steel, Dobro and Weissenborn Lessons via Skype by a PRO Guitar Player

I am currently accepting new students from around the world via Skype! I’m pretty flexible with time as I do this part time when I’m not touring or on my off days on tour. I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. After years of playing in my style I have designed a set of exercises which I call the “New Wave of Acoustic Guitar”.

Citrus Heights
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You can enjoy playing the guitar and bass at ANY level! Guitar and bass instructor with over 13 years of experience.

I have developed my own curriculum after teaching hundreds of students. The focus of my lessons is enjoying the learning process. Even when learning music theory, chords, scales rhythm or lead the lessons are always kept practical. I have taught as young as 5 year olds and as experienced as 75 year old students.

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Custom Guitar & Bass Online Lesson on Skype (Learning And Development, Personnalized Lesson)

Eloi Nicod 20years old (ex-Derealized, TheScalarProcess) Musician, Composer since the age of 9, Sound engineer since 2014 and Guitar and bass teacher for more than 1 year.

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Guitar Teacher/Performer --> All Styles, to all ages. More than 20 year of experience.

I base my method first on the intellectual and auditory perception of the elements of music, and then i showing the many ways of making music with the guitar, interacting with all these elements.

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College student offering guitar lessons to beginning students. 5 years of music and tutoring experience

My teaching method is student focused. Tell me what you want to take away from the lesson(s), be it specific or generic, and a lesson plan can be created speficially for you! I am competent in and can teach; rock, blues, reggae, folk, funk, jazz, and other types of music that feature guitars.

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Music producer, lately working on alternate band projects. Bass and Guitar. EDM/Metal/Prog Rock

I can come up with theoretical and practical classes. I mostly work on building strong musical base , which later plays an important role for anyone who wants to take music as a profession.

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Belmont guitar performance grad giving lessons in Nashville to all ages.

Whether a beginner needing to get started out on the right foot, or an experienced player looking to kick things up a notch, I will create a personalized curriculum for your interests and needs.

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Learn music with fun...take a Completely free demo and I will demonstrate that everybody can learn guitar irrespective of age and other things..

I have a different style of teaching for different students. I make sure that they are getting the best of them without feeling bored or like work for music.

(2 reviews)
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Master student in Grenoble School of Management and Bachelor degree in Modern Literature at Sorbonne University

My methodology is simple: the student chooses the direction in which he wants to go (if he does not have a precise idea, we define it together) and then I make every effort so that he can achieve it. Being quite versatile, anything is possible: folk, classical, metal, jazz, rock, etc.

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Professional Musician/Producer offering Guitar lessons in Houston to all ages with 10 years experience

Professional musician with 10 years of live performance and recording experience worked along with many bands in the states and in Africa. I follow a very simple techniques to help beginners feel more comfortable playing by teaching the theory and supporting it with a hand practice and practice songs.

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Quest for the artist in you; Guitar classes in Delhi NCR. Blues.

I'm a musician, singer/songwriter who's been teaching myself music since I was 5. Music has been all about instinct and it has come naturally to me so far. I am a multi-instrumental and I'm working on my debut album in New Delhi. I can teach you how to efficiently unravel the art that's waiting to be explored by the artist within you.

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