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Experienced Bachelor of Jazz Guitar graduate teaches you guitar from Sydney, Australia

I teach according to each student's needs and learning style. I believe that music and the guitar can be taught holistically and measurably, with practical methods and simple guidelines. Every student has the ability to be successful at music.

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Classicaly taught guitar with knowledge of music theory as well. Also learnt blues and some jazz.

I access whom I'm tutoring, their interest in the instrument as well as encouraging them to devote time to theoretical side of music which should then stimulate them into how music works and if they pick up that their interests are liable to branch out to other instruments as well. The guitar is just the tool to make the music.

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Modern Jazz Guitarist, extensive teaching experience in many styles, based in Brisbane.

My teaching is both practical and theoretical, with an emphasis on improving technique, aural skills, repertoire and exposure to modern musical approaches. Lessons are either in person or online and tailored to the individual. Music is the real teacher, but I aim to guide, inspire and clarify.

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Affordable guitar basics lessons practical/theory in the greater hobart area and surrounds

i base my classes on what i was taught during my time receiving lessons privately through the conservatorium of music, focusing on basic chord building, the circle of fifths, basic of scales and how to apply them musically.

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Lead Rock Guitarist! A Metalhead who has appreciation for classical music as well..

You'll literally learn to look at music and cultivate it in you. You'll become a strong instrumentalist. Things you'll learn:- 1. Scales: Pentatonic/Blues/Harmonic Minor/Chords; Arpeggios, Tapping, Sweep Picking etc. 2. Music appreciation: Rock/Classical 3. I'll give you violin lessons too but guitar will be the main focus.

Marseille 3e
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Sela, singer / guitarist graduate, gives singing lessons, guitar, music appreciation in Marseille.

Sela, guitar teacher, singing, music appreciation and scenic coach. I teach acoustic and electric guitar. Style contemporary music (blues, rock, jazz, funk, variety). Music theory will be methodical and related style (rhythm, chord construction and ranges). I teach singing, you will develop your voice and your true potential to resonate (breathing, precision, rhythm, interpretation).

(15 reviews)

Guitar lessons with a new method of learning, fun for everyone!

Hello everyone, my name is Morgan, musician for 10 years. I offer guitar lessons of a new kind, focused on fun and discover of this magnificent instrument. Method without musical theory and unique, far from the conservatory standards.

Paris 15e
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Pro Guitarist, 20 years of experience, gives guitar lessons all styles, all levels

Hello my classes are dedicated to who wants to learn to play the electric guitar or acoustic in the styles rock, metal, fusion, jazz, pop. Beginners or experienced are welcome. Guitar lessons depending on your desires. Improvisation, composition, technique, harmony.

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Custom Guitar & Bass Online Lesson on Skype (Learning And Development, Personnalized Lesson)

Eloi Nicod 20years old (ex-Derealized, TheScalarProcess) Musician, Composer since the age of 9, Sound engineer since 2014 and Guitar and bass teacher for more than 1 year.

(18 reviews)
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Spina Jam Epinal guitar lessons All styles all Levels Ibanez Ludovic Dinh

Acoustic and electric guitar lessons all styles all nivo on Epinal graduate teacher endorsed at Ibanez simple effective method courses individual or group training course ...

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Berklee College of Music graduate with over 16 years of teaching experience is offering guitar lessons to guitarists of all levels.

I'm an open-minded and optimistic person. Over the years I have developed a lot of my own teaching materials. I'm very flexible in the way I teach and I always try to find out what type of learners my students are so that I can design a personalized practice plan. The best musicians are not always the best teachers and the cheapest teachers are rarely the best teachers.

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Professor teaches Blues / Rock / Jazz guitar lessons at home in Bordeaux

I work on instinct and offer my students courses according to their wishes and musical tastes. I have a pretty free teaching method. The guitar must be considered above all as an instrument of escape and personal expression. I work on tablatures and by ear basically to allow my students to fly on their own rather quickly.

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Classical guitar electric guitar folk jazz blues cheap Lyon Villeurbanne

My name is Ludwig and I have been teaching guitar for 10 years now. I have a bachelor's degree in musicology and a master's degree in music composition. My experience in teaching guitar allows me to easily target different student profiles to find the most effective learning method for their evolution.

Fernando joseph
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Teacher gives you Singing and / or Guitar Lessons in Perpignan or Near.

Former guitarist / teacher and singer in several bands in America and France gives you lessons guitar and singing. Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk, Soul .... Helps you Prepare an acceptable repertoire and be able to perform in front of an audience or just for your pleasure.

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Guitarist improviser and music lover 10 years of experience to find the taste of the instrument!

My philosophy is to make the moment enjoyable: music is something that can be shared at all levels.

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Graduated from Music Academy 2000 and MCR by Donato Begotti, I teach modern guitar lessons at all levels and at all ages. I have worked with more than 100 students, developing over the years a mo meth

My lessons are aimed at all ages, all levels and all styles. For every age / level / style / goal I have developed over the years a personalized path that I invite you to discover. My philosophy is: a good course of study must be well structured, must be analytical, fun, give you as many tools as possible to achieve your goals and tailored to your needs.

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( English) Gives Electrical and Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Livry-Gargan and Surroundings

I teach especially blues, rock blues but also folk or pop, I rely on standard learning method without suffocating the student of methodology by trying to combine method, theory and practice to allow a less compressed learning and more free .

(2 reviews)
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Master student in Grenoble School of Management and Bachelor degree in Modern Literature at Sorbonne University

My methodology is simple: the student chooses the direction in which he wants to go (if he does not have a precise idea, we define it together) and then I make every effort so that he can achieve it. Being quite versatile, anything is possible: folk, classical, metal, jazz, rock, etc.

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Learn Guitar and understand music with an ease in Bangalore.Feel the vibration of acoustic.

I like to teach people on weekly basis for the beginners and monthly twice for the experienced guys.Owning a guitar is mandatory for learning and it requires a practice of 30 minutes per day at least to become a professional player with in 6 months.

New York
(4 reviews)
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East Village Guitar Salon.com...Study of classical, jazz and improv guitar arts.

I have created to own and operate the East Village Guitar Salon, in New York City. My Salon specializes in lessons for the classical guitar and improvisational guitar art like jazz and free-form. I also offer study classes in Museo-Ontology, a subject based upon my book, "Exerciricle: Keys to Museo-Ontology". My teaching style is compatible for the dedicated student.

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Professional guitarist: 50+ years experience. Specialties in rock, blues/slide, bass. Minor in classical from WSU in Utah. Teach from home in Pahrump, Nevada. Online option.

I am Robert 'Skinny Bob' Barney. I teach several styles. Focus on technique, scales, chords, rhythm, and lead. Minor in classical guitar and use that for basis. Approach according to student's particular interest.

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Graduated in Parma Conservatory Jazz Guitar available for guitar lessons, improvisation techniques and Ear Training; available in Cremona area for lessons in person and on Skype

Hello! Welcome to my Superprof profile! Tommaso is a graduate in Jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Parma and he graduated in Jazz at the Conservatory of Parma. I have been teaching music for five years at all levels, from the beginner to the advanced level.

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Berklee Graduate, BU Music Education Doctorate student giving online and in-studio lessons

I am deeply committed to education and course development. As a teacher and performer, critical listening and research have provided the analytical foundation for my instruction. I focus on educational quality and pedagogical need so students, both in private lessons and ensemble situations, can develop as musicians.

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Singer/Songwriter/Musician with 10+ years of experience. Teaches guitar/vocal lessons in Denver, Colorado

I teach beginner/intermediate guitarists/vocalists. For beginner guitarists/vocalists, lessons start with learning correct posture/ergonomics, along with basic musical fundamentals (tempo,pitch,rhythm, etc.). Besides first lesson basics, I make accommodations and lesson plans around where students wish to take the musical journey! I also teach Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Songwriters.

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Student gives guitar lessons for beginners and advanced guitar players of all ages, Harmony and melody

In my classes, I make sure that fun and motivation come up quickly. I only explain music theory to the extent that it always contributes to direct progress on the instrument. At the same time, I am always patient and friendly and as soon as there is some basic knowledge, I am happy to respond to individual song requests.

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Online Private Guitar Lessons from a Musician with 17 Years of Experience Playing, Studying, and Writing Music!

My teaching lessons are based upon the individual or individual's understanding of certain topics in Music. If there is no understanding, I'll start from the ground up. I can teach beginner-advanced level guitar, and being 21, my audience could be anyone young or old looking to learn more about the guitar.

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Musician graduated in Electric Guitar, with experience in the field, teaches guitar and music theory.

The lessons are open for every level, age and any need, both professional and purely amateur. From the basics of the instrument to the most advanced techniques, from the simple chords to the study of phrasing and touch in any musical genres. The lesson includes both instrument practice and music theory and, by student choice, also solfeggio.

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Student at TU delft with 11 years experience on the acoustic/electric guitar in almost all genres gives lessons at student home or online.

I think that adjusting to the student's wants and needs is the most important factor in my teaching, and I will always strive to adjust the material and methods accordingly. Do you want to learn to play your favorite songs or would you like to know more about the theory behind it? I am open to any type of student and will do my best to support you in this.

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Musician for 15 years, Guitar teacher for 5 years in Paris. Any age, any style!

In my opinion, the most important thing is to love the instrument, I try to transmit my passion in a fun way and in a good mood by adapting to the tastes of my students, understanding their expectations.

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Guitarist of Memphis, Tn band Mobius Pieces gives guitar lessons to all ages and in all styles.

I base my lessons on the individual student. If the student wants to know minimal music theory to get by or none at all;I don't force them to learn the theory. Same thing goes for reading music, it is a great skill to have but if the student just wants to learn how to play, that's what I teach them.

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