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I am an experienced tutor who is passionate about assisting students in reaching their potential. I have strengths in maths, chemistry and biology.

I have 11 years experience tutoring students from High school, TAFE, 1st year university and adult bridging courses. I have achieved a double major degree in chemistry and biology, with a minor in mathematics. In order to get the best results from my students, I tailor my lessons to suit their needs.

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Monash Biotechnology Postgraduate offers individual biology lessons to school and university students in Melbourne.

Subrat and I have a Bachelors of Science in Applied Biotechnology and a postgraduate Diploma majoring Industrial Biotechnology and Cancer Drug Production. I m persuing my Masters of Biotechnology at Monash University.

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Adelaide Master's student in biotechnology(biomedical) provides tuition for high school to bachelors students

As teaching is my passion, I was giving home tutions for students of high school, year 11 and year 12. I would also love to teach mathematics, chemistry and physics to high school students.My teaching method is explaining the concept, showing explanatory videos, giving tests to test the understanding of the students.

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Student paced learning with patient and understanding helper. Tutoring in English, Music, Maths, Chemistry, Beginners Physics, Physical Chemistry. Teaching all grades upto Year 12 Maths A and Initial

I help students to reach their potentials and provide confidence and encouragement to go further than they thought possible! I work with students weekly to achieve their personal bests and work systematically through their homework tasks and give them excercises and support for improving their skills.

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Monash Occupational Therapy student give biology lessons to high school students around Frankston and the Peninsula

My teaching method is with the use of pictures, diagrams and more pictures! Most of my notes consist of hand-drawn diagrams and lots of colours. But if colourful pictures aren't your cup of tea, the lesson would accommodate your style of learning, whatever it may be! The lesson structure would be based on what you are struggling most with first, then refining the rest of the syllabus.

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Curtin University Student give lessons to high school students in Yr 11 and 12 Human Biology and Yr 10 and below Science

As a tutor my aim is to give students a professional learning environment where they can receive help with any queries regarding the subject so they can excel in their assessments. The structure of the lesson will be based on the textbooks used in school and the student's weakness. Prioritisation of student's weakness and helping them improve will be my main goal.

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Teacher of Biology at High School Level for six years in Ireland.

Lessons I provide will be geared towards students who not only want to do well in exams but also enjoy the subject material. Lessons will be discussion based and participation from both tutor and student will be required. The idea being to provide a less formal approach to study in a fashion that can make it enjoyable.

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Learn Biology and more to increase knowledge in Canberra from university lecturer.

My teaching method is discussion and demonstration method. It's a must for me to ensure my student understands the taught concept and can apply application knowledge to the taught concept. I believe every student is smart and can prosper.

Vijay bhoopalan
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ANU masters student gives lessons on biotechnology,microbiology molecular and cellular biology

My teaching methodology aims at building a strong basic foundation on the topic and making the student develop more on it by providing an intriguing question and helping the student extrapolate the concepts. Each topic will begin with the basics and each session will end with a simple question that will keep them motivated and also give leads on the next topic.

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Tropical Biology and Conservation student gives Biology lessons to students in Townsville and Douglas

I am extremely passionate about teaching. I provide a learning environment that encourages questions, ignites curiosity and fosters love for the natural world and environment. I am very patient with solving a student's doubt. I make sure that each student gets to learn at his/her pace. I make sure that every students gets equal attention, irrespective of learning abilities.

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ACU Sport Science Honours Student lending out helpful advice for High School and University Students in Brisbane

My teaching method is quite casual as to help form a relationship with the student so they are more engaged and find their work more enjoyable. I don't like it when study feels like a chore and I would love my students to feel the same passion for their study as I do.

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With a postgraduate degree in biology and over 10 yrs teaching experience, l offer a top classs teaching experience to high school and undergraduate students in Sydney privately or online

Haven taught high school and undergraduate Biology and botany students for over 10 yrs, l hope to help you with the best understanding of the rudiments of biology. l use an individual approach to teaching as well as teaching aids, videos and stimulating outdoor experiences for learning. l am fun friendly and approachable.

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Sydney University PHD science student, passionate about the human body and how it works as a machine

I am naturally curious about life, I find questioning my learnings, teachings, and philosophies one of the best ways to obtain clarity as well as to constantly learn and grow. My lesson structure is centered around what the student's goals and objectives are, why the need to learn a certain field and how best to aid them in their learning journey.

Bedford Park
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Australian National University first year student tutors primary and high school students in Biology.

I like to take a fun and direct approach to learning where learning is achieved at a pace which is applicable to the student. Each student learns in a different way and I believe that having patience and understanding with students about the way they learn is key in them moving forward and developing a deeper understanding.

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Ex Oxford University Lecturer and Tutor gives lessons in Chemistry and Biology

My teaching method is very interactive and I provide constructive feedback as part of encouragement of student learning. I make sure that students understand and are confident with new knowledge. I provide ample opportunities for students to apply their learning .

Saint Lucia
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UQ Physiotherapy Student seeking to provide tutoring is high school Biology, Chemistry and Health and Physical Education within the Brisbane area.

I am a very organised and approachable person, so I will shape my classes around you and what you need guidance with, and then acquire the materials needed to create an engaging and educational lesson. I am an enthusiastic and energetic person, so I love keeping my sessions interactive and stimulating.

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QUT Biomedical Science student giving help with biology, chemistry (both organic and inorganic) and anatomy.

My teaching method is tailored towards the person or people I am mentoring. This is Because no two individuals learn the same way. I like to start by addressing what the student is having trouble with and working through those problems. Then I start with the basics to gauge if the student has the foundation of knowledge to build upon before moving into the next topic.

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MS biotechnology student at university of Western Australia willing to give biology lessons to high school students in Perth

I prefer to give one on one attention to each student or max to a group of 5 people, explain the basic concepts first and then carry on with the syllabus so that it will be easier to understand the topic.

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ANU Advanced Science student for tutoring in Biology, Band 6 HSC student

Understanding rather than memorising. By understanding a concept, the mind ends up remembering the points and the concept is more easily applied to other relevant concepts later on.

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Neuroscience Honours Student and Biomed Graduate able to show you the fun side of science!

I like to tailor what I do to the student I am helping. No one is the same and therefore it is not appropriate to apply the same way of teaching to everyone. Some students require simple explanations while others prefer large drawings that depict concepts. Whatever it is that helps you learn, I can do it.

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Biotechnology postgrad with 4+ years of research experience gives lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

I approach the topic with their necessity or requirement for the current phase of the relevant field. I make sure that I cover from history/origin to recent updates, not just the textbook part but the real-life scenario.

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LaTrobe Biotechnology masters student gives biology lessons to high school and elementary students.

My teaching method is very minimalist yet interesting. I feel the student is not to be burdened rather he/she should enjoy the course of the subject.

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Current Pharmacy Honours Student studying at Curtin University providing Chemistry, Human Biology & Maths Applications tutoring to year 11 & 12 ATAR Students.

I believe the kind of student my lessons are geared towards are students who may have a basic understanding of the topic but are struggling to get a full grasp of it, or students who are really struggling to understand the topic and need another learning approach that their teacher cannot provide.

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Deakin Biomed student looking out for high school and undergrad students around Melbourne to share her knowledge in biology

My priority would be the student. First when the student contacts me I would like to get to know everything the students wants to know and have a doubt on. And I would prepare myself accordingly and would and deliver the lesson the way the student and I both would be comfortable.

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UQ Biotechnology Student ready to give classes for Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology , Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics and Zoology. I'm a Masters Post graduate in Life Sciences (Sp. Animal Sci

My teaching methodology mainly focuses on illustration using diagrams and explanation with examples. For some topics I use animations for the better understanding. Biology has to be experienced not to be read, I think just reading alone wont help in biology and related fields.

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German Scientist teaches you in any biology related field in Townsville (near uni)

Every person have different learning techniques. Some find it easier to learn with visualisation, some others prefer the auditive way. My aim is to emphasise on that individual preference, still trying to combine several methods to consolidate that knowledge.

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ANU Economics student with prior BioMedical: Anatomy + Physiology degree give biology lessons to high school and students at university

My method of teaching stems from my experience as a student at university for 6 years as well as working in laboratories under doctoral's, therefore I have found in my experience, I learned better when large blocks of information was disseminated into granular forms with real-life examples to correlate along with what I was expected to learn.

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Environmental and Marine Science PhD graduate with both academic and industry experience tutors in Science and Technology

I believe in the classroom that student’s need to feel valued. To achieve this in my teaching practice I need to approach learning holistically. In other words, student’s need to be encouraged to develop a sense of personal agency, of belonging, contributing and taking control of their own learning. I believe that this approach has a positive impact on behaviour, which effects learning.

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Ph.D. scientist (Neurosciences, Immunology) will assist you with your courses in Biological Sciences

Rigueur, High quality mentoring. I will deliver high quality tutoring. I have more than 4 years experience as a tutor in Biological Psychology at the University of Newcastle.

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Uni Melb PhD student with years of experience in Biology teaching /tutoring

My method is to make classes easy and fun, enjoy learning with interactive tools and tricks to remember what you learned!! My responsibilities as a teacher include: Lecturer of Medical Genetics, and Molecular and Cell Biology: Teaching, supervision and mentoring of undergraduate students. Conducting large-group teaching. Preparation of teaching materials and performance assessments.

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