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Adelaide University student gives science and maths lessons to high school students

My teaching method is to work on a one-on-one basis, allowing the student's needs to drive the lesson structure. I work with them to identify problems in their learning. After identifying areas for improvement I aim to teach the content and theories and demonstrate to students methods of answering sample questions.

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Bachelor of Science student at the University of Adelaide with a completed Bachelor of Finance. Based in the Adelaide CBD and looking to help school and university students achieve their best possible

Having been a boisterous student in the past I know how important a proper teaching method can be and how some classrooms simply do not cater to all types of learning. Sometimes additional one on one tutoring can be a fantastic way to help compliment what is happening in the classroom, and it can be astounding how much a couple of hours a week of focused learning can achieve.

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B. Sc (Biomedical Science) graduate (with perfect GPA of 7) offers to teach mathematics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology in Adelaide or via webcam

My lessons will be structured to enable me to methodically go through individual topics with you and help you with problem areas that you may have without setting specific time frames as some topics are more challenging and time-consuming than others. I hope to provide you with useful tips and methods for effective revision and study.

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UniSA Medical Radiation Science student, tutoring for Chemistry students in Adelaide SA

I was tutored during my schooling years and know the significance it had on my academic performance and mindset. It put my mind at ease knowing that there was someone I could turn to outside of school who would walk me through things I struggled to understand.

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Health Science Advanced graduate in Adelaide looking to teach Chemistry and Biology

Having recently finished a degree myself, I have developed methods to make study and revision effective by using various visual and written tools. As I have 4 years of tutoring experience, I understand that each student may require a slightly different approach in order to maximize their understanding of the subject.

Kent Town
Sai priya
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University of Adelaide Master of Biotechnology student teaching Chemistry and Biochemistry; very passionate about teaching

I am a person passionate towards learning and teaching. I first got into teaching because I really look forward to being able to share my knowledge with others. My lessons will be tailored individually towards each student's needs. I welcome anyone who wants to learn the subject.

Kent Town
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Advanced Science student providing Chemistry and Biology lessons to students in Adelaide

Everybody learns differently so I gear my teaching strategies towards the clients needs. Some students prefer to spend the lesson going through homework questions they are struggling with. Other lessons may be spent explaining hard-to-grasp concepts. If there is a test or exam approaching we may spend the lesson practising exam style questions or testing knowledge.

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Adelaide High School graduate and a Biomedical Science student offering chemistry, biology and maths methods tutoring for 90 and above ATAR!!! IT'S NOT HARD AS YOU THOUGHT, YOU JUST NEED A GOOD TUTOR!

I am not tutoring anyone as a teacher but I will put myself in your position, a student, as how I was in year 12. Learning can be a little bit difficult and I'll ask you to tell your understands before going into the lessons. If I find that you don't quite understand and you're a bit confused, I'll correct you on the way. If you don't get the whole concept, that's ok! I am here to help.

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Advanced science biochemistry and genetics major offering highschool and university biology tutoring

My teaching method relies on conceptual descriptions by diagrammatic and verbal means, followed by discussion, questions and application. This model allows the tutor a concise description of the topic and allows the student an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings before verification of understanding by application. Lessons can cover general concepts, or specific areas of difficulty.

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Flinders Uni PhD candidate giving lessons in high schools Chemistry, Biology, Maths at Adelaide

My classes are a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic studies with more inquiry-based studies. it is more holistic, conceptual and interdisciplinary. Students get enough freedom to ask and fulfil their knowledge. I give equal weight in exam strategy as well theoretical concept.

Preet kamal
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I am PhD graduate with relevant experience in research will teach biochemistry to uni grad and under graduate students in Adelaide

I am new teacher without teaching experience but I have good theoretical knowledge and can underpin many concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology. I would prefer to take teaching lessons topic by topic. I can provide good notes and slides on particular topic.

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Dedicated UniSA Psychology student offering insightful and interactive Biology lessons in Magill,SA

I believe that teaching and learning both comes from the heart. This way, our lessons will be so much more fun, insightful and exciting. Biology can be a complicated subject due to the memorising and undertaking required. I have found it incredibly useful to go through the material at least once and refresh my memory by creating interactive flashcards that will be useful for quick revision.

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Adelaide uni student provides lessons in Biological sciences and also does school support lessons in Maths, Algebra, Biochemistry, Statistics. Am currently pursuing Masters in Biotechnology Biomedical

My teaching method is one to one, provides exercises to students to develop a wide variety of skills, also helps with assignments. When starting with a lesson I help the students understand the topic through a rough scan and then a thorough explanation will be provided.

Fulham Gardens
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- Dedicated graduate in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Student focused tutoring experience at high school as well as uni level

I am fully aware of understanding about current educational & professional issues in the domain.

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Adelaide Uni Masters of teaching student and PhD graduate in Chemistry gives lectures in Chemistry, Physics and Science to high school and undergraduate students in Adelaide

My teaching method involves Harvard teaching approach as well as traditional approach, I work well both with individual students and with classes. Also, I have great experience in teaching IB Chem.

Mansfield Park
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Highly Experienced Chemistry Teacher Want to Teach Students Who are Eager to Learn Science

I believe that demonstrating and collaboration are the most effective teaching methods at the secondary school. The side benefit is the development of communication skills and teamwork. However, I have experience with all main teaching methods, including explanation, demonstration, learning by teaching, as well as some unorthodox methods, for example learning by playing.

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An experienced teacher holding doctorate degree in science offers tution for year 8 to 12 ( Maths and Chemistry, Science)

1. Introduction, 2. Asking questions what they know etc. 3. A small task 4. Teaching subject 5. Questions to answer , helping if needed 6. Evauation 7. Feedback 8.Home work 9.Prepare more challenging questions 10. Helping them to answer 11. Evaluation 12. Feedback 13.

Bellevue Heights
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Flinders University student - Monash university alumnus gives chemistry, maths and biology to students grade 1-11

I am strongly believe in the concept of Everyone can learn. Studying requires a lot hard work from yourself but with a good mentor, you can have another way of cracking the concept and help you learn. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Somerton Park
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Experienced Science teacher gives Science lessons to high school students in Adelaide

My teaching method is activity based and I use lot of unconscious learning methods too. I approach the lessons with electronic media or relating real life experiences. I also do a lot of exercises to establish the meaning and it helps them to add the lesson to their memory.

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Flinders Post-Graduate Biomedical Engineering Student gives maths and science lessons in Adelaide

My teaching method is based on efficient learning that is based around the students' personal learning habits. This means all my lessons would be tailored to best suit their needs and capabilities. I want my students to enjoy what they're learning as I think that's the best way to learn.

Mawson Lakes
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A medical doctor giving math and science tuition to primary school children

I approach the topics by syllabus. I believe in understanding the subjects in detail and repetition.

Salisbury Downs
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PhD researcher and qualified teacher gives private tutoring to high school and university students

I aim to make my lessons interesting and as interactive as possible focusing on particular aspects the students are struggling with.

North Haven
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Biochemistry and Pharmacology majors, experienced in teaching Chemistry for High School Students

My teaching method is based primarily on the requirements of the key assessments and set classwork. I begin by covering all of the examinable material thoroughly and in detail, and then working on practice questions section as each section is competed. This ensures that the learning is driven towards covering all of the knowledge required to complete tests, exams, and assignments.

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