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Greater London
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PhD in Biochemistry offers ONLINE tutoring up to Bachelor level in Biochem and Chem, Math for High School and lower.

Everyone is capable of excelling at any subject they are interested in. The key is to stay interested! I love creating activities and exercises that engage students and target their learning styles. Students who are engaged are motivated to spend time with the subject and prepare for any assessments they may face.

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Veterinary Surgery student and Medical Biochemist excited to teach science and English online!

My teaching methods are based on looking at challenges differently and from a different perspective from the standard textbook method. I like making lessons fun and using real-life examples, props and videos so that subject matters are not only understood but remembered for a long time to come.

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Accounting and Finance Student at the University of Leeds, with A-Level standard knowledge in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Economics

I am able to give lessons to students of all ages up to those giving their GCSE qualifications. I would like to give lessons over Skype but am flexible to work around schedules and teaching styles.

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Chemical engineering student teaches basic maths, chemical and physics area Bogotá

My teaching method is based on the classes that I have previously received and what teaches me that each student has their own learning methodology. Being personalized classes gives me the opportunity to apply in each person a different way to learn. These classes are directed from students of primary, secondary, reinforcements and first semesters of the university.

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Presently an engineering student and have a lot of free time to teach you all. chemistry is fun with exceptions.


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I am an NIT college student, I can take your chemistry to a new level.

I believe in practical learning than to be theoritical. If we cannot apply the things we learn then it is of no use. I like to solve real life problems more and more than to simply sit and learn.

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Science Tutor! PT professor and FT science teacher willing to tutor all sciences online

I really enjoy taking difficult concepts and finding applications to the students life including analogies. The mathematical applications can be taken step by step to find answers, but applying the answer to make sense is where I feel I excel.

Dr. varsha
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Bìochemistry tuition available . I have 7 years teaching experience in medical college

I am Dr varsha chowdhry Mbbs M.D. BIOCHEMISTRY senior demonstrator. I have teaching experience of 7 years in medical college . 5 batch have passed . It's my passion to help the students to achieve their goal . In mbbs I was a distinction holder and I try the same for my students.

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Hard-working biology student willing to teach full GCSE courses or speciality subjects

Why choose me? - I do hours of studying in my free time - I'm extremely passionate about what I teach. I'm not just doing this for the money - I'm friendly and easy-going.

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Post-Graduate Student offering Online tutoring via SKYPE in Biological and Chemical Sciences

I am an experienced tutor, currently studying for my Masters degree in Cancer Biology. I have a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Forensic Science. I would be able to tutor students in Biological and Chemical Sciences up to degree level.

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A mystery in Life is Chemistry, you can make it simpler by my teaching from Oxford, MS.

Hi, I am Swapna completed my Master Degree in Chemistry from St Joseph's College Bengaluru. My teaching will be purely interactive and educational with problem solving, examples and with logical thinking. This way helps the students to learn better and remember the topics.

São José dos Campos
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Biochemistry courses with a master's degree and doctoral student in Biochemistry (USP) in São José dos Campos

I am a Pharmacist with master's degree in Biochemistry (Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC) and finishing my PhD in Biochemistry (USP). I offer customized classes according to the student's need and preference (expository / dialogued power point classes, exercises resolution, post-class online support).

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Experienced Oxford University Graduated Chemistry and Biology Tutor for all undergraduate levels

My name is kashif saleem and I have done my MSc in organic chemistry from University of Oxford UK, I have a great deal of experience in teaching chemistry to O-Level, A-Level and undergraduate students.

Virginia Beach
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Love &great at teaching.Gifted in all math,science,German,Biochemistry.Doctor of Medicine.Excellent teaching skills to all levels.

Valedictorian, most likely to succeed in high school. THE Royal London Hospital UK for Doctor of Medicine degree. I have tutored students and professionals at every educational level during my life. I am great at teaching and love to teach. There is no greater experience than to see someone learn and understand how math or science or any subject that I teach works .

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Chemistry teacher as well as a guide of future coz chemistry is life

Method of teaching used Practical Basic level Different approach Special for weak students Good explainations Special doubt sessions Diagrammatic representations techniques and methods of instruction are perfectFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Bal krishan bhardwaj (A) class govt. Contractor.

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Columbia University PhD in Biochemistry available for tutoring in that and other associated subjects

I am available for tutoring and lessons in Biochemistry and associated subjects to secondary school and college students. My teaching focuses on cellular structure and metabolic processes as well as the biophysical forces behind protein structure, folding, synthesis and biocatalysis.

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Collegiate Chemistry and bio molecular science student, helping tutor in Hartford area

Currently receiving my bachelor’s of science degree from Central Connecticut State University in chemistry and bio molecular science with a minor in criminal justice. Weekly classes via webcam, will cater to the needs and style of the student being taught.

Great Glen
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I am M.Sc. in chemistry and from Bangalore. My favourite portions in chemistry are organic , spectroscopy, inorganic chemistry

Chemistry is most easy subject but it's easy when we are able to know the hidden concepts of it. I like to teach the concepts which we need to be a expart. Nothing more to say. Love Chemistry, eat CHEMISTRY and breath chemistry.

St. Louis
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Chemist/physicist/inventor 5yrs industry experience 2patents+1pending/9publications/14commerically-launched products. Seasoned R&D scientist who is making a career change and looking to give back to t

B.Sc. Organic Chemistry and Physics (mathematics and philosophy minors) From MO S&T. I have just spent the last 5yrs in industry in the biotech/chemistry R&D field.

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College graduate in Biology gives math, science, and exercise lessons to primary school-college level students: Eagle, ID

I am a college graduate who is skilled in teaching others about math, science, and exercise in a specialized way per each student. I structure my lessons based on how the student prefers to learn; if the student is still adjusting to a specific style, I help them find their perfect fit.

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Doctor in Chemistry, experienced teaching all college levels in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I am flexible and will adjust to your learning methodology

PhD in Chemistry with major in Biochemistry and minor in Physical Chemistry I have taught over 11 years college level Chemistry and Biochemistry. My experience is conducting lecture and teaching lab for freshman up to Seniors. I have also been a tutor in a one-one setting. My methodology varies according to the student learning style and the topics covered.

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With my Master Degree in Biochemistry, I can make Chemistry easy for you

In my experiences and innovative teaching methods, I can give lessons for (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.). I have great skills in the latest PC and iPad Apps for presentations, webcam, teaching online by conferences rooms such as GoMeeting and others. I am good listener and have strong communicating with students, and friendly personality.

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Science and Math Tutor, College or High School (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus, Algebra,)

My name is Nick and I earned a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California, Davis. I can tutor in a majority of the sciences including chemistry (general and organic), biology, physics, biochemistry and select mathematics (algebra, trigonometry and calculus). When student's have a problems, I like to begin with the basics and build up to complex ideas.

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Proteins knowledge of doctorate level study, interested to teach proteins basics to high school and college students

I am a Life Science graduate. I always try to clear the basic concepts of proteins structure and function. Students feels more friendly rather than as a teacher. I believe in practical knowledge. I teach high school level and college students.

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Tutor and teacher for efficiency of students working under different environments conditions.

i make study easy first by taking examples from our surroundings. then i create interest in topic by some points about the importance the topic. then i make clear the purpose of learning.

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I am a friendly and helpful individual, keen to pass on my knowledge to help them excel in their studies. My tutoring approach is very unique for each tutee but includes understanding the subject and

My teaching method consists of identifying the weaknesses and strengths of students and then working on them using lots of questions and material. Usually, I stick to the syllabus of the board the exam will be taken from however I like to tailor my lesson to help the student the best.

Dr. abdul barey
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Get the best tuition from a doctorate professional. Come and feel the difference.

I deliver the lectures comprehensively on the topics and also study material prepared by me helps the students get into the insights of topics. I believe using the boards for lectures works more very effectively than using any power point presentations.

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UC Berkeley Alum. Math & Science Guru. Graduated Summa Cum Laude in both masters progams: Master in Science in Biomedical Sciences (MS) and Master in Public Health (MPH)

My teaching method is to learn each student's learning style and adapt my teaching in a way most effective for that student. Rather it is using diagrams, creating videos, verbal explanations, repetitive review of concepts, etc. I am very patient, kind, understanding, and try to make learning fun and effective for my students.

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Student in Biotechnology , teach high school biology to students in bhubaneswar.

My teaching methods are very simple. First I try to understand my students abilities and try to make him or her learn the topic better . I try my best to make them understand the topic well. I mostly try to approach a topic by using more diagrams because it makes it easier to remember it.

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A university teacher giving tuition of science maths and chemistry to school students

my teaching method is based on practical learning and project based . Proficient in developing/delivering lectures in Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, Biomedical Waste management and Wellness to Engineering/Management and Science students, new lessons and activities to expand learning opportunities.  Extensive participation on committees and extra-curricular activities.

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Perfect! Kevin is a wonderful teacher. He is very engaging and is able to answer my questions by breaking down concepts into a format that is easy to understand. My sessions with him are a lot of fun and I found it to be extremely helpful with my studies.

Hamish, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sjoerd has really helped with my chemistry, he is very patient and understanding. He will explain the problem until I understand. Each session becomes a little more understood and I even have a lot more motivation to study for organic chemistry.

Britt, Student
7 months ago
(2 reviews)

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