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Arianna dance teacher gives a dance lessons for single, couples and group. You can learn to dance and create your coreography for your special events . Dont miss this amazing opportunity

my lessons start with a worm up (10 min minimum) expain the basic step (in a begginner class) practice steps practice steps with music cool down In advanced class i teached also a small coreography Also i share my knowledge about the history and the meanings of bellydance

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An Oriental Belly Dancer who can teach belly dance for fitness as well as professionally.

The classes will include warm up exercises, belly dance basics and intermediate steps and at the end of each level, there will be a choreography.

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Mathematics, Technology and Dance classes - Primary School and Secondary - TAS University Student

My teaching practice focus on active learning because I consider that this methodology engage students in their learning process. In the same way, I use a broad range of teaching and learning strategies that facilitate the process of learning.

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Trained Kathak and Street jazz dancer giving lessons by choreographing a mix of Kathak, Belly dance, bollywood dance and jazz.

My teaching method is teaching like a friend but a strict friend because discipline comes first. But from my past experiences, my students have always loved coming to my classes and I make sure that my student start loving what they are doing.

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Oriental Dance and Latin Dance (Salsa, Bachata, Samba) with Catherine Tadger :)

Discover a new concept of dance that combines Oriental dance, Latin dance (salsa, bachata, merengue, samba, kizomba, bolero), body language and theater techniques and interpretation. In this innovative and unique course you will free your body and explore your creativity by creating a new style of dance. Ask our special prices for students (es) and job seekers! Soon ...

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Pole-dance private classes !! just near paris!!

I prepose the lessons ofpole dance at home! All levels and ages are accepted !! In the program: spinning rods, figures, sexy dance, flexibility! The duration of a course is 1h or 1h30.

Greater london
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Professor of Oriental dances with international CID-UNESCO certification in Paris-IDF all levels

My classes are composed of a complete warm-up (osteo-articular detour, cardio, dance), a technical part allowing the learning of movements, techniques, styles, then a choreographic sequence to put into practice your new achievements and and stretching. In addition to that a theoretical teaching to have a good culture (styles, rhythms, ...).

Paris 10e
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Professor and choreographer of oriental dance in Paris: baladi, saidi, dance with veil, cane ... 22 years of experience

either individual or group lessons ... for me anybody can dance, the technique is certainly important but also felt, we will work on the letting go, the gestures, the femininity that brings the oriental dance as well as the different approaches of this dance, the belly dance, the saidi, dance with veil, with cane etc ...

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Lady Styling professor (Bachata / Salsa / Kizomba) Belly Dance & Flamenco in Ile de France, 8 years experience

Recognized for her many influences, neroli invite you to discover or rediscover your femininity through movements that bring you value. Able to teach several dances, she adapts and develops accessible teaching to everybody with simplicity and humor.

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Learn the beautiful art of oriental bellydance in London! Offering private and group classes

I offer belly dance classes for everyone! From beginners to advanced theres always something to learn! I will tailor my class depending on your needs and dance ability and in no time see you improve! 1.) Core fundamentals include posture, movement breakdowns, dancing safely, understanding of music and different styles 2.

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Gina Ramses, professional dancer, oriental dance teacher, oriental Zumba coaching and choreographer, at your disposal to wear a dream body!

My teaching method is a spiral method, I repeat and I add, I start with the repertoire 1 which is based on the ripples for the beginners, the repertoire 2, the arms and the hands for the intermediate level, the repertoire 3 , the instrumental, orchestral and vocal rules related to each movement of the body, the repertoire 4, it is the semi - professional level, the dancer presents a solo...

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Bellydance, Bollywood and Bolly 'modern Privates and Collectives lessons for you !

Hello! My name is Marianne and I teach Bellydance, Bollywood * and Bolly'Modern * in the Grenoble region from10 years. My group lessons are organized on several levels: Child, Beginner, Intermediate and Confirmed (all ages for the last three levels) My Private lessons are open to all! *Bellydance: It is the traditional Egyptian dance "raks el sharqi".

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Dancer, Bachelor in dance at the University Rey Juan Carlos, dynamic teaching experience, creative, all levels

I base my courses in the development of consciousness and the relationship with your body, and the development of creativity. Always in a sprit of physical and psicological care.

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Belly Dance Teacher qualified with Midas certification organizes classes in Terni and online

Students can choose between a guided course (especially recommended for beginners) or ask me from time to time a topic that they want to deepen (for students of intermediate / advanced level). My methodology is based on the maximum understanding of movement, on cleanliness, on interpretation. A complete 360 degree work.

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Private lessons of oriental dance and choreographic preparation in Toulouse with Ibtissem

From the personalized preparation for a choreography, to a detailed technical work (rhythmic, hip work, musicality, isolations ...) Ibtissem accompanies you for tailor-made courses! In permanent training with international dancers, musicians and percussionists, she accompanies you with rigor and kindness to express the dance you have chosen.

Ciudad de México
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Salsa, bellydance and fusions, add health and joy to your life, Countess CDMX.

My name is Karina Hérnandez Pliego, my classes are aimed at people who want to learn to dance salsa or bellydance. . Since I was little I studied dance and gymnastics.

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First year teaching student offering dance class consisting of all dancing techniques, offered in midrand,Johannesburg

I have been dancing for 5 years now,my teaching method will have the students repeat my dance after i show them.

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Bellydance, Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Datura style

The best method of learning, is the repetition! Dancing a lot and having fun is when you really learn :) For many years I have studied, traveled, trained, and now I also teach! I'm waiting for you so we can take advantage of all that, together :)

Roquetas de Mar
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'' Life is dance, Dance is life '' One of my main objectives is the multidisciplinary approach combining art, fitness and health with an entertaining and simple approach.

Belly dance: Classes perfectly structured and organized whose difficulty as well as intensity are focused on the level hired and the type of class chosen. Its general structure is based on: - Warm up or initial preparation that includes global toning, physical conditioning and cardiovascular work (generally using percussion type music). - Technique and work of it through choreography or sequences.

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Belly dance is my passion. I have been teaching belly dance for nine years and I am a certified A to Z dance trainer with Keti Sharif.

I base my classes grounding feet for floor work and working my way up to flourishing arms and hands. Beats and musicallity is part of it.

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Creative and technical dance lessons for all ages, children and adults. Stretching and strengthens

I am a student of professional dance, I teach dance classes with technique, but without forgetting that we dance to have fun. There is a lot of room in my classes for fun and creation, but we are also going to give the body and the mind its necessary dose of toning.

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Dance instructor of 20 years of experience offers indian classical Odissi dance lessons in Birmingham. I teach also Bollywood and Oriental - Belly Dance.

My teaching method combines indian meditative style and contemporary approach to teaching dance on the West. In classical indian dance I teach pure style that I learned from my teachers, whereas in Oriental and Bollywood there is a lot of space for creativity and independence.

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Russian graduated in Economics and Choreography gives Russian and Dance lessons at every level

My approach to teaching is based on Russian rigor and personal understanding. I am strongly oriented towards the target set and I guarantee seriousness and availability to be able to study both dance and Russian language together at your home or my home or online.

Santo André
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Tribal Fusion teacher in the city of Santo André - 4 regular classes, and availability for private lessons.

Focus on developing extremely solid technical and theoretical bases, in order to ensure that the student can grow in dance incorporating his personality. The lesson always starts with stretching and heating, incorporating vocabulary of movements and their variations, and we end up working the movements in a fluid way.

Belo Horizonte
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Yoga, ATS® and Tribal Fusion (Belly Dance). Private or Group Dance Classes

The ATS® or American Tribal Style® is a modern style that brings together elements of the Arab Oriental Dance, Flamenco and Indian Dances. It is an improvised group dance. From this, derived the Tribal Fusion style (also known as contemporary ethnic dance), which included other elements of other dances in the repertoire and expanded the musical repertoire as well.

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Oriental dance classes for all (only conditions: want to have fun and live in Berlin)

Do you want to feel more feminin and amuse yourself? My classes are for all women aged 14 and over, who are interested in oriental dance, with or without knowledge. We will start with a warm-up, then do isolations exercises and postural exercises. If you wish, you will learn a whole choreo. In the end we will stretch us.

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Professional dancer offers Oriental and Tribal Fusion individual and group courses in Rome

The body recounts is an experimental course that is born from the fuselage of technical wisdom: Oriental Dance, Persian Dance, Sufism Technique and Tribal Fusion Technique. The course is aimed at everyone: both beginners and experienced dancers What does the body say? The body tells stories that escalate our consciousness.

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Versatile and adaptive dance teacher teaches classes online and on oriental dance, funky and contemporary dance

My classes are aimed at people of all ages (I taught from 4 to 70 years and since then could expand the range). No need to be very dynamic but they have motivation to learn and enjoy the practice of their choice. I am a flexible teacher so that they can choose the music they want to train, relax and take fluency and dexterity.

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