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High Wycombe
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Basketball club coach too individual professional training, coaching in areas all around Perth and Geraldton

I teach the same way I wish to be reached. Through passion, knowledge and the will to be the best you can be. Sport requires a lot of discipline to be able to push yourself to reach goals. I like to teach my students to never give up and the more training and exercise you put in the better you will be as a sportsman and as a person. No dream is to big if you have the heart to put behind it.

Glen Forrest
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ECU education student Physical education or sports coaching and skill development in Perth

I am knowledgeable of children's needs and work with individual children to find their limits and develop their skills ans fitness levels while engaging them in fun, enjoyable activities.

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Become better at basketball! Coach Nick brought to Sydney the argentinean knowhow

I can have individual or group sessions once or twice a week in the closest public court of your convenience (no age limitis).

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Professional basketball player gives basketball lesson to an individual or groups in Hobart

I can teach basic basketball skills, such as dribble, layup, shooting, etc. and also can teach people how to play in a real game, how to offense and defense. The most important is I will use the easy way to let people love this game.

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Ex basket ball player and certified coach looking to teach basket ball

I don't want my lessons to feel to much like a chore. So I'd start off with a gradual warm up, then grind out some drills or fitness activities and then conclude with a couple of games to end on a fun note.

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Basketball teacher in South Australia with 9+ years of playing and some teaching experience

First I'll gain a bit of background from you about your playing experience. Then I'll play you 1 on 1 or in a group to see where your skill level is at.

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University of Melbourne Student with experience playing basketball for International Club and High-School Varsity

Since most of my experience teaching has been with children, my approach is quite friendly and fun. Making the aspect of enjoyment a big priority. It is important that a strong and friendly bond is made between the learner and teacher to help enhance the learning experience as a whole.

Medindie Gardens
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Postgraduate student of University of Adelaide keen to be a basketball tutor . I have played district and state level in my native country(INDIA) for more than 10 year's.

My teaching method is quite unique, I am never too harsh or too easy on the students. I give step by step training to individuals according to their abilities and interest. I believe in team game rather than indvidual so I teach more about team bonding and trust.

Centenary Heights
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Female athlete with a bachelor degree in sports and exercise science keen to educate highschool and/or uni students in many different sports and athletics components.

I am a lighthearted yet strict individual. I love to have fun while learning, but am intent on having my students work hard and stay on task...all while having a good time. If you don't enjoy it, you won't remember it.

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Sports teaching (any type of sport) 5 years experience. Teacher/Sports Science graduate :)

I am a bubbly, friendly person who has graduated with a sports science and primary teaching degree. Sport is my main focus in teaching which would involve warm up/skills based activities/games and a cool down. But teaching other subjects I'm confident in to. My philosophy focuses on getting the best out of the children and making sure they enjoy what they are learning.

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Ex basket ball player and certified basketball coach looking to teach basket ball.

I don't want my lesson to feel to much like a chore, so towards the end I'll try and make it more fun. Warm up gradually, then grind out some drills or fitness and then have a game or two towards the end.

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Basketball Coach teaches lessons to anybody in the Fraser Coast that wants to improve their game.

My teaching methodology is to first watch what the student can and can't do based on the areas they want teaching and need help/guidance with.

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Basketball Coach who has had 6 years experience in Representative basketball. Currently plays for U18s Illawarra Hawks. Perfect for young eager players learning fundamentals.

I base my classes on teaching fundamentals and teaching eager players how to make the game of basketball more enjoyable! I'll be able to teach kids how to shoot, pass and dribble in the correct manner. Furthermore, I am able to teach kids the fundamental floor spots of the game of basketball and additionally improve their fitness.

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ANU student who gives basketball lessons for individuals or groups in Canberra

I focus on the perfection of the fundamental skills before pursuing more advanced skills. I believe a player with strong fundamentals is an integral player in any team. Furthermore, where it is an individual session or not, I relate the activities back to game situations and ways in which what we practice will help your team as basketball is a team sport.

West Melbourne
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Ex-State Player loves to share knowledge of the art of the game

My teaching method will focus more on the fundamentals on basketball, which are the essential skills required to be at least a decent basketball player. For younger children, I will surely try my best to make the training as fun as possible.

Charles Sturt University
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CSU student providing basketball lessons to anyone of any age in Wagga Wagga

I love to coach by assessing what skills a player has and then adapting drills and plays to their particular playing style. If I am coaching a team, I will look at communication and the spirit within the team and then work on communication and cohesiveness. I believe in every child having a chance to grow, develop and shine, no matter their skill level.

1st lesson free !

EX Professional basketball player and PE teacher available to teach all aspects of basketball

21st century educator that delivers a holistic view of teaching and develops a students ability in all areas. Higher order thinking skills and multiple modes of representation if warrants it for learning. I am a very passionate and committed teacher.

Waurn Ponds
Sanjeewa (sam)
1st lesson free !

Reliable and dedicated individual with over a decade of experience in playing and coaching Basketball and Cricket. Seeking to utilise earned experience and knowledge for passionate young individuals t

Training sessions are focused, Access individual capacity, capabilities and skills Improve individual skills based on modern basketball structure Teach proper techniques and drills to improve individual abilities. And spend more time individually with each player to motivate and encourage them to enjoy the sport.

Castaways Beach
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Junior basketball coaching experience since 2015 and player since 2012 in Noosa

I base training on the players weaknesses and improving their skill level. Teaching them to be comfortable with the basketball and making crucial decisions on the court. The lessons will include shooting, ball handling, passing, footwork and game replica drills.

1st lesson free !

Teacher of PE/HHD/Humanities Degree Basketball coach Uni trained played in USA/China live in Yarrawonga

It all depends on the individuals I am teaching. I begin by establishing rapport and a positive culture. I would afford the opportunity for the student to feel empowered and give them some control of their own learning. Vision, goals and priorities will be discussed along with developing and understanding where both our passion lies.

Nyah West
1st lesson free !

I am an Education Student studying a Primary degree via correspondence, and am willing to help tutor children in various areas of Education and Sports.

My teaching methods are based around teaching though experience and in a playful way that will help students to better understand the topics that they are struggling with. I strive to make teaching and learning a fun experience that will stick with students for years to come.

Canley Vale
1st lesson free !

Develop your basics and fundamentals of the game. Become the scorer you always had in you.

I base my classes on the fundamentals of the game and how the player wants to produce a win. I have thorough knowledge of the fundamentals and the upcoming innovations of the game and how to establish a player with complete knowledge of the game.

1st lesson free !

Basketball beginners training, (only for those who are focused and serious) you are welcome

My teaching method is very basic and easy, simple to learn but you can be a professional mastering those basics

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Excellent basketball Life coach/mentor to give skills to build on to succeed in Canberra

My teaching methodology is based around life skills, self care, growth mindset and to be okay to make mistakes and communicate about them to me and my staff. The passion to look after your body, practice the mastry of fundamentals.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

I eat, live and breath Basketball, played at a high level throughout high school and am very keen to pass on my knowledge. I currently coach at Runcorn Rockets and I truly believe I can help improve y

I like to sit down with clients and ask what they are trying to achieve or get better at when it comes to their learning and can devise a program around their goals or strengths/weaknesses.

Sunshine Coast
1st lesson free !

Basketball lessons to all those wanting to master their skills on the Sunshine Coast

I teach by example and positive reinforcement. I believe it takes a positive mind, attitude and dedication to exceed in skills that may be unfamiliar to you. I encourage hard work and good vibes at lessons. I want lessons to be fun and fulfilling.

1st lesson free !

Need a coach to train ball sports at a state level ?

Technique, session program plans and having fun

1st lesson free !

UNE student to coach sporting variety to middle school and/or highschoolers in Armidale

My lessons always begin with extensive warm ups and and brief fitness followed by skills and drills and then game structure. Shorter sessions may require more lessons in order to reap the full benefit of my coaching methods while longer sessions will require fewer.

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Outside School Hours Care Educator looking to pass on sporting knowledge to the next generation

I believe in learning through play. Getting in and doing the work instead of just talking about it.

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