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Fully qualified IT professional to teach IT for students, beginners and professionals

I am IT graduate, Sun certified Developer, Masters in business management. I am a results oriented teacher, teach IT as with the requirement i can adjust to the requirement. School subjects with the requirement I can give you better proven outcome.

Kelvin Grove
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Graduate from UQ, Electrical & Computer Engineer give C and Python lessons to anyone willing to learn the basics of programming.

My teaching methodology is: * Practice the theory on the code. * Understand the basic structure of the chosen programming language. * Always test the code, before proceeding to a bigger task. * A short quiz every lesson in order to test the level of understanding.

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Griffith PhD student with 7 years teaching experience in Computer Science lessons to high school or university students in Gold Coast.

I like to give lessons with real life examples so that my students can understand it quickly and very well. I try to make the lessons very interactive so that students not get bored on the lecture. Also I try to make learning fun.

Cairns City
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Scottish Website design and development graduate teaching high school and university students for 3 years through my travels.

My teaching methodology focuses on teaching computer science concepts in simple and plain English with space for the student to understand what is being taught and ask questions without being uncomfortable doing so.

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Crash course on the basic computer and social media applications to get you started

Visual, hands-on and practical means are the best way. Demonstration and feedback is the key, repetition of the steps and basically how to navigate the systems easily with patience so as not to overload your brain sensors. Allowing you to practise it and use it daily is important.

Glen Waverley
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Experienced Telco Programmer (Java Certified) teaching Programming and Big Data in Melbourne

Will be mostly face to face explanation with demo and notes. I believe demo act as important part for teaching programming as students have to see and trial and error with the tutor in order to understand the concept and master the skills required.

Kangaroo Point
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RHCE Certified and IT Professional give Linux lessons to university student in Brisbane

I teach using live examples and with clear statements. Lesson structure will be based on Redhat Linux certifications exams (RHCSA, RHCE). You will understand basic fundamentals and tricks to clear exam. You will do practice like in Exam and will feel confident after every lesson.

(7 reviews)
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Sunshine Coast University student provides basic computer and English lessons to the technologically challenged!

My teaching methodology is to ask the student to learn by doing. I mostly teach one-on-one hands-on sessions where the student drives the computer, learning to use different apps while practicing English via natural discussion, typing emails, Facebook posts and Word documents.

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IT Masters Student & Well Experienced IT Trainer Gives MS Office Lessons in Melbourne

My teaching method is pretty simple and straight forward since I take it from the very basics and give more time for the student to grasp all information: - I have my own course outline & content for every subject that I teach but it can be customized as per the students requirement - An introduction to the course outline via a presentation - Notes/booklet in soft copy format provided for each...

Jagneet pal
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Learn detailed computer technology from an experienced IT Executive. I can teach Ethical hacking, save your home network from espionage

I start from teaching basics of the computers networks, like, hardware, software, networks, routers, WI-FI , Ethernet LAN and etc. My methodology includes short sessions and more focused on workshop activities. I focus on imparting practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

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MQ Uni Student offers basic computer and software lessons in Townsville :D

My teaching method is to simply listen to my student/s and what they wish to achieve, whilst also seeking out their strengths and use these to encourage learning in their specific area of interest. I encourage questions and asking for assistance if need be.

East Ballina
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Experienced computing teacher and tutor in Northern Rivers NSW gives expert tuition in basic computing and Microsoft Office.

I use a practical hands on approach to teaching software, guiding students through the basics but including the often neglected background features that add a little bit of fun. In the past, for instance, I have created and taught tutorials for art teachers on using the drawing tools in Microsoft Word to create art.

East Cannington
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Graduate Student provide basic skills of computer including some language tips and math lessons to primary school.

My teaching method is simple and and understandable by students. I gave real life examples to explain everything. I gave more time to weak students. After explaining lessons I would like to take small test through which I can analyse student's performance.

Lenah Valley
(1 review)
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IT professional with decades of teaching experience focused on user empowerment and IT literacy.

Student-centred learning is my preferred methodology. I work with my students to determine the most effective methods for them to achieve their goals. I support students to identify their learning style and develop a learning plan based on their needs and timeframe.

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7 year experienced Software Engineer (worked with famous clients in Finland, India and Australia) sharing industrial knowledge to students to progress in their career.

I will be concentrating more on, - practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. - teaching the importance of the computer language or tool my student wants to learn and how it is be used in real job. Thus it will be helpful for them in their future jobs. - providing real life examples. - problem solving or small works which can be done together in short span.

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QUT IT student gives basic programming and computing lessons in Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs

I believe computers are something that you try by doing it yourself. So, I teach by demonstration and then allowing students to try it themselves and change certain variables to see its effects. This helps them understand the role of each feature. I value effort, so as long as someone is trying, I'm always happy to help and demonstrate as many times as necessary.

Biggera Waters
(5 reviews)
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Colombian Architect (four-years,exp.) give lessons to learn Autocad 2d and Sketchup

My methology is step by step that mean, the student must manage easily one to have the next and tried to explore the program with the given basic knowledgment.

Stuart Park
(1 review)
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As a Master's in Computer Application along with three years experience in IT industry Ginia is highly experienced in computer languages

As experience in IT industry I have a practical knowledge of how we actually make use of programing languages and others in real time environment so will make sure that along with the studies will provide students with this tips and techniques. Every topic will be related with an example which I will demonstrate on my personal laptop to the students. At last will help students help themselves.

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Hello, Friends If you want to learn computer please meet with me

Visualise the students how the compute works by using presentations, try to teach from basic to advance form of computer architecture, its working principle. Most of the time students confuse how things works so that i am always trying to teach how they work and how to use in real world.

Saint Kilda
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RMIT Diploma of Information Technology Graduate in Melbourne, Australia in Computer Science

Looking for students who are struggling to get motivated in learning how to code and needing some assurance in a visual face-to-face environment, preferably meeting in a public space otherwise online learning may be possible.

Muhammad adeemul
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A researcher in computing sciences with 6 years of experience provides private lessons in computing.

My teaching methodology is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the student first and foremost and then lay out a suitable study plan and approach. Lesson Structure might comprise of focusing on the fundamental theory and then diving into the practical problems implementing those fundamentals.

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ANU Masters Student gives Computer and programming lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

Programming is really about getting the 'concept' what you want to achieve. So, i am looking for students who might need help in understanding the concept and 'problem solving ' skills behind programming. A student that is keen to learn more.

Kellyville Ridge
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Help in Basic Computing,OFFICE,HTML, JAVA by Student of Western Sydney University in Sydney

The passion I have towards the field of Computing and Information Technology makes me seek an opportunity to teach and help others who might love working on computers but have some problem areas or a mal-computant who needs help. Ready to assist students learn different computer and related skills based on grade and level. Set the Lesson Structure to suit your requirements.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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Masters Student Giving Lessons on Computing, Marketing, Managment and Mathematics in Brisbane

I'm an international Student based in Brisbane, Queensland and currently studying for Master of Professional Accounting at James Cook University. I have already completed Master in Business Administration in Sri Lanka and Diploma in Information Technology.

Macquarie Park
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Computing Graduate and previous Optus Case Manager gives mobile/computer technical help

• Hands on experience with the equipment - computer, tablet, mobile phone. • Patient and repetitive on an instruction until the student understands. • Friendly and approachable - allowing the student to ask questions comfortably at any time. • If I do not know the answer to a problem, will do my best to research and find out.

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Learning basic computer from a computer science graduate could be fun. Here I am waiting to meet you!

Hello! I have Bsc. Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering (from the country Bangladesh). Learning basic computer and programming can make practical life so easy.I think every single thing can be thought in the language of programming and it is so much fun.

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BASIC COMPUTER LESSONS from a passionate tutor at LOW COST possible! BOOK NOW!

My goal into teaching is very clear and simple. It is for my student to LEARN WITH A SMILE, CONFIDENCE & CONTENTMENT. I will make sure that s/he will be very efficient in using the computer especially the targeted softwares.

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Very experienced graduate of Edith Cowan University, Tutor of Computer Science. Specializing in Java and Python Programming. I tutor North of the River in Perth.

I specialize in tutoring java - introductory programming and data structures. I also tutor in python - introductory programming. I have a well equipped home office with 2 laptops (i3 and i7 Core) and 2 tablets. Students normally travel to my home office for tutoring and programming tutoring sessions are normally 1 1/2 hours long.

Bondi Junction
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If you want to know how to develop computer software or some tricks of Microsoft Word or Excel, just call me!

I will try to teach you everything that I know about those subjects. :) I have some recommended books to follow in our classes but I am free to change if you have other option. if you are willing to learn, I can help you.

Surrey Hills
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Computer Science Major Student from Denison University in the United States. Currently working as peer tutor teaching in Computer Science during semester.

If you are taking a intro course, I'm pretty sure I can answer and teach you everything you want to know about Computer Science. I will try my best to help you get a good grade. During a session, I will go through the basic concepts you are learning first. Then, I will give some example exercises to make sure you understand it.

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Perfect! Sai is a great tutor, he helps make concepts very easy to understand by explaining them in multiply ways. He's very patient, professional and experienced. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to take lessons in any type of programming he...

Reema, Student
1 month ago
Sai rama rao
(1 review)

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