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Producer and director of various short films give lessons to media and arts students anywhere in CBD

I did my graduation back in Pakistan in 2016 but got many opportunities before even finishing it. I had worked with two time Oscar winning Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy as an editing intern and I believe that it was the time when it all got started. For those who believe in this art and want to gain more artistic approach towards film making or any art field, you have an artist now by your side.

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Art, oil painting, mould making, sculpture, dress making, also meditation and dance. My approach is all about enjoyment while exploring techniques. I have a degree in Design. Looking forward to having

My lessons are playful and fun, geared towards people who want to learn about who they are. I use dance and meditation, I also teach techniques providing a baseline to use for expression. Lessons are structured around what the individuals want to learn, e.g. techniques.

Wynnum West
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Bachelor in Screen and Film production offering lessons on all areas of film pre-production (majoring in screenwriting).

My lesson will help you with your upcoming project including; concept development, script writing, story boarding, scheduling and everything else in between to get your work up and running! It will be an practical lesson, while using industry-level resources to give you the best insight into film making.

Brunswick East
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Screenwriter and documentary filmmaker gives lessons to high school students and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is inspired by Viki King's book 'How to Write a Screenplay in 21 Days' and is based on starting with an idea, outline, then onto writing and re-writing the script. I believe that content should precedes structure, but it is structure that gives make a script emotionally compelling.

Kings Meadows
Glenn anthony
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Media Mentor and Industry Producer Director with established portfolio of work gives lessons for media and communications students

My approach to teaching is designed on authentic industry learning practices. Examining communications in national and international contexts. It prepares any course work you are doing designed to work across the public and private sectors, and a wide range of communications industries.

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Post-graduate Media + Creative Arts student tutors Film and Video Production, Cinema Studies, Media, Photography and Film making in Melbourne

I tailor my lessons to appeal to my student's unique needs, interests and personality. I understand that each individual learns and processes information differently, and endeavour to present the topic in a way that engages my student's style. All my lessons include creative and practical learning components.

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Retired primary and secondary teacher available for tutoring in the visual arts

Tutoring in art history, visual art practice and VCE or IB Visual Arts folio preparation. I am skilled in drawing, painting and printing in all mediums. Contemporary and Traditional art areas covered. For evidence of my work please go to robeart.

Ciudad de México
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Filmmaker in Mexico City, I teach film and post production courses for professionals or initiates.

Filmmaker currently settled in Mexico City. My creative interest has focused on film directing, for this I developed skills as a writer, photographer, assistant director, post-producer and composer, with whom I worked on a wide range of projects. I specialize in film direction and have developed audiovisual commercial projects, short films, documentaries, and television series for web and tv.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Professional filmmaker offing fun, useful lessons to groups and private students in Newcastle upon Tyne

My teaching method is all about learning by doing. We put the equipment in your hands as much as possible and show you how to use it in fun, easy to grasp exercises. Lessons are tailored made depending on goals of the student. If you have no goals then that's ok - we will develop them together so that you work towards completing an actual film project.

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Film scholar, with concentrations in history, aesthetics, academic/critical writing, and analysis, offering online support

I treat each lesson differently, approaching any assignment uniquely and comprehensively. Whether it be an scholarly work, school essay, academic research paper, or presentation, I strive to engage according to the circumstances (i.e. format, due date, topic) as well as the tutee's individual strengths and interests.

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Learn cinema... step by step method learning from basic to in-depth , script to screen!!!!

My technique and approach towards making cinema is slowly getting involved through a very basic and to reach the pick followed by a in-depth journey of observation, identification and execution.

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The cosmopolitan city of Bielefeld opens its gates; former professional filmmaker teaches in all areas related to film

Building on existing knowledge and interests, I develop important expertise. This means that basic knowledge is taught first and build upon developing more in-depth skills. When it comes to film espacially, students should focus on a more hands on approach as fast as possible; whether through analysis movies or producing films is depending on the student in question.

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Highly qualified and experienced Creative Digital Media Skills Trainer gives lessons online

I use Blended Learning in my work, that is a mixture of digital and face to face techniques. I work with all levels of ability from beginners to advanced and SEN students. I create an individual learning plan, tailor made for each student. I can also offer careers advice. I am a fully qualified tutor and a member of the Education Workforce Council Wales.

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Theory and analysis of Cinema with a film academic and researcher on the field

My main methodology is debate, I believe that the classroom (even virtual) is a space for dialogue and horizontality. I am based on film theorists such as Andre Bazin, Jacques Aumont, Ismail Xavier and about the authors' own writings about their films.

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Learn how to connect with the audience by making a film they enjoy watching

I am continuously updating and upgrading my technique and my approach to suit the needs of the changing audience. I teach how you can learn film making from every film that you watch and enjoy. The secret is to make the film that connects with the audience.

West Yorkshire
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Here in Leeds to attend to all your After Effects and Motion Graphics related inquiries!

As an art student, I love to hear out people's ideas and projects and work with them on a one to one basis. I can be patient, encouraging and imaginative. I am equipped to teach it to an intermediary level.

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PhD student teaches sound and audio theory and music production / recording

Degree in Music - Music Production and Technology specialization, Master in Multimedia - Interactive Music and Sound Design specialization, currently enrolled in PhD in Digital Media. The focus of the lectures is initially on the basic principles that define sound as a physical phenomenon, and its behavior and perception by the Human Being, in order to create a solid basis of knowledge.

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Experienced video producer gives lessons on video production and video editing in Maine and online.

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University and I had the honor of receiving the Advanced Achievement Award for outstanding achievement during the program. I am a practical learner and practical teacher with the firm belief that in order to properly learn you need to do.

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Student of last semester of dir. and pro. of cinema and tv gives classes of different artistic areas in Bogotá and its surroundings.

My method of teaching is to first establish a clear theoretical context and then if you can perform practical exercises to strengthen that knowledge, a normal class structure is to take a topic, develop its theoretical content, perhaps some exercises and put into practice what you learned .

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Film Graduate & Video Editor offering - Video Editing, Film Theory and Video Production Lessons

I've been exploring the world of film since I was a child, and as I grow older my love for it grows with me. I teach several classes from Video Editing to Film Theory.

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Film Student with experience in film studies, film production, editing and script writing offering tutorials in the West Sussex area.

I'm currently studying Filmmaking at Brighton Film School. My strengths are in film studies and theory, pre-production as a production manager, camera operating, film editing, and script writing. I am looking to offer tutoring in the aforementioned areas to people looking to get into film.

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Classes of Video and Sound Edition for beginners in Tijuana BC

I know that what you want is to learn in the quickest and easiest way, then my course will be from the most basic of cut and paste, editing filters, adding texts and sound effects to get to create a business quality video. I am going to guide you step by step, since I am very patient, until you can only do the editing of your own video for yourself and that you are satisfied with it.

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The film teacher in Bogotá! Theory and practice of cinematographic language, GO

Hello! I am the film teacher and I direct my classes to the learning of cinematographic language for its application in the sociocultural context of the student. How does this happen? - We learn concepts and structures based on examples - We test our abilities - We feed back and try again I like to take into account the learning style of my students and help them from their topics of interest.

Santa Catarina Ayometla
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Film student in Puebla and Tlaxcala, FilmMaking, Photography and Film Production essentials

I am Hector, 8th semester student of Cinematography. I can teach you to make an audiovisual product, from the basics of filmmaking. Also the essential aspects of production and overview of the industry in Mexico. Photography, from framing, how to use a camera and light. We can have as a final product a little short film made by the student.

Citrus Heights
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Award winning film and documentary director, consultant and mentor with 11 years of experience. Made and worked on more than 130 films.

In my course you learn the basics of visual language, the difference between film and other arts to deliver your thoughts and perspectives on issues, we speak about genres, then how to tell you story visually, you learn also about videography, editing, directing, and producing. I also offer hands on training where you can go out and shoot your own film.

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Projectionist for dance with 5 years of experience offering classes and constructive critique sessions

I approach each student based on their ultimate goal. The first step to good teaching is understanding what the main goal is, and how each student has arrived at that goal. If the issue is technical, we look into the programs and equipment they are using and walk through a few different ways of arriving at the desired result.

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Take a line for a walk, illustration, drawing and drafting/ sketching tutor keen to teach

My teaching is usually a blend of digital and manual drawing, drafting. We cover theory and some history to contextualize drawing and use of lines effectively within the drawing. I am a fan of gentle teaching which is actually fun, I will take any student from knowing nothing about drawing to knowing how to create their own line work and drawing system.

Beverly Hills
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Learn to develop your own directing vision and to block the script

I studied film at Università Roma Tre in Rome Italy, where I obtained my B.A. in 2008. I then moved to Brisbane, Australia, to study a two year MFA in Film, during which I made a number of students short films.

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Discover your potential, overcome your limitations and express the genius you carry within.

Analysis of personality, abilities, vision and virtues. Vision of objectives and establishment of disciplinary systems of work based on the previous points. Establish a bond of trust through honest communication. Create permanent self-esteem based on the individual's abilities, virtues and values. Stimulate ethics and creativity. Structure an educational plan based on the needs and times available.

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