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Physics and Science Teacher with 28 years experience. Mittagong resident, teaches any science.

As a teacher, gifted students and ASD students are my sweet spot. My teaching method is to assess where a student's learning is at and then introduce the concepts that unlock the next level. I am a nurturer and particularly look after gender diverse students with understanding.

Tuart Hill
Bhan prince raj
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Postgraduate student from UWA likes to teach physics, chemistry and maths and also other subjects.

I am a postgraduate student and I have learnt a lot through experience. My teaching method is simple, just to make the student understand the principle and then apply it in his daily life activities to remember. And until I make him/her learn, I will try various methodologies such as explaining in activity related way, story telling, visualizing by thoughts etc.

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ANU Physics student will help you crush high school maths and physics!

The key to learning science and maths is not being a genius - it is appreciating the underlying beauty of the ideas that are being presented, and hungering to dig deeper.

Clarence Park
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Mathematics Honours Graduate tutoring maths for high school and uni students in Adelaide

I'm a laid back person and always aim to make my tutoring sessions as engaging as possible. Typically when teaching a method I will solve a number of problems while walking the student through each step, encouraging questions and comments throughout. After this, I let the student demonstrate their knowledge by solving similar problems with my help.

Aberfoyle Park
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University of Adelaide Physics Student providing physics lessons to high school students

As a Uni student myself, the lessons will be geared mainly towards high school students.

West End
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Young graduated astrophysicist provides private math and physics lesson at home in Brisbane.

During the first lesson, we ll go through the topic to see what are the difficulties encountered. The following session are based on hands on exercice. The student will be ask to be actif and homework based on reviewed topic will be dispensed.

City Beach
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UniMelb Physics Masters with 6 years tutoring experience for all high school maths tutoring

I do not have a set teaching methodology, and believe any tutor who does is damaging the chance of success for the student. I have tutored over 40 students for at least 6 months during their year 12 year, this means I have seen many different learning capabilities and have had to apply different teaching strategies.

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Master of Engineering holder give Physics and Math lessons to High School and University Students in Bendigo.

My teaching method is very simple that all level of students can understand it better.I can explain the concepts as many times asked by the student without any problem.I will do my best to make my students excel in their studies and career.

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Adelaide University student gives physics lessons to high school students in Adelaide

I'm in my third and final year of a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in physics with a special interest in astrophysics.

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Melbourne uni teaching student offering maths/physics/science tutoring, VCE specialist. Located in Yarraville but willing to travel

I believe that every student learns differently, and so I try to get to know each student in order to find what works best for you. Accordingly, I don't have a generic structure to lessons, but instead tailor the session directly to your needs.

Chapel Hill
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University of Queensland Physics major provides tutoring in physics/maths in South West Brisbane

Even when teaching the basics, it is important to teach why we are learning this, and how it could be applied. When teaching someone to canoe or sail, you have to find a reason to keep them motivated while teaching the basics. Explaining why and how it can be applied teaches critical thinking whilst keeping them motivated.

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Experienced High School Physics teacher and Premier's Teachers Scholarship recipient available in Orange.

I believe that everyone can grasp and apply the concepts of Physics as we are all experienced in the day to day of it. I use everyday examples as the base of conversation and then build up the abstract complexity. Repetition, clarity and conversation summarises my approach to teaching.

Carina Heights
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Any Year 8-12 and Physics or Science Assistance. Any learning needs will be considered in teaching methods

I believe in the philosophy that to learn with the most efficiency and effectiveness, you must have a passion or desire to learn for the sake of curiosity. Therefore, I make every lesson a balanced fun/work dynamic that makes learning interesting and valuable to any individual who learns from me.

Woodville Park
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4th Year Aerospace Engineering Student gives Maths and Physics lessons to high school Students

My teaching methods vary and I am able to teach from Auditory or Visual perspectives. Whatever you would like me to cover within the session I am able to write out a lesson plan and we will cover those topics so that by the end of the lesson you will have a sound understanding of the concepts covered.

Payneham South
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ANU Physics Student capable of teaching up to university level physics, science and maths

I believe in allowing the student to work for the answer, rather than giving out answers to a difficult question with minimal effort. I will start by asking the student what they wish to achieve in that particular lesson, then working from there. I will regularly prompt the student with questions, keeping them motivated, and are happy to work on whatever the student needs.

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PhD student in Physics from UWA teaching Physics and Math for all levels from Perth

Having teaching experience for more than 13 years in Australia and overseas, and studying a diverse range of subjects at high school and the university has allowed me to develop a variety of teaching and learning skills which I believe can assist students of all levels in reaching their educational goals.

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Astrophysicist (PhD) at ANU gives physics and maths lessons to high school and uni students

My teaching methodology is to keep it simple. I like to break down every difficult topic into small milestones so that it becomes much easier to process. The best way to study physics is to have real world examples explain a particular concept. A particular lesson structure from me would involve lots of simplified analogies (for physics) and practice questions (for maths).

Broadbeach Waters
Ileene jaizel
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IJMHtutor is the best tutor for your future- The dreamer become One.

My teaching method is based from k to 12 curriculum since we already know about the curriculum. Curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school or in a specific course or program.

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PhD (Mechanical Engineering) holder from University of Canterbury (NZ) with 5 years of teaching experience seeks to give tuition lessons.

I base my teaching methodology on the student I am teaching. While teaching a group of students, the methodology seeks to take care of the weakest student and pace of lesson plan is tailored as per him/her. In addition, I constantly read about latest teaching methodologies and try to embed them into my own teaching methodology.

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Australian National University Astrophysics grad student teaching Physics and English to primary and high school students.

My teaching methodology involves more of blended style which follows an integrated approach to teaching that blends my personality and interests with students needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. I will tailor the style to the student's needs and appropriate subject matter.

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UOW science education student offering tutoring in high school Maths and Science

I teach by using real world examples and applications. I keep very organised and colourful notes and diagrams to engage students that may have trouble understanding from their teachers. A typical lesson may start with background knowledge, moving into applications, and then answering some practice questions.

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Armidale based Engineer provides maths tutoring to High School and University Students

My teaching method comes from personal experience. Maths is a tool and like all skills if you do not use it you lose it. Many problems in maths requires previous knowledge. I identify weaknesses in either previous or current knowledge, helping you regain your skill.

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Adelaide Uni student offering science and maths lessons to Yr 7--11 students

I am friendly and approachable, and love to answer questions about science. My lessons are based closely around this, with an open, welcoming feeling for the student which makes them feel comfortable enough to ask any questions they may withhold from their teachers.

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Astrophysics Masters graduate in Sydney teaching maths and physics. Patient, friendly and fun!

My sessions will be structured into three main parts to accommodate different learning styles. I will introduce the topic with some talking and conceptual examples, before moving onto worked examples. Then, the student(s) can try some related problems independently with me ready to answer questions, identify areas of weakness and go over anything again.

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UTS Engineering Student gives maths lessons to middle school and high school

I follow Richard Feynman's method of 'teach to learn' and I would first instill a sense of confidence in the student because negativity in their answers makes them feel as though they are incompetent which would make their performance worse.

Glen Waverley
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Highly experienced former Glen Waverley School Teacher and Monash University Senior Lecturer teaches Maths, Physics and Science to students from year 5 to year 12.

My teaching method includes step by step approach and showing practical applications of the topic. My aim is to help students learn problem solving skills and develop confidence and understanding of the subject. I always try to enhance student's interest and motivation in Maths, Science and Physics.

Golden Grove
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University of Adelaide Graduate willing to give private lessons in Maths and Physics

My teaching method is focused conceptual understanding and working through the mathematical problem being experienced. depending on whether the issue is conceptual or procedural my method differs, conceptual understanding varies based on what the specific concept the student is having trouble with is.

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Starting up tutor from nsw with education in academic psychology for school and uni students

i prefer to go through material in a kind of ordered methology meanwhile connecting bits and pieces along the way.

South Brisbane
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Friendly Confident Edinburgh Theoretical Physics Student- Cheap Maths & Physics tuition to high-school students!

I would work off the assumption that the student has some understanding of the subject and instead of just re-iterating the content from class, I would tackle head on the issues the student has with certain problems.

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