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The Transformational Truth of Tarot - Learn How To Live The Rhythm of Life.

Tiffany Crosara has been professionally assisting others to clearly identify their blocks and work through them for over twelve years. Her first book, ‘The Transformational Truth of Tarot’ won the Best Spiritual Book Award of 2012. In her first year of TV work Tiffany was awarded Best Newcomer TV Intuitive of 2013.

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Vedic astrology in Tamil with emphasis on concepts and fundamentals practical approach

My teaching method is through enumerating the principles, followed by example horoscopes and making the students to practice the exercises. The teaching can be either through email or through Whatsapp based on the preference of the student.

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Discovering the Secrets and Powers of the Tarot through Kabbalah in Montpellier

Loving to share my experience and my knowledge, I give courses of esoteric sciences for several years, all levels (beginners and experienced), of: - Tarology, secrets of the symbols and power of Tarot cards - Jewish and Christian Kabbalah, theoretical courses and practices - Parapsychology, theoretical and practical courses Rates vary according to the duration of the course (hour, theme day ...

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I am a Social Metaphysical Scientist offering Numerology in sports betting industry.

I base my class on the main secrete behind numbers and their real world meanings that is translated into money earning hub.My lesson can be attended by anybody who loves to understand the metaphysical secrete behind numbers in the real world.

Saint Petersburg
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Evolutionary Astrologer gives astro lessons about natal chart and more from home.

I have been studying astrology for over 10 years and I am a practicing Evolutionary Astrologer. I consider myself a teacher at heart. I am able to simplify the complexity of astrology and offer a structured format for learning each piece of the astro puzzle.

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Remember that the TAROT is a great and sacred acronym- it's abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark ma

Teaching the Tarot is a very rewarding experience for someone with expert knowledge of the cards. The purpose of teaching a class on this fascinating subject is to give the student a 'basic' knowledge of the Tarot, and how to use the deck to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that they face on their journey through life.

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Advanced and Intuitive Tarot Teacher and Reader, gives tarot lessons to students intersted in enhancing their skill and understanding

For anyone interested in using Tarot cards the hardest part initially is interpreting them. Most web sites giving "definitions" or "meanings" tend to have just a few lines and quite frankly that's not very helpful; particularly to a beginner.

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Fascinated by the stars ? Come to me and i'll teach you ;)

Hi, my name is Cam, i teach Astrology to anyone who want within a 20 miles radius from Chicago ! Tell me what you want and i'll and i'll teach you ! Stars, what a beautifull word. The Sun, the moon and anything you want.

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Creative writer in the form of poetry taking deep feelings and emotions which maybe hidden within one and put those emotions into words to form deep feeling of poetry

Teaching others how to take those deep hidden feelings and emotions and find the right words to express these in the form of poetry

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Know your future, secure it,control the preset time,learn from your past through Astrology

My method of teaching or analysing charts is not conventional,most of the cases I use Vedic astrology,Tajik,Kp system and horary.

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I m perfect predictions for astrology, anyone who wants to know your future Ask me

My teaching method very easy to know easy to teach astrology how to predict perfect bhavishya phal kundli etc

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Have been in Vedic Astrology for last 30 years - have a proven track record of successful predictions

Presentations and interactive discussions with case studies and usecases.

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Hi I am an astrologer. If anyone wants to learn astrology or vastu shastra then please contact me. For red book also. Add flavor in your personality.

My teaching method is one to one. Online, telephonic or WhatsApp discussing. By any way one can learn. Its easy.

Comuna 3
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Astrologer of the Astrological Center of Buenos Aires offers astrology classes classes adapted to your needs

The teaching method is according to the preferences and needs of whoever wants to take the course. Classes can be in my house or in yours. I can also work on weekends because for me it is not a job but rather a hobby.

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Please contact astrology vedic indian tradition tution fee need thanks .

Classes 3 month for beginning level 5 month medimum level if qualified then go advanced level .a student eligible life time acess with me without any hesitation . New thing will updated everystudet. This is good courses given .

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Naadi jothidam, prediction of horoscope, numerology, nameology, vaasthu sasthram, kp method, presanna jothidam

I have got a post graduate degree in astrology from sastra university, tanjur. I am conducting astrology classes in and around namakkal area. I have created more than one thuosand astrologers. I am having key post in somany astrologers' associations.

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GET ANSWERS: Psychic [Tarot] Readings, Natal Astrology Charts, Human Design Blueprints & More!

A Friendly Muse for Lifetimes + MISSION: To provide confidential information with mutual trust on a variety of subjects; for entertainment only.

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Join My Classes of Astrology to understand the Science of Planets in a Modern Context

I'm a professional Astrologer and have a flair of working with big names in this field. Apart from my self study, I did astrology courses from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. I love to teach hence, i started teaching Astrology and other related subjects.You can learn through offline or online mode irrespective of race or community. Foreign nationals are also most welcome.

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Young witch teaches tarot, herbal magic and divination in Selma, Cibolo, New Braunfels area.

Welcome friends, and blessed be. I'm eager to teach you the ways of tarot and other magic. My education has come from relatives, friends and my own personal research. I'm always learning new ways to interpret, therefore learning new ways to teach. Your intuition and an open mind is all you need.

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Scientific Astrology - Best Vedic Astrology Concepts with practical Analysis based on research and case studies

This is completely practical classes where we start from very basic to horoscope by horoscope case studies in very simple language, that will help not only in theory but a real time prediction of astrology It is very logical and practical approach.

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Astro Gurukul Classes Vedic Astrology Lessons on Spirituality Nakshtra, Planets,

I am a professional Vedic astrologer from India, teaching Vedic astrology secrets about 27 Nakshtra, its mythology and relevance in current scenario.

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Change your luck and become successful it's there in your hands ,make it useful

Simple approach to the subject ,it will be very ineractive ,u can ask any doubt or any questions,it's easy to learn

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Astro-Planetology in the Province of Como methodically Copyright CRIPTOGRAMMA® and PROSOPOSCOPIA® 1993-2023

The lectures are preceded by the Natal Chart of each participant. The Chart is worked out upon the Horoscope, precisely on the day, month, year, hour and place of his/her birth. I teach the symbolism of each Planet Archetype, its dominance on the signs. At the end of the course I give each one its CRIPTOGRAMMA® Personal Profile. This methodology was conceived in the 1990s.

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Lessons in Astrology - Learn how to interpret natal charts and transits with Thai!

I've been a student of astrology for seven years, pursuing it in my free-time and learning about the deeper elements of it slowly and steadily.

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Contact Me To Learn Tarot Online or in Birmingham, England at your own pace

I provide life guidance via a holistic tarot card reading service. I was 11 when our school Headmistress caught us playing with tarot cards and banned them. She inadvertently helped to raise my curiosity! I started reading cards for myself and others when I was 15 which grew into reading at parties, charity fundraisers and corporate events.

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