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Love cooking lovely food for lovely people. Let me know if you want to have lovely asian food.

I believe to teach students through practical rather than theoretical. Lesson must be structured in such a way that students do not get bored up just learning but having fun learning.Teacher must know that there way of teaching will directly affect students mind, so it is necessary not to be hard on them and must know that each student have different way of thinking and teaching.

Box Hill
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The university of Melbourne student gives fun and simple cooking classes which will help get through Uni Life

To take workshops for a 2 with 2-5 recipes which take about 15-17 mins to cook.

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Experienced & enthusiastic cook and crafter gives simple, effective & interesting lessons in cooking, baking and crafting.

My teaching is based on a one on one approach, giving my complete attention to the student. I make my best effort to be clear and concise in my demonstrations and explanation, leaving no room for ambiguity. On completing a session, class or course, I would like to leave my students with a sense of accomplishment. .

Mokokchung Village
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Want to know how to cook? ping me up and learn what cooking means

Cooking is an art. I first start cooking in my imagination so that I can know what happens when you add sugar in the dish instead of salt. The classes are of course not for professional chef. Amateur chef as well (But can join if you want to know my style of cooking. For amateurs). It's mostly for those who adds sugar instead of salt or who cooks rice without water.

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Learn everything you want to know and need to know about cooking

I have been cooking ever since I was five and everyone in my family are amazing cooks. I have had three years of culinary arts experience and love the art of cooking and baking. I love learning teaching and trying new recipes and techniques when it comes to cooking. I believe cooking is a form of art and a lot can be expressed through the art of cooking and or baking.

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Great memories are not born but are made here. We mean it

I practiced the techniques used by Romans and Greeks to memorize. I can virtually memorize any data if challenged. Any body who is passionate can make world record in coming years after few hours of training. Age 9 to90 years you can check thememorytrainer.

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Passionate and knowledgable cook offering affordable and fun cookery Glasgow West. I hold professional cookery qualifications and have suitable facilities.

I'm a Glasgow born male in his 30s, who can offer good knowledge of ingredients, food processes and cookery techniques. I can teach the basics to beginners and more refined dishes to the more advanced or ambitious.

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Now these era kids are very busy in study exams & all but cooking is also important part later they will realize, so they can enjoy cooking class & learn how to cook basic things in fun manner

Methodology for cooking is enjoy whatever you are cooking either veg or Non-veg, As every people love healthy cooking so don't use to much oil because its myth that oil can make food testy, if you are cooking in less oil & spices but in proper manner that is important.

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Social media food Influencer. Delicious, Healthy, fast, affordable meals for all ages. Orange County. Instagram: icekcooks.

I have been a social media food influencer and foodie for 2 years with over 5,000 followers on instagram. I was sponsored and my recipes featured by a major food brand on instagram with over 60 thousand followers. I can teach you how to cook delicious, affordable, tasty meals without going too out of your way.

Greater London
Apple grace
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"A Secondary School Technology and Livelihood Education Teacher. Loves cooking but can teach other fields related to TLE (agriculture, computer, beauty care, etc.)

I am currently teaching both Technology and Livelihood Education and "Araling Asyano" (Asian Studies) in a private Secondary School particularly in grade 7. The structures of my lesson vary on the topics to be discussed but I love to let my students create their own ideas.

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Computer Science Engineer and MBA by profession and Cook by passion !

My teaching method is : I will talk to you understand what kind of cooking you want to learn and make you understand the basic ways of teaching, share the recipe with them and support them while they are cooking.

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Offering authentic Indian cooking classes for main course, healthy Snack and desserts

I start the lesson with the basic understanding of different ingredients and their benefits Start with the simple but tasty recipes for snacks, desserts Give practical demo to the students and share the detailed recipes with them to try at home

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Experienced and calm headed chef lucky to work in the industry for just more than 15 years mostly in continental cuisine.

My teaching method varies from person to person. Every person is unique and I have the patience and capability of teaching according to the grasping power of the student. It can vary from being a fun interactive lesson to a more serious approach. Very flexible to pupils needs.

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Seasoned, educated in culinary management award winning Chef gives vegan and vegetarian cooking private lessons in Toronto.

I have been a vegetarian all my life and even though i have learned professionally all aspects of cooking. I structure my sessions with some basic knowledge about our body constitution and what kind of food one must eat. A hint of theory to spread awareness about healthy eating habits and procedures of cooking. Then cooking techniques practical and some preparations handson with the client.

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I can teach mocktails, appetizers, dips, Indian vegetarian meals, fusion meals, Indian desserts. I can also give tips for meal preps, how to freeze meals. I have good experience in conducting online c

The base of my teaching depends on the pace and the expertise of the student. While teaching cooking online, I cook the food along when my student does, so he/she learns by observation as well as hands-on experience. I try to use as easy methods as possible.

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Crash Course on Cooking with Cannabis at Home for students living in Canada

in our Crash Courses, we got over the science behind why Cannabis affects the body, how the process is done in creations of Edibles, how to make Infused Butter and Infused Oil, how to properly dose the Infused Ingredients and what kind of recipes can be made with those ingredients.

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I am an engineering student with a fierce passion for cooking .

Cooking is a life skill , because food is something that we'll have 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I taught myself how to cook from the very basics by experimenting and helping out my mother while she cooked . It is that easy.

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Chef offering classes, tips and tricks to making perfect dishes for your friends and family.

Hey! My teaching methods are to make it easy and fun so that students want to learn. I Became a kitchen manager of a restaurant before I was 18 and started cooking at 12.

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Would you like to learn cooking from a chef with 35 years experience.....?

First classroom brief, then explain the ingredients. What and how ingredients works and change the character of food. Step by step cooking methods. Methods of cooking, slow cooking. And I will show practically the cooking. I can also encourage students to do solo cooking.

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Learn the art of cooking in simple method by professional with 32 years of experience in Bhopal

My teaching method is Practical oriented. These class is for anyone who is interested in cooking. Young girls and house wives can take advantage of this opportunity and learn the art of cooking quick, tasty, hygienic and nutritious dishes with ex[ertise.

Mohammad saquib
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Being Passionate about cooking wanted to give back to the community and make it easily understandable using best tips and tricks by using few stuffs and traditional techniques to fulfill ones appetite

Not to be a professional or a degree in cooking but still whatever tried till today's works fine for everyone my family friends and colleague, basically use traditional way of cooking and expertise in discovering the likeness of "chatpata khana"

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Hi Friends!! I am a techie by profession from Noida India. Cooking is my passion. I love to cook & I want to share my cooking skills with all of you. please join me & enjoy this cooking class. Thanks.

I can teach with video tutorials & study docs. I can teach Indian cooking- veg & nonveg both, healthy cooking & fast foods. I promise you i will teach you with easy methods & everyone will enjoy my cooking class.

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Dosa(South Indian Pan Cake) expert offers to share secrets of making healthy vegetarian breakfast food.

Southern parts of India is well known for an array of vegetarian gastronomical delights. I look forward to be of service to such persons who wish to try and master the skills of simple to prepare vegetarian south Indian food any where in the world.

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Food blogger giving interesting sessions on preparing numerous lip-smacking South Indian recipes

I base my class with using easily available ingredients to cook a simple and tasty recipe to treat your family and friends. The session will surely be interesting and useful and I also offer a cooking hack at the end of each session.

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Real time Cooking. The program schedule - 1. Introduction to Indian Spices 2. Quick Introduction to the 10 most popular lentils 3. Recipes & Simulatneous Questions and Answers 4. You can ask up to 2 questions on Indian Culture. This is your chance to satiate that curious question you always had about India.

Maryland Heights
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St. Louis Baker Specializing in Eggless and Vegan Desserts gives Tips and Tricks in Baking and Cake Decorating for Amateurs

Baking is all about the science. It's all about those little tips and tricks that ensure even rise, moist texture, delicious flavor, and flawless frosting, every time.

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A Passionate chef(Me), wants to teach many more aspiring passionate chefs

i am an engineering aspirant but cooking is always in my books for passion, i like to make tummies filled up with my recipes. I will give video lectures some additional cooking tips and how to make food look like mouth watery...

West Bromwich
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Do you want to learn to cook, simple, easy and healthy meals for students

I am a 22 year old female from a asian background. I have learnt to cook from the age of 12, asian simple yet healthy dishes. From meat to vegetarian dishes all learnt from my mother.

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Become a loved cook with super Easy Indian cuisine and Baking classes in Ottawa

I will be teaching using video/audio lessons and providing written material to my students so that they can keep it to follow in future. Local students can come for practical classes and assessments by having prior appointments. Students will be offered a curriculum to choose from.

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Get the knowledge of basic and healthy cooking with professional chef!!

I can teach the beginner of culinary students to clear up their basic in more practically and friendly way. Got good knowledge of various cuisines around the world so can share my knowledge and experience who want to make career in food industry or even who have cooking as a hobby.

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