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I offer the tools of yoga to students wishing to expand their physical, mental and spiritual understanding of themselves. Within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere :)

I offer private or group yoga lessons with a fun and relaxed vibe, primarily vinyasa and Ashtanga based flow classes, with meditation incorporated. Classes can be adjusted to suit the individual student, any levels of experience welcome. My teaching methods are based on honouring the process of the eight limbs of yoga, loving oneself and holding compassion for our bodies.

Narre Warren
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Spiritual/Wellness Coach offering one-on-one & group yoga sessions for relaxation & alignment.

I teach traditional yogic methods learnt straight from Rishikesh, India (the capital of yoga). My aim is to help people find balance, harmony and oneness within themselves whilst becoming physically flexible and fit through traditional yogic methods and practices.

Bar Beach
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Passionate Biomechanics Restorative Yoga instructor, private or groups, 6+ years of doing my own practice

My teaching method has changed since my injury. I will focus on restorative and gentle yoga classes. Connecting your breath with the movement but nothing that could injure you further. I'm looking to help my students feel better with their body and feel at peace. I also teach guided meditation and this will help connect the body with the mind.

Burleigh Waters
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Mollie teaches you to become your own teacher to manage your Mental Health :)

My philosophy of teaching Yoga is to empower the student to become their own teacher; to feel into what feels right for them and to act accordingly.

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Certificate IV yoga teaching 800 hours from byron yoga center teaching Asana, Pranayama, meditation

My teaching method is flexible, what I mean here is I have my own session plan each time before the class, but the sequence can be changed if there is any special needs from the students, such as if the majority of the class want to have more hip opener practice today, then hip opening postures will be added in more if there is not enough in my plan.

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Experienced Yoga teacher offering 1-to-1 and small group sessions in Canberra, ACT

My students come from all walks of life. And I have realised over the year that the practice has to fit the student, not the other way around. So working with me is a very personal experience and very specific to your needs and abilities.

Camp Hill
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Yoga...On the Inside - getting people to connect with their body and mind

As I'm currently undertaking my Yoga Teacher Training, my teaching methodology is still developing. However, my aspiration is to teach to those who are very new to yoga and I intend to teach 'beginners' style of yoga which will be the best fit for my target audience.

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KYoga classes are FUN while working on core, strength and pumping the blood.

Ashtanga Basic & Vinyasa Yoga Karina from KYoga classes are free flowing incorporating Ashtanga Basic and Vinyasa sequences, focusing on strength, core and plenty of poses to get the heart rate going.

West Melbourne
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Passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable yoga instructor looking to share my love of yoga with anyone who would like to learn.

My teaching method reflects my personality and my students, I adapt accordingly. Mainly, I like to take a warm approach and encourage students to listen to their body and do what feels right for them. I see myself as a guide to students own self-practice, rather then an instructor they must follow meticulously.

East Perth
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500-Hour Yoga Alliance Qualified Teacher with advanced training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

By observing the students group I may adjust or offer modifications of each postures,the class can be dynamic,restful,more rebalancing focused or a little bit of everything depends on the needs of my students,breath control can be emphasized through the whole class so that we can really go deeper and benefit the most from each asanas.

Coffs Harbour
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Experienced International Yoga Teacher sharing yoga classes in private or group setting in Coffs Harbour area

My classes are devoted to creating a safe and supportive environment to explore strengthening and stretching the body. I use techniques such as movement, breath, sound and meditation to create health, joy, focus and presence. Suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners.

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Outer Easter Suburbs, Yoga for Creative Souls! Slow flow and dance inspired yoga, in tune with nature

I aim to ground my class with free flowing movement, inspired by the cycles of the moon and the seasons. I include uplifting and healing music, and continuously hold the space for students to tap into their divine higher essence.

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Fully qualified Yoga teacher offering Multi style yoga classes (incl.restorative yoga) around Sydney

My teaching method is informal. I base each class/pose on the following main teaching methodologies - instructions, demonstrate, observe and adjust. I start the classes off with some chanting, warm up poses and slowly work my way through the standing series, balancing series, sitting series, inversion, restorative series and finally some relaxation/yoga nidra.

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Medication to both mind and body, re- transformation to the new ME

I usually like for an interactive class where it helps to build an link with the people who hear me. I prefer to have both practicals as well as lecture mode which can help the students to get more knowledge with asanas.

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Experienced Yoga teacher who has recently moved to Sydney, experience in Gym, private, studio and corporate classes

Upon completing the 200 hour Yoga teaching certification in 'Hatha Vinyasa Yoga' and graduating from the Laughing Lotus School of Yoga (taught by Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi), I have continued the physical and spiritual practice of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga both as an interest and as a career.

Brighton East
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Yoga instructor based in Brighton gives private and semi private classes at your home

My teaching methods revolve around created a high sense of awareness of your body and your mind through a variety of techniques. With that awareness, students are able to empower themselves and have more clarity of their strengths and weaknesses.

Mayfield East
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Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative yoga teacher for all levels in Newcastle, Australia

My teaching methodology is based on the individual students' needs, abilities and what they would like to achieve or learn. All sessions are entirely unique and adaptable to my students. I am able to teach students of all physical abilities.

Hamilton Hill
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Ashtanga Vinyasa Registered Teacher to give at home private exciting and relaxing classes, tailor made to your wants and needs!

I make my classes open to any age, body type, or gender. I want you to feel comfortable and confident when taking a class from me, I offer many different variations of poses that will challenge you, but also modifications if you want to take a step back.

Caulfield North
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An International certified yoga instructor travelling the world to spread yoga & love!

My teaching methodology is based on adult learning principles and facilitation techniques My approach would be to have a fun learning experience leading to an upward learning curve

Broadbeach Waters
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200hr Ashtanga Certified Teacher able to teach in the Gold Coast Region

My teaching method is designed depending on the student and their experience.

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Flinders Nursing student give Yoga lessons to any age people in Adelaide.

I like Yoga not only because Yoga keeps you a good body and shape, but also it makes your personality more stable and changes your attitude to life. Each lesson is 45min long. Gesture including breathing yoga, standing yoga, and lying ground yoga.

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Himalayan Yoga Institute Student Gives Peronalised Yoga Training At Home In Sydney

My teaching method is more kind of personalised, one on one, with a very small group of four to five students so that I can provide proper training which helps relieving their health issues. I start with beginners training.

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YOGA and DANCE instructor,happiness is the KEY to SUCCESS, where Happiness comes from good HEALTH,So, Let's learn to stay Happy and healthy.

The most effective and the beautiful way of teaching is to teach in a fun filled manner. another method of teaching is to create a positive environment of the surrounding with the help of soothing and relaxing background music with good and light fragrance.

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Qualified Primary School Teacher and Yoga Instructor providing people in the South West Australia with physical and health education.

My teaching method is based on the Circle of Courage theory, whereby four universal needs: belonging, mastery, independence and generosity must be met in order to grow. By identifying any imbalances in client's needs, I structure the sessions accordingly. I will ensure the sessions are held in a safe space, and I act with kindness and curiosity.

Saint Kilda
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Certified and Experienced Yoga Instructor offers tailored Yoga and Meditation classes in Melbourne

Combining my experience and passion for Yoga, Martial Arts and Dancing, I aim to provide students with challenging, yet accessible classes with a focus on movement principals. I hope to guide students as they open to a feeling of inner peace amid the relative intensity of the Asana practice, helping them to stay calm and soft while string and stable.

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Private/group Yoga classes in Adelaide offered by certified Yoga instructor from India

I take yoga classes which includes almost all the aspects of yoga. I start my class with centering and intention training, followed by warm ups and various yogic poses. All classes include a 15 minute meditation at the end of the class.

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Yoga will help you attain contentment and peace of mind in life and I am a certified yoga teacher from India, currently in Melbourne doing my masters from Victoria university.

I am priyanka from India, certified yoga teacher. I teach yoga for all age groups and my yoga classes not only includes Asanas but also includes the anatomy and philosophy of yoga. Meditation, yoga nidra, Asanas, correction of posture is included in my classes.

Wetherill Park
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Yoga Vinyasa Flow to get you Fit and strong. Strong Yoga, Strong YOU. Based in Sydney.Certified Yoga Teacher.

My teaching style is intuitive. I tend to go by way of feeling and sensing. I teach according to the energy levels, the level of the students I have, I take into consideration injuries and offer modifications where needed. I believe all our bodies are unique and different, so each pose will look and feel the same for each person. Yoga practice is just that- a practice.

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Your Yoga by Fran Pappalardo boasting several decades of experience and passion for holistic mind, body and spirit health and wellbeing

In my class, I emphasize to my students to pay particular attention to their breathing. In fact, should the occasion arise, I say to them: "If in doubt....BREATH". The experience is one of nurturing and I cater for all age brackets.

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Perfect! Lo pasamos genial con Carlos! Super clase de yoga en el jardin, empazamos a la hora prevista con la sonrisa!

Mev, Student
3 months ago
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