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Learn latest technologies and programming first hand from an industry expert with global expirience

My classes are based on a real world problem and how to architect an end-to-end solution for the problem using advance technologies and programming languages.

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Inspiring Little Engineering Spirits. . Teachingt every drop of pre-computing with necessary Maths & Science.

I'm confident to say that I know how to inspire children with beautiful examples of computing concepts & happy programming lessons. I have interesting softwares, just for kids & based on their ages. Truly I am an engineering soul who strives to inspire little ones to see the beauty in computing.

Harrington Park
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CTO of BeacoHealth gives you the power to succeed in computer science

Flexibility is the key methodology to teaching students. The greatest issue the educational system has with teaching, is that it assumes that every student's learning style is the same, and so they teach every student only 1 particular way. Einstein further illustrates my point with an analogy "Everybody is a Genius.

Rosa Brook
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How To Manage Future Technology DIY Online Business Website Build it Yourself

My teaching methodolgy would be based on a custom business model a basic what do i need to create a business presence online.

King River
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UTAS Engineering Honours graduate with an ATAR of 99.8 teaches up to graduate english, maths, science and AI

My method is give clarify feedback on schoolwork, Set up procedural guidelines to ensure a single method can be followed in any discipline to achieve top results, I set out practice sheets to ensure the full extent of the course material is covered by the guiding principles, And then create flash cards for "practice, practice, practice", so the student can quiz themselves on the skills most...

Queanbeyan East
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PhD graduate in Computer Science from the UNSW teach computer science and mathematics

I try utmost to propagate the joy of understanding something from myself to my students. I call it the "eye lit up" moment. -> use prepared slides. -> use whiteboard. -> use pen and paper -> happy to sit with you, unless you understand the materials.

Coffs Harbour
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3+ years experience software developer gives basic and advance programming to high school and uni students in Coffs Habour NSW.

My method of teaching is top-down and/or bottom-up depends on the language or the subject that I teach. Top-down approach is to learn by creating significant pieces of real software . Whereas, bottom-up approach is to learn all the fundamental concepts of programming. It also can be flexible to suit the needs of the student.

Mount Druitt
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Masters in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence gives lessons on Programming and DeepLearning and also teaches MATHS and PHYSICS

My teach in a very unique way. It is my utmost desire to enable my students to learn their subjects themselves rather than being spoon fed by tutors throughout their educational careers. I also teach objectively that is depending on the future goals of my students I guide them through their current education. (that is which skills that should master now to help them in the future).

Harmandeep singh
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I taught the students of diploma and graduate level at punjabi university , India

i taught the subjects with the help of examples and more practical based. i never teach the theoretical i always prefer the practical because the computer is the practical subject and can only be mastered with the practical knowledge only.

Md sarwar
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Student understanding and satisfaction is the key for me with honesty and sincerity .

My technique is to make the topic easier with own words not straight forward the book or paper words. I usually describe the topics with own words that my students like most. The pivotal consideration of my classes were to make understand the poor student who are in problems.

Vedaanth k
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University of Adelaide student teaches fundamentals and foundations of computer science .

My teaching methodology is quite different when compared with fellow teachers. I focus on conceptual learning rather than mugging up the topics. Focus on the why on my topics. eg, Most of the students know area of a circle is pi*r*r but why is it so and why not pi*r*r*r.I conceptualise the concepts for better understanding.

Pascoe Vale
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Experiences technology professional with Master of Technology Data Science degree gives computer, programming and AI lessons

I have am an Electrical Engineering Graduate and I have completed two Masters degrees (MBA and Master of Technology in data science). I love learning and sharing knowledge. Teaching and sharing knowledge is my passion. I believe every student is brilliant but needs a different level of mentoring and practice to master complex subjects.

Walkley Heights
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A Friendly Computer Science teacher with 10+ years of IT experience in Web, Android Application Development, Analytics and Big Data Technologies in Adelaide

1. C and CPP Programming C programming concepts from the ground up Understand the special features of C: pointers, header files, null-terminated strings, buffers, IO Use the source code examples to learn step-by-step 2. Java Programming Introduction to JDK, JRE. Data types, variables and user input. conditional statements.

Williams Landing
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Swinburne PhD Student with 10 years of experience giving Computer Science/programming lessons with real time applications

My lessons are mainly tailored to the intellect of the students. I believe in a student centered philosophy which emphasizes hands on learning and students actively participating in lessons. My primary aim is to reduce the gap the between industry and a student .

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I am a Computer Science PhD student and would love to teach programming

I was student for a long time ( I am a PhD candidate so I passed undergrad level and masters ). I worked as a Teacher Assistant for 5 years. So I have a clear understanding of what professors expect from students. I am a computer scientist and a software developer. I can help you with any field related to my education and skills.

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Final year computer engineering student shows the fun behind programming at Brisbane!

As a tutor, I always like to make sure the students see the fun side of the subjects, making learning so much easier. To do this, I often try to associate difficult concepts to examples in our everyday life and try to expand from there.

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Jaswinder Kaur wants to give C language classes to school and University student and have teaching experience of one year.

I believe that the practical knowledge is very important with the theoretical knowledge. I taught computers in school in my home country. I likes to introduce the basics first to the students, so that they will feel familiar with the subject. I believe in step by step learning.

(5 reviews)

PhD student, Master degree in Computer Science. Experience in web development, Java and Artificial Intelligence

In my classes I like to interact with the students and make the class a long conversation. I believe that for computer classes many things seem very easy in the first contact and complicated when the student try to implement. Therefore, I like to apply exercises and follow the student's development and thinking.

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Bioinformatist graduated from University of Toronto giving fun bioinformatics (or other STEM subject you're interested in!) lessons for high school/undergrad students in Toronto!

I believe in drawing out students' passion in learning so I like to make my lessons engaging and flexible depending on the students. I also find that for many STEM subjects, the use of examples greatly help students gain a feel of the more abstract concepts being delivered.

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Experienced and enthusiastic computing student offering exciting programming lessons in Glasgow and Paisley

I believe in problem solving as the best way of learning programming, and as I already know what problems to give my students and how to lead them to the solution, they experience both a very steep learning curve and lots of success as positive feedback.

(4 reviews)

Machine learning (scikit-learn, tensorflow) and programming (Python, c++) tutoring - ML PhD Candidate at Inria

I am a strong software engineer who turned towards Machine Learning & Data Science. I have been teaching in the past. I gave several lectures, supervised undergraduate students and was a math / physics tutor for high school students. I can teach in English & French. My belief is that the only way to learn programming is by actually programming. My race will be focused on programming.

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Artificial Intelligence student offering Java and Artificial intelligence related lessons in Canterbury

Usually, my teaching method is to combine theory with practice. I will teach my students the basic concept of the knowledge first, and then I will find some exercise for students to practice to gain deep understanding of the concept.

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Computer Science Engineering Man who loves to Share knowledge and Teach students for Better Career !!

My Teaching Methods includes First Teaching of Subject Base from Starting then explaining the Chapters and then Removing the Queries .My Classes are for anybody with/without degree who is Interested in Computer Science .

(2 reviews)
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Student from IEEE VIT teaching very intuitive and explananatory concepts and coding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Has taught in multiple College Workshops and has state of the art knowledge.

The classes are for anyone with interest in learning Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts, I have made very intuitive slides with clear examples and concept explanations for teaching and prerequisites are just basic knowledge in Calculus and Python programming.

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EE in Programming and C++ and Python and Pascal Coding and hardware

I first have to see the level of students, To teach software I start with the basics, and start a step by step teaching process I have taught English for many years. I also know computers and I have worked in US /Hong Kong / China teaching many people /students English and many other subjects. I also taught Sunday Schools from 7-12 grades and I work very well with young adults.

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Hello..this will not be like a usual lecturing but sharing knowledge about technology

My teaching methodology will be like after teaching each concept task will be given to you to know how to much you understood the concept..

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Senior Software Development Engineer at CodeNation, Trilogy; Certified Project Reviewer at Udacity

My span of teaching includes post-graduate, undergraduate as well as school-level study. My teaching style is as follows: 1. Learn the basics 2. Hands-on Implementation 3. Project Implementation 3.1 Ideation 3.2 Architecture Setup 3.3 Implementation 4.

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It is a game not a subject let's play and enjoy forever

I follow the principles of STEM strategy for a very practical approach. Any student is kept updated on the agenda of the forthcoming classes. Thereby I also would expect them to do the minimal amount of research to be on the same page. All my focus would be application oriented also to mark the current trends as this plays a major role in obtaining sound knowledge in the domain.

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Real Time, Hands-On, Experienced Teacher with 20 years in Industry experience

I have been teaching student at different level throughout my carrer. First, I identify the intended audience, and , plan for the course material. Students can be beginners, intermediate and advanced level and the training material is based on that. If training is requested on some specific topic, and the focus is based on that topic.

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Student after complete their SSLC should start learning Programming, If they like to become an engineer

My teaching is simple, First I used to ask questions with the students and then I analyze the answers which is given by the students and then I start to teach from basics. And again on the next class I used to ask previous day lessons through questions If they answer me I continue taking new classes.

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