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ANU student gives mathematics lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

The essence of maths is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. I, as a tutor make maths look fun and easy for students who have difficulty in solving even the most basic questions of maths.

Spring Hill
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Kindy to High School MATHS with a qualified teacher! Brisbane CBD and surrounds!

Kindy- High School level, specialising in Primary age. My lessons are fun, focused and geared towards the understanding of the specific student. I have many years of experience in understanding a barrier to learning and I will be able to spot and solve these with my creative teaching methods.

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RMIT computer science teaching maths from years 7 - 12, further/methods included, 2 years experience

Hello there! My name is Harry Luke and I am an experienced maths tutor who is ready to help you or your child achieve the results that you desire. I teach primary and secondary maths as well as VCE Further maths and unit 1-2 VCE Maths Methods.

North Melbourne
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UniMelb Computer Science student who thrives on bringing out best results in maths of high school and uni students in melbourne

I am a technology enthusiast with a passion for teaching.I have had the experience of working with high achieving students as well as with students requiring extra care to succeed academically.I try to tailor the lessons according to the needs of my students.

South Brisbane
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Math Tutor in Brisbane - Mechanical Engineering graduate with experience in tutoring

I'm an experienced Math tutor. I can really bond with students from 11-17-years old. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering and I've been tutoring students since I was a student. I'm not from Australia but don't worry, I was also an English teacher (TEFL) with international experience (The Netherlands and USA). I can teach all levels, from beginners to advanced.

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Master student at Curtin University gives lessons for everyone who wants to learn maths and science

I am a 24-year-old postgraduate student in Curtin University. I want to teach students who really want to learn math and science. We first start with a brief review of the principal ideas needed to understand the lesson and then we are going to solve different types of problems so you will be able to resolve any kind of problem in your exams.

Sydney Olympic Park
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Finance student providing an easy-to-understand and effective approach to maths lesson for primary school students in Sydney.

I believe in a student-specific approach which will cater to all the needs and expectations that the student might be expecting from me. My tutoring experience has taught me that every single kid has their own pace and learning capacity and it is my duty to help them unlock their potential and thrive for success.

St Leonards
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Masters Graduate with 8 years of experience teaching Secondary School Maths. Currently in looking to teach in Sydney.

I believe as a tutor we are not only required to teach academic subjects but also to instill self-confidence in our students to believe that they are able to excel. Therefore, my lesson plans are specifically tailored to each students learning method so as to be able to understand how they process information and are able to learn and benefit.

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UOW student gives math lessons to all under-uni levels in Wollongong and Sydney.

Hi all, I'm a fresher of UOW, not a professional teacher so I'll give you my own effective learning methods. I can help you with your math exercises, homework and tips to improve your scores. In a lesson, I'll guide you to finish your school assignments and then, we'll together solve more advanced exercises to enhance your skills.

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Numbers are crazy, if you are unable to deal with it, come to me.

Tips and tricks are needed to solve maths problem. If you have proper guidance and the methods then you can ace maths by practise. First of all, we have to do algebra and arithmetic which is the base of maths. Acing on it will make your brain work faster. And the last chapter shall be Geometry and Trigonometry.

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QUT's master of IT student teaching mathematics to school children in Brisbane

Hi, I am a Master's student at QUT. I am totally driven towards educational wellbeing of the children from all age groups. I have unique ways of teaching kids, as they will be more of my friends than students. I myself have scored 9.3/10 in my high school and I understand how things can turn bad if Mathematics concepts are not clear. As they say:- strong houses are built on strong foundations.

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Hi, I am a UniSA student studying masters of teaching(secondary) giving science, mathematics and English tuition to students up to 12th grade in Adelaide.

Hi, my name is Abhijeet and I teach science,mathematics and English to students up to 12th grade.I am a student working part time. My lessons are fun and easy to grab. I intend towards making my students understand the concept properly instead of just cramming things up.

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UTAS Medical Student gives Maths lessons to high school students in Hobart

I'm a medical student in UTAS. Mathematics, however, remains one of my favourite subjects, and I would love for an opportunity to keep in touch with it by tutoring others.

Chapel Hill
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Great Science and Math, tutor/teacher with more than 10 years of experience...Lets investigate how things work? How Math can explain almost everything..and it will be fun

Great Science, physics and Maths, tutor/teacher with more than 10 years of experience...Lets investigate how things work? How Maths can explain almost everything..and it will be fun.

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Maths tutoring available for students till undergrad level specially with integration and differentiation

Maths has always been my favourite subject and I love doing as well as teaching the same any time. I'm good with arithmetic, trigonometry, geometry, neumerical analysis like differentiation and integration, algebra, pure mathematics, graphical representation and logic gates. I have studied mechanical engineering in my bachelor's and now I'm doing my post graduation in renewable energy engineering.

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UWA Mathematics and Statistics graduate teaching maths lessons to high school and diploma students in Chatswood

- Fun and bubbly, high tolerance and high patience towards students (so students who takes longer to understand doesn't have to feel pressured) - Lessons are aimed to be learnt at least a week in advance than school term - Will be taught using logic and reason over rote -Extra worksheet will be prepared prior tests/exams or upon request -Shoot me an email or a text anytime when you...

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Melbourne Uni engineering student who is nuts for Maths and Physics and can tutor in Melbourne

Hello! My name is Aditya and I memorised the first 20 elements of the periodic table by the time I was 15! When I was a student, I found that I learnt best when I could associate the concepts with real world applications. My teaching philosophy is based on this. When exploring any topic, I first aim to provide real world examples and experiences.

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Bachelor of Education Graduate (and Master graduate) teaching K-12 Maths in Sydney

As someone who was supported by my Mathematics Professor Dad throughout my schooling in maths, i understand the confidence that comes with knowing your maths compared with those who i saw struggle in maths and thats where i want to help, to make those who struggle with maths confident.

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Engineering graduate with university teaching experience gives maths lessons in Brisbane South

I am a recent mechanical engineering graduate from University of Southern Queensland with distinction. The lessons will be structured according to the student's pace and depth of learning. I try to make the subject more interesting and applicable. Being a part of peer learning programs at the university, I can understand what a student feels when facing a problem.

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Experienced mathematics teacher offering assistance to high school students on the central Gold Coast

I am a specialist Mathematics teacher with over 40 year teaching all levels of secondary mathematics. I am looking for students in the Mudgeeraba area who need and want assistance with their ongoing studies and assignment work. In my tutorials I give assistance with current work and spend some time being proactive giving ideas on how to tackle upcoming topics.

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Passionate Primary school teacher gives private tutoring lessons to all types of students.

I am a patient teacher and I structure my lessons in ways that give opportunity for different types of learners. I am skillful at providing hands on, experiential lessons that educate students where required and also allow them to have fun doing it.

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Maths Phd teacher gives lessons to high school students and university students

My name is Mike. I am experienced in teaching junior and senior mathematic subjects at public and private high school. I have always enjoyed studying mathematics. I like interacting with young people and being able to share my mathematic knowledge.

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Masters Student provides math and science tutoring up to high school level

Math can be a tough subject to wrap your head around. I can help by demonstrating easy to remember tips, breaking down questions into smaller sections and build students confidence in working on math problems independently! Science requires brain power to remember all the material and requires good study habits.

North Wollongong
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PhD Engineering candidate gives Physics lessons to high school students in Wollongong

I am a PhD (Civil Engineering) candidate at the University of Wollongong and have a passion for research and teaching. My methodology for teaching has always been interactive and guiding the students to grasp the concept rather than mere cramming. Further, helping the individual with the practical application of the theory in real world problems.

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Civil Engineer helping students for a better understanding of math, physics and mechanics

I am Civil Engineer with extensive experience of teaching math, physics and mechanics during my university life. I believe every student is unique, so should the teaching method for them, so I usually customize my teaching method according to the need of student.

Banksia Grove
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Post graduate student in mechanical engineering(ECU) imparting skills in the field of mathematics and physics

I am really enthusiastic about teaching skills and short-cuts to master the subjects of physics and mathematics. Having a good grasp of the basic concepts is really important to pursue a career in engineering science. Being a post-graduate student myself really gives me an advantage to have higher aptitude in the concerned field.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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University Chemistry Professor for 25 years seeking tutoring to help students to improve knowledge

Chemistry is the Science of Why and How?, an important part of the man's knowledge learned thru many centuries of observation and experimentation trying to explain what we see around us, how we are made, how Nature is made, how does it work the way it does, why processes occur, how matter is transformed.

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WACE Math METHODS Yr 11/12 Tutor with over 700 hours experience from PERTH WA

Mathematics grows exponentially in difficulty every consecutive year in high school. This makes it imperative that students stay on top of there studies to ensure the desired outcome at the end of year 12. I provide students with the best way to learn maths using a range of teaching and mentoring techniques that I have discovered over my 2.5 years experience tutoring.

Roxburgh Park
Muhammad yasir
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La Trobe Tourism and Hospitality Management Student gives maths lessons to high school and university students to polish their skills and make them learn new techniques.

I'm a very friendly sort of a guy who likes meeting new people, learning new things and helping out others. In my opinion you should enjoy your studies and don't take it as a burden or stress out. You should be studying in breaks for example take a break of 10 minutes after every hour or so, so that your mind freshens up.

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Edith Cowan engineering student gives math lessons to school and university students

Hi , I am Austin Jimson. I am 4th year Electronics and Communication engineering student from Edith Cowan university. I have been taking math tuitions for university and school student since 2 years.

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