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Studied History at ANU, Studying Teaching, Philosophy and Creative Writing at UC. Offering help to anyone in the Canberra Area. Personable, Great Communicator, Reliable, Passionate and Energetic

My approach to teaching is derived from my ability to communicate well with my students. I do my best to differentiate how I deliver content based on how my students learn most effectively. I always ensure that whoever I am helping has a full understanding of the content before moving on to the next stage, and that the information being delivered is relevant and relatable for them personally.

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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall - Confucius

Hi, My name is Fabian and I am currently completing my final year of Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anient History. I want to assist you in your ancient history studies and offer one on one private tuitions in the comfort of your own home. I am suited for teaching and assisting with the ancient history subjects for both primary and secondary student up until VCE.

Flinders View
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Recently Graduated High School Student with High OP (9) Giving History-Based Lesson in Ipswich.

My teaching method can easily be adapted to students of different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The lesson would be structured in a way that does not just give the student the answer so they can pass, it will be structured to allow them to be able to find the answer on their own through developed skills.

Quarry Hill
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Student at Latrobe finishing my third year of a History and Geography.

My teaching method is relational and cooperative. I believe that making content relevant and engaging with a student to foster a sense of wanting to, as opposed to having to. I'm am passionate about getting alongside students and helping create interest and creative thought regarding the sometimes difficult or unclear subject matter.

Lake Albert
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Kooringal High School graduate tutoring Ancient History and English in the Wagga Wagga area or online!

I generally try to cater to what each student enjoys or feels is most effective as a set of learning strategies and I’ll try to do my best to provide for individual learning needs; I’m obviously not qualified or professionally trained, but I aspire to become a teacher and would love to work with each student individually to gain an understanding of the modern student.

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I teach history and government at Bentley. Currently doing a master of education at Murdoch university.

I use discussion method, questions and answers in my teaching. Participatory approach is the key. Think pair share is also a great as it makes students to think and share their thoughts with others.at lecture method can be used when introducing a new concept.

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UWA Archaeology major tutoring primary or high school students in history, communications, social sciences

I love learning and I'm really passionate about the areas that I teach, but I understand that while history might be a huge interest for one student, it might be just another subject for someone else. That's ok! After our initial session, I will have a better grasp on what you specifically need out of your tutoring time, and the best way to get that to you.

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ANU Master's student give tutoring in history, civics, public health, and related

I am a Master of Archaeological Science student with a BSc (public health. I help students identify problem areas and assist students in developing relevant knowledge and study skills. I believe students should be encouraged to develop life long study skills through focusing of subjects that require tutor support.

North Casino
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Ancient and Modern History taught in the Far North Coast... where do you want to start?

I believe in building a strong rapport with students and making a dry subject like history fun and enjoyable through interactive activities. I believe that students should control their learning through questions and their own interests. This way they feel a better connection and ownership over what they are learning.

Semaphore South
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Flinders University Teaching graduate teaches History and Geography to primary school students and Archaeology to university students

My teaching method is specific to the student, each student learns differently and in knowing how they learn best is how they will achieve the best results. My teaching lessons are based on the Australian National Curriculum for primary students and the university achievement standards from university students.

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2nd year Archaeology student offering enthusiastic and experienced Archaeology tutoring for individuals or groups

My teaching method is based on the milestones and requirements outlined in the Australian curriculum and ATAR guidelines.

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ANU Art History student is available to give history lessons and course consultation

I am a very easy-going person with a great amount of self-confidence in regards to learning and teaching. That allows me to think positively whenever I encounter obstacles in studying and teaching.

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Aspire to achieve by engaging a Qualified Secondary Teacher to help you reach your academic goals

I have been tutoring students from year 1 through to Masters level at University for over 10 years. Lessons are catered to each student's abilities and needs. Lessons are based on what is needed, whether it be supporting school learning or explaining how to answer a difficult question.

Brisbane City
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History, art history, archeology, geography, anthropology, mythology for primary and secondary school students in Brisbane

I try to change my method of teaching according to student's needs. Generally, I prefer to involve the student in the subject, by trying to let them explain what they get about it. I want them to explain me the topic they had to study to be sure they completely understand it.

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Bachelor (History major) Graduate tutoring high school and uni students in Adelaide

I like to approach a tutoring session by first making sure I know the level of understanding the person I am teaching has for any given topic, and then go from there. I know learning can at times be frustrating if you're struggling to understand the content and that you might want to give up, so I aim to make my lessons easy to understand without it being too overwhelming.

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La Trobe student majoring in History and English give lessons to high schoolers in the Melbourne area.

My methodology is quite flexible and is based on your needs as a student. I understand that everyone has different ways and speeds of learning and this is something that I have acknowledged in the past in tutoring. My lessons are geared towards students who are struggling in history or are doing well and want that extra boost to their final mark.

Cumberland Park
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Flinders Arts graduate and archaeologist gives history lessons covering the ancient and modern world.

My lessons are geared towards students who have trouble staying interested in history and attempt to make links between the past and the present to show how understanding our history shapes how we approach our future.

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QUT Law and Justice student giving Ancient History, English, Legal Studies lessons in Mt Gravatt

I prefer one-to-one or small groups. How my lessons are conducted is dependent to the student's learning style and what they need help with. I assist with normal classwork/homework, exam preparation and assignments. My aim is help students understand the work to the best of their ability.

Macquarie Fields
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Australian Catholic University Student provides the younger generations with the skills and knowledge they need to pass History.

My teaching method is to base each lesson around a certain module within the set topic. No one can adequately understand an entire topic as a whole so its important to extract the important questions that are most likely to be assessed.

Barden Ridge
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High School Tutor from an expert Teacher (BA Hon), Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

I have been a senior HSC teacher for 3 decades leaving my last school after 25 years in April 2017. I was mainly an Ancient History teacher but taught History to all years 7-12. I also taught Studies of Religion at the HSC level, ESL and IT for years 7-10 and coached essay writing and other skills.

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Archaeologist to assist with geography and history lessons in the Sunshine Coast

I like being warm, approachable and understanding, driven by the needs of the student. Every student is on different levels and has different approaches to learning so it is important to be flexible to the individual needs of the student.

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Master of Professional Archaeology student - Archaeology lessons available in Geelong area

My teaching method is both practical and theoretical. Depending on what you wish to learn or what skills you wish to develop, I will tailor my lessons to suit your goals. You can set your goals before we begin classes or we can discuss together what we believe you need to meet any particular targets.

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Passionate learner of history with a focus on the classical era and full-time student of town planning at UQ

I am a very hands-on interactive person and I learn how I teach. I cannot stand being lectured to for an hour and I don't teach this way. I much prefer to have questions asked, pose my own questions, and if applicable explore topics we both may be unfamiliar with to blend the teacher-student dynamic into a collaborative learning environment.

Port Willunga
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Macquarie Post-Grad Ancient History Student - Help with essay writing in Ballarat

I will give instruction on how to write a good essay by explaining structure and how an argument must flow on from an introduction to its conclusion. I explain how to examine both sides of an argument using sources and how to reference those sources in text and bibliography.

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History student at University of Oxford offering history lessons in Cambridge for GCSE or A Level.

My preferred method of teaching is one on one, this way giving undivided attention to a student. Approaching the course topic by topic, providing feedback on essays, either in person or through online comments, regarding both content and structure. Group classes are also a service offered, allowing students to not only learn from the tutor but also one-another.

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History, Glasgow, Post-graduate Researcher offering, history, archaeology and general knowledge tutoring with outdoor education experience

Dependant on the class size and ability of the individual, I range from outdoor learning to specifically targetting exam criteria and curriculum for excellence framework. In general, I take a learner-centered approach but can accommodate low tech information and high tech material.

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I am an anthropologist with additional certification for the course of effective communication and English language, taking classes on anthropology.

My approach towards my class is to make them more interactive and explain the concept with adequate day to day examples for creating a general interest awareness and knowledge about the subject and use my practical knowledge to prepare the students for the applications of this subject

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Recent MA Egyptology Graduate Offering Ancient History and Archaeology Lessons in Seattle

I am willing to provide lessons for any level and will tailor them to the individual. I am very flexible and understand that people learn in different ways, so the first thing we will do is develop a lesson plan that benefits you. This is not a classroom, so we have the freedom to learn in the way that makes the most sense to you.

H. alexander
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Anthropologist, professor of Humanities, Economics and Politics teaches personalized classes in Bogotá and surroundings.

I teach classes in human, social, economic and political sciences; young people who finish high school or are in college and need a reinforcement or better prepare to take exams of the ICFES and to enter the university (National, UIS, Antioquia, El Bosque).

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American in Glasgow with a background in history, including military and American

With degrees in history, specializing in military and American history as well as Conflict Archaeology & Heritage, I have extensive experience in the academic world. I have tutored people of various ages and pursuing different types of degrees. The way in which I tutor is entirely dependent on the person I am tutoring. After all, everyone learns differently.

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