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Qualified Teacher of Computing. Multiple areas of computing covered for beginners to intermediates.

I use multiple teaching methods depending on what works pupil to pupil or class to class. I regularly learn new methods and adapt to changing trends that demonstrate strng positice results. One of my more popular methods is gamification and ususally has the best engagement and produces the best retained memory results when tested.

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Award-Winning Artist teaching all Adobe Software programs in Melbourne, tailored to you.

I base my classes purely on the personal and professional needs of students. If clients are working on a project to deadline, I make a custom dot-point plan of steps they need to achieve those goals.

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Animation Graduate with real world experience in Perth to teach Creative Digital mediums

Im a very passionate artist with a big laugh and a friendly disposition. I want to get to know the student and really try and develop what they will need once they start a degree or move into the industry. As a competing industry professional, I made a lot of mistakes out of uni, I wasn't ready for the challenge but I have a passion that I want to share.

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3D animation tutor, Autodesk Maya. No previous knowledge required, start from the basics

I believe in a completely practical approach when it comes to animation. Through exercises, using maya, I explain the principles of animation and how they apply to basic obiects all the way through to human characters. No one gets left behind, we advance when everyone is good and ready, with a comfortable knowledge of every stage of animation.

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Film and Television Graduate teaches stop motion and animation principles from WA

I start with a simple, hands-on introduction to animation using block or paper and some basic principles in writing. I then extend this knowledge to more advanced techniques such as slow or fast in and out using bouncing ball methods. Lip sync is introduced after the simpler methods are grasped.

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Character Animation Graduate teaching animation basics and giving tips and feedback in Canberra

Animation is much more complex than it seems, learning the nuances of realistic movement and translating that into, basically rules for aestheic and art, is kind of hard to explain.

Paris 17e
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3D / 2D: Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, photography, retouching, Contest Preparation and end years of projects

MAYA (all levels except skinning and rigging) ZBRUSH (all levels) PHOTOSHOP (all levels) PHOTOGRAPHY (all levels) in both French or English. (Bilingual) Rather than a long speech, I'll let you judge for yourself: (hidden information) My way of teaching depends on your level. In general. Avoid doing too much theory; i'd rather train you, sitting next to you on a second computer.

Paris 18e
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Let's discover 3d printing and modelling with Autodesk Fusion 360 in Paris

I am a designer who specializes in additive manufacturing and I offer courses in computer graphics and 3d printing. These courses for all ages are aimed at individuals and professionals, beginners or not. My methodology is to learn by doing.

Jacarepaguá (Rio de Janeiro)
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AFTER EFFECTS DEFINITIVE - More than 20 years of experience! Highly Recommended on Linkedin

I am Luis Seda, known and recognized in the labor market. I taught in large and recognized schools like SENAC and INFNET. I also trained on TV Globo and Globosat. More than 20 years of experience and user of After Effects since 1997. Today I teach in Proclass.

Greater london
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Animation and Affereffects tutor London Maya 3ds max Unity 3d and game design

Help In Projects One to One Interior designers and Architects We are open from Monday to Sunday 9 Am to 9 Pm We charge 30 to 33 Pounds Per/hr (Rates may vary on Weekends).

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3D Computer Graphics and Game Design (Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Materials, Animation, Game Engines)

Young president of a company specializing in real-time engines, I am trained in 3D computer graphics and Game Design. I give courses to all those wishing to be trained in 3D modeling as well as the graphic aspects of game engines, with some notions of code and game design.

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RHINO certified trainer 3DS MAX certified professional - 3D modeling courses - Paris

Teaching Rhinoceros software 5 and 3DS MAX (all levels) ART - Authorized Rhino Trainer with the possibility of releasing an official certificate of participation Rhino Level 1 and Level 2, recognized by RHINOCEROS - Mc Neel.

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Understanding the basic concepts behind film vfx and 3D design - online training

My approach to these concepts and workflows will be straight forward.Absolutely anyone having interest and curiousity can dive in and learn as much as they can. I'll be going through both technical and artistic workflows of rotoscopy,3d modelling etc in this particular course. Easy understanding with these concepts and fun way to do assignments .

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3D courses for bachelors 3DVFX Game Maya or Max EU Substance Animation

I make courses for all levels, fill gaps when you got lacks on a specialization. I think about application exercises and I constantly keep contact with the person in the case of doubts or issues. The education method will change a lot depending of softwares used.

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Independent Graphic Designer, AfterEffects / 3Dsmax / Vray, Desktop Publishing / Drawing / Animation / Modeling / rendering. Courses from drawing, perspective to 3D modeling and rendering

Trainer based in Paris The training courses that I offer to all, beginners as well as confirmed based on my very varied professional experience are personalized.

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Modeling course and 3D animation or 3D rendering on the Grenoble agglomeration

My name is Elouan, I have 8 years of experience in computer science, I did a lot of rendering only 3D. My course: My courses are held regularly with a recommended time of 2 hours. I will teach you modeling, animation and / or 3D rendering from A to Z while adapting to your knowledge. Whether you are a beginner, have never done 3D, or advanced, I can help you.

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Sam, independent video games graphic designer (BAC +5) offers tuition: Adobe Suite (graphics, video editing, animation...) and real-time 3D design (Modélisation, texturing, animation...)

Hello ! Me is Samuel, I leave ENJMIN (well it's easy 4 years), I touch everything and strength to help my knowledge of graphic design projects I thought I was going to do my activity. I'm patient and I like to share what I was taught, during the first free so feel free;).

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3D Artist for Videogames with more than 5 years of experience in AAA Studios

My philosophy of work is about listening and learn from others to get better and keep constant my research and curiosity of begin to good observer of experienced people. Empathy on a Work team is the strongest tool of communication and relationships this make work to all those needs assertively that reach objetives and goal.

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Animation for Kids and Teens. I have been teaching for almost 10 years.

2011-2012 American Intercontinental University Atlanta, GA Maters in Education 2005-2007 Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta, GA Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation 2003-2005 Columbus State University Columbus, GA Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science I specialize in creative technology courses for kids and teens.

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Web designer for development has to be hand in hand with animations, sync will improve UI design standards and look and feel respectively

There are lot of tools handy to use for creating animations, like flash, Adobe animate, director, for 3d, 3d studio max, and web based application, using advanced CSS, can be integrated as per web design and development requirements.

Clapham North
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Sitwat - Clapham North - Animation

Architecture and Design tutor 3ds max training in London One to one Autocad lessons in London. We can help complete your University assignments from start to finish we are open 7 days a week 9 am to 8 pm. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the following: 1. One to one 2D and 3D Animations tutor 2. One to one Graphics Design tutor 3. Motion Graphics tutor 4. 3DS Max tutor 5.

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3D character Animation - Learn the art of Character Acting and Advanced Body Mechanics

3D Character Animation Software: Autodesk Maya 2018 My Teaching methods includes both theory and practical. If you're a beginner, You will be learning the basics of animation Or we will be jumping into intermediate/ advanced study in character animation and that will be character acting and body mechanics.

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Animation Portfolio Help: Digital Art, 3D modelling, life drawing, perspective drawing, animation, character, fine art

I teach more hands on with students, for them to notice their mistakes, and view art in a different way.

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Professional Classes for Character Animation dynamics 2D &3D Maya and 3DS Max

Passion for teaching with good temperament and perseverance Strong communication & articulation skills Extensive working experience in Software’s like Maya , 3DSMAX Teaching experience in 3D Character Animation ,Rigging using Maya &3DSMAX Strong working knowledge of 2d character animation and 3d character animation, Strong knowledge and experience of 3D production pipeline process Ability

Penha de França
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Animation professional teaches Story writing,Character designing,storyboarding and animating in stop motion animation.

I introduce my class to Animation give them a preview of the whole process. I then teach individual topics like Story writing/Character designing/Story boarding and animation. The students get to create their own Animation clips as well as a short film written and directed by them. My classes are for the art enthusiasts that have a penchant for storytelling.

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Expert in Motion Graphic Designer, Cinema 4d, After Affects offers lessons at various levels.

My work methodology is a mixture of theory and practice based on the construction of animated characters. Each student at the end of the courses will be grateful to model, animate and contextualize a 3D character in a real environment. In this way you can touch all the facets that the CGI world and motion graphic offers.

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I teach in the field of Computer Academics and have a high level degree in programming . I have completed computer Academics and I am recently studying in 12

My teaching method is very unique as I show the concept practically first and then help the students to learn it up. I give an important notes in every topic which will help for both academic and high level competition.

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Python, IoT, Linux & Networking are game changer of IT world. Languages help to understand the depth.

Teaching must be done as per the students understanding. My way of teaching is based on application and projects. Basic funda is: I Do I Understand. Engineering graduate who are interested in IT knowledge whether language or networking or hardware, I can deliver all.

Jhoxen janer
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Design and Modeling 3D Animation, Architectural Rendering, Computer Maintenance, from Armenia Quindio

my method is to know the team to know how much I will perform, basic education (from scratch knowing the interface of the programs we are going to use) shortcuts and plugins, we will use all the animation techniques, and the appropriate topology for a model lightweight

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Friendly Bristol based Creative Designer specialising in cutting edge and traditional skills - VR (Vive & Oculus Rift) to Motion Graphics & Video (Adobe Creaive Suite) to classic Art & Design.

I have over 13 years of experience as a creative professional and I'm very enthusiastic about passing on skills and knowledge to students of all ages. Class structure can be catered to the individual and homework optional or dependant on subject.

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