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Character Animation Graduate teaching animation basics and giving tips and feedback in Canberra

Animation is much more complex than it seems, learning the nuances of realistic movement and translating that into, basically rules for aestheic and art, is kind of hard to explain.

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Animation Graduate with real world experience in Perth to teach Creative Digital mediums

Im a very passionate artist with a big laugh and a friendly disposition. I want to get to know the student and really try and develop what they will need once they start a degree or move into the industry. As a competing industry professional, I made a lot of mistakes out of uni, I wasn't ready for the challenge but I have a passion that I want to share.

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Film and Television Graduate teaches stop motion and animation principles from WA

I start with a simple, hands-on introduction to animation using block or paper and some basic principles in writing. I then extend this knowledge to more advanced techniques such as slow or fast in and out using bouncing ball methods. Lip sync is introduced after the simpler methods are grasped.

Paris 17e
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3D / 2D: Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, photography, retouching, Contest Preparation and end years of projects

MAYA (all levels except skinning and rigging) ZBRUSH (all levels) PHOTOSHOP (all levels) PHOTOGRAPHY (all levels) in both French or English. (Bilingual) Rather than a long speech, I'll let you judge for yourself: (concealed information) Regarding photography, I won several international competitions.

Paris 18e
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Let's discover 3d printing and modelling with Autodesk Fusion 360 in Paris

I am a designer who specializes in additive manufacturing and I offer courses in computer graphics and 3d printing. These courses for all ages are aimed at individuals and professionals, beginners or not. My methodology is to learn by doing.

Jacarepaguá (Rio de Janeiro)
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AFTER EFFECTS DEFINITIVE - More than 20 years of experience! Highly Recommended on Linkedin

I am Luis Seda, known and recognized in the labor market. I taught in large and recognized schools like SENAC and INFNET. I also trained on TV Globo and Globosat. More than 20 years of experience and user of After Effects since 1997. Today I teach in Proclass.

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Computer Engineer is offered to tutor support and reinforcement to subjects of mathematics, logic, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.

CLASSES OFFERED Certified Engineer computer engineer dedicated to developing enterprise software, certified and experienced in training, teaches private lessons online in the afternoon or Saturday. - Subjects Computer Engineering Degree and Professional Modules. - Learn programming languages ​​Pascal, C, C ++ and C #, Java (certificate), Visual Basic.

Clapham North
(5 reviews)

Sitwat - Clapham North - Animation

Architecture and Design tutor 3ds max training in London One to one Autocad lessons in London. We can help complete your University assignments from start to finish we are open 7 days a week 9 am to 8 pm. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach the following: 1. One to one 2D and 3D Animations tutor 2. One to one Graphics Design tutor 3. Motion Graphics tutor 4. 3DS Max tutor 5.

Stoke Newington

Lisa - Stoke Newington - Animation

I am a professional artist and trained painter. I also work with drawing, Photoshop and creative coding for kids. I have a flexible approach to learning and would tailor every lesson for each student. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Fine art, painting, drawing, Photoshop as well as proof reading and assistance with essay writing. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Animation for Kids and Teens. I have been teaching for almost 10 years.

2011-2012 American Intercontinental University Atlanta, GA Maters in Education 2005-2007 Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta, GA Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation 2003-2005 Columbus State University Columbus, GA Associate of Applied Science in Computer Science I specialize in creative technology courses for kids and teens.

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Interesting and exciting way to learn 2D classical animation, 3D Maya, adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe premier pro, Adobe aftereffects

I try to keep it simple and easy to understand, make it more interesting and exciting for my students so they don't sleep off!

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3D Computer Graphics and Game Design (Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Materials, Animation, Game Engines)

Young president of a company specializing in real-time engines, I am trained in 3D computer graphics and Game Design. I give courses to all those wishing to be trained in 3D modeling as well as the graphic aspects of game engines, with some notions of code and game design.

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3D Animator offering animation and Game Design lessons using 3D software around south east London areas.

My method of teaching is to first get to know you and discuss what you wish to expand on in your knowledge and to see the type of creative work you have done so far. I’ll then proceed step by step to introducing the you to all the lesson that works at your pace and that you feel comfortable with. Before beginning I would double check that my student has understood the lesson.

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Computing lecturer 20+ years experience in coding and web design, Burnley area.

My teaching methodology is based upon the use of real life scenario's and practical activities. This includes an introduction to a client computing problem, theoretical explanations how the problem could be solved, and practical programming tasks to be completed for creatively solving the problem.

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Friendly Bristol based Creative Designer specialising in cutting edge and traditional skills - VR (Vive & Oculus Rift) to Motion Graphics & Video (Adobe Creaive Suite) to classic Art & Design.

I have over 13 years of experience as a creative professional and I'm very enthusiastic about passing on skills and knowledge to students of all ages. Class structure can be catered to the individual and homework optional or dependant on subject.

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Trainer in stem education trains you in scratch programing and 3d desining for school students from class 5th to 10th class

my teaching methodolgy differs from student to student beacuse i train students practicaly rather than theroticaly with a natures relation.

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I am Software Engineer from the IIT Bombay Going to give you lectures on Networking as I have done my master in Computer Engineering .

I basically approch one to one for teaching as it improves the reliability as well as good command over subject.

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3D animator, offers courses all levels. By webcam or face to face

Via Webcam or face to face, the first interview is free to determine together your expectations and develop a course plan adapted to your needs. I offer theoretical and practical courses, or I can give you a constructive look at an animation already created.

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3D artist/animator that will teach you basic to advanced skills in the Wylie, TX area

Easily going, flexible, and a very learner friendly atmosphere is what you should expect. Questions are always welcomed as there will always be more than one way to solve a problem. The big thing here is to come ready to expand your mind.

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Online How to be a multimedia designer,Multimedia Magic....ready go..... dont waste ur time

ON line teaching ..................... ................... ............. ................... ...................... ................ ................... ..................... ................... ............. ................... ...................... ................ ................... ..................... ................... ............. ................... ...................... .............

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3D Animation training by Professional Artist with Advance Activity & Practices

Its a completely about animation not any software. I will teach a complete basic to an advance level of animation. This can be used in any industry 2D or 3D or any other. Because as I say, It about Animation not Software. I will teach how to make live any thing, All the principles, Also how and when to break those principles.

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A quick learner and tutor to specific field at Jalandhar and Patna

My teaching method is based upon daily,quick learning and use your learning in real life scenario to get best result

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Working as Automation lead in top MNC. I love to teach technical things and helping others gives me happyness

Java, manual testing, automation, build tools, unit test tools, version cintrollers, hybrid and cucumber frameworks, sql quarries, selenium, communication, project managements etc..

Greater London
(4 reviews)
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Animation and Affereffects tutor London Maya 3ds max Unity 3d and game design

Help In Projects One to One Interior designers and Architects We are open from Monday to Sunday 9 Am to 9 Pm We charge 30 to 33 Pounds Per/hr (Rates may vary on Weekends).

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Like after effects and fusion etc but not 3d Maya and some

My teaching method is very simple and I ll go depth into the topic as the students like and they want

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Any computer oriented basic doubt are in basic coating ask me doubts i will share my knowledge

First very interactive with student Freedom to ask doubts Students can easily understand my teaching method Classes will not boring to students


Rayan - Oval - Animation

Call (concealed information)5 Monday to Sunday 9 am to 12 pm. I am an Architecture and Design tutor in London. Please get in touch! - Which subject(s) do you teach? - Architectural and interior design - Concept development and design methodology, architectural visualization and presentation skills.

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Completed my diploma in animation , and working as a freelancer in different companies from past 3years

My teaching will be starting from the basic to the core and industrial requirement level and be updated with the new techniques

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Animation professional (worked in Chhota Bheem) with experience of almost a decade giving tuition classes on Animation in Kolkata.

I am giving practical coaching classes on animation and digital art as well as drawing as per the industry standard.

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A teaching on a growing industry. Come join me in classes for animation!

As a student, I like to have a personal reach to my listeners to be able to understand them better

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