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General practitioner who gives medical-topics lessons to university students in Sydney or Online

I am a highly motivated and clinically competent general practitioner with an extensive training, learning and development knowledge and experience specifically in the education sector. I also have clinical experience in dealing with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. For the past three years, I have been tutoring in both large classroom settings and 1:1.

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Gentle Breath Meditation - Only in the presence of our true gentle breath can you re-connect to your true way of being.

My treatments, services and products encompass a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing from an understanding that we are our own best medicine. Understanding what this means and knowing how to develop and establish this foundation is key to having true health and well-being.

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Meditation That Makes Sense - with 30 years experience, Roger brings meditation to life.

Moving into meditation in easy stages, I combine spoken guided sessions with background information about how meditation works in the mind and body, and why it is effective. I acknowledge that beginning meditation can be difficult in different ways for each of us - so I consult closely, and provide strategies to make meditation easy and accessible for all.

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UTS Medical Biotechnology Student giving meditation lesson to people who can't find balance in life.

I am Rajiv Bhusal currently living in Westmead,2145, NSW. I have been practicing meditation on my own since 3 years and i am a good at meditation and relaxation. The lesson will be sent via email to the students who are interested.

Margaret River
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Quantum Energy Coach with 40 years experience in wellness and mentoring for addictive behaviours

I base my classes on facilitating learning around problems in the area of study, so that students research the theory and come together once a week to share their findings,Which can be done on Zoom if necessary. a fabulous way to integrate theory and practice.

Kearneys Spring
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First Aid trainer with a wealth of experience while working in for the emergency services and mining

My teaching method is a little out of the box, I try and make it entertaining, while some of the training has to be power point based, I work a lot of experienced based scenarios with hands on, classroom applications.

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Manjyot creative and artistic,bachelors in nursing and persuing masters from murdoch university.

I give personal attention to weak students and i believe that involving weaker students in a group with others help them to develop. I can use modern teaching methods effectively and prefer their use as children learn very quickly with the help of those methods.

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Medical doctor gives knowledge about nutrition and diet relating to weight management

My name is Prakash Aryal, i conduct my class according to the student nature and interest on the subject manner. Before starting my class i always do my best to understand the level of student understanding on the subject matter and progress accordingly. i always try to make my class as practicle as possible and encourage student to participate in the class.

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PhD student with degree of Orthodontist give health lessons to students to deal with complex life

I like to teach by interactive method , so that student can learn and question their doubts to clear their mind to accept things with open heart. Also it develops a better bond among teacher and students starting from healthy friendship.

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Monash Psychology Graduate offer mindfulness/positive thinking/ life coach/health/wellbeing/spiritual/ sessions, Personal development/ coaching Stress management Conflict management

My methodology would be Student-Centered Approach to Learning; while I would be the authority, me as a teacher and the students would play an equally active role in the learning process. My primary role would be to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material.

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Spiritual Enthusiast give meditation and relaxation lesson to the unrested and sleep deprived in Melbourne

Through the learning of meditation as a method of relaxation, I have freed myself from the chronic insomnia cycle and feeling of restlessness. I will teach you how to maintain calmness throughout your busy day, and ultimately to remove insomniafrom your life.

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A civil engineer by profession willing to guide the youth regarding fitness and proper nutrition

I love to teach by giving examples of my personal experiences. As I believe the things I have faced are the best knowledge that can be shared and help youths to learn from them. My classes will be entertaining, funfilled with knowlege sharing.

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Certified Tantric yoga teacher. With a passion for physical, mental, and spiritual health based in Vancouver.

I approach each student individually and focus on there needs, creating a personal and focused session for each individual. I believe everybody is different and needs there own Sadhana to suit there needs. From my class you will feel a great sense of inner peace while increasing flexibility physically and mentally.

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Recovery and Wellness Coach with 5 years experience gives meditation, nutrition and recovery classes.

As a Recovery and Wellness Consultant, I create an environment with my clients that aids in raising their vibration. Using techniques such as Meditation to silence the mind, Reiki for healing and detoxing methods for clearing negativity such as switching to a plant-based diet has helped my clients gain a sense of awareness and open the connection to the higher self.

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Graduate in Clinical and Health psychology. Giving academic help-tuition and counselling in Manipur

My teaching methods is based on critical analysis and daily evaluation as a form of evaluating how much the student has learn and where to begin the next class from. This is in accordance with my believe that every student is different and everyone needs a varying approach.

Greater London
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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Addiction Recovery and Anger Management lessons in London or via Skype

The student will learn about Hypnotherapy and how to induce therapeutic trance in their clients to help with presenting symptoms such as smoking, slimming, stress, phobias, fears and anxieties, addictions, depression and anger.

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Early retiree electronics hardware Engineer counsels self paced 12+ year old students

Prefer to maintain eye contact even while facing a team. Engage in a way interaction evolves as a well balanced process and the learning progresses within every consecutive time slot. Illustration of a point by the use of fingers, hands.

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Help Overcome OCD and addiction, quickly and efficiently with a proven process.

My teaching methodology is by using scales and assessment to help you overcome everything that you need to. I will used confrontational thinking and support to help over you inner and personal demons. I understand that sometimes it feels as though you won't overcome you obsession. But you WILL.

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Wellness coach with Herbalife, Helping people to achieve their health goals thru lifestyle correction

The approach towards teaching is a Personalized & individualistic. Understanding the personality of the student & structuring the class to suit the learning capabilities of the student.

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Understand the Science of Spirituality by Experiencing & Understanding your Consciousness, An Expert Lesson on How to be True from a Spiritual Scientist in Bangalore

The Lessons I offer here, are the Mindfulness Practices I have understood in my journey through The holy scriptures and wisdom of the learned people from their experiences. I have been researching The Spiritual Scriptures, with the intention of understanding my Existence, for last 12 years.

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Anger Management Coach offering evidence-based anger management sessions via Skype or face-to-face.

As your Anger Management Coach I will unlock the healthy anger within you and support you in restoring your anger to its primary function so that you can prosper in your relationships, work and life.

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We all have heard, "Health is wealth" I am here to help you create your wealth

I ll teach on different topics, sometimes my own and sometimes queries raised by my students. I always try to teach in a way which will help you to remember forever.

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Offering Anger management to those who need it. Here to support and help through sharing experiences and positive energy.

My teaching methods is that I encourage students to share the experience, if they feel comfortable, talk about how they dealt with the situation, then review how they could have dealt with it differently and how they would have felt about it!

Little Downham
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Resourceful and insightful freelancer offering mechanisms and stratagems for anger management solutions.

My teaching experience is predicated upon my motivated approach to the industry and experience utilising interactive software for connectivity and building a rapport with individuals and peers. The methodology of my purveyed teaching approach is analytical, attentive and personalised to whatever a student would prefer.

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Life Coaching; Happiness Management; Self-Empowerment. Learn how to live the life you have always desired !

I hear my clients talking about their problem or the difficult situations they face. From a life coach's perspective it becomes more flexible to target the problem area and work on it with my client. What I ask from my clients is however, their participation and patience.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Relaxation, Mental peace, Training Subconscious Mind for Massive Success and Uniting Twin Flames

My methodology is that I neither advice nor suggest. Instead I provide tools to empower. As a life coach, I can provide support for any situation in one's life. And I have expertise in Twin Flames coaching and thus I can help in uniting Twin Flames.

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Student of University of Calcutta is willing to teach class upon Positive Thinking through Stress Management and Anger Management.

It's not the load that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it..! I base my class on Psycology. At first I analyse the problems and then cure those through Stress Management and Anger Management. I motivate people through Positive Thinking whatever they need. Regards.

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Globally recognized recovery coach ready to help you step into new freedom!

While there are many harm reduction strategies to choose from, I have seen most success in the adherence and application of the 12 step model. The combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and spirituality a lasting power that many other methodologies can't compete with.

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Certified Recreation Therapist with 29 years of experience working with addictions/mental health.

My teaching method is encouraging the students to take an active role in the classroom dynamics. I use visual/audio aids, as well as other aids to make the classroom an exciting place to learn. Also, I use things such as hand gestures and repetition, if needed.

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Life is BEAUTIFUL....Love your life, Compassionate it....Open your Arms for Well Being.

Excepting ourselves, positive thinking & behavior, admitting wrongs and rights, stress & anger workouts, Removing negativity within, we work on healing those wounds which caused us to be like that way, completely anonymous, Strongly we respect anonymity Sessions will change the way of looking life.

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