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Monash Occupational Therapy student give biology lessons to high school students around Frankston and the Peninsula

My teaching method is with the use of pictures, diagrams and more pictures! Most of my notes consist of hand-drawn diagrams and lots of colours. But if colourful pictures aren't your cup of tea, the lesson would accommodate your style of learning, whatever it may be! The lesson structure would be based on what you are struggling most with first, then refining the rest of the syllabus.

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Helpful and passionate Human Biology tutor for Primary and High School students

My lessons are fun and engaging. I always start my lessons with a 5 min chat with the student, to get to know how they are and what they have been up to, in and out of school. I then ask them what they would like to focus on, if they have any concerns or questions. I then go on from there.

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Engineering graduate giving biology lessons to primary, secondary college students in Melbourne

I like to believe that anything that is to be taught or learnt, has to be done slowly. I like to teach and read along or study along with the student aloud and slow. The method I believe to be the simplest and easiest way to teach and learn is to understand the concept through questions and as a story.

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A University of Melbourne Neuroscience and Physiology graduate based in Melbourne inner suburbs

I like to make sure that I know exactly what the person I am tutoring wants to get out of the lesson, I like solving problems and providing answers. I will make sure that there is a way to learn and understand the things that I teach and change my teaching method to suit my students.

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ACU Sport Science Honours Student lending out helpful advice for High School and University Students in Brisbane

My teaching method is quite casual as to help form a relationship with the student so they are more engaged and find their work more enjoyable. I don't like it when study feels like a chore and I would love my students to feel the same passion for their study as I do.

Mount Torrens
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Adelaide Health and Medical Science Advanced Student providing excellent in depth tutoring

I have tutored individuals in the past, and enjoy integrating knowledge into practical scenarios to help students understand content in more depth.

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QUT Biomedical Science student giving help with biology, chemistry (both organic and inorganic) and anatomy.

My teaching method is tailored towards the person or people I am mentoring. This is Because no two individuals learn the same way. I like to start by addressing what the student is having trouble with and working through those problems. Then I start with the basics to gauge if the student has the foundation of knowledge to build upon before moving into the next topic.

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QUT nursing student gives Biology ( Anatomy, Physiology, Cellular Biology and Microbiology) lessons for high school or uni students in Brisbane.

I am a QUT nursing student who has a passion for providing lessons in biology for uni and high school students. The lesson structure is based on questions and answers.In addition to that, flow charts and memory popup cards are used in order to memorising the methods.

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Neuroscience Honours Student and Biomed Graduate able to show you the fun side of science!

I like to tailor what I do to the student I am helping. No one is the same and therefore it is not appropriate to apply the same way of teaching to everyone. Some students require simple explanations while others prefer large drawings that depict concepts. Whatever it is that helps you learn, I can do it.

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RMIT Chiropractic student, gives lessons to high school student and first year university students. Lesson provided within the Yarra Ranges.

I base my teaching on the belief that no one learns in the same way. So my classes are talored to suit you. I aim to build your confidence in self-directed study by engaging with you through the use of many different resources, to find the resourse that is best suited to your needs.

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Teaching student with Bachelor in Conservation and Wildlife Biology gives biology lessons in Perth

I approach a topic by finding out what your current knowledge on the topic is, before discussing your goals and making a plan to achieve them. I use direct instruction to introduce new concepts, and guided practice to master the content. Review of content at the end of the lesson to gauge understanding and commit the content to memory.

Saint Lucia
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UQ advanced science student offering tutoring for biology subjects in the Brisbane area

I like to let my students guide the lesson. I will come prepared for anything within their syllabus however, they are the one who know what they need more assistance on so will answer their questions and ask if they have any questions. I also ask for any practice exams or quizes so I can come with prepared answers.

Saint Kilda
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Osteopathic Masters student and current Anatomy Demonstrator - Tutoring Anatomy (also physiology) in Melbourne CBD

I approach a topic by going over the basics and then building upon them. I believe a lot of frustration with learning is being overwhelmed and feeling lost. Starting with the basics means you can easily build upon them and students don't close down. I also think learning should be fun, I like to incorporate videos and discussions into my teaching as I know not everyone learns the same way.

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ANU Economics student with prior BioMedical: Anatomy + Physiology degree give biology lessons to high school and students at university

My method of teaching stems from my experience as a student at university for 6 years as well as working in laboratories under doctoral's, therefore I have found in my experience, I learned better when large blocks of information was disseminated into granular forms with real-life examples to correlate along with what I was expected to learn.

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Biology tuition offered by secondary school teacher with BSc and 13 yrs experience.

Each child learns in a different way. In order to assist in the learning process it is important for me to identify a student's learning style so that tuition can be tailored to the specific needs of each student. In this way problem areas can be addressed both timeously and effectively.

Red Hill
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QUT PhD graduate teaches all biology and zoology lessons in Brisbane area

I can teach starting from the basics if you prefer or specific points which you need me to explain. I have experience in both teaching theoretical facts and working on practical lessons. Further, I can help you with your assignments, exams and day-to-day lessons.

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Biology, Human Biology and General Science teacher with 16 years experience available for private lessons.

I have vast teaching experience, the final few years focussed on AS level Biology (Human Biology). I am passionate about the subject and enjoy the practical component, as hands on experience is integral in learning. Fun and interesting lessons on all aspects of Biology, including Human Biology. Worksheets and notes, including as much practical application as possible.

Bonnells Bay
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I am a Health Science student that gives fun, easy to understand, and engaging biology lessons to high school, TAFE and university students on the Central Coast, NSW

I'm a student doing a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, majoring in Naturopathy. I'm passionate about health and am fascinated by how perfectly designed everything in nature is, including the human body. I have confidence in my knowledge of the human body and I aim to ignite the same passion I have for this subject, within my students as well.

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A cheerful medical background student with over 8 years of expertise in biology and chemistry working in the healthcare sector to provide for a better lifestyle!

I am student who is currently pursuing her Master in Public Health. With a strong background in Health sciences, my lessons are focused towards in-depth biology and chemistry as required by the Victorian curriculum.

Narre Warren
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Rookie Doctor interested to teach Biology, Psycology and medical subjects to Melbourne students.

I use a lot of visual cues in my teaching. As a student it’s helped me retain a lot of information this way. All my notes and teaching use different colours, diagrams, fonts and symbols in order to help students store more information in long term memory. I like to break up difficult concepts. I believe in order to undertand something very complicated, it is essential to learn the basics.

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Many RMIT students who are doing Master of Science conduct private Science and biology classes for children who live nearby city and Bundoora.

My teaching method is very simple. I always try to teach them by questioning and answering from students. When I was a science teacher, the kids always wanted to have me since the class was never boring for them. As a teacher, I believe students must be practical in their daily life and use their common sense. To be a teacher we have to be like their friends.

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Human Biology High School graduate offering lessons for WACE students in Perth

My teaching method is such that I cover basics first. I believe that without basic foundations, there is no point in delving into harder applications. So, first, we will make sure you understand every concept thoroughly, and then we will focus on how to answer every possible exam question. This will enhance knowledge.

Kelvin Grove
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A Doctor from India, and a PhD at IHBI, QUT, in Regenerative Medicine addressing Human Bone Cancer, novel treatments and bone regeneration for such patients. Love teaching medical science concepts.

My philosophy about teaching is to always make the concepts clear enough to be able to visualize and picture them in mind. This is essential when learning about medical science subjects, where learning by rote never helps the student.

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UWA 2nd Year Anatomy and Human Bio student give science lessons to school students

I believe the formula for teaching lies within understanding the student and where they struggle. Therefore, I would work toward identifying the students strength and weakness and developing an effective and constructive work plan to overcome this.

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Masters in Physiology with experience instructing full classes as well as private tutoring sessions

When working on my Masters degree in physiology, I taught various courses in human physiology, anatomy, biology and nutrition at the university level for 2 years. I have also tutored privately for 4 years (both at the high school and university level).

(2 reviews)
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Curtin Occupational Therapy Student who is teaching highschool Human biology (ATAR), Perth

I like to break down major topics into smaller ones, especially by making dot points within sub categories. I also like using videos to explain topics when I think they are better described using illustrations, for all highschool students.

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Midwifery student giving biology tutoring for high school students on the central coast.

I focus teaching directly around the syllabus and objectives from the course outline, maintaining a focus on the true learning outcomes. I also assist in exam preparation with tips for effective study including past papers, breaking down questions, sentence and essay structure and stress relief.

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Experienced biomedical researcher with an education degree and teaching experience is available to tutor science and other subjects.

I have experience teaching or tutoring: Biology- up to undergraduate level Chemistry- up to year 12 Maths- up to year 10 English- Up to year 10 Writing assistance- up to undergraduate level Japanese- Up to intermediate level I don't believe in one teaching style. Each student is different, and depending on the subject, will need a different approach to learning.

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Medical Laboratory Scientist helps students knockout all their biology troubles in Townsville

I am a very visual learner myself so I like to use a lot of simple diagrams to explain topics students find difficult.

Wagga Wagga
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Veterinary Science student Studying at Charles Sturt university. Graduated from Newington college.

Generally I approach topics by explaining and showing then getting the student to do the problems by themselves and emphasise repetition as this is how I achieved my personal academic goals. However I also believe that each student is different and needs individual requirements catered to in learning.

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Perfect! Ky was a great tutor, he helped me a lot with my anatomy and physiology study and I did much better in my exams than I would have if I didn't get in touch with him. I would recommend him to anyone else who is doing a science class.

Griffin, Student
1 month ago
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