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Wagga Wagga
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Music tuition for all ages in Wagga Wagga by a University student with a sound academic record

Having learnt the violin for most of my life, I know how challenging (and rewarding) studying music can be. Sometimes you just need it explained differently or someone to show you, which is where I would like to help.

Wagga Wagga
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I can teach Arabic language , oral and writing , it is my language

I can teach the most needed sentences in order to be able to communicate in Arabic with others. Sentences that you need if you go to Arabic countries as tourist, what to ask for to reach any place, how to deal with people in Arabic to do any merchandises, how to communicate with people in the store. All what a person need to be able to communicate in Arabic languages.

Wagga Wagga
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Beginner programming lessons, game development and/or web development. General programming lessons.

Making sure everything is understood and focus heavily on practical work rather than talking. Also, I will be correcting all the practical work and showing how I would have done it.

Wagga Wagga
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Pilates and Zumba Fitness Instructor, Cancer Exercise Specialist and school teacher gives group lessons to students and adults in Pilates, GEM (Gentle Exercise and Meditation) and Zumba Fitness.

I am a passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic leader, teacher and learner. I strive to help students attain a firm belief in themselves and their abilities. My belief is that each individual is unique and deserves a respectful, safe learning environment that facilitates social, intellectual and emotional growth.

East Wagga Wagga
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English lessons, in group or in private setting, offered in Wagga Wagga.

I am passionate about every student having access to quality learning and resources to support the learning process. Deep learning takes place when the unique capabilities and talents of each individual student is recognised. I develop learning programs based on this so that learning is maximised at each stage and in all subject areas.

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Make your Maths and Computer Science Subjects problems easy with Dr Mamun

I treat every student with different approach, because every student is unique. My teaching strategies include flipped learning method, flexible learning approach, pedagogy, and so on. The most important feature of my teaching technique is I make everything easy with real life examples.

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Halimah Omoloja gives Arabic and Quran memorization lessons to young and old individually or in group

My teaching method is to teach children the rudimentary of Arabic alphabets, pronunciations and take a lot of examples from the quran to aid memorization. I teach tajweed along with teaching the quran because there must be proper pronunciations and fluency.

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Traditional Hatha Yoga - Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara practices. Suitable for Beginner and Advanced students

I am flexible as to when I can teach however, you should only practice Hatha Yoga on an empty stomach, so 2-3 hours should be given after meals. The best time is early morning since the mind is naturally quiet and receptive at this time but I am able to teach at different times to suit the busy life of students.

Glenfield Park
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Experienced artist providing lessons for artists of any background/ skill level online

I believe that there is no set text book, no rule set to follow in teaching, everyone is crafted of years of experience that distinguishes us from the rest. Every teacher should be willing to find the best way their student should learn, and every student should be willing to learn.

Chloe louise
(1 review)
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I'm a year 10 student teaching what I love and inspiring other to love it too!

My teaching method is to know what they like, so they can take photos of that particular thing whilst I teach them how.

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Computer Programming, the foundations and getting up to speed in Wagga Wagga

I base my classes in structured tutorials with lots of hand on practice using Object Oriented Programming. I always make the student learning experience a priority so that the learner enjoys while learning new skills and use material that is relevant to the student needs.

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Teacher education student providing group or individual guitar lessons for children of all ages.

My teaching methods are about making learning fun and engaging for children. Without having fun children won’t learn. I prefer practical learning over theory, although I use theory to help the practical.

Lake Albert
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Chelsea Jane Photo provides lessons for both groups and individuals looking to begin a career in Photography

I love to use hands on learning. While teaching theory, I also like to teach my students by utilising the camera, models and other artists. I like to teach how artists can each other to collaborate and create cohesive work.

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Prestige painting offering tutoring in all aspects of residential and commercial painting. Safe friendly classes for individuals or group classes. Learn from one of the best.

My teaching methods are based on high quality work with teaching the fundamentals so the students understand every aspect of the painting and decorating trade. The final product is is based on the prep of the job before paint is applied. And I have always believed quality must come first.

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Thirty years of Photography experience, online learning, patiently provided, just ask me.

I have always taught photography as calmly and student paced as possible, learning is always easier when people enjoy themselves and feel as though they are improving. Starting with the basics there are no silly questions. Creating is a very human pursuit.

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