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Post-Graduate student in Curtin University teaches Geography; includes learning about natural disasters and land formations!

My teaching method can be through presentations; in addition, I aim to teach through direct interaction with the students either face to face or through a digital platform. This will ensure efficient communication. Furthermore, I will give the students tests and assignments to have an idea on the progress they are making.

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Swinburne University Psychology Student- English/literacy lessons to primary and high school students in Perth

I'm very creative and patient and like to build resilience and self-worth in all my students. I believe that if individual needs are met students are more likely to stick to what they're studying.

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Senior academic tutoring and editing consultant with wide-range of experience and expertise

I focus on academic structure, organization and clarity. I believe it is important to have consice and clear purpose with writing and will work toward assisting my clients in that capacity. I assist my clients by working through their essays and creating well-structured and comprehensive reports.

Saint Agnes
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23 y.o Social Work student available for school English tutoring, located in Adelaide

I'm a strong believer that building bonds with people and understanding their learning style and needs is crucial to supporting them effectively.

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Curtin Biomed PhD student gives Maths and Biology lessons to high school and uni students

Since I'm from a Biomedical science background, I can help with any life and physical sciences but I am best at Maths, Microbiology and molecular biology. I would like to work around the problem the student is facing. For instance, if it is about algebra, spend more time practising algebraic equations. Not to forget the little tips I always give my students.

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Experienced Registered Nurse wanting to teach English and Nursing/Medical related topics

I like to incorporate theory based learning with practical learning as much as possible. I also feel that it is important to know the WHY as well as the HOW when it comes to learning. I am flexible and very open to new styles of learning and also tailoring learning to the individual to achieve the best outcomes.

Surfers Paradise
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Electrical Engineer give math lessons to primary and high school students on the Gold Coast

My teaching method is first of all, make sure the student has the basic math knowledge that will help to solve all the advanced math exercises in the next level. I also like to give tips to the student in how to understand what the exercises are asking for, before start solving it.

Caringbah South
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University student studying Secondary Education specialising in History, Geography, Business and more

I believe that although academic success is important and a core aspect to judging a students personal capability, the most relevant indicator of success is how much they enjoy the work they are participating in. Without enjoyment, their is no engagement, and without engagement there will be no success.

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John Curtin Student teaching ESL and other Languages as required ! Fun and Creative!


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1st lesson free !

Engineering Postgraduate with years of experience in tutoring Mathematics, Physics& Engineering in Perth.

I employ a disscusion and demonstation based approach during my lessons. Disscusion helps the two way communication and help me transfer knowlegde. I want to also understand my student as this will enable me know their strengths and weaknesses as this will enable me help and know my students.

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Macquarie Uni PhD student teaches biology to high school and uni students in Sydney

My teaching method is very simple. I always try to teach the topic in a very simple, creative, and unique way so that the student bear it in his/her mind for a longer period of time. Biology is such a subject I need to provide more figures and examples to learn the topics in an easy way.

Lovely Banks
Nikolina katarina
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Melbourne University Student readily available to teach any area of the English Language

I tailor my classes to the specific needs of the student/students. Every student learns at their own pace and it is vital as an educator to become aware of the student's abilities and work with them to achieve their absolute potential.

Redbank Plains
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Business Management/Journalism graduate from The University of Queensland teaching business to high school students in Brisbane

It is incredibly important to me that I not be doing the work for the student; rather that they come to me with a problem and I help them reach a solution.

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Notre Dame Nursing student, tutors high school students in maths and science

I base my classes on first on gaining insight into the students understanding of a topic, so that I know which areas to focus on when explaining a concept or theory. Then with the student I would work through the content with them to ensure they fully understand.

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Master degree in Civil Engineering and Bachelor's in Economics. Former Maths, Engineering & Economics tutor from University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth with 3 year+ experience teaches high sch

I bespoke my teaching style towards individual students' needs as I believe no one student is the same. Some require storytelling to understand a concept, while others need to know the importance of the topic before deep diving into it. My many years as an academic tutor at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth has taught me that everyone can learn almost anything.

Campbells Creek
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Maths wiz teaches maths to high school students in Bendigo and Castlemaine areas.

My teaching method is to make students feel comfortable and safe but to incorporate fun into the lesson, which is my way of teaching them. My lessons normally focus on what it is that they are currently working on, figure out the errors that most students are making and make lessons from that.

Hunters Hill
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Experienced Math and Science teacher is ready to help you! Great results with new techniques!

I'm not a old fashioned teacher and a person who would like to listen students and work according to their requirement. I believe, teacher direct and motivate students to learn. Teacher has the responsibility to craft the students and support them when they need help. He should be a good mentor and need to provide new strategies and techniques to understand subject matters correctly and easily.

Ascot Park
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I am a Filipina teaching ESL online for about 10 years now to mostly Asian students most likely Korean :)

My Teaching method is simple,I begin with the need of the learners. Materials should be attractive and brain-friendly . And I also use links for additional resources in teaching. Make your students a resources too by asking them to choose a topic to discuss on your conversation, this way you give them freedom to express themselves.

Everard Park
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English Literature and Creative Writing tutoring offered by English Literature Major at Adelaide University

I approach tutoring with a focus on ensuring the student's understanding of the material and developing a versatile academic skill set. I firmly believe that tutoring should be a constructive process, rather than simply a corrective one, and I place a high value on the wellbeing of my students. Tutoring should be a way of reducing the stress placed on students, not a source of additional pressure.

Everard Park
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British and European History tutoring offered by History Major at Adelaide University

I begin my most of my classes with a quick overview of the material being covered, making sure to clear up any basic misunderstandings or confusion. From there, the rest of the class is generally geared towards preparing for assessment tasks.

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ESL tutor, 15 years experience, University level Academic and General English, Available now

I use a communicative language teaching method. When teaching GE (and all the skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation) I try to make the classes and materials as interactive as possible so that students are not only learning from me but also from each other.

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Do you want to learn German? It was never easier to learn German than with a native speaker?

My teaching methodology is through speaking, reading and hearing every word and sentence. I will talk, read and listen to the topic the student has chosen. Always practice and answer questions, when asked. That s the best way to learn it.

Saint Lucia
Fernanda julia de
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Teaching algebra and basic calculus for a few years and currently studying at University of Queensland

. I taught algebra and basic calculus to tertiary students in my country Timor Leste. . I completed undergraduate degree major in Mathematics at Ateneo de Naga University. . Currently, I am doing my postgrad in Financial Mathematics at the University of Queensland. .My teaching approach is giving examples, explain and work on problem-solving. .

South Melbourne
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DITALS certified Teacher of Italian gives one on one or group language classes

My teaching method is mainly communicative, often situational. I believe that every language can be learned by simply using it, starting from basic communicative structures to more complex ones. For this reason my classes are generally integrated with games, Total Physical Response based activities and role plays.

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Friendly Sunshine Coast high school graduate & current University student providing lessons in English and Health disciplines! Can teach from home or online :)

My teaching method is centred around understanding core content which enables a student to present their ideas with clarity and conciseness. I also believe in analysing the task thoroughly to ensure understanding.

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Improve all facets of your English communication with an experienced mentor, teacher and tutor

My approach to teaching is holistic. This means that I pay attention to each individual student, as everyone is unique, and focus on their strengths to facilitate them learning anything they need to. More than anything I help students believe in themselves because I believe in them.

Burpengary East
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Maths enthusiast and pre-service secondary math teacher looking to tutor high school students

My teaching method is to find a way to explain a principle so a student can understand why something is done, rather than just trying to memorise long, tedious equations. This is done with a clear flow of communication between myself and the student.

Cairns City
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Friendly and patient professional offering math tutoring (arithmetic, geometry, algebra), Spanish language lessons, or swimming lessons near Cairns QLD

Math Tutoring: I base my tutoring sessions on the assignments the student has been given by his or her teacher. I like to address the student’s most difficult questions first and use relatable analogies, stories, and mnemonic strategies to help students remember difficult concepts far beyond each lesson.

Mar steven
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Math / Physics / Chemistry Tutor for Grade school and High school Wattle grove, Gosnells, Perth

I retain the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. I include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations if applicable. I ensure to promote self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization.

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Perfect! Emilie is a really knowledgeable, patient and kind tutor. In only two lessons, I already have a much greater understanding of fFrench grammar because of the really helpful activities, explanations and resources she provides during our lessons. I...

Phoebe , Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Friendly and easy going. Really motivating to learn from you while you are also studying hard at university. Really good command of mandarin chinese and enough patience to listen to me read at such slow pace. Excellent tutor!

Jun yeu, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! After only an hour with Morgan I have fullunderstood at least 2 weeks of work that was covered in class. Morgan's explanations of the topics that we went through were very clear and concise. She also made learning fun and applied real life examples...

Georgia, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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