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North Lambton
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Newcastle Tutoring from a 99.30 ATAR and First in State UoN Med Student

I give feedback for all english essays and creatives, making sure I take my time to to thorougly comment on your work. After doing 4 units of English, I understand how to best approach writing essays and striking the balance between memorising and tailoring to the exam. I can tutor any high school student in English, Biology, Senior Science and Mathematics (HSC 2U or below).

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English enthusiast and writer, in the Perth, WA region, at your service!

I'm nurturing and caring with a patience to make a saint envious. Slow learners aren't a hassle for me. I will find a way to teach all students within the years 11-12 in ATAR I will also help year 10's, 11's and 12's with English essential subjects.

Bass Hill
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HSC Student with past experience gives tutoring sessions to mid-school/high school students

I am responsible and straightforward. I will encourage my students to do their best and will always aim for so. I will follow the guidelines for the students English syllabus and teach them according to so. Mistakes are made to be learnt from.

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Practicing is the best way to learn - Friendly Portuguese native speaker gives Portuguese lessons to Melburnians

The best way to learn a language is to practice it. My classes will be personalized and defined individually based on your needs and goals. My favorite procedure when tutoring is to provide the basic grounds to the student and, from there, develop the ability to speak, understand and write in Portuguese.

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USYD English Student offering English Lessons to high school students in Sydney

I'm offering lessons that will assist students with preparation skills for exams and assignments, as well as advance their essay writing and analysis skills, with regard to furthering and deepening their arguments and ultimately helping them achieve better marks. My lesson structure would be based around whatever work they are currently undertaking, and I would prepare material from that.

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Successful business owner gives coaching to new managers students in Perth WA

Topics to be covered Analyzing your current situation and options Developing a strategy to achieve the goals desired Putting the plan into action Setting up a plan monitoring system with key achievements and milestones.

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Belgian 26-y-o girl gives French lessons in Canberra city center (discussion, correct or review texts/works, ...)

I can adapt to your needs. 1) We can organise discussion session during which we would only speak French and I would help you to gain vocabulary and correct your mistakes.

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Practical education for allstudents as all are deserving and right to develop

I am very loving and caring teacher who teach in interactive way. I am comfortable with any student and I can motivate students with less confidence to build confidence in themselves and do good in study and extra curricular activities.

Mermaid Beach
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German native speaker with a Master degree in German Literature, Culture and Media gives lessons in Surfers Paradise

- lessons will be My name is Alexandra. I am originally from Germany, living on the Gold Coast. During my studies in German Literature I worked as a german Professor in Thailand and gained on the job experience. I also worked in South America as an English teacher in two Kindergartens and tutored a girl with an auditive disability.

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James Cook University Speech Pathology student providing maths lessons to high school students

I am a first year student at James Cook University. I enjoy helping people, especially kids and students. My lessons are targeted at any type of student who is in need of assistant. Together, we can figure out a way of learning and teaching that can help you the most.

Parramatta Park
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French speaker from Canada. I am a law student and I have experience in french tutoring.

If you want someone to look at your essays and correct your structure, grammar and vocabulary I am the person for you. I can go over your text and give you good reviews and comments on how you can improve your writing skills.

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Multi-cultural native speaker, qualified in ESL and business,18 years in Australia, gives online English lessons

I will tailor lessons to suit your needs and help you progress. You will get lots of encouragement, resources and some homework that will help you improve your English between lessons. Our lessons will be good fun, and definitely interactive, as I don't like to be bored! It's all about you! My aim is to help you be confident and gain knowledge at a pace that suits you.

Queens Park
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"When Learning feels good" Helping students learn School English,Reading,Literacy,Economics to maximize their potential.

Friendly,Optimistic,Co operative with good communication skills and Ready to help attitude! Tutoring Primary and High School Students. Past teaching experience. Curriculum based tuition. Monitoring and assessing students performance. Contact for subject and location inquiries. I give lessons at my home or at students home.

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Current university student taking on physics and math students in Wembley area.

Experienced tutor, i have spent time tutoring students in all aspects of mathematics and physics, as well as teaching mathematics at Hale school as part of a practical. I like to make lessons as enjoyable as possible, as students who are having fun are learning efficiently.

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Chemical engineering student available to tutor year 10, 11 or 12 mathematics or chemistry near the University of Western Australia.

My lessons are designed to fortify what is each student is learning in the classroom. I encourage students to bring difficult homework questions or learning points they need clarified for us to go through together. I like to work through questions with the students so I can explain how I arrive to answers and they can use that same method by themselves.

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Dynamic french girl gives french lessons to people wanting to learn or improve the language of Molière in the Townsville area

I am a very open-minded, joyful, very talkative person and I think that speaking is the best way to learn. My lessons are geared towards any kind of students. If you want to learn the basis of the language or master it entirely. The lessons will vary and be constructed with the student in function of his/her needs, level and rapidity of learning.

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A german who is discovering Melbourne and gives german lessons for primary schools, high schools and uni students :-)

If you like to write me your theme/topic, I can prepare something we can use for your lessons and improve your skills. Also, speak with a native is better because you will pronunciate better and can get some tips and tricks.

Saima nusrat
1st lesson free !

I am a business student currently doing my Masters at University of Western Australia. I live in Subiaco and looking for tutoring undergraduate or bachelors level students with a specific focus in Bus

I am a postgraduate business student and also have two years and eight months of work experience in business sector. My lesson structure is to give as much practical examples on each study topic as possible, so that students will be able to relate the study topics with their own life and surroundings.

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Curtin University in Perth student offering English tutoring for assignments, essays to uni and high school students

I have a very kind and gentle manner when teaching and I am very patient. I believe practise is key to becoming proficient in English, and other areas. I am more geared towards a traditional learning approach, but can also incorporate some hands-on learning as well.

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ANU Graduate, Experienced tutor for various class from year 0 and subjects including Accounting, Finance

I generally follow school routine and prioritise school syllabus and homework. If the student is falling back in some subjects, I try to focus more on that and try my best to make that topic interesting to him/her. I help in essay writing. English non-speaking households can expect me help their kids to be efficient in English speaking, writing and grammar.

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UQ Biomedical Science student teaching high school Biology in South Brisbane areas

I am currently in my sixth year and final semester studying Biomedical Science at The University of Queensland. I have experience in anatomy, physiology, cell biology, microbiology, and pathophysiology. I am looking for students any student who wants to learn.

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Software Engineer by profession would like to teach students on Mathematics, computer science and also interested in volunteer school related work

Mathematics for Grade 10 Lesson 1: Algebraic Expressions In this lesson on Algebraic Expressions, we focus on the following: multiplying a binomial by a trinomial, factorizing trinomial, factorizing the difference and sums of two cubes, factorizing by grouping in pairs as well as simplifying, adding and subtracting algebraic fractions with denominators of cubes.

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Commerce/Laws student at UNSW able to tutor yr7-10 maths in addition to HSC maths (2U and 3U), physics, legal studies and engineering studies.

My lessons are mostly aimed towards students aiming to maximise their results in the competitive environment that is the HSC. The lesson structure of sessions will mostly consist of: - Tutorials and explanations that offer clarity to topics/syllabus points that a student may be struggling with. - Practice questions incorporating what was learnt in the previous tutorials.

Adamstown Heights
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Third year University of Newcastle student looking to tutor high school students in English in the Newcastle area.

Since I am a teaching student and am not yet accredited, I’m still experimenting with my teaching style. I do prefer to discuss things with students to help ensure they understand, and I can try to create resources for students like scaffolds for essays if they need them. I’m also happy to proof read to help students do as well as possible.

Sai krishna
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Monash master's student gives maths lectures during free time to uni students and clear doubts for high school students.

Firstly i would start of with general way connecting to real world before moving directly to practical. I would help concepts an example for each case would be explained covered in the concept. Then after explaining all concept's of a particular lesson with an example, preparing a formula chart sheet of what we have learnt then moving into exercises.

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Engineering Student teaching all science maths and business VCE subjects from Monash Clayton

My classes are there to suit all students. For the students that are looking to excel in their VCE I am able to test them further and delve into concepts so they can get a better understanding. Students who struggle I take a slow down approach, using practical examples to help understand difficult concepts.

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Engineering Student gives online math lesson support for high school and primary student

I am a patient teacher who focuses on every little improvements that student does. I believe that Math is not about getting the right answer, but it is all about understanding and appreciating the beauty of the process. Lesson structure would be first, understanding the weakness on a certain subject and making a decision to focus more on that and reinforcing the knowledge where he/she is good at.

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Curtin Commerce Student offering a substantial amount of resources and tutoring to High School students for Chemistry and Mathematics Applications!! Graduated from Rossmoyne Senior High school in 2017

Before the tutoring lesson I will be asking you what area's of the the subject you are struggling with and what kind of help you need. I will also have a look at your course outline and recent results for that subject. During our class I will start off with a basic understanding of the topic and then give you worksheets to apply the theory to questions.

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International student at Latrobe University gives maths lessons to high school students

Can teach anything of mathematics background. Iam very good at Algebra, trigonometry, Geometry, differentiation, integration, statistics, Calculus, Arithmetic. I believe in strong basics to understand any subject. I mostly like to concentrate on practical knowledge of my students rather than just calculations.

Notting Hill
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"Key to solve Maths problems with four year experienced home tuition teacher"

I have done my graduation in sciences. The lessons that i give on each topic are quite elaborated and easy to understand. Philosophy behind the lesson is just to make a clear picture of the topic so that every student can understand.

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Perfect! Friendly and easy going. Really motivating to learn from you while you are also studying hard at university. Really good command of mandarin chinese and enough patience to listen to me read at such slow pace. Excellent tutor!

Jun yeu, Student
3 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! After only an hour with Morgan I have fullunderstood at least 2 weeks of work that was covered in class. Morgan's explanations of the topics that we went through were very clear and concise. She also made learning fun and applied real life examples...

Georgia, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

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